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Pankration - match 4: Theaetetus vs. Amun (written by Harry)

This is a new part of Harry's epic series Pankration that is set in Ancient Greece. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did!

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum. 

It had rained all night in Thebes, and it and continued raining right through the morning. At first the rain had been a refreshing respite from the summer heat, but now as Theo sat looking out at the Princes’ Palace from under the colonnade, the downpour just looked heavy and dull. He sighed. It appeared that there would be no Pankration today.

After just a few days of competition, the Pankration had become a central event for the rag tag group of young warriors nicknamed the Lost Princes. Normally their courtyard was a remote and forgotten corner of the palace, but as word of the Pankration had spread, an increasing number of young men had found reasons to stop by, practicing their wrestling or just chatting. Even some of the younger palace servants had made excuses to pass through, hoping to catch a glimpse of the fierce combats they had heard gossip about. But the night’s rain had turned the soft sand of their courtyard to sloppy mud. Shallow pools splashed where battles otherwise might have raged.

Theo looked out bleakly around the empty colonnade and noticed that he was not entirely alone. Across the expanse, he recognized Nico’s blonde head and animated gestures. Peering through the drizzle, Theo could barely make out Amun sitting next to Nico. The Egyptian teen sat straight with formal posture, but he was smiling happily as he listened to whatever story the prince of Thebes was telling.
Theo - artwork created by Dizzy

Theo narrowed his eyes. The Egyptian prince always acted aloof around him and the other Lost Princes, but for some reason Amun was smiley and talkative when Nico was around. Sometimes it even seemed to Theo like Amun was trying to flirt with the handsome blonde. Nico always defended Amun, telling Theo that he was just shy, and that Egypt had very different customs than Greece. But Theo knew better. Amun was an insincere snob. The brunette wished he could hear what they saying, but the rain was falling too loudly. When Amun put his hand on Nico’s shoulder as they dissolved into laughter, Theo stood up abruptly. Perhaps they would have Pankration today after all.


The Lost Princes gathered around the large urn in the Princes’ Palace. The urn held stones inscribed with each of their names, and by the rules of Pankration, whomever’s names were drawn would battle for the day’s high honors. They were surprised when Theo announced that the competition would proceed as scheduled. Except for Nico and Tallus, none of the assembled warriors looked very enthusiastic about the prospect of fighting in the mud. However, after Theo hinted pointedly that in his home city of Athens combats are never postponed due to “a little rain shower,” they wouldn’t have cancelled it even for an earthquake.

So the crowded teens grinned a bit when Theo drew his own name first. The Athenian boy’s shoulders slumped as if in resignation; there was no way he could back down now. Theo rummaged around and finally pulled another stone, cupping it in his palm.

“Amun!” he called loudly. While the boys craned their necks to gauge the reaction of the snobbish prince, Theo quickly dropped the stone back into the urn. Nobody noticed. Amun surveyed the muddy puddles littering the courtyard and wrinkled his nose. He started to shake his head in distaste until Nico clapped him on the back and leaned in for a quick pep talk. The regal Egyptian reluctantly nodded his agreement to the match. Theo flashed a big smile; unseen by the others, his hands clenched into fists.


A half hour later, the Lost Princes and other spectators were huddled under the colonnade around the edge of the courtyard, while the combatants strode toward the center. The rain had slowed to a soft shower, but not before turning the sand of the arena floor into a sloppy gray mess, pitted with murky puddles. These were not ideal conditions for a battle.

Theo’s bare feet sunk in with each step and made a quiet sucking sound when he pulled them forward again. He was a bit nervous. This would be his first match of the Pankration, and he could feel the eyes watching him from the perimeter of the courtyard. Some were his friends, supporting him to win, but many others were just acquaintances, curious to evaluate his skills and stamina. When he reached the center, Theo undraped the toga from over his shoulder, wrapping it around his waist and tucking it inside in the style of Greek wrestlers. The drizzling rain slid down his bare chest and shoulders, and goosebumps stood out on his smooth, olive skin. His curly brown hair hung heavily over his cute ears and down across his eyes; he had to periodically shake it away from his face in a shower of droplets.

Amun - artwork created by Dizzy

Amun approached even more slowly. He held his shoulders back and attempted to appear aloof,  but he frowned darkly as his feet squeaked in the mud. The Egyptian prince’s dark brown torso was bare as usual. The white linen wrapping his waist was trimmed with gold thread, and he had not bothered to remove the golden bands from his upper arms. Theo noticed the subtle veins in Amun’s long, lean arms, hinting at strong muscles. His ribs and abs shone in stark relief under his wet skin, each muscle in the right place. Theo tightened his own abs in self-conscious comparison.

Amun had the advantage of having already competed in the Pankration. He had fought and defeated one wild Greek warrior already, but something about Theo’s placid demeanor and watchful eyes made Amun wary. He paused respectfully when the Athenian teen bent over to straighten his toga before commencing to fight. When Theo finally straightened up, however, he was smirking and holding a handful of mud. With a stinging slap against the Egyptian’s bare chest, Theo rubbed the mud over his pecs and shoulders. Some of the gray sludge even tricked down over his perfect abs.

Amun was aghast. He heard soft chuckles from the perimeter of the arena, and his dark eyes flashed in fury. He saw the amusement on the Greek boy’s face and the calculating look in his wide, intelligent eyes. Seconds later, Amun’s open palm cracked against Theo’s face. The slap rang through the courtyard, followed by a low “Oooooo…” from the crowd. Theo blinked in anger and put a hand to his smarting jaw. Then, as if by unspoken agreement, the boys flew at each other in rage.

Theo targeted Amun’s six pack abs with rapid punches, connecting every so often. Amun evaded the blows as much as he could, dodging in and out of range to find an opening in which he could lock on a submission hold. Both fighters struggled to maintain their footing in the treacherous mud, so the match seemed to unfold in slow motion. Theo took the early advantage with questionable tactics when he drove a knee deep into Amun’s gut. After Amun folded over from the impact, Theo followed up with a handful of mud directly into his face. Amun growled in frustration and wiped urgently at his eyes to keep the mud from blocking his vision. He understood immediately that if he was blinded then he would be entirely at the Greek’s mercy. The crowd giggled at the muddy prince, who barely resembled his normal proud self. 

Theo smirked. His strategy had been effective so far. He had predicted that his snobby rival would be distracted by the muddy conditions, and so he was. But Theo also planned to exploit the boy’s shyness, so it was time to make his next move. As Amun wiped the mud from his face, Theo snuck behind and grasped the hem of the linen wrap that wound around his waist. With a wink at the crowd, he yanked down on the garment with a flourish, stripping Amun bare. The Egyptian teen cupped his junk bashfully when some spectators snickered. Taking revenge for his earlier slap, Theo followed up with a stinging slap across Amun’s bare ass, causing him to jump. Judging by the cheers, Theo was definitely winning over the crowd.

Amun meanwhile was having a difficult time getting his bearings. He was appalled by the mud and embarrassed by his nudity, so he was slow to resist as Theo resumed his attack. The Greek twink circled back around to his front and swatted his hands away, exposing his privates for all to see. Amun’s long penis draped over a juicy-looking pair of gonads that hung nicely low in their smoothly shaven sack. Unlike many of the other boys, the Egyptian was circumcised, and his mahogany cock helmet made his nudity appear even more stark. Amun’s cheeks burned as he peered through the rain to see who dared to laugh at him. His head swam.

Theo tried to avoid noticing that his rival’s equipment was quite a bit more impressive than his own. He cocked his head and tried a different angle, but Amun’s sexiness could not be doubted. With his jealousy renewed, Theo scooped another fistful of mud and brought it directly up between Amun’s legs, coating his handsome manhood in a smear of muck. Theo gave the boy’s nuts a mean squeeze and enjoyed feeling the soft tissue conform to his firm grip. Amun yelped from the cold and from the rough handling, but he could not break Theo’s grip. Maintaining a lock on his opponent’s balls, Theo moved his other muddy hand to Amun’s cock, spreading the slick mud slowly down his shaft and rubbing it over his exposed cock head. The Egyptian’s dark eyes showed shock and fear. He rose up on to his toes as his sac was stretched tight.

“This mud feels pretty good, huh?” Theo whispered, leaning in close. He slowly ran his palm down the underside of Amun’s member, and the other teen bit his lip. As expected, Theo could feel the tube thicken and pulse to life.

“What are you doing?” Amun hissed through clenched teeth. “This is supposed to be a fight, not…not…” He trailed off, uncertain how to describe what Theo’s hands were doing to him. 

“Ok. Let’s fight then.” Theo squeezed Amun’s orbs into each other, and the sudden, blinding ache made his knees go wobbly. “Or do you want to give up?” Theo continued in a cheeky tone. Amun was wincing in pain but shook his head. Theo shrugged. “I don’t think it will take long anyway. I can make you submit any time I want.”

Amun peered into Theo’s soft, brown eyes and snorted defiantly. Ignoring the pain (and the pleasure) in his groin, Amun pulled himself together and fired a series of jabs into Theo’s gut. The Greek boy’s smooth abs were not as muscular as Amun’s, and his fists sunk in with a satisfying “oooff.” When Theo lost his grip on Amun’s muddy junk, the Egyptian followed up with a hard knee to his ribs. Theo doubled over with a grimace.

To even the odds—and to enjoy a bit of revenge—Amun peeled Theo’s muddy toga down over his slender hips. Theo’s clean, olive toned skin and smooth tan gleamed against the rain and muck.  To everyone’s surprise, the Greek teen was already hard, and his erection slapped back firmly against his abdomen when his garment was stripped. Amun’s surprise at this turn of events registered in his dark eyes. Theo’s foreskin concealed his slick cock head, and his balls nestled tight and round at the base of his shaft. His penis was average sized and curved gently toward his right hip. Theo had always been a little self-conscious about it, and he didn’t fail to notice a faint smile on his opponent’s face as Amun measured the comparison between them. With both combatants fully nude and well on the way to being fully erect, their friends in the audience hooted enthusiastically and made lewd comments. They hadn’t expected much from these two lightweights, but the fight was turning out to be very entertaining indeed!

With a snarl both teens threw themselves back into action. Amun maintained his advantage by darting behind Theo and wrapping his head and arm in a rear choke. When Theo grabbed his forearm to break the hold, Amun reached down and swatted Theo’s perky boner. His palm cracked against the brunette’s sensitive dick head, rattling him painfully. The sting brought tears to Theo’s eyes, and grabbed his pride and joy with both hands to protect it from further assault. The image of Theo groping his own hard cock incited more laughter. Under the nearby colonnade, the Gaul boy Tallus lifted a hearty battle cry that made Theo blush scarlet.

Meanwhile Amun cranked on the pressure by throwing his full weight on Theo’s back. Immobilized in the choke hold, the Athenian tumbled forward under the added weight, landing face first in the mud with a loud splat. When Theo pulled his head back sputtering, only his bright eyes were visible under the coating of mud. Amun grimly pushed him down again, rubbing his face back and forth in the slop.

While Theo remained face down in the mud, Amun stood over him and kicked his legs apart. Attempting to reprise the move that won him his first contest, Amun dug his toes into the firm gonads that bulged out between Theo’s ass cheeks. Theo beat the ground in pain as his nuts were squelched into the mud, but the conditions did not allow Amun the leverage to really bear down. His foot slid out from under him and Amun crashed down on top of Theo, knocking the breath out of the unlucky boy.

Sensing that victory was close, the Egyptian smiled grimly and wrenched his opponent’s wiry arms into a full nelson. He leaned back and twined his long legs around Theo’s, exposing his belly and otherwise immobilizing him. Ragged and muddy, the Greek boy’s head, arm, and legs were firmly trapped. Theo stared up to the sky as the light rain continued to fall on his naked chest and trickled down over his abs and hips. It tickled a bit. The cold splashes on his front heightened his awareness of the warm body beneath him.

Below, Amun settled into the soft mud, confident that his submission lock would not be broken. He tried not to think about the mud caking his body. His shoulders settled into a puddle, displacing the water and leaving him nestled in the soft sand. Gradually the chill subsided, and he clung more tightly to the warm, struggling Greek fighter. “Do you give up?” he asked.

Theo felt Amun’s hot breath on his ear and the vibration of his deep voice through his chest pressed closely against Theo’s back. The Athenian shivered. The haze of combat cleared and suddenly he became very aware of his predicament. He was naked and defenseless and half-way choked out, and something hot and hard was poking him in the back. Something very hard. Maybe losing like this would not be terrible, he thought. Then through the rain he caught a glimpse of blonde curls. Nicomachus was watching him. Theo rebelled against the idea of submitting to the snobby prince in front of his best friend. Especially to a snobby prince who had been secretly trying to flirt with Nico. Theo wanted desperately to turn this fight around, but he seemed to be stuck. He considered carefully. 

“Do you give up?” Amun repeated with the tone of a person who is accustomed to being obeyed.

“Um, are you sure you want the match to end?” Theo replied in a low voice. “I sort of like it right here.” As he was speaking, he wiggled his butt into Amun’s crotch, brushing his naked cock. The Egyptian sputtered in surprise and tried to twist his hips away. Amun’s moment of indecision gave Theo just enough room to wrench one arm out of the hold and spin fully around. He was still clasped tightly to Amun, but now they were chest to chest, and he was on top. Both boys’ muscles strained as they scrambled for grip and leverage.

Shifting his weight forward, Theo pressed his opponent’s shoulders ever deeper into the mud until Amun was almost halfway buried. Next Theo grasped Amun’s left wrist and pinned it down next to his body, pressing firmly into the mud. His right arm quickly followed. Theo might not have been able to hold down the wiry grappler under normal conditions, but the suction of the wet sand made up for his deficit of strength. Amun wriggled desperately, but his struggle only sunk him deeper into the muck. Both arms were stuck. He looked up at his captor with dread.

For a long minute, Amun’s dark eyes looked into Theo’s bright brown ones. The Greek teen’s curly brown hair was wet with mud and hung over his wide eyes and turned out ears. Theo smiled, and his white teeth were bright against his mud-streaked face. The boy was so cute that Amun briefly forgot the stakes of their fight. Then in the space of one blink, Theo’s sweet smile turned into a devilish smirk. He winked at his trapped opponent and rocked his hips forward, smushing their groins together.

Theo’s curved cock was still rock hard, and he drove it along the underside of Amun’s semi-erect tool where it lay defenseless against his abs. The slick mud and rain made their bodies glide smoothly. It took only a couple thrusts to bring Amun to full, aching hardness. Theo slithered on top of the trapped prince, and somehow managed to nail the underside of Amun’s sensitive cock head each time he rammed forward. The mingling of mud, rain, sweat, and precum felt divine.

“Stop…stop!” Amun grunted, trembling. As a devotee of the Sun God, Amun practiced chastity and had very little experience with sex. He did not understand what the Greek boy was doing to him, nor why he was not able to catch his breath. Amun felt like the mud and the swirl of his own sensations were suffocating him. He was terrified by the feeling that he was losing control in front of the other Princes. The watching crowd had gone quiet now, but he could feel their eyes on him.

“Does that mean you submit?” Theo asked seriously. He lifted up a bit, easing some of the contact between them. He looked down at Amun’s long, straight shaft with its flared head and took satisfaction in seeing it twitch slightly with each beat of the brave teen’s racing heart. “Do you admit that I am the superior fighter?” he demanded more loudly.

Amun’s eyes darkened with pride, and he looked up defiantly. Those words would never pass his lips. “Let me go,” he ordered in a husky voice. “Don’t touch me with that…little bent…thing.”

Theo pouted and his ears flushed pink in embarrassment. He hadn’t really expected the proud prince to submit to him, but making fun of his dick was totally uncalled for. Anyway, it wasn’t little, it was perfectly average! Theo leaned forward and pressed Amun even deeper into the mud. Pressing his mouth over Amun’s dark brown nipple, he swirled his tongue until he felt his breath hitch. Then he bit down sharply. Amun’s yelp of pain made Theo feel they were even for the insult.

Amun blinked back the tears that sprung to his eyes and lamented his smarting nipple. Theo’s  alternating teasing and attacks kept him off balance and prevented him from concentrating on a counterattack. He could not believe that the cute Greek teen was controlling him so easily, and it made him nervous about what Theo might do next. Amun did not have to wonder for long, since just then his groin was engulfed in fiery pain. Theo had thrust his hard cock forward again, nearly skewering Amun’s left nut! The pain was immediate and sickening, and it was followed by a second thrust that nailed his larger right nut. Again and again Amun’s low hanging nads were rammed into his pubic bone by his merciless opponent. His strength seeped out of him with each successive blow.

Bam. Bam. Bam.

Theo was sweating from the effort. His arms ached from supporting his upper body as he drove his hips forward once more. He was rewarded by the feeling of Amun’s soft testicles yielding to his hard cock over and over. The Egyptian teen’s sac was smooth and loose, and his nuts hung invitingly, like ripe plums ready to be picked. Crushing those plums and his opponent’s resistance was becoming Theo’s new favorite game.

Confident in his control, Theo allowed his eyes to travel upward to admire the rest of the beaten teen. The abuse of his nuts had not robbed Amun of his long, hot erection, and some of his juice had pooled on his muddy abs as it slicked the knob of his cock. Amun’s chest heaved as he gulped deep breaths to combat the pain; his pecs and shoulders still strained against his captivity, making his lean muscles ripple. He clenched his jaw tight so that no one would hear him scream.

Feeling the attack stop, Amun squinted up at Theo cautiously. The Egyptian’s handsome face showed a mix of pain, resignation, and…something else. Theo wasn’t sure. For some reason his mind had gone blank. He had planned carefully, and his strategy of exploiting his opponent’s weaknesses had worked beautifully. But all that time he had imagined defeating an arrogant rival, and now below him he found just a vulnerable, shy boy.

“It’s ok to submit,” Theo reassured him quietly. The rain still fell softly against his back and dripped from his hair on to the muddy prince below.

Amun was silent. Theo felt his low chuckle in response. “Of course a Greek would think so,” he said defiantly. Theo ground his teeth.

A voice from the crowd called out: “Is it a tie, then? I’ve never seen two kittens get tired of scratching!”

Laughter rang around the courtyard, and more jibes were made at the expense of the tired fighters. Theo’s gaze hardened. He used his knees to spread Amun’s legs open a little wider. Amun saw the look in the Athenian teen’s eyes and understood that his humiliation was not yet over.

Theo thrust his hard shaft forward into the middle of the Amun’s loose sac, missing both of his nuts but nailing the very root of his cock. For Amun it was like a thunderbolt had struck the center of his being. The jolt of pain mixed with deep, unexpected pleasure caused his body to shake. Again Theo’s cock struck deep and hard, causing Amun’s dark eyes to roll back as he stifled a moan. The third blow wrecked his tender right testicle again, renewing the cascade of pain through his guts. Theo was gratified to see the teen prince’s cock twitch, even without direct contact. Theo rolled his hips forward once more, crushing Amun’s nads and pushing him past his breaking point. The defeated warrior’s mouth fell open in silent protest as creamy spunk jumped from his twitching cock, splashing shocking white stains across his muddy torso. Even in the ecstasy of defeat, the proud prince refused to scream; he bit down on his lip so that he would not cry out.

Most days the regal Egyptian was a model of self control. In the Pankration however, his willpower abandoned him, and his shuddering penis shot even more than seemed possible. Forced to perform the most intimate act in front of his peers, the wild spasms of his own body mocked him further. A truly spectacular jet of semen hit the underside of Amun’s own chin and dribbled over his lips. His glassy eyes stared into Theo’s as he tasted his own seed for the first time. When he was finally spent, Amun’s chin and chest were slick, and his twitching cock smeared the last of his splooge against his heaving abdomen. Theo had forced him without even touching his cock. Shame raged behind his closed eyes.

There was frenzied cheering from the crowd of teens. They seemed impressed equally by Theo’s dominance and by Amun’s fireworks. Some of them mocked the unpopular Egyptian, but others looked with sympathy at the beaten prince, who had resisted bravely. Nico was characteristically ebullient: “Woah! Who would have thought Amun had all that in him! Theo made him shoot to the other side of the palace!”

Nico’s enthusiasm carried him forward into the muddy arena, where he congratulated his Athenian friend. Theo’s ears and cheeks were flushed from his recent exertion, and his eyes shone with pride. Nico raised his eyebrows in mock surprise and looked pointedly downward, noting that Theo’s erection had lost none of its potency. The brunette shrugged sheepishly, knowing that modesty was impossible at this point. He was filthy and tired, but also horny. He turned to walk back toward the baths to take care of all of those problems.

Nico cleared his throat pointedly. When Theo turned back, he was surprised to find rebuke in his best friend’s hazel eyes. “What…” he began in protest. Then following Nico’s gaze, he felt a pang of guilt at the sight of Amun lying still halfway buried. Nico’s unspoken command was clear, and so Theo knelt down and helped his rival up. There was a soft sucking sound as the beaten boy’s shoulders and hips were extracted from the mud. Amun climbed awkwardly to his feet, avoiding making eye contact with anyone. And though he still hung his head in humiliation, his shoulders and posture gradually assumed their customary straightness. In contrast to Theo’s victorious erection, Amun’s ample manhood seemed to have shriveled in defeat; his cock looked as sad and weak as the young man himself felt as he limped back toward the shelter of the colonnade. Nico and Theo exchanged a meaningful look.

After just a few steps, Amun was startled when a strong arm fell heavily around his shoulders.

“Wow! What a match, man! You hung in really tough. But those big nuts of yours are going to be empty for weeks.” Amun looked for signs of mockery in Nico’s face but found none. “Yep, weeks,” the blonde price repeated solemnly.

Heedless of the mud (and cum), Nico supported the conquered fighter and cheered him with a brave smile. Even in the worst circumstances, Nico’s dimples were difficult to resist; they made Amun feel less ashamed.

Then an arm wrapped around his waist from his other side. Amun looked sidelong at Theo. The cute brunette also looked like a muddy mess, and the smile he gave his former opponent was hesitant and somehow even shy. Amun was too spent to wonder what Theo’s look meant. Together the three Lost Princes walked back to the palace for a well deserved bath.


Mickey said...

I am in love in Theo's small (I mean average) sized cock - along with how fragile and respondent they seems to be :)

Anonymous said...

Mmh, I have to be sincere, I don't like so much this story. I think it's the less convincing, thrilling and exciting. There are too few hits in balls, less than in the other stories, in which, as I told you, I would have prefered more torture to the testicles. If I considered them poor in terms of ballbusting, this one is completely absent. There are some exciting moments when the two fighters have intimate moments in the mud, but I think a large number of readers, including me, are here to read about BB. It's ok not to exagerate with blows and pain, but here I can't see anything of what we seek for, I'm sorry. Also, I cant't believe someone can make a boy cum hitting his balls with his rigid cock, it's even unthinkable to imagine someone can hurt balls in this way, it's completely unreal. It would have been enough for Theo to make him cum with knees or squeezes, and this would have fill the lack of ballbusting in the other parts. The only thing I liked is the jealousy for Nico by Theo, testimony to the fact that he has more deep feelings for his best friend and I'm waiting to see explode this romantic bound. This is my opinion, hope for the next parts.

Harry said...

Yo Mickey, thanks for commenting! I'm glad you like Theo. Looks like he might have a tough time against some of the better hung guys in the competition...

Hi X, sorry you didn't enjoy the story. Maybe we've had different kinds of experiences that inform our idea of what is "unreal" in fiction (or anatomy lol). I'll bet a lot of us got into BB via frott and rough play and confusion, much like Amun and Theo did. It was exciting for me to relive that via those characters. Like I mentioned to you in another thread, I'm not into fights where a guy takes a hundred kicks to the balls. But luckily there's a ton of other stories on here that are more your speed!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know you don't want to add too kicks and hits in balls and I respect it. But in this story there are less tortures than in the other ones. This is what I meant, I find appreciable your attempt to make stories credibles, but it's like in this one we've lost the main topic of this blog: the Ballbusting. It's completely ok if you balance reality with fiction, ballbusting with wrestling, but in this one I see only wrestling. My suggest is not to exagerate on the other side: not too much but too few neither ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry if I insist, but Theo is my favourite character in this saga and I hoped to see more about it, I expected he would have give and take more to his balls. Maybe for the next battle :) Hope you'll find my suffests usefull and not annoying.

Anonymous said...

I gave 5 stars because i enjoy your writing style so much. However,it's not the hottest story in this series, and i tend to agree that dick jabs to the nuta are not as hot as a good old fashionned knee, kick or squeeze!
I'm glad you compared the boys junk, i really find that hot.

Harry said...

Reg, thanks for taking time to check out my story man. I hear you that a classic knee to the balls will never go out of style.

X, you are def not annoying bro. All love for your passion!


Anonymous said...

Loved this chapter! Loved the size comparison. Also loooove that the bigger cock ended up being the weaker cock! The forced cum was super hot!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Harry,

What a wonderfully written story. You write very well, and so many readers read your work because of this simple fact alone. You have created such a fun little universe and really write fight scenes so well. Onto my thoughts I was very happy to see one of the main characters (Theo) in the story. Plus having him win will give the readers someone to root for since Nico lost early which is great! My biggest complaint, along with many others is that their is not enough BB, but the BB that was in the story was really well done. I really like the concept of losing a match by losing one's seed, and that is always hot to read.

Looking forward to your next one!



Harry said...

Anon, thanks for your comment! Funny how first appearances can sometimes be deceiving, right?

Jimmy, I am really grateful for your feedback, and that is such an awesome compliment. Theo should have gotten in on the action sooner, and he should have gone for the balls in earnest. Such are the regrets of our youth lol...

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...


You get extra points for your answer alone, lol!