Friday, June 19, 2020

Fun times at Cajones Crushers Carnival (written by shrews12001)

This is a wonderful anthology, a series of short stories written by our longtime reader and frequent contributor shrews12001. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Cum one cum all. Step right up and join the fun at the Cajones Crushers Carnival!


Final Stretch

Racers to the starting gate! Our grand competition is about to begin but there's still room for a few more competitors. Take your seats, man your hoses, fill the buckets and if you reach the finish line first you win our grand prize.

Everything here at the Cajones Crushers Carnival has a distinctive twist, ladies and gentlemen. And our old fashioned water race continues that tradition.

The Final Stretch is just that. This race comes down to the last stretch and what could very well be the last stretch for some of our boys.

These ten beautiful, beefy young men stand stoic and ready to go. Cocks at attention, testicles primed for our special grand prix.

At the sound of the bell you start spraying our handsome young studs cock and balls as accurately as you can. The water slashes down and slowly fills the 10 gallon buckets tied to each of their swinging scrots. As the buckets fill the sacks stretch lower and lower towards victory for you.

A dollar to play and two ways to win. The bucket stretches the full 18" and touches the buzzer you win the opportunity to get your hands on your stallion and collect his gooey treat.

But for the very lucky racer that makes their prized pony give up his stud seed before the buzzer goes off you get to take him home for the night.

Aim for the bucket and get that stretch, spray away at those meaty bits and maybe your boy will blow. No wrong way to play, kids.

And new this year, folks, after a kind patron pointed out that cold water was shrinking these magnificent sets of manhood, we've recieved a very kind donation of boiling oil from the French fry pavilion. Opps, sorry i didnt mention that earlier boys.

Come on ladies and gentlemen, post time has passed and these boys are ready to cum into the final stretch.


Spud Punch

It's throwback night here at the Cajones Crushers Carnival and do we have a real ball blast from the painful past.

A true classic to be sure, everyone. The original test of manliness and brute strength. Violence and accuracy in one. Who is the biggest man? Who is the strongest? Which of our amateur pugilists has the most powerful potency plunging punch?

For only fifty cents we will decided who has the superior strength.

The game is simple boys. The metal arms swings down and holds our large, padded target. You line up your swing, reach way back, and you power that punch into the pad with all your might. The arm swings back and we can precisely measure the force of your fisting down to the exact pounds of force per square inch.

This is it men. The most scientifically accurate way to measure your manhood with your pants on.

"Now wait Mr. Ballbusting carnival man. Where is the potential castration in this?"

Well folks thats where things get interesting. In the old days you would slip on some gloves before taking your swing. Sadly we have no gloves. But the safety of our patrons is top priority. So to protect your knuckles we have our boy Kyle here.

Kyle is 22 years old, comes from a wealthy family, has a bad attitude, and despite him looking like a 14 year old twink we can assure you Kyle's speed bag is perfect for absorbing some impact.

Kyle will be sitting on the platform above the swinging arm. His boy berries will hang down perfectly centered and you get the pleasure of testing your manliness while obliterating his.

Ignore the tears and begging behind the ball gag. Kyle was caught stealing from the till last summer and has been locked in a tiny pink cock cage for nearly 11 months.

Trust us, boys and girls, Kyle's man marbles are truly wonders to behold and abominations to be dominated.

Now who wants to take a swing at his swingers? No holding back. No mercy. No chance at any future Kyles. Step up folks, it's time to play.


The Junk Tank

Hey there, fella. You got the balls to impress the little lady? Or does our clown have the biggest balls in the park?

Step up to the line and take your shots, folks.

One dollar, three chances. Dunk the clown, stretch the junk, unleash the spunk. That's all there is to it, boys and girls.

Bitchy the Clown has been a real asshole and it's time he pays the price. You all know the old fashioned dunk tank? Well say hello to the CCC Junk Tank.

It's super simple, everybody. You fork out the cash and pick up your balls. You crank way back and let er rip right at that little red bullseye.

Give it a fling, hear the ding, the platform swings, and Bitchy sings.

What's the gag? Easy. Bitchy stands on the platform and when you hit the target Bitchy drops. What's that? Boring? Ha. Look closer.

The tank is but two feet deep and a little swim isnt punishment enough for Bitchy. Notice that beam high above the tank and the bungee cord.

One end around the beam and the other tied nice and snug around the neck of Bitchys ball bag.

His arms and legs cuffed nice and tight poor Bitchy has nowhere to go but down but his nuts wont be taking the dip.

Old Bitchy is going to have to work fast to get his head above water, and his testicles stretched to his knees wont make it any easier. Can he do it? Will Bitchy survive the icy water and excruciating pain of having his full 250 pound body violently yanking at his nut cords? I doubt it, but it costs a dollar to find out. Who wants to play?


Balloon Poppers

Who wants to win today? Fun for the whole family and prizes galore. Stuffed animals for the kids. Humblers for dad and nut crackers for mom. We got it all.

A dollar gets you 2 throws and $2 gets you five. The louder the cries the bigger the prize.

This is no fix, folks. You all know the scam other carnivals run. You pay good money to throw dull darts at limp balloons just to see them bounce off and you leave disappointed. Right? Oh not at the Cajones Crushers Carnival. Satisfaction and ball breaking action guaranteed, ladies and gents.

Our darts are razor sharp and deadly accurate. Even a child can nail the bullseye with these. And yes the balloons may look a little saggy but i swear on my own sack you'll get a Hell of a good pop from these targets.

And i know what you're thinking. Are those real? There must be 25 guys behind the wall presenting their testicles for a possible piercing. Is this legit?

Well. *smack* That scream tells me at least this little pink pair is real.

Now give it a try, folks. 2 for a dollar 5 for two. The deeper you lodge a dart into some vulnerable nut meat the more you win. Small balls, big balls. It's all the same here. Pick your favorite pair of boy spuds and lance 'em good. Each pair guaranteed healthy and fragile and attached to a whimpering little fuck behind the wall. You want a challenge go for baby balls on the left there. Want more for your buck that fat pair of black goolies can hardly be missed. Every dart that stabs into some nut flesh increases your chances at the ear piercing shriek of victory.

Now quiet down boys and brace yourselves. Looks like we have some takers.



We're broadening our horizons, folks. For years now we at Cajones Crushers Carnival have brought you the best, most creative, most brutal ball busting, testicle trouncing, nut neutralizing, stud splattering, gonad grinding fun on the midway. But this year we have added something special.

You've all seen our bevy of beautiful boys and their bodacious balls take beatings that would leave lesser men as, well, less than men. And every one of our boys has sprayed his thick, delicious stud sauce in a shower of agony induced orgasmic ecstacy out into our crowds again and again.

We've never had a complaint about the quality or quantity of our boys or their mouthwatering manhood. But clearly something was missing. Something we weren't taking advantage of.

Our boy's monster cocks are good for more than just dispensing prizes. Why don't we let you, our esteemed guests, get your sadistic rocks off with the addition of some good clean cock destroying fun?

Introducing Whack-A-Pole. And yes you may already have guessed the premise of our newest attraction.

For fifty cents you get your chance to set a record high score, win a fabulous prize, and turn some juicy samples of man meat into ground chuck.

When the game begins you pick up our special spiked mallet and start swinging. The windows on our game board will randomly slide open and reveal the throbbing hard boy beef beneath. All you have to do is slam that giant tenderizer into the slabs of meat. Each confirmed hit earns a point. Each time one of our pain sluts fires off his wad from your efforts you score ten points. Every further smash into their throbbing tips as they release their seed gets you 25 points. We've collected our most well hung young studs for this one. No one over 19 and no one under 10". This is some truly prime cock meat to be beaten and broken for your amusement folks. Now who wants to be the first to try the one true penis punishment playground?


Prize Shower

See this fabulous twist on an old favorite.

You've all seen it before: a handsome young stud gets stripped bare. He's sat on the ground with his juicy nuggets presented to the world, fat and vulnerable ripe for a pounding. You take the big wood mallet, swing 'er over your head and smash those balls to kingdome come just to hear that beefy bull scream.

Well not this time folks. No we got us something special. You'll see our stud is showing off all that eye candy just the same as he sits on our favorite little "ride".

You can see the platform our boy straddles with the special hole right in the middle. You can see those fat, beautiful balls dangling down like the worlds most tempting speed bag. And i know you'd all love to step up and take a swing at his swingers but that's not our game.

Now it's real simple, folks. Our bitch sits there. You take this mallet. You swing for all you're worth at our catapult. The puck flies up, smashes his gonads to paste, he screams bloody murder, and if you win that big fucking cum cannon of his will spray your salty snack into the air and you'll get your own personal "Prize Shower". Lick it up, catch it in your hand and rub it on the boy's face, or for double the price you can swing a second time and see how much jizz you can knock out with a second hard blow to his pumping plumbs. Will it ruin his orgasm or force even more sweet boy cream into the night air? Only one way to find out.

Every hit is a guaranteed cum. A snug butt plug keeps the boy in place and a high intensity vibrator just beneath his cock head keep him on constant edge.

Step right up. A quarter to play, two to punish, and special today for the price of a single dollar you can forego the catapult and take a swing straight at that sack of man marbles and see if you'll be the one to turn them to powder.

Come on everyone. Last year's boy almost made it one full day before his nuts were history. Can this one last longer or will his balls blow from the brutal busting barrage?

Step right up.


Wheel of Misfortune

Well, folks, this year's carnival has been  a huge success. We've had record attendance and turned huge profits which will insure our attractions will be funded for years to come.

But most importantly we have brutalized the boyhood of over 150 young studs, volunteer and otherwise. A handful of young marbles were sacrificed in the name of entertainment but thats the way the testicles rupture sometimes.

As we come to the close of this year's Cajones Crushers Carnival we have, as is tradition, saved the best for last. The ultimate prize opportunity. The ultimate pay off value for your dollar. And the ultimate boy breaker.

That's right. For the next three hours only we will once again be featuring the Wheel of Misfortune.

This year's incredibly lucky slash be damned victim is Ethan.

Ethan is 25 years old, 160 pounds of tight smooth twink muscle. His angelic little face and bright eyes may give off a sense of innocence but believe me this boy is packing some of the most obscenely huge equipment you've ever seen.

Every year we choose the most beautiful and perfect of our men to suffer the Wheel and have we ever hit the jackpot with Ethan here.

I know you're all eager for you chance to win this boy and you'll get it soon enough. But for all our new patrons i must explain the rules.

Ethan sits in our chair here, stripped nude for your viewing pleasure and to insure full exposure of his bits to our methods.

A wired metal butt plug is inserted into his tight, virgin hole followed by a brass testicle cup slightly too small for his plump plumbs. Finally the iron sound is slowly slipped into his lubricated cum shoot and fastened into place with a metal ring clamp sitting just under the flange of his mushroom head.

Once all of Ethan's most private of organs have been wired to the control board you see beside the wheel the game can begin.

The wheel is color coded into 50 sections. Each section represents a shelf of the prize wall. What color you land on decides what shelf you can pick your prize from. Guaranteed winners every single spin, folks.

But turn your attention now to the writing on each wedge of the wheel.

Each wedge features a voltage and a duration. When you win your prize Ethan will have to endure direct current to all of his boy bits in the amount and time on the wedge. If your spin forces Ethan to empty his nuggets into the night air you win double.

But special for this year, and sorry about the late surprise Ethan, is the single black wedge.

The black wedge corresponds to the top shelf of the prize wall and features the single word "Fill".

What does this mean? Easy. See how on the black shelf sits a lone mason jar?

Well, if you're lucky enough to land on the black wedge the game is officially over. One of our carnival employees will take the jar and fit it over Ethan's cock while the control board is set to maximum. The torment only ends when Ethan manages to fill the jar with his perfect twink stud sauce.

Should Ethan fill the jar you will be rewarded with the jar of man cream and any three, yes Three, prizes.

But, if Ethan's poor boy balls have been fried to empty too early, should he have had one too many nuts forced from him before hitting the black wedge, or if his man marbles simply cannot fill the jar and his efforts end in a series of screamingly painful dry cums then you, dear customer, win this years Cajones Crushers Carnival grand prize!

You win...Ethan. That's right. If Ethan fails to fulfill the win conditions of the game he goes home with you to be used in any way for as long as you deem him worthy. You need a cute boy to clean your house in nothing but a cock cage? You want to drink your morning coffee with twink cream? You need a pair of stress balls to stomp at the end of a day in your dead end job? Or do you just want some nice willing holes always waiting for some attention? Then spin the wheel.

Lets get that battery primed and start spinning. Form a line folks and have your dollars ready.

Cock hard and balls ready, Ethan. Here we go.

Round and round she goes, when he'll nut nobody knows!


WaterSpirit said...

Oooooh!! Its sooooooooo goooooooood a plot
I'm eagerly awaiting the release of the first story.
Can u include the characters in this website (if that's permitted), pls....Especially Brandon, Kev, Logan, Parker, Sammy....

shrews12001 said...

Right now this is all there is. I just wrote the collection of scenes as they are without a real plot in mind. But if anyone would like to use any part of it and expand it with more details and characters I'd be totally psyched to read it.

Chad said...

Love this one shrews12001!

I was never a fan of castration stories, but "win the boy" certainly won me over, and that finale was beautiful!

shrews12001 said...

Thanks! I'm not big on them either but i like to go big with the shit the boys go through. So usually it's something you know realistically would be seriously damaging but in the story is just excruciating for a while then right back to normal. Its more about the threat then the actual act. Thats why none of the guys actually lose a nut but the narrator mentions that a handful of accidents may have occured at some point.

shrews12001 said...

Oh and for anyone interested the two named character i used are based on two real people. Ethan Nestor is a youtuber and is exactly as sexy as you're imagining a stupidly hung twunk might be. And Kyle David Hall also a youtuber, cute as a button and not at all the attitude i described but you cant look at his face and not want to get a handful of his goods. Feel free to google them for faces/bodies to put with the names

Anonymous said...

Wow! Cna't wait to read more! Awesome story!

Chad said...

Yup, those are some good choices. I wouldn't mind a shot at some new stress balls...