Friday, January 12, 2018

Like a lady (Chris meets Ben)

Special thanks to Chris for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who likes to kick balls in a pair of high heels!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum!

Featured in this story: Ben (click for pictures) 

“Urgh”, Ben said slowly, scratching his head. “I don’t get it. Why would a man dress as a girl?”

The handsome 20 year old stud was staring at his neighbor with a look of scorn on his face. He ran his hand through his short black hair and raised his eyebrows.

“I mean”, Ben continued, flabbergasted, “why do you want to be weak like that when you could just dress normally. You know, strong, like a real guy.”

His neighbor Chris answered with a theatrical eye roll.

“Shush, sweetheart”, Chris said, putting his index finger on Ben’s mouth. “Don’t make me explain it again. I’ll see you at the show tonight. Maybe you’ll get it after you’ve seen me on stage.”

Now it was Ben’s turn to roll his eyes as Chris sashayed away.

Ben couldn’t help but look at Chris’ beautiful butt that was hugged by a perfectly tailored red sequin dress. The hemline was so high that it made Chris’ awesome legs seem endless in their fishnet stockings as his flaming red high heels clicked on the asphalt.

Maybe it had been those awesome legs, or that beautiful butt, that had confused Ben into thinking that Chris was a real girl.

He’d never have thought that the tall and slender young man with the black hair and the voluptuous redhead that lived next door were one and the same person.

Today, after jerking off to the hot, mysterious woman night after night, Ben had finally plucked up the courage to ask her out.

Ben stared at the business card that she had given him.

Chris-tal Mess.

She hadn’t beaten around the bush and told him right away. No use leading him on. From the way he had been eyeing her breasts, Chris knew that Ben had no idea that she was a guy.

His reaction had been less than perfect.

She had waited patiently as disbelief turned into derisive comments and nervous laughter and back into disbelief.

Chris was 20 years old, and there was no doubt in her mind about who she was. A drag queen with great looks and an attitude. She had little patience for squares and idiots, and no tolerance for bigots.

When Ben had called her weak and pathetic, she knew that she’d get revenge. And, as any lady with a minimum level of sophistication knew, revenge was a dish best served cold and in front of a live audience...

A few hours later, the show at the downtown club was in full swing.

Chris was the headliner, taking the audience by storm, combining sharp wit and snarky comments, gorgeous dresses and quick costume changes, and up-tempo songs delivered with passion and devotion. It was a mesmerizing performance that won standing ovations from the patrons of the packed club.

Ben was sitting in the back.

He had brought a couple of his dorm buddies, expecting them to be as shocked by their neighbor’s act as he was.

But they weren’t. Instead, they were roaring with laughter and cheering with joy at Chris’ awesome performance.

Chris had been watching Ben from the second she walked onstage, waiting for the perfect moment top exact revenge on him.

The moment came when Ben excused himself to got to the bathroom.

“Ladies and gentlemen”, Chris addressed the audience. “Who’s in the mood for some fun?”

The audience clapped and cheered.

“I need a man”, Chris said with a seductive smile. She paused before repeating in a deep, sultry voice, “A real MAN!”

As if on cue, Ben returned from the bathroom, and Chris immediately turned the room’s attention to him.

“Ooooh”, she cooed, biting her lower lip, running her hand over her curvy body. “Look at HIM! Now that’s a MAN!”

Ben stopped dead in his tracks as the audience turned their heads and laughed at him.

He grinned weakly, scratching his head.

“Yes, I’m talking about you, stud!” Chris curled her finger, beckoning Ben to come to the stage.

Ben blinked.

“Oh, come on, stud, don’t be shy”, Chris purred to riotous laughter as Ben’s head turned crimson.

He looked to his buddies for help but they were crying with laughter at Ben’s awkwardness.

Hesitantly, Ben walked towards the stage where Chris ran her hand through Ben’s short black hair.

“I’m a SUCKER for shy guys”, she stage-whispered into Ben’s ear before licking his earlobe, causing the audience to go wild with cheers and laughter.

“Now let’s see what you’ve got, stud”, Chris said, winking at the audience. “Take of your shirt for me…”

The audience went wild.

Ben stared at Chis.

Chris turned to the audience. “You want to see his muscles, too, right?”

The cheers and the applause were deafening.

Chris looked at Ben with pouty lips. “Pretty please?”

Ben cleared his throat.

The audience started clapping rhythmically as Ben shifted his weight. Finally, he gave in and took off his shirt, revealing his muscular upper body, his chiseled pecs and his six pack abs.

“Oooooh! You’re so HOT!” Chris purred, running her fingers over Ben’s hard nipples, the touch of her polished nails making Ben shiver as the audience roared with laughter. “Flex your MUSCLES for me, stud!”

Ben smiled.

He loved showing off his muscles. And even though it felt a little funny doing so on a stage in a night club, he’d never skip a chance to show off his fantastic body.

He looked at his friends who were watching him from the audience and struck a pose, earning riotous applause.

“Oh, yeah, that’s what I’m talking about”, Chris cooed, egging Ben on as he showed off his biceps. “Look at those GUNS!”

Ben grinned proudly, posing and flexing to the wolf-whistles and the cheers of the crowd.

There was something surreal about the situation. He was in a gay night club, on stage with a drag queen – and yet he enjoyed the attention so much that his dick was rock hard in his pants.

“GOD, you’re such a STUD!” Chris gasped with an exaggerated eyeroll before turning to the audience. “Let’s take you down a peg or two.”

Ben froze. “Wha---”

Chris interrupted him with a well-placed kick in the nuts. The pointy tip of his red high heels connected with the big bulge in Ben’s crotch, making it juggle obscenely.

Ironically, Ben’s boner increased the vulnerability of his precious jewels, leaving his ball bag entirely unprotected.

Ben’s jaw dropped and he let out a hoarse cough.

Frozen in his flexing pose, Ben’s proud smile turned into a painful grimace as his eyes crossed and his eyebrows arched up.

A pitiful, high-pitched whimper escaped his lips. It was a helpless, hapless sound of a man robbed of his most precious possession: his pride.

The audience roared with laughter at the sight of the muscular stud, cut down to size by a hot, sassy drag queen.

“Ooooooh!” Chris put one hand in front of her crotch, cringing in mock-sympathy. “Did that hurt your poor little ballsies?”

Ben’s eyes shifted to her, filled with pain, embarrassed and humiliated.

“I’m sure this will hurt even more”, Chris dead-panned, grabbing Ben’s shoulders and ramming her knee up between his thighs.

The crowd roared with laughter as Ben’s mouth opened in a silent scream as he slid to the floor, grabbing his nuts, his face a mask of pain.

“Attaboy”, Chris smiled, placing the tip of her index finger on Ben’s forehead and gently pushing him to the ground where he curled up in a ball, groaning in pain.

With the elegance of a true dame and the force of a true man, Chris grabbed Ben’s feet and lifted them up, spreading his legs in a wide V, before stomping down on Ben’s bulging manhood.

The stiletto heel dented the impressive bulge considerably, all but puncturing Ben’s sack.

Ben’s eyes opened wide and he gasped for breath as a wave of almost unbearable pain washed through his body.

Chris smiled gently and brought her leg back. Then she kicked Ben’s nuts as hard as she could, eliciting a long, high-pitched wail from the fallen stud and riotous laughter from the audience.

“Men are so WEAK”, Chris sighed, prompting another wave of laughter from the crowd as placed her foot on Ben’s balls, crushing his nuts under her high heels as if she was stomping out a cigarette.

Ben was squealing and shrieking, writhing on the floor as Chris wreaked havoc on his manhood, stomping and kicking his nuts again and again as the crowd egged her on.

“Oh GOD, I love this!” Chris exclaimed ecstatically, moaning and sighing with every stomp as if she was nearing orgasm.

In fact, it was Ben who was getting closer and closer to cumming – even though it was unintentional and a decidedly unpleasant experience.

His erection was twitching, and now his tender testicles were swollen to an impressive size as well. They were throbbing and aching inside his pants as they were crunched and crushed by Chris’ high heels.

“Yes! Oh GOD!” Chris moaned passionately much to the amusement of the crowd. Her foot came down hard on Ben’s manhood, crushing his nuts flat. “GIVE it to me!

Ben’s eyes rolled back into his head as he felt his battered balls pull up tightly against his body.

“Yes!” Chris moaned, throwing her head back as she brought her foot down hard between Ben’s thighs.

The crowd roared with laughter.

Ben’s mouth opened in a silent scream as a huge spurt of cum exploded inside his pants.

“YES!” Chris shrieked, pressing her foot into Ben’s busy balls, gaspedaling him as she pulled on his feet while crushing his throbbing testicles.

Ben’s face went blank as his dick unloaded the juicy cargo of his precious balls inside his underwear. His vision blurred while his body was rocked by a violent orgasm while his nuts were crushed flat like pancakes.

“YES!!!” Chris exclaimed ecstatically before dropping Ben’s feet and stumbling backwards and leaning against the wall in a theatrical, dramatic pose.

The crowd went wild.

Chris looked down at Ben.

Ben looked up at Chris.

There was no doubt that Chris knew exactly what had happened.

A slight smile crept onto her face and she winked at Ben.

Ben’s head turned crimson. He let out a miserable groan and crawled off the stage.

“Oh, MAN, I think I need a cigarette now”, Chris sighed with an exaggerated grimace. “I really needed that. Thank you SO MUCH!”

Ben whimpered as he limped to his table, his face beet red and contorted in pain, covering his crushed nuts and the embarrassing wet patch in his pants, wincing with every step.

The crowd was roaring with laughter, and Ben’s friends took a couple of pictures to save the moment for all eternity.

“Oh, he’s such a STUD!” Chris mocked him as he returned to his seat.

The crowd roared with laughter.

Chris smiled. “I’m sure glad I’m a GIRL!”


Anonymous said...

Well I don't usually like one sided or submissive ballbusting but this one deserved my 5 star rating. Any story with a cocky muscle stud getting owned gets my vote, thanks

Jimmy said...

Hi Alex,

That was so creative and so much fun! What a great story and a fun new character!



Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))