Monday, August 1, 2016

Video links: Comedy gems (7)

They say that laughter is the best medicine. So, from a medical standpoint, the following clips are very therapeutical. But I'm sure you'll enjoy them even if you are not sick at the moment.

Here are some more of my favorite nutshots scenes from comedy shows and movies.

Let's start with a clip from the TV show The Goldbergs (season 3, episode 16) where a young man wants to get his school mates interested in the obscure game of Ball Ball. Apparently, catching the ball in one hand allows the player to get "a ball buster bonus, a penalty shot at the face or the nards. Your choice." Guess what the star athlete goes for?

Every tried to teach a kid to ride a bike? In the following web short (appropriately titled Aww Nuts!) we learn that it can be more dangerous for the father than for the son...

In the following scene from the movie Turbo Kid features a girl trying to teach a boy self defense. It's easy, she tells him. "Strike first, strike hard, show no mercy." After she has demonstrated her favorite move on him, she adds: "Always remember the weak parts of the human body: eyes, throat, genitals." By that time, he is on the ground, groaning in pain. And he has learned a valuable lesson.

The next scene also features self defense, sort of. In the short-lived TV show Oliver Beene, the titular hero's older brother Ted gets revenge on his selfish baseball coach (who is dating a girl that Ted is interested in) by hitting him in the crotch with a baseball. As the narrator puts it: "And with that glorious shot Ted made sure his coach wouldn't be rounding third and heading home any time soon." Note the satisfied smile on Ted's face when his coach goes down in pain. That's how you ruin someone's date!

Finally, we have a Harry Potter parody: Harry Pottymouth. Our poor hero gets cursed by a witch with "the cursing curse: Every time you open that pottymouth to curse you shall be kicked in the balls by the person nearest to you." What follows can only be described as a testicular massacre of epic proportions...

Reader's pick:

Our reader Toothpick sent us this wonderful clip featuring 19 pairs of testicles getting smashed in the wrestling ring. I love the upbeat music, and what the WWF has to say about it: "Voices rise a few octaves in this video compilation of severe hits below the belt." They don't even pretend that they care about their wrestler's reproductive organs - those nuts are just dangling there to be crushed for our entertainment...

What's your favorite comedy nutshot? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (!



Anonymous said...

Oh, the father's reaction at Aws nut is awesome!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Signfres! I agree: That clip is fantastic! :-))