Friday, February 26, 2021

Wax to the max (Ken meets Logan)

Special thanks to Tommy for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who enjoys creating mean machines!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

Logan let out a deep sigh as he entered the waxing parlor.
Just a few days ago he wouldn’t have dreamed of setting foot in a waxing parlor. Never. Waxing was for girls, and maybe for some guys who were into that sort of thing. Logan didn’t consider himself narrowminded – but he had never considered getting his body hair waxed.
Until his wrestling coach had a talk with him.
Logan was one of the best wrestlers at Bartlet High, and he looked up to his coach.
“New regulations”, coach had told him. “Can’t do anything about it. The hair has to go.”
“All of it?” Logan had asked.
Coach’s reply had been short and stern. “All of it.”

Logan let out another deep sigh that was drowned out by the electronic door chimes that summoned the salon’s owner. Ken was an attractive young man with a handsome face and an obliging smile shaped by years of experience as a service provider. He was a waxing specialist who had learned the tricks of the trade in Japan, his country of origin.
“Welcome to ‘Wax to the Max’”, Ken said in a calm, friendly voice, smiling politely. “What can I do for you, sir?”
Logan explained the situation, and Ken led him to the back of the salon.
“There you go, sir”, he smiled. “Make yourself comfortable, please. I’ll be with you in a moment.”
When Ken returned, Logan had stripped off his clothes. But he wasn’t bare naked. He was wearing his wrestling singlet.
Ken’s polite smile widened. “Don’t you want to…” He made a gentle motion instead of telling Logan bluntly to strip naked.
“Nah, I’m okay”, Logan mumbled. “Just do the parts that are not covered by the singlet, okay?”
“As you wish”, Ken smiled as Logan lay down on the table in front of him.
He went to work, expertly waxing Logan’s thighs and the rest of his body.
Unfortunately, Logan wasn’t exactly an easy patient. Every waxing pull caused him to gasp or shriek or scream in pain. Even worse: It caused him to move in ways that were certainly not ideal for his reproductive prospects…
A sudden jolt of pain and surprise caused his bulging package to bump into Ken’s fist – much to the embarrassment of both. Ken let out a grunt of pain as he rubbed his knuckles. Logan’s grunt was louder and a little shriller as he doubled over in pain, rubbing his aching testicles…
He tried very hard not to bump into Ken’s fist after that, but he managed to rack himself on Ken’s knuckles a few more times, causing Ken to just ignore Logan’s screams of pain and continue with his work.
But Ken’s fist wasn’t the only thing that crushed poor Logan’s nuts.
He managed to kick a coat rack, causing it to come crashing down on his manhood, and somehow he managed to repeat the maneuver, causing his nuts to get crushed by the pointy end of the rack not once but twice.
By the time Ken was finished with the waxing, the final tally was impressive: Logan’s balls had been introduced to an umbrella, a scent bottle, a coffee mug (with scolding hot contents), a pair of unfortunately placed dumb bells, the coat rat (twice), and Ken’s fist (at least a dozen times).
As he left the salon, Logan was hairless and limping, cupping his aching crotch and grimacing in pain.
On his way out, Logan managed to run into a chair, bumping his balls yet again and making Ken almost crack up.
“Thank you”, Logan whimpered as he wobbled out the salon, his voice a notch higher than usual.
The next day, Logan’s wrestling match didn’t go well.
It all came down to focus, in more ways than one.
He was still in so much nut pain that he couldn’t focus on the match.
And his package was so swollen that his opponent focused on it mercilessly, stomping his bulging balls and crushing them whenever he had the chance.
By the end of the match, Logan’s dick and balls had been abused so viciously that they plopped out of his singlet, revealing to the world that he had violated the regulations.
Not only was he disqualified, but the ref also made a show of stomping down on Logan’s hairy dick and balls in a thinly veiled attempt to discourage others from trying the same.
Logan’s hairy nuts were crushed under the ref’s foot as everybody looked on: His team mates cringed in sympathy, the opposing team laughed and cheered, and Logan’s coach looked sad and disappointed.
“You are back, sir”, Ken smiled as he welcomed Logan to the salon the next day.
“The full body wax, please”, Logan sighed as he stripped bare naked.
Ken cleared his throat. “I’m sorry, sir, we are not---”
Logan’s face turned crimson as a group of giggling girls appeared out of nowhere, pointing and laughing as they passed him.
Ken bit his lower lip. “Now we’re alone, sir”, he said politely. “Follow me, please.”
This time, Logan allowed Ken access to his most private parts.
Unfortunately, those private parts were even more sensitive to waxing than the rest of Logan’s body.
Once again, Logan squirmed and writhed, kicking and screaming as Ken did his work.
And once again, his nuts suffered.
It was like his testicles were acting like magnets.
Ken had placed the dumb bells safely out of the way – but he hadn’t anticipated the imminent danger of the Baoding balls gifted to him by a Chinese customer. They came crashing down on Logan’s nuts when he knocked over the book shelf, followed by several books about waxing (six volumes in the premium hardcover edition, naturally).
When Ken was done, Logan was hairless from head to toe.
And his balls looked like they were able to glow in the dark.
They were fiercely red and ridiculously swollen.
The next day, before the first match, the ref made sure to have Logan pull down his wrestling singlet to show the world that he was obeying the rules.
His smooth, swollen genitals received an appreciative nod from the ref – and riotous laughter from the audience.
Logan looked at his team mates – and even they were laughing.
Then Logan looked at the opposing team, and he instantly knew that he was in deep trouble.
His opponent had an evil grin on his face, like a supervillain who had found the weakness of his arch-nemesis.
And Logan soon found out that his weakness, indeed, was his swollen, bloated genitalia.
His opponent made short work of him, bending him into a pretzel as he relentlessly targeted his screaming sack. Punch after punch, kick after kick, stomp after stomp found their way between Logan’s legs.
In an ironic twist, Logan started begging for a disqualification – but with his genitals waxed to perfection and completely smooth, the ref didn’t see a reason to end the fight prematurely.
Much to the crowd’s delight, Logan’s dick and balls were tortured mercilessly, and by the end of the fight, his reproductive organs were fiercely red and in no condition to fulfill their intended purposes for quite a while.
“Look at the bright side”, his coach told him in the locker room.
Logan looked at him, a miserable expression on his face as he was cupping his aching testicles.
“At least you weren’t disqualified again”,  Coach chuckled. With that, he slapped Logan’s nuts with the palm of his hairy hand, making Logan scream from the top of his lungs. “That would have been embarrassing…”


Buster said...

excellent story! poor Logan, beaten until literally the very end ;)

Anonymous said...

I love it whenever Logan's nuts are beaten to mush and he's humiliated. Great story!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Alex,

Poor Logan! He desrved it a bit, I mean who would listen to the idea of "no body hair" for wrestling? He certainly learned his lesson! Poor guy.

Super fun story Alex, featuring one of my favorites!



Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys! Your words mean a lot to me! :-))