Monday, January 8, 2018

From the web: The top 10 games that make you inadvertantly whack your friends in the nuts

A few weeks ago I happened upon a wonderful article called The top 10 games that make you inadvertantly whack your friends in the nuts. Granted, it's almost 10 years old so the advice might be a bit outdated (Does anybody play Wii Sports anymore?) but I think it's a hilarious read.

The author goes through various games and describes the dangers that you put your friends' testicles in when playing them,, for example:

#8 Boom BoxYou always need to take a cautious stance with any Wii game that encourages players to make a throwing motion, especially in a game like Boom Blox that actually rewards players with a massively strong forward thrust. The problem with the throwing motion isn't just the potential for your controller to careen towards your 2000 dollar plasma set at a glass-shattering pace, it's also the fact that your hand will continue to travel in its natural arc backwards…and if your buddy's sneaking up on you with a fresh batch of Pizza Bites, he's going to get your fist slammed right into his own private Hot Pocket from your fast pitch.
#6 Samba de Amigo Perhaps it was a good thing that Nintendo actually tethered the Wii Nunchuk to the Wii remote with a physical cable, preventing a full outstretch of the arms via the short slack. This becomes painfully clear If you manage to play SEGA's music rhythm game using a pair of Wii Remotes instead of the Nunchuk combination. It's not uncommon to find yourself lost in the music, shaking those Wii Remotes up high, down low, and then with outstretched arms slam your fist into your buddy's maracas…and we're not talking about his musical instruments, either. Though his beads will certainly rattle for weeks afterwards.
Read the full article here. It's hilarious!

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