Wednesday, June 24, 2020 Original Video: Ballbusting the sperm donor

The nut doctor is back - and this time he won't stop before his patient cums! The latest entry in our Original Videos has not one but two cumshots! That's right - Fluffy cums and Toby cums as well! How's that for a sperm donation?

Ballbusting the sperm donor
Starring Dr. Toby Springs and Fluffy
Length: 14 min
Price: $13.99
Quality Guarantee:
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Fluffy has decided to donate some sperm. He is bare naked, jerking his boner to some porn - but it's taking forever! Clearly, this is a case for "orgasm assistant" Dr. Toby Springs. He enters the room, explaining that they get many perverts, and it's company policy to make sure that donors get absolutely no pleasure from donating their sperm. That's why he will monitor the donation, "help" Fluffy with the cum extraction and make sure that he doesn't have any perverted fun while jerking off.

Dr. Springs makes Fluffy jerk off, intervening with nut kicks, punches and slaps whenever he feels like Fluffy is having too much fun. He even whips out his own dick and casually jerks off into a cup to show Fluffy how it's done. Finally, when  Fluffy cums into a jar while Dr. Springs squeezes and punches his nuts, most of the cum misses the jar. What an idiot! Thank god Dr. Springs has a degree in POT (Post Orgasm Torture), and he starts squeezing and punching Fluffy's spent nuts to get every last drop out of them. He makes Fluffy taste the cum to make sure it's good - but it's clearly not enough, so Dr. Springs makes Fluffy lock up his dick in a chastity cage and tells him to come back next week for another sperm extraction.

My opinion:
This clip is the result of several improvisational sessions, and - as always - both Fluffy and Toby do a remarkable job in bringing my kinky vision to the screen. Fluffy's cumshot is nothing short of spectacular and I can't get enough of Toby squeezing and wringing his spent dick and balls. This is a visit to the doctor's like none other!


πŸ₯› Fluffy's flying cum πŸ₯›

When it finally happens, Fluffy's orgasm is just wonderful. Unfortunately, most of his pearly white, juicy cream misses the cup and lands on the ground. But apart from that it looks like Fluffy is the perfect sperm donor.

πŸ₯› Gratuitous cumshot from Toby πŸ₯›

Out of nowhere, Dr. Springs whips out his dick and jerks off into a cup. That's how it's done! It's a completely gratuitous cumshot, and it takes less than a minute - which makes Fluffy's prolongued jerking off all the funnier! Fun fact: Toby's orgasm wasn't in the script - it just shows you how dedicated Toby is to his craft!

πŸ₯› Perspective πŸ₯›

We filmed the clip in several impro sessions. That's why the editing might look a little jumpy now and then, but it allowed us to try several fun and unusual camera positions.

πŸ₯› KneesπŸ₯›

There are some very hot knees. Toby's kicks and punches are perfect (they always are) but looks like now Toby has mastered the art of the ballbusting knee as well. Good job, doctor!

πŸ₯› Yummy! πŸ₯›

In a fun little twist, Dr. Springs makes Fluffy taste his own cum to assess its quality - and when he says that it tastes okay, Dr. Springs takes that as proof that Fluffy is a pervert, indeed! After all, who would let somebody make them taste their own cum?! Naturally, this calls for more ballbusting...

πŸ₯› Hands-on πŸ₯›

Nutsqueezing is one of my favorite move, and I love the sight of Dr. Springs' gloved hands squishing and squashing Fluffy's balls.

πŸ₯› Big dick! πŸ₯›

I can't get over how good Fluffy's equipment looks. That beautiful sack is in a class of it's own - and now we finally get to see his dick fully hard in all its glory. What a wonderful piece!

πŸ₯› Post orgasm torture πŸ₯›

It's hard to say what I like better: Dr. Springs busting Fluffy's balls before the orgasm or the aftermath of the cumshot. The post orgasm scenes (Dr. Springs trying to squeeze more cum out of Fluffy's dick and balls) are so hilarious and hot that I almost feel sorry for poor Fluffy...

Bottom line:
Thanks for your assistance, doctor!


Ballbusting the sperm donor
Starring Dr. Toby Springs and Fluffy
Length: 14 min
Price: $13.99
Quality Guarantee:
Get the clip now at!

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