Monday, June 8, 2020

Tough run home (written by Leo)

This wonderful story was written by our reader Leo. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Elliot, Matt, and Rory stood in the hot late afternoon sun stretching in the parking lot of their local trail head. The three boys were gearing up for a run, having been on the track team together throughout high school and graduated together the past weekend. The boys were always close, all 18 years old, fast, smart, and lean-- and now all shirtless and sporting nice bulges in their running shorts as they set their watches to get started.

Elliot slicked his dark curly hair back out of his eyes to reveal a cute but plain face. He wore modest purple running shorts. This matched Elliot’s whole demeanor; he was fast and kind, but the most quiet of the three and never seemed to have much going on romantically.

He had a nice sized dick and low hanging balls that were nothing to be ashamed of, but none of the boys on the team, or perhaps anyone at all, knew this for sure. Of course, only his friend Rory knew the reality behind Elliot’s shyness: Elliot was gay.

Rory was a good friend and the team clown known for his elaborate pranks that often ended up with his absolutely enormous hairy balls dropping out of his shorts onto someone’s water bottle or granola bar.

Although he was fairly handsome and quite well-endowed, his underwhelming height and childish antics played into the notion on the girls’ team that Rory wasn’t exactly a great hook-up. He wore black shorts that complimented the black sweat band he had hanging as a necklace over his nice pecs.

Then there was Matt-- the hottest guy on the team. Elliot and Rory being his closest friends must have heard it a few hundred times just how nice Matt’s dick was.  Matt was constantly sleeping with at least one of the girls in school, and though he was a good guy, he rarely missed a chance to detail his sexual goings-on to the increasingly frustrated Elliot and Rory. He bragged about his ever-growing “virginity list” -- the collection of girls in school who enjoyed Matt’s dick as their first entrance into the sexual world.

Matt was strong, with dark wavy hair cut just right, and big sparkling brown eyes to match a killer smile. Today, Matt was sporting a super short, bright red pair of almost-see-through nylon shorts that left little to the imagination. Elliot noticed that Matt’s perfectly trimmed dick hung peacefully above his large round nuts.

As today’s run got started, even Elliot and Rory found themselves feeling fed up, tired of laughing at yet another story of Matt's -- some “fucking amazing thing Maya does to my cock.” Rory casually threw a back-handed slap at Matt’s perfect package and said with a laugh, “shut up dude. ”

Elliot watched Rory’s knuckles put a dent in Matt’s big round nuts inside his shorts. Matt lurched back in pain with a scowl that couldn't mask his smile at pissing off his buddies.

The boys ran further and further from the parking lot into the back corner of the trails where a tiny stream cuts through the forest and a quiet clearing opens up with just a few trees.  

“Alright boys, let’s turn this thing around. Maya told me she’d be waiting at her house for me after the run, and I haven’t cum in five days! It’s gonna feel SO fucking nice” said Matt as the boys slowed to a walk in the clearing.

Rory reared his head back in annoyance, “Aw come on Matt! We can’t turn back yet--  I got an idea to spice things up a little”

A classic Rory line often met with speculation was today embraced by Elliot with a goofy smile: “oh yeah, Rory, whatcha got?”

Rory looked around the clearing urgently, knowing full well they were the only three in this part of the woods before whispering,  “Nut rock.”

“Nut rock?!” exclaimed Matt.

“Yeah boys, nut rock! You remember nut ball after practice on the tennis courts right? Well I think we need that excitement back. And I don’t see any tennis balls but,” he paused and looked around at the creek bed, “we got rocks!”

“No thanks dude,” Matt said with a laugh, “I’m too old for that shit.”

Much to Matt’s surprise though, Elliot chimed in playfully. “Oh come on Matt, don’t be such a pussy. You can count me in, Rory. Let’s say winner doesn’t have to buy lunch the whole rest of the summer.”

“Now THAT's what I’m talking about!” said Rory with a high-five to Elliot. “You hear that, Matt? Elliot said it plain and simple, don’t be a pussy.”

Matt kicked a rock at his feet in thought and looked up to see his two best friends give pleading but mischievous looks.

“Alright. Fine.” Matt said with a grin “You’re sure as fuck not going to win with those giant sensitive freak nuts, Rory”


Not two minutes later had the three young gentlemen assumed their positions. Each leaning back against one of the old trees that dotted the clearing, the boys made a triangle of potential pain around the creek bed and spread their legs wide.  

You could trace Matt’s beautiful dick inside his red shorts, while Rory’s huge nuts tumbled out of their black pouch as soon as he spread his legs. Elliot anxiously examined his own dick and the rocks around him as Rory said “OK! Let’s get started. I say Elliot can go first because he was fastest last season.”

With a nod to Rory and a grin, Elliot picked up a medium sized, round rock and hurled it without hesitation at Matt’s package.

Matt saw the impact before he felt the pain. The rock lodged right in between his left and right testicles, denting both as Matt finally felt the sensation radiate through his sculpted abs and let out a low groan as he cradled his aching stud nuts. Matt cautiously put his hands back behind his back and said, “Jesus, Elliot! What the fuck was that? You better get him back Rory.”

Rory looked at Elliot and then at Matt with a grin as the plan finally came into shape. “Oh I don’t think so, buddy,” said Rory as he picked up a strange-looking triangular rock and sent it spinning towards Matt’s package.

This one was left of target, but not by much. The sharp point of the rock dug into Matt’s slightly larger left nut and seemed to hold in place until finally falling to the ground. This time Matt screamed loud enough that Elliot was afraid someone actually might hear them back in the woods.

“FUCK you guys!” he bellowed. After about 30 seconds of Elliot and Rory’s snickers, Matt said “I can take you both down, don’t even worry.”

Unfortunately for our handsome hunk, this was not the case. As Matt wasted shot after shot on Elliot’s stomach or Rory’s thighs, the other boys piled up eight hard shots onto Matt’s dick and balls. It was easy to see his nuts growing inside the shiny, red shorts.

Just for fun, Elliot used one of his turns to land a perfect shot on an easy target-- Rory's massive balls. Rory gave a goofy but annoyed grin at Elliot to stress that they were on the same team here.

After a few more shots to Matt's swelling package, he seemed just about ready to resign, but Elliot and Rory didn't want that.

While Matt moaned in pain, Elliot mouthed at Rory to trust him as he moved to execute the next phase of his plan.

“Alright, Matt this is getting pretty pathetic. Let’s both take a shot at Rory’s nuts and try to turn this thing around for ya. I’ll bring you the best rock I got.”

Matt nodded with a grimace, embracing an alliance to escape this situation with any sense of pride left.

As Elliot approached with the rock, a nauseous Matt reached out leaving his nuts dangerously exposed. Elliot wasted no time.

He kicked Matt’s swollen nuts hard, pulled the drawstring out from inside his shorts, grabbed Matt’s weakened wrists and tied his hands to the branch on the back side of the tree, leaving him completely defenseless.

“Wow” said Rory with a gentle whistle. “That couldn’t have gone better.”

“Let me go!” commanded Matt, not sounding all that strong. “Why are you ganging up on me?”

Rory explained: “Well buddy, I think we're both sick and tired of always hearing about your sex life as you mock us for not having one. I’m straight and I go home horny-- I can’t imagine what it’s like for Elliot.”

“Wait wha--” started Matt before Elliot cut him off “-- yeah dude. I'm gay. And all those times you’ve said I’m too shy for sex, you’re about to learn otherwise”

Without further ado, Elliot reached into Matt’s shorts and got his hands on the prize he’d always wanted. He felt Matt’s thick, veiny dick coursing in his hands. With his left hand he lightly tickled Matt’s nutsack.

Elliot felt Matt’s cock stiffen in his right hand and looked up at Matt with a grin. Matt's brown eyes darted around the clearing and he flashed a nervous but hot last-chance smile at Elliot.

Elliot simply said: “Like Rory told you, we’re going to teach you a lesson, but just trust me”

Before Matt could respond, Elliot took Matt’s dick in his mouth. Matt thrashed and snapped, “dude! I’m saving this load for Maya, please no!”

But Elliot showed no signs of slowing down as Matt’s tip touched the back of his throat. Elliot had never felt more alive. Matt reared his head back in pleasure as he submitted to Elliot’s treatment.

After a few minutes of Elliot's best effort to rock Matt's world, Matt’s dick reached its full seven inches as he now accepted that he would coat Elliot’s throat with his near week-old sperm collection.

Just as Matt’s orbs started rising in their sack to deliver their contents, Rory reminded everyone of his presence. He grabbed Matt’s jewels, squeezed, and tugged them down hard while Elliot sucked without pause on Matt’s dick.

Matt’s handsome face contorted. “NO! Rory plea- AH!” None of the girls in school had ever ruined an orgasm of his, let alone so violently as this.

Rory twisted and kneaded Matt’s balls with a grin: “this is what every girl is so excited about? This is why there’s nothing left for me? These nuts still aren’t as big as mine,” mused Rory as he took out years of sexual frustration on his stud buddy’s nuts. 

As Matt flailed his legs in frustration, Elliot pulled his mouth off Matt’s throbbing, dripping dick.

“You didn’t think we were going to give it to you that easy, did you?” asked Elliot.

Matt scowled at his friends and pleaded with Elliot: “come on buddy, just finish me off.”

Matt’s reddened nuts were already taking on an additional shade of blue and swelling further to truly give Rory’s bull nuts a run for their money. Matt needed it bad... but not as bad as Elliot.

For the first in the presence of another, Elliot took out his own dick. Much to the surprise of even Rory and to the horror of Matt, Elliot revealed a rock hard and enormous eight inch cock that stood proudly above a pair of thick low-hanging nuts.

Elliot laughed at the look on his friends’ faces, and said “lucky you Matt. you’re going to add another person’s virginity to your list!”

The sunset in the forest gave an oddly peaceful setting to Elliot’s first blowjob. While Matt was initially resistant to taking Elliot’s monster in his mouth, one mean punch from Rory quickly opened him up. Elliot moaned in pure ecstasy as he grabbed Matt’s hair and threw his head back and forth, rocking his dick into his hot friend's tonsils.

Rory, being the friend he is, couldn’t let an opportunity to bust some balls go to waste. In fact, he suspected his kinky best friend might like the additional attention. Still on his knees with one hand controlling Matt’s bloated balls, Rory grabbed Elliot’s nut pouch with his other hand causing him to gasp.

“Relax, buddy” Rory said calmly, as he gently massaged Elliiot’s virgin nuts, throwing in a light squeeze here and there. 

“I’m close” said Elliot after a few amazing minutes. With Rory’s tricks and Matt’s screams massaging his long cock, it didn’t take long for Elliot to empty the contents of his balls into Matt, laughing as he finally came in the way he had long imagined.

While Rory was thrilled to see his friend finally get the orgasm he had dreamed of, his own cock needed attention. He pushed Elliot out of the way and stuck his dick inside Matt’s still gaping mouth.

Unlike Elliot, Rory skull-fucked his friend with the casual indifference of a straight guy using a lesser man for a quick nut. His giant balls bounced aggressively off Matt’s chin again and again, causing Rory just a bit of pain to compliment the immense pleasure he was feeling in his thick, curved dick.

“Hey could you help me out there, lover boy” he said as he glanced behind him at Elliot.

Returning to earth again, Elliot quickly worked to return the favor, squeezing Matt’s nuts to increase the pressure in Matt’s throat.

Rory smiled as his thick nuts churned with the familiar feeling of imminent release.

“I could get used to this” Elliot said with a happy sigh as he chewed on Matt’s bruised balls while Matt’s desperate dick still leaked precum above.

As Elliot bit down hard, Matt screamed once more, creating the perfect sensation for Rory to cum.

When Rory emptied his massive load and finally pulled his dick out from Matt’s mouth, Matt looked at Rory and Elliot longingly, tired of being edged, tired of seeing how it feels to not cum whenever and however he wanted.

Teasing Matt’s towering purple dick once more, Elliot looked once more over Matt’s face, still beautiful even in the midst of pain.

Elliot gently licked the tip of Matt’s dick and flicked his aching blue balls, gloating in the power he had over the hot young man.

Matt groaned in frustration. ““Come on, Elliot! you're killing me"

Elliot believed him and finally took Matt’s perfect member in his mouth, kneading his nuts once more as it took only a few seconds for Matt to shoot the biggest load of his extensive sex life.

At last, Rory untied Matt, and the three lean, muscular boys laid down in the grass together with their shorts around their ankles. No one spoke for a few moments, everyone's teenage nuts were empty, some were more sore than others.

“I’m sorry I made you guys so mad… and so horny” said Matt, in the middle of the three.

“Oh no worries-- this all made up for it” said Rory as he gave Matt’s empty, tortured balls his signature back-handed slap once more.

“Oh my fucking god," moaned Matt "what am I going to tell Maya?” Matt's sex life continued to vanish before his eyes while his once proud nuts throbbed unforgivingly.

“You’re great with the ladies, I’m sure you’ll come up with something,” said Elliot gleefully, “Let’s head home”

Light and free with his virginity behind him, Elliot led the boys through the trails at a blistering pace, laughing with Rory about summer plans and college hopes.

Matt, on the other hand, was doing all he could not to pass out as his swollen nuts bounced around his thin, see-through shorts. Every bump into his thighs or into each other felt like a sledgehammer to his mistreated gonads.

“You alright back there?” Elliot said with a laugh.

The typically cocky stud glanced up at his friends as he plotted a way to get back at them. Fearing any further discussion or manipulation of his junk, he simply said, “yeah, no, I'm fine… it’ll just be a tough run home.”

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