Friday, August 12, 2016

Prom night (Nick meets Logan)

Special thanks to Nick for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who went to the prom with the man of his dreams!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

Nick leaned against the wall, inhaling deeply. The 18 year old closed his eyes and sighed. 

Prom night was supposed to be wonderful, but for Nick it was a disaster. He had spent the past couple of weeks trying to come up with a way to ask his crush to go to the prom with him. He had thought about it a lot. But ultimately, he hadn’t had the balls to ask.

Nick let out a long sigh.

He was dressed for the occasion, wearing a dress shirt with a bow tie and a pair of dress jeans.

He ran his hand through his medium length windswept dark hair and opened his brown eyes just in time to see the object of his desire walk past him.

“Hey Nick”, Logan said casually.

Nick’s heart jumped. He was electrified. He felt his dick harden inside his jeans. He opened his mouth but not a word came out.

Logan opened the door of the washroom and went inside.

The door closed behind him.

“Hi Logan”, Nick said hoarsely.

Logan was gone.

Nick let out an angry grunt and punched thighs, over and over and over again. “Fuck!” he blurted out. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Logan was wonderful. 18 years old, just like Nick, with blond hair and blue eyes. A handsome young man with a very attractive face, a beautiful smile and a body to die for. Nick had seen Logan in the locker rooms, bare naked. When he closed his eyes, he could see him in front of him. That muscular body. That perfect ass. That big, juicy cock and those hefty, low-hanging plums.

Nick let out a soft moan. His dick was rock-hard.

He stared at the washroom door.

Now or never.

He bit his lower lip and nodded slowly.

Now or never.

“I can do this”, he mumbled. “I can do this.” He took a deep breath and headed for the washroom. Before he opened the door, he hesitated for a moment. “I can do this!” he said firmly. Then he opened the door.

The washroom was empty except for Logan. Logan was washing his hands. He looked at Nick in the mirror and smiled.

“Hey”, he said.

“Hey”, Nick replied.

Logan looked fantastic. He didn’t wear anything fancy, just black dress pants and shoes, a plain dress shirt, a regular tie and a simple jacket. But he looked marvelous.

“What’s up?” Logan said, winking at Nick.

Nick felt a wave of heat washing through his body.

He mustered all his courage. “Logan”, he said. “I--- There’s something I have to talk to you about.”

Logan turned and dried his hands. “Sure, let it out.”

“I have been---“ Nick cleared his throat. “You are--- I used to---“

Logan smiled at Nick and raised his eyebrows. “Take a deep breath and say it.”

“You are a nice guy”, Nick said softly.

“Thanks”, Logan smiled.

“And”, Nick continued, blushing, “I think I’m in love with you.”

Logan looked at him.

There was a moment of silence.

“Okay”, Logan said.

“I wanted to ask you out, you know”, Nick said. “To go to the prom with me, you know.” He bit his lower lip. “I wish I had asked you.”

Logan nodded slowly. “Okay.”

“I mean”, Nick blurted out. “We could still go out, you know. Some other time. Maybe we can, like, do something together, like… I don’t know… something…”

Logan ran his hand through his blond hair. “Nick”, he said. “I don’t know what to say.”

Nick smiled weakly. “Just ’yes’ maybe?”

Logan chuckled. “I don’t think it’s that easy.” He looked at Nick. “I mean, I’m really flattered.”

Nick’s heart sank. “But?”

Logan sighed. “I have a girlfriend. You know Ashley.”

Nick bit his lower lip.

“I’m sorry”, Logan said. “I really am.”

Nick pressed his lips together.

Logan put his hand on Nick’s shoulder. “I’m really sorry, I---“

The door opened and a black-haired, bulky guy walked in.

Logan quickly withdrew his hand. “Hi, Dash.”

“Am I interrupting something?” Dash grinned. “Fuck, I gotta take a piss.” He disappeared in one of the stalls.

Without looking at Logan, Nick stormed out of the washroom.

He felt hurt, humiliated. Sure, he knew that Logan had a girlfriend. But everybody knew that she had cheated on him. Cheated on him with a guy that hated Logan, no less. Why couldn’t Logan see that Nick was better than Ashley? That they were meant to be together?

Nick spent more than an hour walking around, trying to make sense of it all. He thought about going home. But then he decided to go back to the prom. Maybe, if he spoke to Logan again… Maybe, if he told him that Ashley wasn’t right for him…

He entered the room and looked around.

Some of his class mates were standing in a corner.

He heard them laugh.

“Hey, looking for your boyfriend?” someone yelled.

Nick blushed.

Another guy laughed, “Do you think his pussy is as tight as Ashley’s?”

“Let’s ask Logan”, someone else yelled to roaring laughter.

Nick thought he was going to pass out.

How did they know?  How on earth had they found out about his crush?

Nick’s head was spinning.

There was only one answer. Logan had told them. Of course he had. What a fucking asshole! Pretending to be all sympathetic and nice. And the minute he had left the washroom he had told his friends all about it.

Nick let out an angry grunt.

What a fucking asshole!

He spotted Logan at the far end of the room, near the fire door.

He was alone, looking at his phone.

Nick inhaled deeply. He was probably texting his friends, telling them about their encounter in the washroom. Telling everyone how Nick had embarrassed himself.

Another joke at Nick’s expense drew another round of laughter from the group.

Nick stormed towards the exit.

Logan looked up and smiled. “Hey, Nick, I---“

Nick punched him in the face and put him in a headlock, pulling him outside.

The fire door slammed shut behind them.

It was dark. The only source of light were the colorful party lights that shined through the windows.

“What the fuck?!” Logan grunted. “Let go of me!”

Nick complied.

They were alone.

Both of them were panting heavily.

“You told them”, Nick spat.

“What?!” Logan said, rubbing his jaw. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“You told your friends”, Nick said. “About me. About… what happened in the washroom.”

“I didn’t”, Logan said firmly. “I’d never---“

“How dare you--- You ruined my--- What little reputation I had at the school is--- Fuck you!” Nick yelled.

Logan shook his head. “Listen, Nick, I have no idea what you are---“

“Shut up!” Nick cried. “I’m gonna… I’m gonna… I’m gonna kick your ass!”

Logan couldn’t help but chuckle. “Okay. You know what, why don’t you calm down and---“

“I’m gonna kick your fucking ass!” Nick yelled.

“Nick”, Logan grinned. “I’m a wrestler. Okay? I mean… I really don’t think that violence is the best way to solve this issue, so---“

“I know you’re bigger”, Nick grunted, loosening his bow tie. “I know you’re stronger than me. But---“ He took off his bow tie and opened the top button of his shirt. “It’s a matter of--- I mean, you fucking told everybody about--- I’ll kick your fucking ass and---

“Nick”, Logan said. “Calm down, we---“

“This is probably the only physical contact I’ll ever have with you, so…” Nick rolled up his sleeves. “I’m going to kick your fucking ass!”

Logan shook his head with a grin. “Okay, I don’t get it. One moment you want me to fuck you…”

Nick winced.

“…and the next moment you want to hurt me?” Logan smiled. “Come on, you don’t mean it. I’m sure we---“

“You fucking asshole!” Nick blurted out. “You fucking bastard!”

“Whoa”, Logan said, raising his eyebrows. “Hey, watch it, or---”

“You selfish, lying son of a bitch!” Nick interrupted him, his face red with rage. “You fucking man-whore! You and your ugly fucking girlfriend can---“

“I said, watch it”, Logan said firmly, frowning at Nick. “There’s no reason for this kind of---“

Nick let out an angry grunt and tackled Logan, pushing him to the floor.

Logan was surprised by Nick’s sudden attack, and tried to avert his angry, random punches.

They rolled on the ground, Nick aggressively attacking Logan with hits to the face and the stomach, and Logan trying to put Nick in a hold to calm him down.

Both of them were grunting and panting.

“Fuck you”, Nick grunted and punched Logan’s abs. He couldn’t help but notice how trained and athletic the blond wrestler was. The next punch landed on Logan’s muscular arm.

Logan tried to grab Nick, his hand touching Nick’s butt.

Both of them were starting to sweat, their hot bodies rubbing against each other.

Nick felt Logan’s genitals bump against his hand, and he felt his cock grow hard immediately.

“Fuck you”, Nick roared and rammed his elbow against Logan’s ribs.

Logan coughed and shoved Nick away, rubbing his chest.

They were breathing heavily, catching their breath.

Logan groaned. “Nick, come on, this is ridi---“

Nick interrupted him with a mean, hard kick that connected with Logan’s knee.

Logan let out a scream.

“Okay, this is it!” he yelled, bringing his foot back and sending it straight up between Nick’s thighs.

The tip of Logan’s dress shoe connected with the ample bulge in Nick’s pants, crushing his tender nuts flat and knocking the wind out of his lungs.

Nick’s jaw dropped and he let out a wheezing groan. His eyes opened wide and he had a look of utter surprise, pain and shock on his face.

“My balls”, Nick whispered, slowly doubling over.

Drawing from years of experience as a high school wrestler, Logan followed up the low blow with a series of moves that made Nick grunt and groan in pain as Logan wrestled him down to the ground.

Nick was lying on his back, pinned down by Logan’s weight.

Both of them were sweating profusely.

Logan was straddling Nick, their crotches touching.

Both of them were hard.

Their eyes met.

Nick gulped.

Logan got up and looked down at Nick.

He nudged Nick’s erection with his foot.

“Looks like you’re pretty happy”, Logan said in a low voice.

Nick blinked. His mind was racing. Was this the moment he had been waiting for? Was Logan going to lean over and kiss him passionately, like in some cheesy romantic comedy?

Nick closed his eyes.

Logan inhaled deeply. Instead of leaning over, he brought his leg back and kicked Nick’s nuts with all the force he could muster.

Nick screamed in pain. “Asshole!”

Logan glared at him. “Hey, you started this, don’t tell me---“

“You fucking asshole!” Nick cried out.

Logan let out an angry grunt. Again and again, he brought his foot down on Nick’s crotch, crushing his poor, tender nuts under the sole of his dress shoe.

Nick was screaming and groaning, moaning and squealing in pain as Logan wreaked havoc on his precious plums.

Kick after nut-crunching kick connected with Nick’s teenage testicles, ramming them into his body.

Finally, Nick doubled over, clutching his crotch, his face a mask of pain.

Logan looked down at him. “Okay, I hope you learned your---“

“Asshole”, Nick whimpered.

Logan’s eyes narrowed. “Okay, enough is enough.” He put his foot on Nick’s face, pinning his head to the ground.

Nick let out a miserable groan.

“Lick them”, Logan grunted. “Lick my fucking shoes.”

Nick did as he was told, a disgusted expression on his face.

“Okay, now listen carefully”, Logan said as Nick cleaned the sole of his shoe with his tongue. “I have no idea what’s gotten into you, okay? But you got a serious---“

Suddenly, Nick grabbed Logan’s foot, pulled it to the side and drove his teeth into Logan’s ankle.

Logan screamed in pain and surprise and stomped down on Nick, making him let go of Logan’s foot and let out an anguished grunt.

Logan shook his head and kicked Nick in the ribs, making him scream in pain.

“Stay away from me”, Logan said before turning around and walking away.

Nick groaned in pain and got on all fours, trying to get up. “You fucking asshole.”

Logan stopped and let out a sigh.

Then he turned around again. With a running start, Logan kicked Nick in the side, making him scream in pain and topple over.

He leaned over and opened the fly of Nick’s jeans, pulling out his dick and balls. His dick was of average size, with a big, round pair of balls dangling low in their sack. They were slightly swollen.

Logan put his foot onto Nick’s hard dick, crushing it under his sole.

Nick groaned and moaning, writhing in pain as Logan tortured his dick and balls with his foot.

“You’re enjoying this, huh?” Logan mumbled, stomping down on Nick’s rapidly swelling nuts, making Nick moan miserably.

Logan opened the fly of his pants and pulled out his own raging boner.

“You’re enjoying this”, Logan repeated as he started jerking his dick while crushing Nick’s dick and balls with his foot.

Nick’s dick and balls were dirty and bruised, his face covered in sweat and dirt.

Logan twisted his foot as if he was stomping out a cigarette, eliciting an anguished groan from Nick.

Logan’s breathing quickened. He looked down at Nick and jerked his dick faster.

Nick’s eyes were clenched shut, his dirty, sweaty face a mask of pain.

Suddenly, Logan let out a grunt as his dick erupted with a juicy jet of thick, creamy cum that landed right on Nick’s face.

Nick’s eyes opened wide, and Logan’s second spurt hit him right in the left eye, plastering it shut.

Nick was groaning and moaning as Logan’s creamy jizz rained down onto his face, covering his eyes and his nose, his lips and his cheek in Logan’s sticky spunk.

Gasping for breath, his eyes opening and closing rapidly as Logan’s spicy juice spread on his eyeballs, Nick stared up at Logan.

Logan stuffed his spent dick into his pants. He zipped up and spat into Nick’s face.

Nick gasped.

Logan stepped on Nick’s crotch, making him grunt in pain, before literally walking over him, stepping on his face before he walked off.

Nick turned over, moaning and groaning. His face was covered in dirt and sweat and cum. His clothes were dirty and tattered. His dick was bruised and his balls were swollen and red.

He grabbed his dick and started jerking his hard cock, wincing in pain, staring at Logan’s butt as he was walking away.

He came just a moment later.

It was his best orgasm ever.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. I love Logan in this one. It would be awesome if he was bi, would make him that little bit hotter.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! i'm glad you like the story! About his sexuality: I guess it's open to interpretation... :-))

Anonymous said...

Wow! One of the best B.O.G stories ever in my opinion! The story was both sexy and cute! One of the only ones that got me off both by the busting and the underlining crush.Was routing for Nick, in that brokenhearted gay teen sort of way. Maybe if you get enough good feedback you can have these 2 meet again. Nick thinking Logan liked it that he would start another fight, he would watch him wrestle and learn his moves. He would sneak into the change room to smell and worship Logan's clothes hoping to get caught and it lead to another sexy and sweaty fight - Nick would put up a better fight but still lose. Logan can humiliate him again with his shoes, or maybe make him smell and lick his underwear before busting him up again. Either way congratulations on another fantastic story!


Alex said...

Thaks for your comment, Lars! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! Frankly, I was rooting for Nick, too... :-))

Right now I don't have plans for a sequel. There are a lot more "Be our guest" stories I have to finish first. :-))

Anonymous said...

Well it's surprising to see Logan as a bully but since Nick enjoyed it I guess it's OK! Nice story

Alex said...

Thanks for yor feedback! I know what you mean. It's a bit out of character for Logan to treat Nick like this. But Logan is not a bully. He just likes to give people what they crave... :-))

AJ said...

Definitely a hot story, Alex :) thanks for sharing.

I'm a romantic and always want that happy ending - especially for a sweet gay guy...oh well. But I guess it was kinda happy, haha.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, AJ! At least Nick will never forget his prom... :-))

Anonymous said...

Well that was probably the most cringey lead-up I've ever read in any of your BB stories.

I like it. :D

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! Yeah, I know what you mean... :-))