Tuesday, June 23, 2020

From the web: This Vancouver 'stunt-magician' let people on the street kick him in the balls

Photo: WES Barker / YouTube

Here is a wonderful little article that I found on Vancouver Is Awesome. It's about, well, a Vancouver "stunt magician" who lets people on the street kick him in the balls. It's a fun little piece and it has a video of the "magic trick"...

Here's an excerpt:
"I've always wondered: How do people get kicked in the balls in the movies?"

While it might be something people ponder, most men wouldn't risk getting kicked such a sensitive area to figure out the best way to handle the impact.

But not Wes Barker.


As for getting kicked in the groin, Barker recorded his attempt, along with his preparation, in a video for his YouTube channel.

"Always funny, never not funny," notes Barker in the video. "I've come up with a contraption that allows me to get kicked in the nuts by strangers."
Read the full articel on Vancouver is Awesome. Why can't all magicians be like Wes Barker? :-))

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