Saturday, June 6, 2020

Video links: Testicle tee ball

Testicle tee ball is a sport that is gaining more and more fans. Back in 2017 we devoted a special edition of Boys just wanna have fun to it. And now it's time to revisit this wonderful sport.

Here are some more of my favorite clips featuring guys playing t-ball with their testicles.

The first video is short and sweet, and it hits the mark perfectly.

Here's another short one. Right on target!

Hitting the target area isn't always easy. The guys in the next video decided to tape a cross to the crotch. No way to miss it now!

Here is an accidental tetherball nutshot. Right where it counts.

Technically, the lest video is not a testicle tee ball video. It's a waterballoons get hurled at guys' crotches and doesn't pop video. I hope you enjoy it anyway...

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