Monday, August 8, 2016

Jonny Firestorm: Ball Bash Olympics 3

Inspecting the goods -
a new pair of training balls for Jonny Firestorm.

I can't tell you how excited I am about Ball Bash Olympics 3, a new release exclusively available now for members of Club Firestorm for just $30! Jonny Firestorm has produced some great ballbusting clips but this one isn't just great, it's spectacular!

After going through the testicles of Drake Marcos and Ty Alexander (twice!) Jonny has found a new "training partner" in Kayden Keller, a handsome hunk with a beautiful pair of big, low-hanging balls. What he does to poor Kayden's balls has to be seen to be believed, so head over to Club Firestorm right away!

Squeeze them hard!
Jonny knows how to make Kayden scream.
At the start of the clip, Jonny is in a bad place. Last time at the Ball Bash Olympics, he has lost against those bastards from Ballbashistan - and now he doesn't know if he wants to bash balls anymore. Enter Kayden Keller who tries to give it another shot. Jonny is hesitant at first, but as soon as Kayden lets his spuds dangle in front of Jonny's face, he is convinced.

"They're nice", Jonny says, weighing Kayden's balls in his hand. "They're big. Succulent." He looks Kayden in the eyes. "Tender?"

Kayden nods proudly - and that's the start of the most amazing ballbusting 28 minutes I have ever seen. Kayden's nuts are dangling out of his speedos for the first half of the clip (after that he's completely naked), and they get kicked ("Field Goal Competition!" Jonny yells), squeezed, slapped, punched, and hit with a beer bottle - all in the first five minutes. Seriously, this is one hell of a clip!

Field Goal Competition!
That's how you kick a pair of bare balls!
It has everything I love - funny dialogue, real action (not that fake wrestling stuff - nuts are getting crunched for real in this clip!), an enthusiastic ballbuster (Jonny talks a lot in this clip, and he comes up with some of the awesome lines to accompany his devastating moves), and a very hot training partner.

I have to admit that I wasn't familiar with the work of Kayden Keller before I saw this clip, but now I'm a huge fan! The amount of pain he takes is incredible, and he takes it like a champ, just like the plot demands: He wants to make Jonny bash balls again, and if that means his own sex life gets ruined along the way, so be it... His attitude is amazing, and I'm really surprised that he was able to last the whole 28 minutes. (There's not a single cut in the video.)

I could go on and on and on and on about this clip - but let me just point out three of my favorite scenes (let me tell you, it was really hard to choose...):

Kicking the rope (around the 25 minute mark)
In a nod to Jonny's legendary BGEast match against Reese Wells ("Ball Bash 2"), Jonny makes Kayden put his naked nuts on top of the rope before delivering a hard kick to the rope that makes Kayden's jewels jump up in their sack. Kayden gasps for breath before groaning in pain. "Ball bounce", Jonny deadpans, elciting a weak laugh from Kayden.

 Maracas gone wild (around the 17 minute mark)
Jonny has his fingers wrapped around the neck of Kayden's sack and shakes the well-filled ballbag around wildly, imitating the sound of a rattle. At one point he asks Kayden, "What is it called, that little shaky thing?" Kayden groans in pain. "Maracas", he moans softly. "Maracas!" Jonny yells and shakes poor Kayden's ballsack, making him scream in agony. When I watched the clip for the first time I had to laugh out loud.

The dick sandwich (around the 10 minute mark)
In the middle of a speedbag routine (ouch!) Jonny grabs Kayden's balls and squeezes hard. The camera zooms in on Kayden's nuts just as Jonny pushes Kayden's dick between the two testicles, separating them from each other and sandwiching his dick between them. He squeezes and pokes at Kayden's individual nuts before delivering a hard palmsmack to the trapped package. Best. Scene. Ever.

There are several more outstanding scenes: a magic trick (Jonny makes a testicle disappear!), Kayden getting yanked through the ring by his balls, a vicious sack stretching exercise and so much more...

Kayden's balls are red and shiny -
and there are 10 more minutes left!
As I said: This is the best clip I have ever seen. Jonny is awesome in this one. He doesn't just act his part, nothing feels staged or fake or half-assed - he genuinely enjoys crushing Kayden's nuts, and it really shows. And kudos to Kayden Keller! When you step into the ring and offer your balls to Jonny Firestorm you know you won't be able have sex for a couple of days afterwards - but I doubt that Keyden expected anything like this... He's a great sport and a very, very hot guy!

Don't take my word for it - watch the clip yourself! It's exclusively available now for members of Club Firestorm for just $30!

For your information: I have no financial stakes in Club Firestorm or the sales of this clip, I’m just a huge fan of Jonny’s work. I am a paying member of Club Firestorm, and I paid for this clip. The best way to support Jonny and make sure he’ll keep on filming awesome ballbusting clips is to buy them at his website. So head over to now, join Club Firestorm, and get this fantastic video!

Over and out.
Jonny crushes Kayden's nuts under his boot.


Anonymous said...

do you know where one could see a preview of it?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I don't think there's a video preview on the web. I'm afraid you'll have to take my word for it: The video is awesome! :-))