Monday, February 8, 2021

Little Boxes (part 1): Bill's story - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the first of a new three-part-story arc of Jimmy's amazing Gino and Jayden series. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Jayden knocks on Bill’s door, his knuckles thumping against the wood while his heart hammers in his chest. Eagerly, Jayden looks forward to checking in with his ex-boyfriend. Although he does not however wish to run into either Sam Hell, aka Devil Boy or Jake both of whom are now living with Bill as his foster brothers. The arrangement is new and Jayden is concerned that he is being mistreated. Still his friends on his past swim team have confirmed that they have not seen a mark on him in swim team practice and those speedos leave very little to the imagination. So that brings some relief to Jayden thinking about his ex-boyfriend.

The door opens and Bill greets him. Jayden’s heart skips a beat, as he takes in his old boyfriend as the two smile at each other.

“Hi,” Jayden tries, his smile small and tentative.

“Hey,” says Bill back.

“I’ve been trying to get in touch with you.”

“I know,” says Bill.

“Are you…okay?” Jayden inquiries his brown eyes searching Bill’s pale blue ones, while he shuffles his feet. Today Jayden wears a red tank top Bartlet Wresting imprinted in white lettering on the back with red gym shorts and white sneakers.

“Come in,” Bill says negating around the question.

Unsure, Jayden hesitates and Bill notices.

“They aren’t home. Sam and Jake are doing their community service hours and then working at the gas station down the road. They won’t be home for hours.”

“Oh,” says Jayden thinking quickly, and follows Bill inside. Once Jayden is out of the bright sunlight he takes in his ex-boyfriend. Bill’s messy brown hair frames his face, slightly longer than usual and he wears a white t-shirt and black gym shorts. Bill leads Jayden into the kitchen and starts to make a plate of Jayden’s favorite snacks and pours each of them a glass of lemonade.

“Thank you,” Jayden says gratefully taking a big gulp.

Bill watches him drink, before giving his head a small shake as if clearing the cobwebs from inside his head. “You’re welcome, I remember your favorites.”

“Yeah, you do.”

Bill bites his lip making the skin go a shade lighter as he runs his hands through his hair treating Jayden with his tank top riding up showing him Bill’s taut abs and mostly hairless armpits. A few sparse hairs have started to come in Jayden notices, light brown and Jayden almost reaches to touch them but stops himself at the last moment.

The two eat and drink awkwardly for a few minutes, neither boy knowing how to make a conversation with the other anymore. Finally after another painful few minutes Jayden gets to courage to ask. “How are things with Sam and Jake?”

“Fine,” Bill says offhandedly.

“Really?” Jayden asks one eyebrow going up.



“Jayden just tell me what you are really hear for,” Bill presses.

Taken aback Jayden takes a quick sip of his lemonade feeling the cool tart liquid running down his throat. “I was worried about you. Jake told Gino that he was torturing you.”

Bill slowly smiles, “He was just posturing. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

“So they aren’t…”

“No,” Bill says flatly. “Want to check me yourself?” Bill asks pulling his shirt up and down showing Jayden his smaller, but growing muscular frame. “Besides, if they were I could take it care of it. I don’t need you to save me Jayden. You aren’t my boyfriend anymore.”

Jayden feels the sting in his words and knows that he needs to step carefully here, that this is a defining moment of how the two of them move forward.

“I guess…old habits die hard,” Jayden tries to smile, but it’s false and hollow. “I still care a lot about you, that’s why I’m here.” Jayden reaches for Bill’s hand but Bill pulls it back reflexively.

“Don’t Jayden,” Bill shakes his head.

“Do you need more time?”

Bill huffs, giving his pale blue eyes a roll. “Jayden, we broke up. I’m managing just fine. I don’t want you to come ‘check in’ on me. You don’t get to do that anymore.”

“But we are still friends!” Jayden says.

“Are we? Were we ever?”

“Yes,” Jayden says a little too desperately.

“I’m not so sure. I was in love with you for so long, seeing you as this unobtainable guy. That didn’t leave a lot of room in my head to see you as a friend. I’m not mad at you Jayden, I just…” Bill turns his head a flicker of color catching his eye as a red cardinal lands in the bird bath outside his kitchen window and begins bathing splashing in the cool water. “I’m not ready to be your friend,” he finishes looking deflated.

“I’m sorry Bill, I shouldn’t have…”

“No, don’t apologize. You have always had the biggest heart Jayden. Anyone that knows you can see that. I’m glad that you came over, this put a lot in perspective for me.”

“It did?” Jayden says still wounded.

“Yeah. I’m no longer in love with you. You being here showed me that.”

Unsure how to respond Jayden says nothing, his brown eyes sting slightly and he feels his eyes filling. Jayden turns away this time and rubs his face, he feels hot all over and he’s unsure what to say or do.

Bill grabs his shoulder, “Its okay Jayden. I still love you, I’m just not in love anymore. The difference might be small but it makes all the difference.”

Jayden shakes his head. He can’t seem to trust himself to talk.

He hears Bill’s chair pull out from the kitchen table as he moves around to Jayden’s side of the table and tentatively he wraps his arms around him. Jayden sucks in a breath and turns back to hug him and he does so fiercely. His breath wheezes and the raw emotion floods out of him as he clings to Bill.

“I’m sorry,” Jayden pleads.

“I know.”

“I want us to be friends.”

“Not now, Jayden. I can’t.”

Jayden cries now and he sniffles loudly burying his head in Bill’s neck. Bill lets him hug him for a long time but he does pull away first. Jayden lets him, his eyes still wet.

“I should…I should go.”

“Okay,” says Bill. Bill might not be crying but he seems smaller than when Jayden first came in.

Jayden jumps down from his bar stool, and begins to walk towards the front door his feet feel heavy, his heart slows and he closes his eyes freezing for a second. Bill comes to a stop behind him placing a hand gently on his back, which makes Jayden shudder.

When they get to the front door Jayden pauses arm clutching the latch. “If something happens with Sam and Jake, please tell someone, even if it’s not me. Okay?”

“Don’t worry about me Jayden. I’ll be fine.”

Jayden nods, still not looking at Bill. Jayden opens the door the bright sunlight of the day seems wrong as it hits him in the face.

“I still love you,” Jayden can’t help himself as the words tumble out, both true and terrible. “I always will Bill.”

Bill’s breathe catches and he looks momentarily struck still.

“Bye Bill,” Jayden turns heading down the path.

When he gets closer to the sidewalk Bill’s Dad pulls up with both Sam Hell and Jake in the backseat.

“Well look who came by!” Bill’s Dad warmly greeting Jayden coming out of the minivan. Bill’s Dad is short like his son, small in build with the same pale blue eyes and mousy brown hair that he wears in a crew cut. “Looks like you are heading home, that’s too bad. I was going to make breakfast for dinner. You sure that I can’t convince you to stay?” he asks warmly putting one hand affectionately around Jayden’s shoulders.

Bill rushes up, “He was just leaving.”

“That was before I told him that I was going to make chocolate chip pancakes!”

The van door slides open and Jayden freezes. Sam Hell’s red eyes are locked on him and he slightly bares his teeth glaring at him. Jake leans on his shoulder his mean beady little eyes also stare at Jayden. The combined force make Jayden start to shake.

“You okay son?” Bill’s Dad asks warmly. “You are shaking.”

“He’s cold,” suggests Bill. “Besides, he has to go home. Right Jayden?” Bill presses.

“Maybe he’s hungry,” Sam Hell says sliding out of the van, the bright sunlight seems wrong on his pale skin and it makes his red eyes draw further away as if he is pained.

Sam Hell is also on the shorter side but he easily stands a head above Bill’s dad and his stocky well-built frame makes him seem even larger. When Jake stands next to him Bill’s Dad size is almost laughable. Jake is so large and tall that he casts a full shadow over everyone.

“You should stay for dinner,” Jake adds agreeing with Sam.

“No, I… wait why are you two here?” he looks back at Bill and then at the foster brother’s. “Bill said that you two had community service today and were working after.”

“We got out on good behavior,” Jake grins.

“And we had a few hours before our shift. Mr. Brady saw us walking home and picked us up.”

“Yes, I did. I’m proud of you two for fulfilling your requirements. This is a new opportunity for both of you now that this is behind you,” Mr. Brady shakes both Sam and then Jake’s hands. “I know that both of you are good boys, and now that you are living here with us this will be a brand new start.” Mr. Brady is all smiles, and Jayden can feel some real warmth there. “You should come inside Jayden, the boys can share their future plans while we eat.”

“Remember Dad, Jayden has to go.”

“Yeah, I should be going…”

“Now hold on a second,” Mr. Brady looks at Jayden, Bill, and then Sam and Jake. “I’m missing something here. What’s going on?” He narrows his intelligent pale blue eyes so much like his son as he applies his Dad stare at each one in turn. “Someone spill, or else I will have to get creative.” He rolls up his sleeves.

“Dad,” Bill warns him.

“Son, don’t you take that tone with me. You’ve been trying to push Jayden to go home since I pulled up. He has not been here in weeks, what’s going on?”

Bill let’s out a breath and closes his eyes. “Dad…we…we broke up.” Bill admits rather reluctantly.

“Oh.” Mr. Brady was clearly not expecting that. “I’m sorry to hear that son,” Mr. Brady puts a hand on both his son and Bill’s shoulder’s. “I want to say something, a little Dad story if you will let me.” Bill’s Dad does not wait for anyone to confirm that they wish to hear this or not so he plows right on. “When your mother and I were originally dating in High School we also broke up once. It was painful, and it lasted almost a full year. Worst year of my life. When we got back together we knew that it would be forever. Long story short kids, this might be over for now…but if it is meant to be you two will find each other again.”

Jayden is speechless and his eyes drift from Mr. Brady’s warm gaze over to Bill’s. Bill and Jayden only look at each other for a brief moment but there is still a hope there and it gives everything that Jayden needs to know, that his friend is not gone: he’s still there.

“I miss your mother every day,” Mr. Brady says lovingly. “But she is still here with me, he looks down at his son as he addresses him. “She lives in you,” he kisses his son on top of his head. “And she always will be.”

Bill’s eyes that held so stoically throughout their whole exchange melt as his Dad stares at him. “I miss her too, Dad.” Bill says his eyes getting wet.

“It’s not fair that she died so young, she wanted to give you brothers. I’m glad that I could finally bring her big dream a reality,” he looks at Sam and Jake warmly. “I’m glad that you both joined our family.”

Sam Hell and Jake usually so menacing both smile shyly in a mixture of embarrassment and…maybe happiness. It is weird for Jayden to see either of them like this.

“I’m done being sappy, Jayden I understand being busy. I hope to see you soon,” Mr. Brady gives him a warm hug. Behind him Jake comes up to Bill and to Jayden’s utter surprise wraps him up in a hug. Bill seems to fold into him, and it stuns Jayden when Bill closes his eyes against him.

“Don’t be a stranger.”

“Okay Mr. Brady.”

“Good lad,” he says giving him one last squeeze. “Can I give you a ride home?”

“Sure,” says Jayden absentmindedly watching Sam ruffle Bill’s hair affectionately, walking past the two hugging boys.

“I’ll start on the breakfast,” Sam Hell says.

“Perfect!” Bill’s Dad says jubilantly.

Jayden opens the passenger door getting into Mr. Brady’s minivan as he sees Jake one arm around Bill’s slender shoulders leading him back to the house. Still confused, Jayden watches them in the rearview mirror wondering what could be happening in Bill’s house, but this time it’s not in fear it’s with object curiosity. Jayden can’t help but wonder, is Jake and Sam really trying to be Bill’s brothers?

“You seem far away,” Mr. Brady says pulling the minivan back into traffic taking Jayden home.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Jayden turns back to Mr. Brady smiling. “Thank you. Thank you for taking them in, they seem to be doing well with you.”

“All kids need is love Jayden. Once they have that, a safe place to live, good food, and knowing that they are not alone, that’s all that anyone needs. Bill might only get one more year in school with them, but they will be his brother’s for life. Can you keep a secret?” he asks.

“Yeah, sure.” Jayden says automatically.

“I’m adopting both of them, the paperwork will be finished soon. Maybe in a month it will be official.”

Jayden’s jaw drops open in surprise. “That’s…wow.”

“You know, I bet Bill would have been a mess when you two broke up…but having Sam and Jake around, well it certainly changes things a lot. I think that all of us needed this. Most people would think that it’s the kids that needed it. They would be wrong. Bill and I have been in that big house alone long enough.”

Mr. Brady pulls into Jayden’s driveway and he gives Jayden another hug, “Take care of yourself. Good luck in Friday’s game.”

“Thank you,” says Jayden hopping out of the van and giving him a wave goodbye.

Stepping into his garage entrance he sees Gino hard at work at the bench press, and he comes up to stand behind him legs spread wide spotting him.

“Hey little bro,” Gino grunts moving the bar up and down.

“Hi,” Jayden says softly. “Good form.”

“Always Jayden,” Gino grunts putting the bar back in place. And coming up wiping the sweat off of his brow before dropping the towel on his shoulders. “How was seeing Bill.”

“Hard,” admits Jayden. “But he’s okay, Jake and Sam are actually being nice to him.”

Gino raises both of his eye brows up, “Hard to see either of them being nice.”

“Agreed, but weirdly enough they are,” Jayden says sitting next to Gino on the bench, “It seems to be working for them.”

“I’m glad, I guess” Gino grabs his brother’s knee giving it a squeeze. “Want to work out with me for a while?” he asks.

“Yes,” says Jayden pulling off his tank top.

“Good, let’s get to work.”



Bill heads into the house with Jake, his huge weighty muscly arm across his thin shoulders. Sam is already in the kitchen, it’s his turn to help with the cooking so Bill pulls on Jake’s arm.

“Let’s go upstairs.”

Jake looks nervously at the kitchen door. “Okay, but we have to be quiet.”

“Aren’t we always,” says Bill his pale blue eyes mischievous and alluring.

Jake grabs him around the middle lifting him up and tossing him over one should taking Bill’s breathe away. Taking the stairs two at a time Jake enters Bills room kicking the door behind him until it shuts firmly behind him the weight of his younger fostering brother seems to not slow him down in the slightest.

Jake tosses a giggling Bill onto his bed, grabbing his own shirt and pulling it off as Bill does the same, his perk little nipples are fully erect and Jake leans down to lick one causing Bill to laugh as the hot tongue laps at the hard nub.

Bill reaches down underneath Jake’s shorts and grabs Jake by his bare balls, giving them a warning squeeze.

“Ready?” Bill asks.

Jake pulls Bill’s underwear and shorts down in one fell swoop grabbing his bare nuts in one hand, only using three fingers as his hands are so large. “Yes,” he says his voice thick.

“Squeeze! First one that surrenders gets to have their dick sucked!” Bill grins with mischief in his pale blue eyes, pain registering as Jake digs into his scrotum.

“Deal,” Jake grunts. Bill has an ironclad rip on his marbles, which are barely bigger than Bill’s.

Bill and Jake breathes get heavier, sweat appears on Jake’s brow while Bill feels himself shivering. Wrapping his free hand around Jake’s neck he pulls him down to meet his fearsome blue eyed gaze, his rain water eyes penetrating into the darkness of Jake’s. Bill lightly kisses Jake’s lips as he moans against the monster as his weight pushes him deep into the mattress, while Jake crushes his walnuts in his scrotum.

“Ugh,” Bill moans, shuddering his penis already rigid digs into Jake’s belly hard as a nail jabbing deeply into Jake’s abdomen.

“My nuts,” Bill whimpers.

Jake’s own sac is not fairing much better than Bill’s. Bill’s lithe little fingers squeeze his nutsac, his death drip hard and unyielding as he adds a twist. Jake’s jaw drops open and he moans low and deep, his guttural groan against Bill’s neck makes the younger boy even more aroused as he thrusts harder in and out against his belly. Jake’s long and thin erection slumps against Bill’s thigh tingles as Bill warps his testicles bunching them into a slight mound than palpitating the nuts for all he’s worth.

Jake’s bites Bill’s neck, making the younger boy moan this one laced with quiet desire while Jake’s makes a slurping noises against his pale skin.

Bill feels himself getting close, his erection throbbing but his marbles throb so bad that he stops thrusting feeling the agonizing pulses as they shoot up into his tight abdomen and he feels the surrender coming.

“Jake,” Bill moans, his balls bursting with shards of misery in his walnut shaped sac.

“You surrender to me?” Jake questions coming off of Bill’s neck and lowering to lick the right nipple tongue bathing the tip.

“I’m…” Bill warns ready to explode. “I can’t….oh…oh…I…ah…ah!” Bill pulses one more and his body arches as Jake pulls Bill’s hand off of his nutsac so he has the movement to take Bill into his warm mouth.

Bill’s eyes close and he thrusts once his whole body shuddering with both hands gripped onto Jake’s head guiding him up and down, while Jake slurps his boy cock, his face plastered against his pelvis sucking so hard that Bill can hardly breathe. Bill opens his mouth to give a warning but he loses control first his cock pulsing down Jake’s throat shuddering violently his whole body in the grips of euphoric bliss.

Jake crushes Bill’s nuts hard as Bill cums but starts to let up just a bit so that Bill’s cum can flow through his walnut sac. Jake feels Bill’s penis throb and pulse in his mouth the tiny mushroom head expanding in his mouth while he suckles at the tip making Bill thrash in his bed while his cum is taken forcibly down Jake’s throat.

Finally spent Bill falls back to the mattress, his whole body singing with energy, his nuts hurt so bad that he feels like staying in bed and skipping dinner. “My nuts…Jake…”

Jake pulling off of Bill’s rigid sensitive tip gives it one more suck no longer tasting the salty discharges that Bill has been firing. Jake is still amazed how much cum that the younger boy produces.

Jake smirks giving Bill’s pebbles one more twist making Bill whimper before he let’s go. “Guess I won,” Jake says coming to standing, his erection throbbing before Bill as the youngster reaches to cradle his nuts.

Before Bill gets there his door bursts open, Jake spins in surprise twisting his body to face the door and accidently sending a knee straight into Bill’s recently emptied nutsac. Bill’s nuts flatten against his bed post and Jake’s powerful unexpected thrust into his walnuts causes him to see stars. Bill’s eyes cross and he falls back against his mattress moaning, “My fucking nuuuuuts. Ohhhh my balls!”

Sam Hell is seething in the doorway as Jake holds his arms up in supple surrender. “Sam it’s not what you think.”

Sam Hell strides forward anger rolling off of him in waves. Sam Hell without thinking kicks Jake as hard as he can in his naked nuts, his instep colliding with Jake’s small package crushing them flat and dropping him to the ground on his knees.

Jake grunts with a low sad moan as he clutches his balls. On the bed Bill does the same, not yet able to sit up.

“It looks like to me Jake that you are fucking this up for the both of us,” growls Sam, his red laser eyes flaring. Taking Jake’s jaw in one hand he forces Jake to look up at him. “I don’t know what game you are playing with Bill but it’s over now.”

“Sam,” both Bill and Jake say at the same time.

“I’m home!” Bill’s father yells up the stairs. “Sam, how’s breakfast coming?” Bill’s Dad calls out.

Growling he drops Jake’s chin, “Get dressed, and hurry.”

He gives Jake one last despising glare before he closes Bill’s door.

“It’s finished Mr. Brady, I was just telling Bill and Jake that dinner was done. They are washing up for dinner now,” Sam Hell explains as he rushes down the stairs to greet him by the open doorway.

“Great Sam,” Mr. Brady says walking with him their footsteps retreating further into the house.

Bill and Jake no longer hear the pair speaking but Jake tries to dress quickly, his nuts still throbbing, but he manages to ignore it for now.

Bill is a whole other matter. Bill is rolled into a ball, his nuts pulsing sending shooting pain throughout his abdomen. He trembles in his bed trying to muster the strength to get up. “My nuts,” he moans again whimpering.

“I’ll help,” says Jake unfolding Bill’s clothes and slowly tries to dress him.

“Not my underwear,” Bill says. “My boy’s need the extra room to rest.”

With help Bill is dressed, but still rolled back into a ball. “Head downstairs…I’ll be there soon.”

“Okay,” Jake says reluctantly leaving the room.

Bill breathes deep, trying to muster through the pain. After five minutes he is able to get up and hobble to his bedroom door. Pausing at the door he rearranges his nuts and points his still half-cocked penis upwards so it does not stick straight out in his basketball shorts noticeably.

When Bill gets to the table he sees that Mr. Brady is complementing Sam Hell’s bacon.

“So crispy. I like the firmness in the meat, it’s got a great crunch!” he closes his eyes as he takes another bite.

“Jake likes that crunch too, right?” Sam asks.

When Bill turns to Jake he sees Jake give his head a little shake as Sam’s foot in between his thighs underneath the table jams in between striking Jake fully.

“Crunch is the best part,” Sam grins turning back his focus onto Mr. Brady.

Bill watches Jake grab his stomach, his eyes crossing. Jake nods his head grunting, “Uhuh.” Sam manages to say in a gasp. “Best…part.” Sam’s foot is still underneath the table and Jake does not appear to be doing anything to stop him from busting his balls as he runs his socked foot in and out between his thighs, which much be hellish to take Bill thinks.

Narrowing his pale blue eyes, Bill’s own anger grows. And he takes careful aim and kicks hard to his right his naked toes plunging into Sam Hell’s sac.

Sam Hell jumps at the contact as Bill roams over Sam’s devil coins grabbing one with his toes and giving it a squeeze.

“I’ll try that bacon myself,” Bill says taking the plate and biting into one and mouthing the salty crisp texture. “It’s perfect,” he adds taking another bit as his toes pinch Sam’s nut.

Unaware of the warfare being engaged under the kitchen table, Mr. Brady loads up Bill’s plate with pancakes and passes him the maple syrup and butter.

“Your turn tomorrow night Bill. What are you going to make us?” his Dad asks with interest, pulling out the morning paper that he always finishes in the evening.

Bill clears his throat staring at Sam whose red eyes don’t seem to scare or intimidate the youngest member at the table. “Tomorrow night I think I’ll make halibut, but I’ll add in a walnut crust. I think crushed pulverized walnuts will make a good bite.”

“Sounds great,” says Mr. Brady turning a page.

“You sure that you have enough…walnuts?” Sam asks reaching underneath the table and grabbing onto Bill’s small protuberance in Bill’s shorts Sam easily reaches him with his long arm sneaking between the table legs spindles. “I’m worried that you might run out of walnuts,” Sam adds giving Bill a warning squeeze.

Bill’s recently emptied nuts are curled at the base of his flaccid penis and Sam Hell finds them easily scooping them up in one hand lazily.

“Know what I mean?” Sam says starting to dig into Bill’s nutsac.

“Naw…I checked,” Bill gulps. “We have enough walnuts.”

“You, sure about that?” Sam smiles squeezing Bill’s nuts his fist closing easily around Bill’s tiny marbles. “I think I cracked open and ate a few for lunch earlier.”

Bill didn’t or maybe couldn’t answer. Bill was doing his best to withstand Sam’s onslaught to his nuts, while he crushes only one of Sam’s devil coins in return. Bill could tell that while Sam’s nuts were not the most impressive nuts he has ever held but his devil coins was far bigger than his own. Bill imagines that they are in fact several sizes bigger than his own, maybe almost the size of a small egg.

Losing ground Bill abandons his toe squeezing and just starts thumping his foot in and out of Sam Hell’s thighs crunching his coins against his pelvis. Sam’s face shows no signs of any of the hits hurting him. As, per his usual Sam Hell’s balls still seem resistant to pain.

Bill and Jake’s are not. If anything the pair have the opposite reaction, their nuggets seem be deflating underneath Sam’s attacks. Jake is slack jawed no longer eating anything as he clutches the table hard, his fingers turning white with effort while his eyes stare ahead unfocused while Sam pounds away between his tree trunk thighs. Jake has lost his erection a long time ago and his balls seem to be less dexterous in his small ballsac while Sam plays ping pong with them.

Next to Jake, Bill’s nuts are not doing any better. Bill’s nuts seem to be lost in Sam Hell’s fist and the youngster can’t seem to disguise between which ball hurts more or if he has two or one ball as Sam crushes the two against each other that they seem to effectively be only one big piercing mass of pain. Bill’s pale blue eyes seem to lose focus as well underneath Sam Hell’s red eyed stare and Bill can’t take much more.

“Everyone must be enjoying your cooking Sam, they are so quiet!” Comments Mr. Brady turning another page still lost in his news story.

“Oh yes, I agree,” Sam smiles. “They have had their full.”

“Let’s let the boys take care of the dishes, you earned a break!” Mr. Brady stands up stretching, before tucking his folded paper under one arm. “I’m going to pick out the movie for movie night,” he says rubbing Bill’s hair on the way by. “Get ready for explosions, it’s going to be action!”

Sam twists his foot deep in Jake’s thighs and Jake drops his head to the table finally able to groan when the kitchen door closes.

Sam pulls his foot back and gives Bill all his attention, standing up and easily flicking the younger boy’s foot away.

Bill gulps as Sam pulls him to standing by his nutsac. Leering, Sam whispers in his ear, pulling him closer towards his towering frame. “Bill…you and Jake are over. Get it?” he asks.

“No…” Bill moans in protest.

Sam sighs, almost looking regretful as he grips Bill’s shirt in the other hand lifting him in the air, his fist still crushing his walnuts lost in his devastating nut claw. “You sure your…balls can take anymore?” he questions pushing Bill flat against the wall.

“My nuts,” Bill complains his feet kicking in the air trying to get back to the ground, his arms swing grasping Sam’s wrist around his nuts that he flexes squeezing harder. “You’re going to break them!” he groans in a quiet whimper, still trying to keep his voice down so that he father does not hear them.

“You would be amazed how resilient a boys testicles are. You should ask Jayden what I did to his, for instance. But we both know that you don’t have long until you give up…right?”

Somehow Sam Hell’s nut claw gets worse. The tendons in Sam’s wrist bulge, standing out more visible to the naked eye, while the applied nut claw tightens another inch making Bill gasp. Bill’s pale blue eyes crisscross pleading for mercy as the intensity increases in his nutsac and Bill feels that his nuts might turn into mush.

With one last effort Bill kicks with the last of his strength, his toes burying deep into Sam Hell’s devil coin pouch nailing Sam’s nuts perfectly against his pelvic wall. Sam’s red eyes widen in surprise mixed with pain, but he does not drop Bill or release his devastating nut claw the contents of Bill’s anatomy lost in his fist.

“You will have to do…” Sam starts to say but his words are cut short as Jake uppercuts Sam his hard muscled bicep crashing into his ball bag. Sam’s eyes twitch and he slowly lowers Bill back to the kitchen floor. His red eyes turning to face Jake, while Jake yanks his bicep back slamming the back of his knuckles against both of his nads.

“…do better,” Sam finishes grunting. Sam releases Bill, who falls to his knees his eyes staring cross-eyed at his nose moaning. Bill’s moans match his foster brother’s grunt as Sam Hell folds at the waist holding his stinging nuts.

Jake spins Sam around and grabs his throat bringing him up forcibly to standing. “Bill is my partner Sam, and you are not separating us. Got it?” Jake growls.

“You’re going to get us kicked out,” Sam coughs grabbing his throat.

“No…” Bill moans. “No one is going anywhere, ugh my god damn nuts.” He closes his eyes moaning.

“Hurry up guys!” Mr. Brady calls from the living room. “The movie is about to start!”

Sam Hell finds his feet touching the ground, Jake still glaring at him bends down to Bill putting one hand affectionately between his shoulder blades rubbing gently in semi-circles.

“You will fuck this up for us,” Sam points at the two of them.

“No,” Bill groans. “Not going to happen,” Bill says closing his eyes moaning.

Sam Hell shakes his head and starts for the living room. “The other two will be in shortly.”

“You okay?” Jake asks concern in his voice his finger running across Bill’s spine.

Bill grunts, “My nads are tough.” He grins up at Jake pulling him down to kiss him. “Don’t worry about my little guys.” Bill takes Jakes free hand placing it on top of his small package, “See, they are getting bigger already.”

Jake chuckles, “I don’t think gets bloated and bruised count.”

“I’ll take the growth anyway that I can get it. Now let’s finish the kitchen and go watch the movie,” Bill says trying to get up onto his wobbly legs, stumbles and drops back down onto his knees, his hands cupping his nutsac.

“Maybe you can finish the dishes,” Bill moans holding his throbbing testicles. “They are still achy,” he complains rolling his small balls around in their sac trying ease the soreness from within.

“Sure thing,” says Jake clearing the table and washing the dishes alone.

After a few minutes Jake finishes, and helps Bill up to standing. The two head into the living room and end up on the same couch before the previews end. Bill pulls a blanket around himself taking one of Jake’s hands with it so it rests on top of his cock. Jake gives it a little squeeze, and Bill sighs leaning against him.

Across the room Sam Hell’s red eyes blaze in the darkness, staring at them and not the television. Bill ignores him as he takes Jake’s other hand placing it on his chest, settling in against him to watch the movie.

Halfway through the movie Mr. Brady begins to snore and all three look at him and laugh.

Bill glances upwards, his head askew as he lifts his face up and pecks Jake on the chin. Jake smirks and tickles Bill in his arm pits making him giggle and laugh.

In complete frustration, Sam Hell storms out of the room. Bill and Jake watch him go but return to some more heavy petting and Bill rubs his butt against Jake’s growing hardness as Jake’s thumb swirls around his own cocklet which quickly becoming hard and rigid again.

Bill’s heart starts pumping faster and he puts his knuckles in his mouth to keep from screaming as his cock throbs once and Bill has to pull Jake’s hand away afraid he might spew all over the blanket.

“I can’t…I’ll come,” Bill whispers, his breathing ragged and his heart crashing.

“Okay, I’ll fix it.”

Jake lifts up one massive fist and to Bill’s horror drops it between his wide spread thighs slamming a homerun bashing his balls against his pelvis so hard that Bill jumps against him and spews out all of his cum in one large burst regardless of Jake’s intentions. Bill in the throes of his second orgasm gasps and almost screams but Jake covers his mouth with his hand as Bill’s whole body vibrates. Bill squeezes his eyes shut Jake picking up his wet cock giving it a few meaningful tugs until he spews out the last droplets.

Bill slowly calms down, laying heavy against Jake his shorts a mess and sticky.

The movie ends and Mr. Brady perks up. “I think I missed it!” he snaps his fingers. “Let’s re-watch it tomorrow.” He turns to face his son who nods, Jake’s hand retreating from his mouth.

“Sure, Dad,” Bill says somehow pulling his voice together.

“Excellent! Night kids!”

Mr. Brady heads up stairs and Bill spins around as soon as the door is shut and punches Jake right in his very full nuggets.


“Sorry,” Jake grunts grabbing his nuts.

“No you’re not,” says Bill. “But you will be after my shower. Come into my room after he falls asleep. It’s finally your turn!”

Jake smiles goofily, “Okay, Bill.”

Bill rushes upstairs and takes a quick shower, scrubbing the wet cum off of himself and washing his hair. His cock is super sensitive and his nuts hang low in his sac red and sore. Bill dries off, tossing his clothes in the hamper and walking out of the bathroom with steam following him. Bill heads into his bedroom, his wet feet leaving little puddles on the floor. Bill almost loses the fluffy white towel wrapped around his thin waist, but manages to catch it at the last moment and tying it more tightly as he enters his bedroom.

Closing the bedroom door firmly behind him Bill gasps in surprise seeing Sam Hell in his black boxer shorts with a matching black tank top glaring at him. Bill loses his grip on his towel and feels the security of it drop from his waist onto the floor where it lands wet towel lands with splat.

Bill reaches for the fallen towel standing stark naked in front of Sam but his older foster brother gets there first, grabbing one end and wrapping the damp towel around one arm.

“Bill, I hate to have to do this to you…” he starts swinging the towel around in a circle in front of him. “But you give me no choice. This is how I get boys to stop doing things I don’t want them to do: I go for the nuts.”

Bill covers his groin with his hands.

“Sam, I don’t know what’s gotten into you.”

“He’s not coming tonight,” growls Sam. “Or again. It’s over.”

“No!” Bill says, almost yelling his protest.

The two stare at each other neither giving an inch, although Bill does feel quite stupid standing there butt naked holding his genitals to protect them from a wet towel flick.

“Enough Sam, you made your point and if you don’t stop being an asshole I’ll tell my Dad,” Bill warns him.

“Tell him that you’re fucking your foster brother? That will go real well.”

Bill closes his mouth and shakes his head.

“We are just…having fun,” Bill says his voice unsteady.

“No. No you are not. He’s falling for you, and you are falling for him. Bill you can’t keep this up,” Sam says and he lowers the towel. “Think where it will lead.”

Bill’s eyes water, “But I like him…a lot.”

“I know and he feels the same way.”

Bill rubs his eyes, brushing back a tear. “I hate you,” he whispers.

“No, you hate yourself. Big difference.”

Bill sniffles and starts to cry, Sam moves toward him and wraps his arms around him surprising Bill with a hug. “I’m fucking everything up,” he gasps in between sobs.

“It’s over now, right?” Sam asks.

Bill nods confirming it, his thin shoulders shaking against Sam.

“I thought I was finally over Jayden.”

“You are, this does not change that,” Sam says grasping Bill’s shoulder. “But Jake is your brother and you can’t fall in love with him.”

“Your right,” Bill sniffles burying his face in Sam’s neck. “Thank you.”

Sam brings Bill to his bed and pulls the sheets and blanket back.

Bill lets him tuck him in, his shoulders still shaking. He glances up at Sam and asks, “Will Jake be okay?”

“Yes,” says Sam. “And so will you.”

Bill holds out his phone to Sam, “Take this. I might text him.”

Sam does and head to the door.

“Sam,” Bill calls thinking quickly.

Sam turns back, brushing his dark hair back from his red eyes which casually flick back to him. “Can you do the towel thing…I’ve never experienced that. I’m kinda curious,” Bill admits sitting up, pulling the blankets back and spreading his legs open wide. Carefully maneuvering the blankets aside so that his bare nuts rest at the edge of the mattress the two small globes resting on the wooden bed frame looking slightly swollen and red.

Sam starts swirling the towel around and around and Bill gulps in anticipation, his heart racing as he puts his hands behind his head, puffing out bare chest submitting to Sam to attack.

Stepping forward a few feet so he can reach Sam takes careful aim at the twin red nuts hanging in Bill’s sac and swirls the towel once more before he does a lazy flick sending the wet material forward until it cracks against Bill’s walnut shape ballsac.

Bill’s eyes bulge, his pale blue eyes fill with pain, and he groans reaching down to grasp his nuts but not before Sam sends a second snap just as hard as the first smacking both again. Not knowing what hit him Bill finally gets to his nuts, falling back on the bed kicking his feet up and down feeling the pulsing, stinging pain deep within his balls.

Creeping forward Sam Hell leers down at Bill watching the painful, pitiful expressions appearing on his youthful face.

“Glad that you got experience it?” Sam Hell asks his shadow falling across Bill’s naked body his lips curling up at both ends.

“Yes...” he groans. “…now I know I never want to again! Shit…my nuts,” Bill groans.

“I’m going to go relieve Jake of his…build up feelings. Really clear him out, goodnight Bill.”

“Wait…you jack him off?” Bill asks curiously still rubbing his bare sore ballsac.

“Typically two to three times a week, once I clear him out he doesn’t get hard for days at a time,” Sam Hell explains his red eyes glowing in the darkening bedroom as Sam flicks the light off leaving them in the dark.

“Can you…” Bill licks his lips. “What I mean is…can you, do that for me?” Bill waits, hesitant his boy cock already hardening again from the towel cracks.

“Sure, but remember this is just for physical relief. Nothing more.”

“Okay,” Bill agrees opening his legs and taking his hands away.

Sam Hell asks, “Lube?”

“Top draw.”

The drawer slides open the wood rubbing against the grooves making the slider silently screech open. Fumbling inside Bill hears three quick pumps for the bottle of lotion and the squish of the liquid pouring in Sam’s hand. His older foster brother grabs Bill’s erection tightly making Bill gasp, his well lubed hand sliding up and down his non impressive length quickly, and efficiently. Sam’s other hand grasps both the base of his cock and hit nuts giving them a quick tentative squeeze before Sam’s hand clasp firmly the orbs in a squishy hold.

If anything, Bill seems to get harder. He has never quite been held like this before as both hands jack him off, his balls seemingly squeezed at the same time. Bill’s groin is awash in powerful sensations, building up fairly quickly to an explosive result. Bill always takes so long to cum, never before has he been brought so close to orgasm mere moments after being touched by his own hand or someone else’s.

Arching his back, Bill thrusts his pelvis up to meet Sam’s hands which glide up and down his cock, while stimulating his base and crushing his nuts. His poor balls which have been a target all evening burn fiercely with renewed agony. Bill’s breathing gets quicker, his heart thundering as he grips his sheets painfully in his fists.

“I’m going to…” Bill starts to say, while his toes curl and he arches his neck staring up and at the ceiling as he explodes under Sam’s magical two handed grip.

Bill moans firing blast after blast onto his abdomen, one of his streams hitting his chin leaving a long rope straight across his chest between his aspiring pectorals.

Keeping up the steady hand job Sam Hell increases the speed and the grip on Bill’s ballsac.

“Sensitive!” Bill moans gripping Sam’s arms, which does little to prevent him from stopping as he keeps up the increasing pace and somehow his erection does not falter but keeps it’s rigidity and Bill can feel the buildup starting to occur again.

“I’ve already cum three times…” Bill moans his eyes rolling as his body starts to tense again.

Bill opens his blue eyes wide, his clear eyes in the throes of another build-up orgasm starting to churn in his walnut scrotum. “Oh god,” he moans laying back Sam using Bill’s own semen mixed with lube on his pulsing dick. Sam tightens his hold again on both Bill’s walnuts and cock rubbing, jacking him faster. His slicks hands so quick whirl up and down on Bill’s pulsing cock and balls. Bill feeling like he can’t breathe holds his breath, his body tingling and twitching. Never before has he had so many orgasms in one day and his whole body seems to be alight with energy.

“I’m….I’m…” Bill tries to get out but his mouth dry prevents him from saying any more, and he finds that he can’t his whole being craves for release. Sweating, his body gyrates meeting Sam’s slick up and down motions, while Sam expertly masturbates him far better than anyone has before. Thrusting once more Bill’s cock tingles, spasms and convulses spraying jism which is mostly clear by now and not as thick up and out onto his stomach in a few tiny bursts. Bill’s body seizes in pleasure, as he moans deep in his throat his blue eyes shut tight.

Sam holds Bill’s body against the mattress clutching him tightly by the balls, pulling them down and away from their curled up positions underneath his cock. Neither nut wants to move, and Bill shudders as Sam forces the orbs downward and he cries out once in painful agony as the last of his semen dribbles from his spent cock which mercifully deflates in Sam’s grasp.

Unable to move Bill lays on his bed while Sam squeezes every drop of cum from his and releases his nut claw.

Opening his pale sky blue eyes, he feels light and empty his body drained completely he makes eye contact with Sam Hell. “Now you watch. You won’t get hard for a week.”

Bill tries to answer, to lift his head but his eyes close and he finds himself drift to sleep immediately.

Chuckling softly, Sam Hell cleans him up and maneuvers his legs underneath the blankets after drying his reddening cock and balls feeling how empty and light Bill’s walnuts are. Sam gives them a little squeeze and watches a painful expression cross over his face, he grins and whispers to the sleeping boy “Goodnight, little brother.”

Sam Hell wipes the sweat from his forehead and kisses his brow, never would he dare to do so while Bill was awake. He gives him one more meaningful glance before he leaves the sleeping boy whose gentle steady breathing follows him to the hallway.

Jake is there waiting for him in the hallway, he tries to look past Sam Hell in on the sleeping boy but Sam Hell denies him entrance.

“It’s for the best Jake,” Sam says.

Jake nods, but he looks disappointed.

“I guess so.”

“Come on, let’s head to bed. I’m tired, and ready to hit the sack.”

“My sac?” asks Jake.

Jake pauses in the hallway next to Sam Hell watching him carefully. “Anytime you need it bro.”

Grinning Jake puts his arm around Sam Hell. “Let’s let the devil play,” he comments opening their bedroom door as the pair head inside together.


Buster said...

Do they live on the hillside? I swear those houses all look just the same... ;) (ps: great story)

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Buster,

Thank you fo the great comment! That means so much coming from a great author such as yourself Buster!

Also, I am so glad that you got the reference (I was a huge fan of the series), part 2 will be out next Monday. Only a week away!



Harry said...

“Get ready for explosions!”
- Mr Brady

Cracking me up on so many levels. This Brady Bunch 2.0 will have some antics, no doubt.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Harry,

I'm glad that you liked Bill's Dad! He was fun to write for.

The Brady Bunch? Yeah, I don't know about that one!

I'm glad that you liked it. This was different as Jayden left the story very early on, so it was very different to write. Happy that so many of you found it enjoyale!



Anonymous said...

Very nice story. I like how Sam and Jake suck up to Bill's dad. I guess they're smart enough to stay out of trouble when they need to.
I really love it whenever Sam gets in the stones and how he tries to maintain his aire of invincibility. I'm sure his weakness will be exposed eventually but for now his subhuman powers make for some fun stories.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Reg,

Thank for writing in, I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed the story. I know that Bill is not your favorite character either, so you saying that you ended up liking it is awesome to hear! I have a feeling that you will enjoy next weeks story more as it features Gino, Jayden and Francisco. We will see!

Sam Hell right now is riding high, but one can only do that for so long!