Friday, January 5, 2018

Apprentice of agony: Crushed nuts and cocktails (written by Daniel)

This is another awesome story written by our reader Daniel (who has created the title card as well). I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Romantic risks

Apprentice of agony

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Parker and Simon (click for pictures)

“A-ah. Fuck. Harder you geeky shit!”

Gareth’s mouth was parted, jaw slacked and eyes hazy with lust. He was in the studio toilets, leaning against the wall of the cubical. Simon was standing behind him, hands wrapped tightly around his hips. Both men’s trousers and underwear were around their thighs, Simon thrusting his fat cock into Gareth’s ass, grunting at every thrust.

A large moan echoed in the bathroom after a particularly forceful thrust against his sweet spot. The redhead’s hands clenched against the cubical wall, bubble butt pushing back against Simon’s impressive dick as he thrusted inside.

Simon wrapped his arms around Gareth’s waist, pulling him as close as he could as he attacked the man’s ass with short, powerful thrusts; each electing a sharp moan or pant from his redheaded boyfriend.

Feeling his boyfriend’s lips attack his neck and undoubtedly leave some large marks, Gareth felt his balls retract slightly. He grabbed hold of his quivering cock with one hand, aiming it at the small plastic cup he was holding. Simon, knowing his boyfriend was close to orgasm, moved his hands and began to pump the redheaded man’s large dick.

“A-AHH!” Gareth moaned.

Head resting against the cubical wall, Gareth’s cock began to spurt large, gloopy lumps of cum into the cup. Simon held back his foreskin, his free hand grabbing the director’s balls and squeezing them. Gareth hissed slightly at the treatment of his balls during orgasm, pushing his muscular body against Simon’s.

“Urgh.” Simon groaned. As Gareth orgasmed, his ass tightened around Simon’s thrusting cock and drove him mad.

Simon was soon orgasming himself, his cum squirting inside of his boyfriend’s ass as he rested against the stronger man. Both men’s orgasms lasted a little while longer, eventually ending with panting and groaning. Gareth turned his head and pressed his lips against Simon’s as they recovered from their orgasms.

After splitting apart, Gareth placed the cup of his cum on the toilet seat. He reached for a piece of toilet paper and cleaned off his dick, carefully doing the same with the cum in his ass. Simon watched this, leaning against wall with a smirk.

“Yeah, wipe yourself clean. Get right up there.” He smirked, crossing his arms after pulling his briefs and trousers up.

“You were shy when we first met. Sometimes I miss that.” Gareth spoke playfully, noticing Simon’s eyes flicker to the cup of cum. “If you drink a single drop of that I’m going to put your head in that toilet and hold it there until you die.”

Simon chuckled and wrapped his arms around Gareth’s waist from behind and pulled the other man’s boxers up for him, giving his bulge a squeeze to tease him. The redhead moaned, that area still sensitive from his orgasm. After allowed his boyfriend to have a little fun, Gareth pulled away from Simon, pulled his trousers up and tucked his shirt into them. He had taken to wearing a suit to the studio now, wanting to be professional. And he liked formalwear, it showed off his ass well.

Gareth picked up the cup of his cum and unlocked the cubicle. Both men left, Gareth adjusting his hair in the mirror as Simon watched with a teasing smile. Gareth glared, it was the geeky man’s fault for running his hand through it so much!

“I can’t believe we just did that.” The redhead was blushing slightly.

“I know, I don’t think anyone has ever had sex in this building. Imagine how Alex will react when he finds out.” Simon quipped sarcastically. “We should leave, Chad might get worried about us.”

The redhead nodded. Both men walked out of the bathroom, looking at how the studio had been decorated. Against one of the back walls was a modern looking drinks bar made from metal and glass instead of the traditional wood; it would fit in well at a modern, expensive restaurant. With the correct camera framing, it would look like it was actually a cocktail bar instead of in the studio.

Leaning on the bar was a man Gareth didn’t recognise, but Simon did. Parker was grinning widely, wearing pink skinny jeans and a black sleeveless shirt that showed off his muscular arms, toned from his gymnastics exercises. He ran a hand through his dyed red hair, walking towards the couple with a friendly, slightly teasing smile. He held out a hand towards Gareth, who shook it.

“Hi, I’m Gareth.” The director smiled.

“Parker. Nice to meet you, heard good things. And only some of them were your moans from the bathroom.” At the gymnasts’ words, Gareth blushed. Parker clasped him on the back with a grin. “Don’t worry about it, you two aren’t the first to do some stuff in there. Which stall did you use?”

“Erm, the left one.” Gareth’s voice was slightly hesitant.

“Should have used the right, it’s got a disability bar. Good to grab on to and if you lean on it, it’ll dig in and hurt if you’re into that kinda stuff.”  Parker chuckled. “So, the set got me interested. What’re you gonna do to my poor little balls, Mr Role Play Master.”

Gareth, still blushing, explained what the skit would be. Simon would be a bartender who made CockTrails, cocktails that contained cum. Simon would milk Parker dry by smashing his balls in various ways and use his cum for the drinks. After hearing the idea in full, Parker joked about how ecstatic Simon must have been when he heard the idea; the geeky man adjusted his glasses and licked his lips slightly.

“Well.” Parker grinned. “No time like the present. I’m guessing the jock strap is for me?”

“Yeah.” Gareth smiled, glad that Parker seemed to be easy going and willing to go along with his ideas without any trouble. “Simon knows what I want him to do. I thought the video would be better if you were caught off guard, so just go along with what he says and don’t fight it, okay?”

“Yes sir.” The gymnast grinned.

He walked to the bar where the prepared jock strap was laying. He removed the sleeveless shirt, showing a lean, muscular six pack and strong chest, obviously used to the strain of acrobatics and the circus work he did. He then shrugged off the pink skinny jeans, revealing an equally strong pair of legs. His boxers were thrown to the side next, his fat, meaty cock flopping out and large, vulnerable balls hanging low in the sac. They were quickly hidden by the white jockstrap, ‘Milking Machine’ written on the elastic waistband.

The gymnast looked at himself in the mirror, flexing playfully towards Simon and Gareth. When he grabbed his crotch and squeezed it towards the couple, Simon licked his lips again. Gareth rolled his eyes and walked to the bar, taking out a cocktail glass. He poured his cum from the cup into it, placing a tiny umbrella in the glass afterwards.

“So that’s why you were screwing then?” Parker chuckled, Simon nodding. “Why didn’t you do that before you came here. Pun intended, by the way.”

“We did do it,” Gareth said, placing the glass of cum on the bar top. “Someone got thirsty in the car and doesn’t have any impulse control.”

“If you put a cake in front of a child they eat it. This is the same situation.” Simon giggled slightly.

Following Gareth’s instructions, Simon walked behind the bar and stood in the middle of shot. Parker was told to stand out of shot, Simon would get him when ready. With both models in place, Chad walked over to them and set up the camera. He too had heard Gareth and Simon’s bathroom activities and was seemingly embarrassed, despite being employed as the camera man for gay porn. Gareth had concluded that Chad was just an odd man.


Simon smiled towards the camera. He was wearing a smart suit that a high-class bar tender would wear, his hair slicked to the side more than usual. He placed an empty glass that he had been ‘drying’ behind the counter, turning towards the camera fully so he could address it.

“Hello, welcome to the video tutorial for the creation of CockTrails, a delicious spin on the bland, boring cocktails. Today I’ll show you how to spice up some of your favourite drinks with one of the most delicious ingredients known to man. Cum. After this video, you’ll be able to make elegant drinks that will certainly be the talking point at any dinner party, such as this.”

The ‘bartender’ picked up the glass consisting of only cum and a small umbrella. He elegantly lifted it to his lips and drank his boyfriend’s smooth, delicious spunk. His throat bobbed up and down as he drained the glass of his favourite beverage. After almost every drop was gone, he placed the glass back on the counter and smiled again.

“Not only will I be telling you how to make the drinks, I will also be telling you how to effectively procure the key ingredient for any CockTrail. And helping me will be our delightful vendor, Parker.”

Simon walked to the side of the bar and towards Parker, who was waiting beside the bar. The bespectacled man wrapped his finger’s around the front of Parker’s jockstrap and dragged him into shot, this time both men standing in front of the bar.

The blonde placed the gymnast before the camera, Parker standing with his hands behind his back. Simon then stood beside Parker, looking at the camera with the same pleasant smile he had been wearing before. Parker seemed a little more hesitant, despite his relaxed and joking attitude that he had been showing before they started to film.

“Our vendor here is of above average quality. He’s athletic and physically fit, that’ll give his cum a nice, juicy taste. As you can all see, his crotch is respectably large.” Simon grabbed Parker’s tightly packed dick and balls. “Obviously, he’s not getting much sex, so his balls will be nice and full. There are, of course, higher qualities of vendors. They’ll be more muscular and have larger dick and balls, but Parker here is good enough for this. We like to keep our luxury vendors for paying customers.”

As he spoke, Simon removed two pairs of handcuffs from his pockets. He grabbed Parker’s left wrist and snapped it into one of the handcuffs, clicking the other side of it around a metal pole attached to the bar. He then did the same with Parker’s right wrist. The gymnast was now bound to the bar top.

“As you can see, we have a specific restraining pole to keep our vendors in check, but if you don’t the leg of a heavy table or bed works just as well. Failing that, a strong friend could restrain your vendor manually.” Simon smiled at the camera. “So, let’s get to it shall we. First, you’ll need you vendor sitting on the floor. Now, of course Parker here is very happy to be a vendor, but not everyone will be. If that’s the case, you might need to be a little bit rough with him to get him into position. Try doing this.”

Simon reached for Parker’s crotch again and grabbed it, squeezing the two fat plumbs inside of the jock strap. The blonde’s muscles flexed slightly under the suit as he squeezed Parker’s balls with as much effort he could. He bit his lip as he began to pull them down, dragging the rest of Parker with him.

Parker’s eyes were wide at the vice like grip around his balls. A small whimper came from his lips as his balls were dragged down. He bit his lip as Simon’s squeezing got harder, controlling his breathing in an effort to stop the pain. He gasped out when Simon viciously tugged down on his balls, looking at the blonde with a forlorn expression.

Ignoring the look, Simon continued to drag parker down until he was forced into sitting on the floor. The man’s muscular arms were held upwards by the handcuffs, body completely vulnerable to whatever torture Simon wanted to put him through. The gymnast gulped in worry as Simon looked to the camera again.

“And there you go, the perfect position. If your vendor refused to spread their legs, another squeeze or even a slap should get them complacent.” Simon grinned.

The bespectacled man gave Parker a sharp slap on his crotch, the man doubling over and groaning. He pulled on the restraints slightly, remembering he wasn’t able to protect his balls. He was tempted to shut his thighs, but knew that would end up with more pain. He looked up miserably at Simon, who didn’t seem affected by it.

“Now, let’s get to the cum extraction.” Simon smiled. “You might have heard of the phrase ‘shaken not stirred.’ With CockTrails, we have a similar saying. Pummelled not pumped. You might expect that a simple hand job will be enough, but if you want your drinks to taste as good as they can, you need to put in a little bit of elbow grease. I recommend starting things off with a couple of nice, strong punches to your vendor’s balls.”

Before Parker could register what Simon had said, a strong punch landed on his balls. A hoarse groan filled the room, Parker coughing as his chest fell, arms still being held back by the handcuffs. Even with a single punch, the pain radiating from his jewels was horrible.

Another punch was sent between his spread legs. An ear shattering groan split apart the gymnast’s lips as he shuffled uncomfortably in his position. His head had shot back and rested against the front of the bar, face crunched up in an obvious display of the pain he was feeling. Simon didn’t give him any time to recover, delivering another punch that elected a loud screech from the bound man, who was shaking his head with gritted teeth and clenched eyes.

“These punches will tenderise his balls and get the juices swirling around. It’s a little thing and takes a bit of effort, but the taste will be worth it.” Simon grinned.

Three more punches were delivered to Parkers balls in quick succession. Every punch brought out a scream, moan or whimper of pain from the muscular man. As his balls were brutalised, Parker’s breathing became quick and his strong chest was heaving up and down, trying to keep in pace with the constant pulsing of pain that filled his body.

“If you really want your CockTrail to taste as good as it can, you’ll also want to keep your vendor’s balls in something nice and tight. Not only will it keep his balls in place, the heat will add an extra little twinge of flavour to your drink that’ll really make the difference.”

Another punch slammed against Parker’s large balls, this time a low grunt of pain coming from the gymnast. He hung his head limply, red hair hanging over his fringe slightly. His wrists were hanging against the handcuffs that kept him trapped to the bar, the muscular stud looking weak and submissive as he looked down to his aching balls. Simon grinned at the sight, not intending to show the man any restraint until he was sure that Parker’s cum was perfectly flavoured.

Punch after vicious punch landed between the gymnast’s legs. Parker thrashed and groaned, each punch making his body jerk forward and leaving a hellish pain in his nuts. He coughed a few times, small droplets of sweat beginning to appear over his body.

“After about a minute of punching your vendor’s balls, he should be ready. I might have done it for a little longer, but a minute is more than enough.” Simon grinned down at Parker, who seemed to be happy at the break from the punches. “Now all that cum is swirling around his balls, I think it’s time to get to the extraction part of the process. For this, you’ll need a sanitary container and a simple nut cracker. I have one that clenches both balls at once, but a regular nut cracker will do just fine if that’s all you have.”

Simon stood up from his crouched position and leant over the bar. As he reached for a small beaker and his nut cracker, he made sure to rest his foot against Parker’s bulging jock strap and push down on it. Parker moaned and struggled against the foot that crushed his balls, eyes wide and a long, high pitched sound of pain slipping from between his lips.

“For this part, you’ll need to get hands on with your vendor’s balls. So, remove them from whatever underwear he’s wearing first of all.”

Simon followed his own instructions, removing the jock strap from Parker. His semi hard cock sprung out, pointing upwards slightly and giving the man’s balls a small amount of breathing room. They were slightly bloated and red, the top of them holding the pattern of Simon’s shoe in their redness. Parker whimpered slightly at the sight.

The ‘bartender’ grabbed Parker’s semi hard member and slowly leant down. He brought his lips to the head of the impressive cock, swirling his tongue around it and slowly engulfing it in his mouth. He slid down, deepthroating the member without any issues. He quietly hummed, knowing the affect the vibrations had on every man he’d sucked off. By the sound of Parker’s moans, he was enjoying the unexpected blow job.

But Parker’s pleasure was short lived. Simon only slid his mouth up and down the long dick enough times to get it fully hard before retracting his mouth and looking towards the camera again.

“The purpose of that was threefold. Most importantly, it got Parker’s dick nice and hard, which will make extraction considerably easier that it could be. Most men also experience a shot of testosterone when receiving a blowjob, which adds to the flavour. And,” Simon licked his lips slightly. “If your vendor has a little pre-cum, you get a taste of your CockTrail’s main ingredient.”

To prove his point, Simon reached for Parker’s cock and wiped his finger against the tip. He gathered a small amount of the pre-cum that had leaked through the gymnast’s member and brought it to his lips, licking it in a sultry manor. At the contact with his dick, Parker groaned.

“But we can’t spend all day enjoying that, can we?” Simon smiled. “Let’s get to extracting. This is very simple. You flatter your vendor’s balls with your nut cracker and make sure their dick is aimed at your container. You just have to keep their balls crushed until you get as much sperm as you need. And as you can soon see, it can be a tricky but satisfying process.”

Parker was shaking his head in silent begging when Simon took hold of his cock and aimed it down slightly, so it was aiming into his prepared beaker. The gymnast gulped when he got his first good look at the nut cracker. It had two clear indents for where his balls would be and looked like it could do a lot of damage. The strong man whimpered at the cold metal gently pressed against his balls as Simon got his appliance into the correct position. Parker considered moving to mess up Simon’s trapping of his balls, but knew it would be pointless and would backfire in the end.

“So, you’ll want to start off strong and not give your vendor any breaks.” Simon smirked to Parker. “The stronger you can be, the better.”

The gymnast’s mouth fell slack when Simon suddenly clenched his fists around the nut cracker, his two balls being crushed by the vicious toy. A loud scream filled the studio as Parker struggled, eyes widening in agony and shock at the intense, brutal pain that his babymakers were forced to endure.

Sweat covered the gymnast’s body, chest sporadically puffing in and out as he struggled against both the handcuffs and nut cracker that was causing him so much pain. His eyes were clenched shut, face red and teeth biting down on his lip as he tried not to scream out in pain again. It was a hard goal, the agony he was in could only be described as excruciating.

Simon gritted his teeth as he concentrated on the pain he was inflicting. Parker’s struggling made it hard to keep his balls in the crushing grip of the nut cracker. It was difficult, but he managed to keep both nuts in their tortured position.

“ARGH!” Parker groaned.

The gymnast looked down at his balls in shock. Apparently, Simon didn’t think that his intense and cruel squeezing was doing enough, so he was now also twisting the nut cracker and pulling it away, taking Parker’s balls with him and doubling the pain he was in. The man’s face was flushed red with pain, a constant trail of whimpering and moaning leaving the gymnast’s mouth as he raised his hips in a desperate attempt to lower the pain he was in.

The plan of raising his hips backfired on him. With his hand still cuffed to the bar, there was only so long that he could keep his crab like position before he fell. Simon realised this and continued to lift the gymnast with his balls, Parker’s legs quivering slightly and his face puffing out in pain as he tried desperately to keep his position. He looked towards Simon with pleading eyes, wanting nothing more to return to the floor, but Simon seemed to enjoy watching his legs quiver and his resolve fade in a mixture of pain and muscle strain.

“Ahh. Shit. Shit shit shit.”

Parker moaned loudly when his legs gave beneath him and his raised hips fell back to the floor, his balls squeezing though the tight holes of the nut cracker and causing an immense, horrid amount of pain.

Without care for the repercussions, Parker crossed his legs and tried desperately to protect his balls from the position that he was in. Simon took pity on him, so didn’t immediately reattach the nut cracker to his balls and instead looked to the camera.

“As you can see, your vendor will get to the point where they think they can’t take any more pain.” Simon smiled. “This is the key point of the extraction process. This is where you really want to start getting the cum out. When we get to this point, you don’t need any fancy tools, you just need to kick the hell out of their balls until they start to cum. But if you really want the best flavour, you should give your vendor another shot of testosterone.”

Simon gently spread Parker’s thighs open again, kneeling between them. He brought his tongue to Parker’s throbbing cock, licking the large vain until he reached the tip of the member. He wrapped his lips around the man’s head, slowly sliding his head down the full length.

He bobbed his head up and down, expertly sucking off the other man with almost every trick he knew. Despite the horrid pain he was in, Parker found himself leaning back against the bar with his eyes closed in pleasure and body limp in relief. Damn, the blonde boy certainly knew how to pleasure a man with his mouth. A soft, pleasured groan filled the room as Parker relished in the blow job he was getting.

As if alarmed by the groan, Simon pulled himself off Parker’s cock and stood up. He looked down at the gymnast, who certainly was a sight. He was flushed red with exhaustion, cock throbbing and balls bloated in pain. His dyed red hair was a mess now, eyes closed in a mix of pain from the rough treatment of his balls and pleasure from the blow jobs.

“As I said before, the best way to deal with the final stage of extraction is to kick the hell out of your vendor’s balls.”

Simon’s leather shoe shot forward, slamming into the bare balls and making them fly into the air slightly, only to slam back down and flop on the floor again with a painful sounding splat. Parker’s breath shook slightly as a loud squeal filled the room, the sound a much higher pitch than what a man could usually muster. He moved his legs to protect his balls, which were stinging with the residual pain.

But Simon didn’t give him the time to protect himself again. The blonde’s right foot shot forward again and slammed against Parker’s balls with a vicious kick. Again, they rose in the air and fell right back down, slamming down on the wooden floor and almost doubling the pain the gymnast was in.

“Shit, my balls. My beautiful balls.”

Again, Simon wasn’t going to give Parker time to recover. His shoe slammed against his ‘beautiful’ balls. This time, Parker’s nuts slammed against the man’s muscular thighs, a sigh of relief leaving his lips as he didn’t have to endure the extra amount of pain. Simon noticed this, so nudged the balls off Parker’s muscular thigh and gave another kick. This one led to his balls landing on the floor again, a howl of pain accompanying the attack.

Parker groaned loudly, small tears forming at the side of his eyes as he shook his head. The fight was gone, he had accepted the painful fate and was just willing for his cum to fill the glass as soon as possible, so Simon would leave his nuts alone, but it seemed that his balls were unwilling to compromise.

A seemingly endless amount of harsh kicks were delivered to his aching balls. The room was flooded with an assortment of painful expressions, most prominent were the low, guttural groans that Parker tried and failed to keep hidden. The gymnast’s head was hung low, muscles straining against the handcuffs as he sat in the position, completely submissive to the situation.

The gymnast’s cock was still hard and pointing to the ceiling, precum dribbling down the throbbing member and giving the skin a small shine. With every kick, Parker’s dick seemed to spasm more and shoot out an extra shot of pre-cum. The blonde grinned, knowing that the gymnast was close to cumming. Continuing his harsh kicks, Simon turned back to the camera and smiled at it again.

“When the vendor’s cock starts to act like that, you know he’s close.” He waited for a loud scream to finish before continuing what he said. “When he starts to cum, you’re going to want to get down on your knees. That means you can keep his cock aimed at the container and squeeze out all the cum that you need.”

As if reacting to Simon’s words, Parker’s cock began to quiver manically. Simon noticed this and delivered a final kick to the gymnast’s balls before crouching down and grabbing hold of his cocks, aiming it at the clean beaker.

Parker’s jaw dropped slightly, and his head lolled back, moaning slightly in pleasure as his dick began to shake. A moment later, gloopy spurts of cum shot out from the head of Parker’s dick and into the beaker. Simon wrapped his free hand around both of Parker’s bloated balls, squeezing them with a frown on his face. The blonde’s muscles flexed in effort as he tried to drain every drop of cum from the gymnast’s huge, meaty jewels.

The torturous orgasm lasted longer than Parker liked. Even when it was over, Simon maintained his vice like grip on Parker’s balls, so he could completely empty them. The gymnast groaned loudly as cum was forcibly removed from his nuts. Eventually, Simon seemed satisfied with the amount of spunk he had gained and removed his hands, allowing Parker to collapse against the cold bar in relief. His eyes were closed, and body exhausted, so he paid no mind to Simon when the blonde stood up and held aloft the beaker containing his cum.

“As you can see, we’ve got a nice healthy serving of cum to play with. And, if you’ve done this right you should have some of the most delicious cum you’ve ever tasted.” Simon lifted the beaker and took a large swig, leaving half of Parker’s cum in the glass.

Leaving Parker handcuffed to the bar, Simon walked to behind the bar again. As he did, he purposefully placed his foot on both balls and pushed down, walking over the bloated plumbs and electing a groan of pain and an extra, small spurt of cum that landed on Simon’s shoe. The blonde frowned, slightly at the stain that might be left on his shoe and slightly because he hadn’t completely drained Parker’s balls.

“Now with CockTrails, it’s all about experimentation. My favourite CockTrail contains a half cup of cum, quarter cup of fresh cream, quarter cup of white rum and a splash of caramel sauce. Blend it together with some ice and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and some crushed nuts on top and you’ve got yourself one hell of a drink that I like to call ‘A Vendors Misery.’ A fitting name, I think.”

As Simon spoke, he made the CockTrail of his description. Still in shot was the groaning Parker, who was panting and still flushed. His balls and flaccid cock were slumped against the floor, both red and aching with the pain Simon had inflicted. He didn’t seem to be paying attention to the creation of the drink occurring behind him, instead solely focused on recovering from the pain in his aching nuts.

“And here we are. One Vendors Misery.”

Simon placed the CockTrail on the bar top. To his credit, he had managed to make an appetising drink that would look at home in a real cocktail bar, though he doubted they’d serve it when they found out its key ingredient.

The blonde then took pity on Parker, so too the key to the handcuffs and unlocked them both, allowing the gymnast to relax his arms and curl up into a ball. Simon grinned at this and walked around the bar again, placing his hand on the gymnast’s shoulder in a comforting way, also bringing the well-presented drink with him. He held it towards Parker, who gave him an unbelieving look. Before he could say how he wasn’t going to drink his own cum in a cocktail, Simon spoke up.

“I think you might need a drink after that, don’t you think.” Simon spoke in an almost patronisingly kind voice. “You’ll like it, trust me.”

With a small glare aimed at the bespectacled man, Parker took the drink from him and brought it to his lips. Despite having swallowed cum multiple times, it had never been in such an unusual way. Still, he expected there would be some backlash on his balls if he didn’t, so he tipped his head back slightly and began to gulp the drink down. He swallowed every drop of the cold, alcoholic CockTrail, leaving the scoop of ice cream and the crushed nuts in the glass as he handed it back to Simon.

With a grin, Simon placed the drink back on the counter and gave Parker another gentle pat on the shoulder.

“And how did it taste?” He smiled at Parker, who was slightly embarrassed by his answer.

“Really damn good, actually.”

“Fantastic,” Simon smiled widely at the camera. “If it wasn’t, we might have had to get some more cum out of you to make another drink.”

Simon delivered a quick backhanded slap to Parker’s balls. The gymnast’s body lurched forward as he grabbed for his balls, nursing them with a shocked and miserable expression. He groaned loudly, glaring at Simon slightly as his groaning turned into soft whimpering and sobbing. Simon ignored the glare and looked towards the camera again.

“And there you go. So now you know how to properly extract the most delicious cum from your vendor and how to make a basic CockTrail.” Simon grinned at the camera as he waited for a particularly loud groan to end. “Join us next week where I’ll show you how to make a Bloody Mary with baby juice instead of tomato juice and for a tutorial in how to make sure your vendor isn’t wasting their sperm with sex. Here’s a hint, a chastity cage is your best friend. Thank you for watching, goodbye.”



“We should all hang out some time.” Parker grinned. “The gays of Ballbusting Boys unleashed on the town.”

Gareth chuckled slightly, looking down towards parker. The gymnast was sitting on the studio floor, wearing the tight pink jeans and black sleeveless shirt he had been wearing before; he had already voiced his regret about wearing such tight trousers already multiple times, apparently, they didn’t give his still aching balls any room to breathe nor recover. Gareth and Simon were sitting on the sofa, Simon resting his head in Gareth’s lap as the director absentmindedly played with his hair.

“We can’t be the only gay people working here. It’s gay porn.” Gareth laughed. “Wasn’t one of the twin’s gay? Michael?”

“Yeah, I guess.” Parker grinned. “But he and Will kinda come as a package, ironically with two pretty big packages as a bonus. Sometimes you just wanna hang out with your own people, you know. My people are gay, open minded and like to have a lot of fun and don’t give a damn if there’s a risk.”

“And you see that in us?” Gareth chuckled.

“Yeah. You’re gay, obviously. Open minded, work in porn together, can’t get much more open minded. And you obviously like taking risks if there’s fun to be had, that’s why the first thing I heard you say was ‘Deeper you cum whore’ when you were in the bathroom.” Parker grinned at Gareth, who blushed. “Aw, don’t get all embarrassed now, you’re as bad as each other. You’re also both pretty loud.”

The couple looked at each other and sent guilty smiles, both red with embarrassment. Parker laughed at the small display, immediately seeing a lot of potential fun he could make with embarrassing the two.

He would defiantly be forcing an out of work friendship with the couple.

Simon recovered from the blush first, shifting so he was leaning against Gareth’s shoulder with a yawn; the bespectacled man had spent a good portion of the previous night looking up tutorials for making cocktails after Gareth had fallen asleep. Working at the studio was Gareth’s first job, he seemed to enjoy it and Simon was going to do anything he could to help Gareth with his directing.

“There.” Parker spoke up again with a smile. “One of my circus buddies is hosting a party in two weeks. He’s cool with everyone, so as long as you don’t start doing illegal stuff he won’t mind the two of you coming, if you want to.”

The couple looked at each other. When Simon shrugged, Gareth nodded and grinned. He turned back to Parker and answered for them both.

“Sounds good.”

“Great, I’ll text Simon with all the details.” Parker grinned, looking at his phone again when it buzzed. “Speak of the devil. Looks like my ride’s here, so I’ll have to go.”

The couple both nodded as Parker jumped up. By the look on his face, he was obvious regretting doing this as his balls bust have been squashed by his tight pink jeans. He rubbed his crotch with a miserable but amused expression, looking towards the couple with a laugh.

“See you later, I guess.” He grinned. “Look out for the text, I’ll be pissed if you duck out on me. Might even start a rumour that you two fucked in the toilets… Oh wait, that did happen didn’t it?”

Again, Gareth and Simon blushed and looked away from the gymnast. Parker laughed loudly and began to jog to the door of the studio when he heard a car horn from outside, his circus friend apparently impatient. He looked over his shoulder and waved to them both.

“Remember, try the right stall! See ya!”

Soon, the couple were left alone. They looked at each other with slightly flushed expressions, chuckling and leaning forward to kiss again. Gareth slid his hands to Simon’s hips, pulling him up to his lap and smiling at the smaller man, resting their foreheads together.

“I guess we’re going to a party then.” Gareth smiled. “If I remember correctly, that mainly consists of crap small talk and drinking cheap beer from red cups.”

“We could smuggle some of our own in?” Simon suggested with a smile.

“You could make some CockTrails. I bet they’ll go down a treat.” Gareth smirked.

“I could, I suppose.” Simon hummed, smile mischievous. “As long as you’re fine with being my luxury vendor, of course.

Gareth’s eyed widened at the very real threat. “You know, I’ve always thought cheap beer in red cups is very underrated actually. And we don’t want to stick out, do we?”

Simon laughed. “I thought so.”


Chad S said...

Hey, have you ever seen the traditional wine-making technique of grape-stomping? I don't know why I didn't think of it the first I read this story, but now it seems an obvious next step - no punishment intended - for Simon's cocktails. Perhaps a trample board could be used, (image below just in case you're not certain what that means) with multiple sets of "grapes" lined up in a row? Perhaps Simon could invite an assistant to help with the juicing?

Chad S said...

Er, no "pun" intended. Damn autocorrect.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chad.

I hadn’t thought about this, but you’re right, it is the obvious next step. I’ve been wanting to get back into writing for some time and making a sequel for this would be a great point, as this one was really fun to write an done of my favourites :-)

I’ll certaimly consider it. Thanks for the comment.