Friday, January 19, 2018

The meeting of two players (written by Jason Ball)

This is a wonderful new story written by our reader Jason Ball from Brazil (here's his Facebook profile). I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did! 

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Jason is a young 23-year-old male, is dark-haired but has green eyes, has been playing soccer since he was 9 years old and so has a cheeky body that has always caught people's attention. Today he plays soccer at the university where he is taking a physical education course. In recent years, Jason discovered an exciting taste for ballbusting and CBT among men, always watching the volume inside his friends' football shorts and always wondered what it would be like to destroy a pair of balls after training, Jason spent hours observing the eggs jumped into players' shorts as they ran on the grass. But nothing compared to the volume of Joe's shorts, a footballer who also does physical education a period ahead of Jason's. Joe's body is very muscular, he is white with black hair and has a bad boy face. The ideal guy to fill the eggs with punches, and Jason knew that.

Late one afternoon, when it was time for everyone to get out of the wardrobe to go home, Jason realized that the only ones still in the wardrobe were him and Joe. Then he had a bold idea: He decided to watch Joe from behind the closet, Joe was sweaty and shirtless with only his soccer player shorts and his sneakers. Jason realizes that the volume between Joe's legs is even bigger than he thought, he was wearing no underwear and sweat made the shorts get stuck with his eggs and his dick. Which made Jason extremely excited.

Jason watched every step Joe made: Joe began to work a pounder with a 15kg weight, he lay on the floor and lifted his weight with his arms, then down to his belly, did this several times until he decided to stop ... He put the weight abruptly on top of a bench and soon after something happened that made Jason climb the walls. The 15kg weight barely placed on the bench fell on Joe who was still lying on the floor. The weight struck right in the middle of Joe's big eggs, the knock sounded like a whip breaking a concrete wall, crushing Joe's balls over his own muscular body, making his eyes turn in pain and his expression loosen a grunt coming from inside her stomach, but then her expression changed to a face in deep pleasure.

Jason could not bear to see the whole scene, his cock was already hard and trying to get closer to the scene ended up knocking his clothes on the floor. Joe notices that Jason is there. The two face each other. Joe holding his eggs trying to control the pain and Jason holding his hard dick inside the shorts.

"Man, are you okay?" Jason asked.

"I am, and so are you?" - Joe responds pointing to Jason's raised cock

Jason half awkwardly says:

"I am much better now..."

"I see ... Man, that weight almost made me cum ..." - Said Joe and began to watch Jason's sack too, it's not as big as Joe's, but even so, his protruding balls make a huge volume inside your shorts.

"Me too ..." Jason replied.

"Great guy, so I'm not going to need to drop objects in my bag any more, eh? Do you really enjoy ballbusting or are you one of those guys who can not take a punch in the balls? "- Joe asked

"Man, I like ..." Before Jason could finish the sentence, Joe pulled him to the ground and punched Jason's balls, his eggs jumped with the force of the blow, causing him to lie on the ground and start twisting in pain with his hands gripping the sack.

"There ... there ... There ..." - Joe had not yet finished laughing when Jason took the same 15kg weight lying on the floor and hit Joe's eggs

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh !!!" - yelled Joe, soon after Jason once again hit Joe's sack with the same weight.

Despite the extreme pain Joe expressed, he did not stop Jason from knocking him out again. It was two ... three ... four ... five times. For each beat there was a sound that sounded like a pouch of bursting liquid and stifled screams from Joe.

Jason and Joe's dick were rock hard, oiled by the sperm ooze that lightly smudged the shorts of the two boys ...

"My turn ..." Joe said and took the same 25kg weight and hit Jason's eggs ... He hit two ... three ... four ... five ... six times, Jason's balls were very swollen and red, for each beat his eggs hopped beating between the ground, his body and the weight of 15kg. Joe did not seem to tire, hit seven more ... eight ... nine ... ten ... eleven times in Jason's swollen bag.

"STOP! Please ... I can not take it anymore ... My eggs will burst with sperm, they are very swollen ... "- Jason asked. In a mixture of pain and pleasure, her eyes wept with agony.

Joe would not stop, he was already in the twentieth blow and still thirsty for the pain inflicted on Jason

"Ahhhhhh ...... I can not take it anymore ... it hurts a lot! Ahhhhhhhh ..... To, please to ..... Ahhhhhhhhh !!! "

At last Joe got tired and passed the turn to Jason, who despite being completely destroyed and overcome by the pain that came from his eggs, took the weight of Joe's hand and stood up holding the walls, then lifted the weight above his head and said:

"Open your legs more..."

Joe who already understood what was going to happen opened his legs even more and said:

"FOCK !!!"

Jason tossed the 15kg weight off Joe's left egg, causing him to scream in pain and squirm on the floor, Jason took the same weight back and once again raised and shot Joe, but this time hit the right egg, soon after, took the weight one more time and threw in Joe's sack. Jason no longer knew which of the two eggs he was hitting, just lifted his weight and tossed it from the top right into the middle of Joe's sack.

"Ahhhhhhhhh ..... Fuck! Dude, you're going to end my bag "- Said Joe extremely impressed with what Jason was doing.

Jason threw the weight thirty times into Joe's sack until it was time to swap again, then again handed the weight to Joe.

The two boys' scrotal sacs were completely swollen, they had doubled in size, and both were in pain, could barely stand.

"Man, my balls are huge, it's very painful, I'm going to cum ... Look at your eggs face, it's even bigger than mine" - Said Jason

"There's ... There's ... You did not see anything, last week a guy kicked me so hard that I could not put on my soccer training shorts, my balls got so swollen they were coming out of shorts" - Joe said now he was preparing once more to throw the 15kg weight into Jason's bag.

Now they were sitting facing each other ....

"Let's do a NUTBALL with a heavier weight?" Joe asked and pulled out a 25-kg iron ball, then took off his shorts and let his balls fall into the air.

Seeing Joe's bag full-skinned, purple, swollen with thick veins leaping to the skin and holding an iron ball ready to feel even more pain in the eggs, Jason could not bear it. He released a spurt of sperm through the thin fabric of his shorts and left his sack soaked in white liquid.

When at last he managed to get out of the clothing he had to hold onto the walls to disguise his trembling gait. The two boys were exhausted, sweaty, and in pain. Joe grabbed Jason's shoulder and said,

"Tomorrow I'll bring a device .... It's a vertical piece of wood that has a ball, also made of wood, at one of its ends. I knew it made a guy lose consciousness of so much pain if he hit him hard on the eggs ... Let's do another game tomorrow? "

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