Friday, July 10, 2020

Rascals (Franklin meets Leo and Tristan)

Special thanks to Franklin for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves intergenerational ballbusting) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Featured in this story: Leo and Tristan (click for pictures)

“What do you think he’ll yell today?” Leo grinned.

The 19 year old skater chuckled as he rode down the street, the wind making his curly black hair look like a crazy sculpture. He was wearing baggy pants and an oversized t-shirt, just like his buddy Tristan.

“Get off my lawn!” Tristan imitated the voice of the grumpy old man whose front yard was their destination. Tristan was 19 years old like his buddy. He was blond and lanky, just like Leo, wearing a similar pair of sagging pants and an XXL t-shirt that had a crude drawing of a nude skater with a ridiculously oversized pair of testicles on it. The skater was in the process of racking himself on his own skateboard, and his thoughts at the moment of impact were visualized by two hen’s eggs, their shells cracked, egg yolk running out of them.

“Pull up your pants!” Leo chimed in.

“You kids get a job!” Tristan retorted.

“Rascals!” Leo yelled.

“Fucking rascals!” Tristan repeated, laughing.

They burst out laughing.

They were both pretty good at imitating Franklin’s voice. After all, they had been pestering him for several days now, using his front yard as their private skate park. The old man was an easy target. He was quick-tempered and easily irritated, and the boys played him like a fiddle.

Franklin was 58 years old, a grumpy old man who seemed ancient to the two skaters. Leo and Tristan just called him “Grouchy”, inspired by the silly, old Smurf cartoons that they had watched as kids.

As soon as the skaters reached the front yard, grouchy old Franklin came rushing out of the garage, yelling at them. “Rascals! Get off my lawn! Your parents ought to give you the paddle! Pull up your pants! You kids get a job!”

Tristan and Leo laughed – but today, Franklin had a new ace up his sleeve. “Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, huh?” he yelled at them as he aimed a water hose at them.

It was a high pressure hose, and Franklin knew where the kids were vulnerable: right below their low-riding belt buckle.

First, he took out Leo, aiming the water hose straight at Leo’s bulging crotch.

“Fuck!” Leo grunted in surprise and pain as the water hit him in the nuts like a baseball bat, flattening his bulge and making him doubt he’d ever have kids.

“Watch your mouth, you rascal!” Franklin yelled as Leo collapsed on the ground, dripping wet, groaning and moaning and clutching his crotch. Then he turned his attention to Tristan, aiming the hose at Tristan’s balls.

“My nuts!” Tristan shrieked as the pain washed through his body.

“Serves you right, rascals!” Franklin laughed triumphantly as Tristan doubled over. “Your kids are gonna feel that one!” He kept the water running, splashing both Leo and Tristan until they were soaked, dripping, and moaning in pain.

With a mean smirk, Franklin turned off the water and grabbed a garden rake.

“He’s fucking crazy!” Leo muttered as he watched the old man approach them, the rake in attack position.

The two skaters got up, stumbling, dripping wet, their nuts aching.

Before they could flee, Franklin hit them in the butt with the rake. Their asses were easy targets, exposed by their low-hanging pants, and Franklin smacked them hard.

“Rascals!” he yelled as Leo and Tristan took to their heels, grabbing their skateboards and running away. “Don’t come here again or I’ll hose you down and make sure your family line ends with you!”

Naturally, Leo and Tristan weren’t going to let the old man win. Naturally, they returned the next day – but this time, they came prepared.

Underneath their sagging jeans, both Leo and Tristan were wearing athletic cups that they had stolen from their school’s locker rooms. Somewhere at Bartlet High School, two football players were missing their nut cups, praying that their team mates wouldn’t take advantage of it…

In Franklin’s front yard, Leo and Tristan were skating, laughing and yelling. They felt well-protected with their cups stuffed down their boxers. Neither of them had ever worn a cup. In their minds, cups were for stupid jocks and brainless football players. Who had ever heard about a skateboarder wearing sack protection? Nobody had told them how to properly wear them, so they had just put the hard plastic cup into their boxers where they were sliding back and forth and from side to side as they made their rounds in Franklin’s front yard.

It didn’t take long until Franklin came running out of the garage, holding the garden hose.

“Rascals!” he yelled from the top of his lungs, aiming the hose at Leo’s crotch.

“Fuck you, old man!” Leo laughed, stepping off his skateboard and standing with his legs spread, taunting Franklin, wiggling his hips, counting on the protection from his cup.

He roared with laughter. “Come on, hit me with your best shot, boomer!”

Franklin did, and Leo’s laughter stopped rather suddenly.

The water hit him right in the crotch. The first thing it did was push the cup to the side. With the obstacle out of the way, Leo’s nuts were completely unprotected, and they were hit with the full force of the jet.

Leo’s eyes crossed and his knees met as Franklin roared with laughter.

“My nuts”, Leo croaked as he sank to his knees.

Tristan looked at him, confused.

Then Franklin aimed the jet of water at him.

Tristan’s protection malfunctioned just like Leo’s. In a comical scene, it fell out of his pants, landing on the ground with a loud CLANK as Tristan screamed from the top of his lungs.

“Will you ever learn?” Franklin cackled as he went back and forth between Tristan and Leo, dousing them both in water. “Idiots!”

He stopped the water and hurried over to the two kneeling, moaning boys.

With a mean grin, Franklin grabbed Leo. One hand grabbed his collar, the other hand grabbed the waistband of his pants. With seemingly superhuman strength, Franklin lifted him off the ground, giving poor Leo a painful wedgie in the process. His underwear and the hard plastic cup that was still inside it pressed his nuts against his body, crushing them and making him moan in pain.

“Serves you right!” Franklin barked as he threw Leo onto the street where he curled up in a ball, clutching his crotch.

Franklin turned around to take on Tristan. He picked up the plastic cup and chuckled. “You thought that would save you, huh?”

Tristan looked up at him, his face contorted in pain.

A moment later, in an ironic twist, the cup smacked him in the nuts.

“Good aim, huh?” Franklin smirked as he watched Tristan double over. He stretched his arms. “I used to play baseball, back in the day. I was quite good at it, too.” His eyes narrowed. “But you know what I used to excel in?” He didn’t wait for Tristan’s answer. “Football.” With that. Franklin kicked Tristan’s nuts with all the force he could muster. His foot connected with Tristan’s balls, ramming them into his body and eliciting a high-pitched squeal.

Behind Franklin, Leo got up.

Franklin saw it in the corner of his eyes, and he turned around just as Leo lunged at him, roaring like a lion.

They fell to the ground, wrestling, each of them trying to gain the upper hand. Franklin went straight for Leo’s weak spot, punching him in the nuts and making him groan in pain.

“Oh, you fucking rascal”, Franklin bellowed, getting up and grabbing the waistband of Leo’s pants, yanking them up and giving him another painful wedgie. “You just can’t get enou---“

The old man was rudely interrupted by a very hard kick from behind that landed perfectly between his thighs, ramming his old, saggy balls into his body.

Franklin’s eyes bulged. His jaw dropped. His face turned pale as he dropped Leo to the ground.

“My weiner”, Franklin gasped in a comically strained voice. “My weiner!”

The old man’s knees were wobbly and he sank to his knees, his face a mask of pain.

“Your weiner?!” Tristan laughed, towering over the fallen man. “I got you right in the fucking dick!”

Franklin let out a groan that turned into an angry roar as he balled his fist and punched Tristan in the crotch.

“There you go”, he grunted. “Right in the fucking dick! That’s what you get for hitting me in the hounds!”

Tristan screamed in pain and sank to the ground, but before Franklin could strike him again, he was attacked by Leo.

With the two skaters joining forces, Franklin had no chance.

“Come on, hit him in the ‘hounds’”, Leo taunted, sitting on Franklin’s face as he spread his legs, allowing Tristan to stomp down on Franklin’s nuts, crushing his balls and making him scream against Leo’s butt.

“That’s what you get for touching our butts”, Tristan yelled as he brought his foot down, crushing Franklin’s middle-aged balls under his sole. “Old pervert!”

Leo laughed. “Yeah, fucking pervert!” He hit Franklin in the nuts with his fist before getting up to skip positions with his buddy.

Franklin was defiant. “Maybe if you pulled up your pants your butts wouldn’t be such an obvious target”, he managed to growl before Tristan sat on his face and spread his legs apart.

“Remember, he likes football”, Tristan grinned. “Try to score a field goal.”

Leo let out a laugh. Then he kicked Franklin’s nuts as hard as he could.

Franklin screamed into Tristan’s ass, his voice muffled and drowned out by the two skaters’ laughter.

“Kick him in the ‘weiner’!” Tristan yelled, laughing, mocking Franklin’s choice of words.

“That old weiner should be canned!” Leo quipped before kicking Franklin’s nuts.

The old man was writhing and squirming under Tristan’s weight, grunting and groaning, yelling and screaming in pain and humiliation as the two young men crushed his nuts and stomped his cock.

After a dozen hard stomps and kicks, Leo’s eyes fell on the water hose, and his eyes lit up.

Tristan got up, and Franklin thought his torment was over – but a moment later he was doused in water, sprayed by his own hose in his own front yard.

“That’ll teach you”, Leo laughed, aiming the water hose at Franklin’s crotch and making him scream in agony.

Within seconds, Franklin was dripping wet from head to toe.

In a particularly humiliating turn of events, Franklin’s old man pants, soaked in water, slid down, exposing his ridiculous tighty whities.

He looked utterly ridiculous, pantsed in his own front yard, soaked in water, with two young men pointing at him and laughing.

“Damn, old man”, Leo laughed as he stopped the water. “That was awesome. You’re so fucking funny!”

Franklin opened his mouth to say something but Tristan just kicked him in the nuts, making his eyes bulge as he collapsed on his lawn, humiliated and defeated by two young men who could have been his grandkids.

The two skaters laughed.

“I bet your ‘hounds’ are hurting now, huh, old man?” Leo chuckled. “You know, my dad always told me to spend more time with old people. I think I will. See you tomorrow, old perv!”

Franklin looked up to see Leo and Tristan pull their pants down and moon him before riding off on their skateboards.

“See you tomorrow, old man!” they laughed. “We’ll be back every day from now on!”


Anonymous said...

I think it's so hot to bust an older man's nuts! I'd love to see them make his wrinkly dick cum!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

Pogi said...

I hope the two unlucky football players get their nuts pounded.

Anonymous said...

Always a hot story with the skaters! They dish it out as good as they take it.
They should stick to the buddy system though, the old guy seems like he can hold his own lol.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Alex,

This was such a fun story. The skaters versus the old man(?) was great. You love what you do and it really shows in your writing. The hose was wonderful! Plus when the boys tried to use protective cups, but they failed because they did not know how to use them was great. So much fun!



Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys! I appreciate your feedback! :-))