Monday, January 25, 2021

Date night - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the 27th part of Jimmy's amazing Gino and Jayden series. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.

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Dreams do come true: Gino meets the Ballbusting Boys

Gino's secret crush

Jayden had a lot on his mind as he biked over to Chase’s house. Over the past two weeks he had some major concerns for many of the people closest to him. The most important person to him is his brother Gino who has been giving him the silent treatment ever since Francisco came back into their lives and rejoined the Bartlet wrestling team, which in part Jayden feels responsible for. Something happened between Gino and Francisco a year and a half ago and he’s not sure what that was but it clearly shattered their friendship. Naturally Jayden wants to fix that, but he’s totally unsure how.

Then there is Bill who has been dodging his calls lately since the breakup. Jayden is trying to give him the space that he needs but he’s not very good at it. Besides, Bill is now living with Sam Hell, aka the red eyed Devil Boy and Jake, two of the most despicable people that he has ever met. In the recent wrestling match for the championship, Jake even revealed to Gino that he was hurting Bill. Although Jayden has not been able to confirm that, he has asked his friends to keep an eye on Bill and report back with any concerns. Since some are on the same swim team and regularly shower naked together they can easily observe even the tiniest bruise, but to date Leroy, Max, and Chase all swear they have not seen a single mark on Bill.

Turning the corner on Chase’s street he sees Caleb and Junior running around shirtless spraying each other with bright yellow super soaker squirt guns. Jayden smiles at Logan’s cousins who live next door to Chase, waving as he approaches. Temperatures on this spring day have reached into the high eighties and getting wet sounds delightful. Jayden had to take off his tank top on the way over to Chase’s so that didn’t sweat through the material on the way over. He comes to a screeching halt, small pebbles skidding off of his tires of his bike as he does. “Hey, guys!” Jayden smiles at two of his favorite little people, which neither really that little any more. Caleb is now thirteen, a year shy of Jayden and Junior the younger brother is now eleven.

“Jayden!” Caleb and Junior Kruger shout their jubilation at seeing Jayden their favorite babysitter, besides their cousin Logan the captain of the Bartlet wrestling team. The joy is evident in their wide toothy smiles. The brothers are both drenched, shirtless and in their swimwear. Caleb’s upper body now looks quite imposing above his baggy swim trunks with small firm muscles that have recently displaced most of his puppy fat. However his growth spurt has clearly not been so generous everywhere, especially between his legs, and his boyhood barely protrudes through his silky black shorts. In contrast Junior, despite his tender years seems to be rather more endowed with a nicely packed speedo bulge that puts his older bro to shame.

“It’s so good to see you,” Jayden grins, wiping the sweat from his brow, holding up his hand to block the sunlight that filters into his brown eyes that soften at seeing them.

“You look hot, doesn’t he Junior?” asks Caleb grinning.

“Yeah, and super sweaty,” adds Junior. “We should help him out.”

“Wait,” Jayden kicks out the kick stand on his bike as he raises his hands in surrender. “I have a…” Jayden starts to say ‘Date,’ but is interrupted from doing so as both Junior and Caleb fire their water blasters. Both of them seem to be aiming for his groin. For shorts Jayden was wearing his usual black gym wear and he elected to go without underwear as it was so hot. Jayden sincerely regrets that decision as two powerful water beams fire directly into his shorts nailing both of his large gonads one stream per ball. Damn their aim was good.

“My boynuts,” Jayden hollers dropping his hands to protect himself.

Caleb and Junior snicker before switching tactics aiming for his face. Jayden getting water in his eyes, mouth, and nose raises his hands to block that stream and the brothers again aim lower hitting his boynuts again assaulting him with their water blasters. Jayden can feel his boynuts bouncing unwillingly in the streams of water and he folds at the waist, falling to the ground rolling into a ball to protect himself moaning.

Laughing Caleb and Junior empty their water super soakers making sure to drench Jayden completely.

“I was going to say,” Jayden say standing up covered in a mixture of water, mud, and grass spitting out the remainder onto the ground. “I have a date, and I shouldn’t go…well,” Jayden looks down at himself. “Looking like this.”

“Oops,” Junior says laughing, “You should have said something.”

“I tried to.”

“Next time try harder, want to get clean in the pool?” Caleb offers, and Jayden can see the mischief in his expression and knows full well what getting into in the pool with those two would mean.

“Sadly I can’t, I’ll be late,” Jayden says. Thinking quickly he adds, “You guys always come to the wrestling matches. I have one this Friday, just me versus Aldo. Why don’t I take you two home afterwards and we can have hangout night. Check in with your folks and make sure that’s okay. Sound good?” Jayden asks.

“Yes!” Junior says, running forward and hugging him. Jayden hugs him back making sure to get a lot of extra mud and grass onto the slippery wet boy. Jayden identifies with the younger brother a lot. Both Junior and he are the younger siblings, both are swimmers, and both had their first ball busting experience with their older brother.

“Deal,” says Caleb. “No getting out of it,” he flicks his phone one sending a quick message. “I texted Mom.”

“I won’t,” Jayden holds out his pinky. “Promise.”

Caleb takes Jayden’s pinkie finger with his own, giving him a ‘pinky swear.’

Jayden departs, taking his bike with him, waving goodbye to Caleb and Junior.

Kicking off Jayden bikes the quick few seconds before arriving at Chase’s house looking like a mess.

Ringing the doorbell Jayden tries to comb back his hair and rub the dirt and grass off of himself, but the effort seems futile. His soaked shorts hang so low on his hips that his sparse pubic hair is almost visible. Jayden tries to hike his shorts back up but they quickly retreat back down his hips, his perfect V and wash board abs do nothing to hold the thin soaking material in place. Sighing he gives up on his efforts as the door opens.

Chase comes into view.

He is barefoot, wearing a bright blue tank top that matches his sea blue eyes above a pair of white khaki shorts. Chase looks effortlessly attractive as always, even more so now that he has grown his hair longer, just as Jayden advised. Seeing Jayden, his lips curl into a sexy grin and he casually combs his fingers through his hair, lingering for a moment to yawn, but mainly to give Jayden an eyeful of his wonderfully sculpted biceps. Chase then raises his eyebrows as he looks Jayden up and down. “Thanks for dressing up,” he says deadpanning and the two laugh. “What happened to you?”

Rolling his eyes Jayden explains his encounter with Caleb and Junior.

“The little rascals,” Chase says, thinking quickly. “Want to get even with them?”

Jayden licks his lips, “What do you have in mind?”

“Come with me,” Chase says waving him to follow.

Jayden does. Chase steps outside closing the door behind him, but not before shouting back in Spanish, “Have everything ready in one hour!”

“You speak Spanish?” Jayden asks speaking his mother’s native tongue.

“A little,” Chase says. “When you have two house keepers and they have limited English you pick-up a lot. I asked my folks a long time ago to have them teach me. My parents refused, they said it was a ‘worthless language and not worth learning.’ I disagreed with them and with my absorbent allowance I paid them myself. Every Tuesday and Thursday I work with them to upgrade my skills. ” Chase informs him as he brings Jayden to an outdoor shed.

Taken aback from Chase’s parents thinking that the Spanish language is “worthless,” he goes quiet not sure how to respond. At the same time he is proud of Chase recognizing that his parents are wrong and he has worked on learning the language despite his parent’s viewpoints.

Chase’s backyard is perfectly sculpted with two gardens, a small pond and an even larger pool than Caleb and Junior’s. The flower beds have early spring blossoms blooming, pink and purple hydrangeas are just starting to peak out of the beds and a solemn white marble angel shoots a ray of water from a sword that splashes lazily into the pond.

Jayden stops to stare at the magnificence of Chase’s backyard his mouth falling open as he stares at the color and wondrous place before him.  “Chase this is…beautiful,” Jayden says feeling that word beautiful does not accurately describe the wonder of this place. The stone walkway waves crisscrossing presenting paths that lead in a small eloquent labyrinth around the gardens, ponds, pool, and flower beds.

Chase noticing Jayden’s adoration pauses trying to see the view for himself through his eyes. “It is pretty, I guess,” Chase shrugs reluctantly.

“You live in a kingdom,” Jayden whispers in awe bending down to stare at the perfectly lined flowers sculpted around a rose bush that has not bloomed yet.

“It’s not all that…” Chase begins.

“Chase,” Jayden says cutting in. “You have seen my house, we don’t have a backyard and our front yard is well…” Jayden stops talking as he realizes the comparisons in their homes showcases how differently they both live and he stops.

“Let’s get back to the revenge part before Caleb and Junior stop horsing around with their super soakers, yeah?” Chase offers, changing the subject.

“Okay,” Jayden says, the two growing quiet as they walk to the shed at the back. Chase puts his thumb against the sensor and the shed doors slide open automatically, lights flicking on as the small shed reveals an organized outdoor assortment of tools, pool materials, gardening equipment and at the back an array of water toys.

Chase tosses Jayden two super soakers that look even bigger than the ones that Caleb and Junior were carrying along with an extra set of water containers with belt attachments.

“Nice,” Jayden says.

“Hose is over there,” Chase says pointing. “I’ll fill up these.”

In Chase’s hands he has a small arsenal of water balloons that fill up 1,000 at a time.

“You have their cell numbers right?”

“Yeah,” says Jayden.

“Text them to meet you here in 5 minutes, we should be ready by then.”

Jayden grins pulling out his phone and doing just that.

“This is going to be fun,” Jayden smiles.


A few minutes later Chase and Jayden have hidden themselves behind some bushes in the garden, near the border between the two houses. From Jayden’s vantage point he can see and hear Logan’s cousins coming, and he can’t help but snicker and double check that the pump on his water gun is at full volume.

“Where do you think they are?” Caleb asks his brother, water blaster pointed in front of him.

“Must be hiding!” Junior says excitedly.

“Now!” Chase yells.

Jumping out from their hiding spots both begin to fire at Caleb and Junior.

Taken a back, Caleb and Junior jump into each other as water steams blast them in the face at full force.

The brother’s fire back wildly and retreat into the garden, Jayden moves to follow as Chase drops his water blaster and pulls out his balloon cannon. The cannon is massive and a heavy backpack rests on his back holding hundreds of water balloons. Taking careful aim Chase fires the first one that hits Jayden in the back of his head.

Jayden turns saying, “Chase you missed!”

Chase says, “No, I didn’t.” Chase is smirking, his Cheshire cat grin as three water balloons fire rapidly each on pelting Jayden smartly in the nuts in rapid succession.

“Oh, shit!” Jayden’s moans starring at his stinging sac in disbelief as Chase fires another barrage into the same spot nailing him four more times before he drops to his knees clutching his wounded boyhood feeling the pulsing throb between underneath his wet shorts.

“Chase, my boynuts…aww man,” Jayden groans his brown eyes crossing as he laughs. “You dick!”

Caleb and Junior poke their heads around a bush.

“Sabotage!” Junior laughs.

“Team-up?” Caleb offers

“Yes,” Jayden agrees thankfully from the ground, his balls still throbbing.

“At least your less dirty,” Chase laughs firing another balloon that hits Jayden in the face,

Jayden sneaks behind a bush next to Junior.

“He got your boynuts good, I saw that.”

“Yeah, he did,” Jayden admits with a grunt one hand still holding them protectively as they pulse beneath his fingertips. “Awww, damn,” Jayden bites his bottom lip, as another wave of nut pain coarse through him.

“Leave it to us, two can play at that game!” Junior pumps up his squirt gun and hand signals to his brother across the way. Caleb nods and the two jump into the garden path both firing.

“Where did he go?” Caleb asks as their streams hit nothing but air. A round ball rolls down the path. The ball is blue and the shape of a large dodge ball.

“What’s that?” asks Junior

“I don’t know…” Caleb replies pointing his blaster at it and fires a single stream instead of the usual four.

The ball halts, pulses once and explodes sending water everywhere.

Caleb and Junior cover their eyes, “Ugh!”

“Watch out it was a trap!” Jayden yells too late getting to his feet.

Chase starts firing his water cannon. Several water balloons shoot into Caleb and Junior’s stomachs, the wet splats followed by grunts as the two grab their abs.

That’s when the ball shots come in, one for each brother.

Caleb’s blue eyes sparkle as he shouts, “My nuts!” dropping his water gun falling to his knees in the classic ‘I got hit in the nuts’ reaction.

Junior takes the first shot, barely grunting most of the impact was on his thighs. Junior manages to tag Chase in the face but not before Chase’s next barrage of balloons slam into his young balls one after another landing with four SPLATS! Right in a row. Junior stumbles forward whimpering then falls to his knees a few feet in front of his brother grabbing his own sad sac. “My boynuts…aw he got mine too,” moans Junior.

“Yes,” Chase whoops as Jayden comes around the corner firing his blaster at Chase making sure to go low. Chase’s jubilation is short lived at Jayden tags both of his big nuts in his white shorts which quickly become see through so that Jayden can easily see his black underwear underneath and more importantly making the bulge more disenable and an easier target.

Chase moans but blasts Jayden again in the nuts with a successful five rounds of water balloons this time which happens to be the most that comes in a quick barrage setting on the water cannon. Jayden drops back to the wet Earth pounding the ground, “Oh, god.” He groans each ball shot feels like a punch, and he can hardly breathe; leaving his body tryinh to identify what just happened.

Chase got a little ball tagged but still seems to be in fighting form as he casually wanders down the garden path with is characteristic cocky grin. “I always win this game,” he says good-naturedly. “Water balloons always beat blasters.”

“So, do you surrender?” Chase asks standing a few feet away from the groaning boys on the ground.

“No, I just wanted you to get close enough.”

Chase raises one eye brow up as Jayden tosses his own water bomb, but not directly at Chase; instead he targets the wide open hanging basket that holds all of Chase’s remaining ammo.

SPLASH! The explosion of water is so epic that Chase is instantly drenched to the bone all the water balloons explode at once sending a small tidal wave down the path over the carefully laid out stones.

Chase is left frozen on the spot, dripping and mystified, wondering what just happened as Jayden yells out, “Now!”

Chase grunts as three water blasters fire simultaneously all aiming for his crotch go off water slamming into his imposing bulge from multiple angles. “Ugh dammit, you got my big balls!” Chase groans.

“Now make them jiggle,” Jayden laughs watching Chase’s nuts bouncing around in his white shorts as the jets of water continue to strike the bulbous targets until with a tragic groan his cocky boyfriend collapses to his knees dropping his useless water cannon and clutching his wounded testicles.

Slowly getting to his feet Jayden limps over, his own boy-balls still throbbing, but not badly enough to deter him from his mission. Behind him, Jayden is followed by the brothers Caleb and Junior, their bare feet slapping against the cobblestones, the warm air singing with the hum of insects buzzing around the spring flower beds. Approaching Chase, Jayden can see the abandoned water cannon brightly reflecting the sunlight and water droplets dripping down off his boyfriend’s skin as he lays curled inwards moaning with his eyes squeezed shut a grimace on his tanned face.

Jayden reaches down grabbing Chase’s wrists from behind and yanking them upwards causing Chase to shift on the soft grass next to the cobble stone path his shorts squelching as a small river of water leaks out of his open shorts holes.

“Hey!” Chase screeches his sky blue eyes shooting open struggling to protect himself as he glares up at Jayden.

“Now each of you gets a free shot, so make it count!” Jayden smirks staring down at Chase in defiance mixed with mirth while water droplets roll from his body onto Chase’s beautiful pecs from above.

“Jayden don’t! Dammit I’m going to get you for this,” Chase growls low in his throat in warning.

“Ohhhh, yeah? It’s payback time, boyfriend! I’m getting you back for the water cannon trick, you only have yourself to blame. Those water balloons felt like rocks hitting my boynuts Chase,” Jayden explains as Caleb gets to Chase first grabbing each of his ankles hiking them up so that Chase almost hangs in the air between Jayden and the boy.

“What are you…?” Chase starts to ask as Caleb, face full of determination yanks his legs apart and lifts his bare foot up twinkling his toes in Chase’s face.

“Say goodbye to your big balls loser!” Caleb announces with glee. Chase watches Caleb’s foot apprehensively as the blonde boy drops his twinkling toes straight down into his crotch striking the middle of his limp dick.

Chase grunts loudly as the youngster rubs and grinds his foot against his manhood, a look of concentration on his face then Caleb frowns and says, “Hang on, that’s not quite right.”

“No shit!” Chase huffs. “That’s my big dick you little shit, now get off,” Chase writhes and moans as Caleb’s toes press the limp noodle into his belly button rolling it underfoot.

“How about now?” Caleb asks innocently as he shifts his foot downwards and backwards.

“No, please not my…” Chase head suddenly jerks in a silent scream, making his three tormentors laugh.

“I think you found those big balls of his!” Jayden announces. The obvious gut wrenching spasm, followed by the scream indicate that Caleb is now right where he wanted to be all along. Jayden’s hunky boyfriend thrashes desperately trying to pull his powerful arms and legs out of their grasp while Caleb rolls his bare foot around Chase’s balls squishing them into the dirt and grass.

Absorbed in his attack against Chase, Caleb sticks his pink tongue out slightly to the right. His own blue eyes so much alike Logan’s alight with the same blue fire intensity of his older cousin when he busts his victims. Caleb chuckles, “Well Jayden, your cocky friend has rather fragile boy balls and they feel smaller than yours too,” with an evil grin he presses more weight into his leg plunging Chase’s manhood forcibly into the wet ground, his young testicles squishing deeper down into the thick mud.

“When’s it my turn?” Junior asks in an annoyed tone really dragging out the word ‘turn.’ Junior adds, “You’ve had him in that position for at least a minute!”

“Not yet! Wait your turn!” Caleb fires back, dropping one of Chase’s legs and smacking his brother in his red Speedo’s knuckles first. The wet smack issuing from between Junior’s legs makes his goods squelch against his bony pelvis.

“My boynuts!” Junior mourns staring at his bouncing speedo bulge the impact causing him to stumble into his brother. Caleb reaches out grasping his brother boy bulge in one hand, the fleshy contents barely fitting into his hand. He scowls angrily, reminded once again that the little runt is packing more than him where it really counts.

“Now get back or I’ll squish your little grapes,” Caleb warns twisting Junior’s balls, and wrenching them painfully away from his body the speedos twisting in his fist. Caleb gives one last smirk enjoying the pain on Junior’s face as he shoves him back and away from the action.

“Enough Caleb!” Jayden says.

“What?” Caleb asks, giving his shoulders a shake as he re-grabs Chase’s other leg and readjusting his focus back on squishing Chase’s big balls into the wet grass seeing how deep he can get the balls into the ground.

Junior sinks to his knees his hands clutching at his nuts, a wounded expression on his face mixed with betrayal as he keels forward on the cobblestones his own blue eyes crossing.

“I think we are done now,” Jayden drops Chase’s arm. Immediately he tries to get Caleb’s foot off of his nuts, but Caleb has him good and with the leverage of holding his feet in the air Chase cannot free his big nuts which blaze in testicular agony underneath Caleb’s bare foot his toes turning white as he digs into Chase’s tortured sac.

“Let him go, now” Jayden yells, all the mirth gone from his voice as he watches his romantic plans begin to disintegrate under Caleb’s crushing heel.

“No,” Caleb fires back glaring up at him.

In complete frustration Jayden for the first time reaches down and grabs Caleb right between the legs, quickly locating the small dangling package under the boy’s swim shorts. Caleb gasps, his jaw dropping wide open, every muscle clenched rigid as he feels Jayden’s hand invading his most sacred parts, jiggling his ripening testicles in their tight sac before isolating his slightly bigger and very slippery left gonad between his dexterous fingers.

“You sure you want to stick with that?” Jayden growls his warning as he tightens his grip on Caleb’s left nut his thumb poised and ready to plunge into the core of Caleb’s boy ball.

“Ugh! That’s my bigger left one! You wouldn’t dare! Now get off me Jayden or I’ll turn your friend into a girl” Caleb writhes under Jayden’s grip, releasing one of Chase’s ankles so he can clutch the wrist threatening his boyhood. Glaring defiantly at Jayden, Caleb grits his teeth and suddenly twists his foot even harder into Chase’s white shorts making the older teen howl and thrash in pain from the devastation occurring in his most private area.

“Let him go, Caleb” groans Junior. “It’s not funny anymore.”

Reluctantly Caleb drops Chase and lets him curl into a sobbing ball then instantly turns to Jayden and in a flash his free hand darts into Jayden shorts and grabs his overgrown left meatball. Caleb and Jayden’s eyes are locked together in a wordless battle, their breathe coming is sharp gasps as they each probe and threaten the other’s testicles, neither looking ready to step down and both fully prepared to squeeze their rival into submission.

Just as Jayden is about to turn up the heat a shrill voice screams out from next door.

“Boys dinner! Get your asses in here you wild animals!”

Jayden recognizes the shrill booming voice of the boys’ mother from the house behind him and he cringes as he loosens his grip. Caleb smirks at him pulling his sac out of Jayden’s grasp, but not before giving Jayden’s nut a final eye watering squeeze.

“Until next time, this was fun! See you Friday Jayden!” Caleb grins as he retreats slowly towards the house, pausing to slip his hand into his shorts to rub his aching jewel before picking up his super soaker and yelling back, “We’re coming! Stop you’re screeching, woman!”

“Look at you Caleb, you’re filthy! You better wash up before dinner!” she stands in the doorway, rolling her eyes as the muddy urchin approaches.

“Don’t make me or I will sit on the white sofa!”

“Don’t you dare!” she yells as he scampers around her laughing.

Moments later, Junior slowly climbs to his feet, super soaker in one hand, while he cradles his nuts gently with the other.

“You okay to get home?” Jayden asks full of concern, putting one hand on Junior’s thin shoulder.

“Yeah,” he moan “He got me pretty good”.

“Hey Runt, you hear me?” Mrs. Krueger yells.

“Yeah, I’m coming Momma!” Junior yells back.

“Well hurry it up, it’s getting cold!” She slams the door behind her.

Junior looks up with worry as he says, “We still on for Friday?”

“Yes, now go back to your dinner before she gives you a spanking or something,” Jayden laughs bending down to check in on Chase, his arm slipping from Junior’s shoulder down his slippery side, before resting on his hip giving it a squeeze, “See you Friday.”

“I might spank her back if she tries,” chuckles Junior as he hobbles away.

Jayden lets out a deep sigh then looks down to locating Chase, “You okay, tough guy?”

“Fuck, the little shit broke my balls” Chase groans.

“Get up, stud, those big nuts of yours can take it, right?” Jayden teases grabbing Chase by the shoulder and giving a friendly squeeze, enjoying the feel of his boyfriend’s solid muscles which make such a sharp contrast to Junior’s bony little shoulder he was just holding.

Chase groans, rolling his eyes, “Yeah! Ugh just give me a second.”

“Okay,” says Jayden moving his hand up Chase’s shoulder and running his hand through his blonde locks. Chase’s hair is wet but parts easily his skin is warm to the touch and Chase closes his eyes as Jayden runs his fingers along his scalp front to the back following the pattern that he has laid out on the first swoop through his hair.

“That’s nice,” Chase acknowledges sighing, his muscles relaxing.

“This is nothing,” Jayden says bending down so his soft lips brush Chase’s earlobe his warm breath dancing against Chase’s skin as he whispers “Just wait until I get you upstairs. Are your parent’s home?”

“Nope,” Chase’s grimace finally subsides, replaced by a cautious grin. “Are they ever?”

“Not that I have seen,” Jayden admits.

“Exactly. Now help me up.”

Jayden grabs Chase’s shoulder and pulls the two of them up, Chase bouncing into his chest pushing against him. Losing his breath, Chase encircles his arms around his waist leaning in and down his face inches from Jayden’s. “I have wanted to do this since I saw you,” and Chase kisses him, both shirtless torso’s glistening in the sun, small dots of water still clinging stubbornly to their skin.

Whimpering Jayden feels the heat of Chase against his chest. Jayden’s heart skips a beat thumping against Chase’s well-sculpted hard torso, his brown eyes closing in pleasure. Chase groans against him and Jayden feels both himself and Chase starting to chub up locked together in their embrace. Hungrily the boys fight against each other both desiring the upper hand in leading their kiss.

Finally the two come up for air, still clutching each other tightly, neither ‘winning,’ “Come into the house, my maids are gone. I want you Jayden. I want you right now.”

Jayden can only nod, his mouth running dry. His desire to have Chase, to make love to him takes him over completely his head swells with emotions as he leans in and up against Chase hungrily pecking his pink lips. “Then let’s go.”

Not needing to be told twice, Chase grabs Jayden’s hand and leads him into the back entrance. The windowed door set into an entire wall of glass slides open as they approach and Jayden’s eyebrow goes up as he says, “Okay, Ironman.”

“Like that? The doors are all on sensors. They are programmed to open for me as I approach,” Chase explains the doors closing behind Jayden.  Chase continues to lead Jayden bringing him throughout the downstairs through many of the rooms. In most other circumstances Jayden would be interested in the art, the carefully laid out room designs or the way that windows were built to let in the most amount of light to really bring in the outside warmth. Paying attention to none of it Jayden follows Chase to the central staircase leading up to the second story and Chase’s bedroom at the top.

Jayden sees red rose petals covering the staircase leading a trail up to Chase’s bedroom, candle lights flickering on both sides of the stairs frame the stairs on either side and Chase stops glancing at Jayden his blue eyes questioning, searching Jayden’s for his reaction, his response to the gesture.

“Chase,” Jayden whispers the name soft coming from between his teeth.

“Wait here, and come find me.” Chase drops Jayden’s hand and moves to the elevator which opens automatically, silently issuing its readiness to carry him upwards. “Give me two minutes.

“Okay,” Jayden say watching Chase closely while he steps inside, the elevator doors closing but not before Chase gives him a wink.

Jayden’s heart thumps and he quickly runs into the kitchen finding the sink set into a gorgeously modern black backdrop with tasteful silver flakes. Turning the water on Jayden does a quick rinse, trying to scrub the dirt, grass and grime from his face, chest, arms and legs. Feeling as if he half-assed his sink bath he grasps the hose attachment and sticks his head under the water. The warm streams down his head and Jayden can feel the dirt that he missed being washed away from his face, neck, hair and the top of his chest. Jayden thinking that he did the best that he could gives his mouth a quick rinse and spits in the sink.

Turning he heads back to the entrance hall, this time going slower trying to get control of his beating heart that hammers in his chest. Jayden takes some deep breathes and approaches the staircase which has been covered in soft white and red rose petals that cover steps. Jayden stairs in awe at the work that Chase has put into this and the soft white candles that burn on each step. With a hammering heart, Jayden begins to slowly climb up the stairs his wet shorts squelching as he moves upwards. He took his shoes off at the doorway and the rose petals on the carpet cling to his bare feet, their velvety softness arousing him as he is immersed in their fragrance mixed with a soft vanilla of the candles.

Chase’s bedroom door is slightly a jar, the white painted door beckons him forward and he slowly pushes it open. The lights are dimmed inside as the rose petal trail leads to Chase’s bed which has been stripped bare of its blankets. Only the soft threaded sheets and Chase’s silver pillows remain, but Chase is not on the rose covered bed. The rose petals swirl around his bare feet, the path seems to lead to the closet. Heart still thumping Jayden moves to grasp the handle but the door slides open. There inside the dimly closet is Chase, and he seems to be freshly showered and dry wearing a silky black pair of sleep bottoms and nothing else. Chase’s semi-hard cock strains against the black material that rides low on his hips showing his pronounced V and wash board abs. The stunning athletic form of his semi-naked boyfriend is not what has really caught Jayden’s attention however, because Chase appears to have locked both of his own wrists above his head in hand cuffs, his raised arms pointing straight into the air, his legs are spread and also chained to leather cuffs against the back wall.

Chase has also blinded himself with a thin black leather strap around his eyes leaving him sightless. The blond hunk turns his head as he hears Jayden open the door and he smiles his familiar Cheshire cat grin. “Help, I seem to be all tied up,” he smiles. “Will you save me?” he asks giving his restraints a little shake.

“Oh Chase,” Jayden says dumbfounded, but extremely turned on trying to take this all in.

“Oh Jayden,” Chase responds, his smile even wider. “Thank god you are here, I can’t get myself down.” He tries to seem bummed out, but the smile never leaves his face as he continues his roleplay charade. “I’m stuck. The key is somewhere in my underwear…I think?”

Jayden’s voice is husky as he says, “I better check then.”

“Good plan,” Chase nods giving his hips a little shake, his cock bouncing slightly in the silky material.

Jayden moves to reach for Chase’s obvious erection but pauses, thinking. Slowly he smiles an idea coming to him. Jayden lowers his gym shorts to the ground, which land with a wet splat. Standing stark naked, Jayden holds his own erection tight against his developing abs as he positions his thighs on either side of Chase’s tent pole and slowly brings his thighs to a close so that Chase’s penis tip is caught between his well-muscled thick thighs.

Sucking in a breath through his teeth Chase sighs, “Oh fuck.”

Leaning against Chase’s torso he rubs one of Chase’s nipples, feeling the perky erect nub between his thumb and forefinger as he rubs it along with his thighs rolling Chase’s pulsing penis head in slow motions between his thighs feeling the crown roll against his skin.

“Fuck me,” Chase whimpers, his body shuttering. That’s when Jayden lets his erection go slapping against Chase’s abdomen leaving a clear stream of pre-cum against his skin. “Oooh Chase, is that you’re…?”

“Dick?” Jayden offers squeezing his thighs closer together making his boyfriend wheeze out a moan. Chase gasps as Jayden feels Chase’s invigorated cock pushing upwards with powerful throbs between his thighs, almost lifting Jayden clean off his feet.

“You like that, huh?” Chase mutters as his lips curl up into a cocky grin. “I bet you love having a cock like mine between your legs. Oh wow, Jayden, that feels amazing, keep doing that.” Chase’s thick voice moans and he thrusts his dick in and out slowly between Jayden’s thighs his hard rod rubbing the bottom of Jayden’s ballsac.

Jayden leans in and brushes his lips against Chase’s who moans again trying to return the kiss just as Jayden pulls away.

“Don’t tease me, kiss me!” Chase demands.

“Shouldn’t I find that key first” Jayden chuckles, pinching Chase’s soft pink nipple hard in response making him yelp while his other hand reaches down and slides inside the blond boy’s silky pajamas hungrily scooping up both of Chase’s plump teenage balls and pulling them out above his waistband. Jayden grins as he rolls Chase’s treasures in his fingers, barely able to fit them both in one hand.

“I wouldn’t give me any orders Chase, you aren’t in any position to stop me. Are you?” Jayden questions deviously, sinking his fingers into Chase’s trapped nuts.

“Awww Jay…ugh…take it easy on my big nuts. They’re still a little sore after Caleb…oooh fuck,” Chase groans his forehead crinkling.

“Yes, he did work over your boys pretty good…but I can do even better,” Jayden says grinning wickedly as he starts kissing Chase’s neck, nibbling against his collarbone with his teeth while alternating squeezing Chase’s tender gonads in between each nibble with his teeth. His boyfriend’s beloved eggs feel heaver and more potent than ever and he can’t help wondering if they’ve grown recently.

“Shit,” Chase moans, arching his pelvis trying to escape.

Jayden pauses to look down at the blond stud’s delightful teenage testicles which really are quite a sight to behold; smooth, pale and above average in size even for a full grown male. Grinning cheekily, Jayden edges his hips forward until his ripening Latino nuts nestle right up against the blond boy’s proud orbs. Curiously he peers down, feeling strangely excited to be initiating a comparison of their gonads for the first time. It was always Chase’s idea in the past, his way of proving his superiority over his peers and something he had always struggled to demonstrate against Jayden.

“What are you doing?” Chase asks suspiciously.

“Just comparing.”

“Comparing what?” Chase asks trepidation in his voice.

“Our nuts of course. Your big man-balls versus my boy-nuts,” Jayden smiles widely, not really caring about victory but enjoying the slight nervousness in Chase’s blindfolded face.

Teasing the older teen, he rolls all four orbs in their sacs against each other, bumping and jiggling their nerve-filled organs together, the sensation causing both of their cocks to buck and strain wildly. Chase’s big bulging balls really seem to have grown, but Jayden’s overgrown meatballs look totally unfazed, lolling fat and lazy in their honey-colored scrotum, the right one a little meatier than the left. But even lefty is a big boy, snuggled up against Chase’s bigger right testicle it looks more than a match for Chase’s best effort. It’s a pretty close contest but Jayden’s victory is undeniable especially at this close range but he fells in no rush to rub it in, it’s far more fun keeping Chase on edge.

“I bet you want to know how your big balls stack up, stud?” Jayden asks simply, leaving the question to hang tantalizingly in the air, as he weighs his boyfriend’s low hangers in his hand.  

Chase gulps, licking his lips before finally finding his voice, his body is still chained hanging up in the closet and he’s never felt so powerless.

“We, er, we already know the answer, Jayden” Chase gulps, perspiration breaking out on his forehead.

“Hmm well I wonder,” Jayden whispers leaning in close. “If that’s what I am seeing. Take a guess. Go on, I dare you.” Jayden teases dropping his own balls and separating Chase’s so he holds one in each palm judging their weight and size running his thumbs in slow semi-circles around the full weighty orbs in each hand.

Chase really starts to sweat now, shifting uncomfortably, the chains clinking together on his metal cuffs, his muscles tensing, testing his bonds. “I…I have the bigger set. I’m almost sixteen Jayden, these are the biggest balls on the swim team.” Chase cringes at the nervous falsetto in his voice as he resorts to his usual mantra.

Smiling Jayden starts kissing down Chase’s chest, nicking him here and there with his teeth, swirling his tongue around and around Chase’s belly button nub ending with a long suck that makes the blond stud gasp.

“I’m bigger!” Chase groans protesting. “Surely you can feel how big my balls are!” Chase almost screams it.

Ignoring his protest Jayden continues to probe with his tongue before looking up “Did you know that your belly button is directly connected to your dick?” Jayden leans in once again, wrapping his lips around the tiny nub darting his tongue against it before he gives a long slurping suck making Chase gasp with desire. “You see, when I suck it’s just as if I had your dick in my mouth.”

Below him, Jayden feels Chase’s throbbing erection and the moisture wetting the tip of Chase’s underwear as he drips down the clear liquid of pre-cum falling to the floor below. Jayden digs his fingers into his boyfriend’s nuts helping him to produce some more liquid as he lets up on the belly button sucking.

“Agreed?” asks Jayden.

“…yes. Please…”

“Well since you ask so politely,” Jayden interrupts with a chuckle, and begins to suck at the tip that is jutting out through Chase’s underwear, enclosing just the crown of Chase’s member inside his mouth like a lollypop, taking him in and sucking deeply.

“Oh…oh…oh fuck. Oh fuck. F…fuuuuck!” Chase’s body writhes while Jayden continues to suck on his cockhead, his body tingling, locking into place. Jayden feels Chase’s balls start to rise up to the base of his cock and Jayden pulls off not ready to end things just yet.

“Oh I’m not going to let you cum…not just yet,” Jayden says dropping Chase’s nuts, which swing back and forth. Just when their movement stops Jayden uppercuts Chase in his full nuts.

“Fuck! My big balls,” Chase grunts, his body contorting in his bonds as every muscle clenches and shudders.

Smirking, Jayden stands grasping Chase’s pumped biceps and slowly brings his knee until Chase’s throbbing nutsac rests on his bone. He grins as he massages the solid muscles in his hands, recalling how he defeated Chase in the past with just a few hard knees to the balls “Do you know where my knee is, buddy? Feels familiar huh?”

Chase stops struggling, his body falling still apart from a nervous shivering. “Jayden, please not the knee! Come on, man, you’re going to wreck me,” he pleads.

“How about we have a safe word, so I know when to stop and you surrender,” Jayden suggests, bouncing Chase’s nuts gently on his knee.

Chase sighs with relief, “Yeah OK”

“The safe word is a phrase, all you have to say is this: Jayden’s boynuts are bigger than mine.”

Before Chase can answer Jayden swings his knee back and pounds his first knee right in between Chase’s wide spread legs nailing both perfectly. “Bullseye!” Jayden breathes out grinning feeling Chase’s nuts pulsing beneath his own thigh loving the tingling against his skin.

“Jayden…fuck” Chase sucks in a breath, “Aww god my big balls.”

Leaning in against his taught, ripped swimmers body Jayden nibbles at Chase’s ear, rubbing his own erection against Chase’s, which has diminished in length and thickness from the onslaught to his nutsac. Chase’s poor big nuts continue swelling and Jayden fakes a knee up just tapping Chase’s nuts gently making him draw in a breath in anticipation for the worst making Jayden laugh.

“So jumpy,” Jayden’s musical laugh rings out in the closet. “You give up yet?”

“….no way. My big boys can take it,” Chase grunts.

Jayden grins and brings his knee up again slamming it against Chases taint his nuts stuck in between his butt cheeks. Not waiting for Chase to recover he follows it up with another knee, this one worse even more devastating. Jayden wishes that he could look into Chase’s blue eyes as his knee bone strikes both nuts and they unfortunately squish against Chase’s body slipping painfully out of the move bulging and popping out on either side of Jayden’s knee.

Chase’s jaw drops open in a silent scream and Jayden jiggles his knee grabbing Chase’s sides and holding him steady so that his full weight rests on his outstretched knee. Jayden knows that he can’t last long in holding him up so he bounces him in place each landing reverberates throughout Chase’s body and a low saddened moan escapes his pink lips ending with a “Fuuuuck! You broke my balls!”

Jayden pulls back to watch, his hungry brown eyes fixed on Chase.

Chase seems to slump further into his binds, his body aching but that’s nothing compared to how his balls are faring. Chase cannot see his nutsac to confirm but he knows that his big boys are bloated most likely red and the devastating soreness rocks him deep to his core. He can feel his mighty erection shifting down and he tries to catch his breath as hot air is blown over his cock head through his tight underwear. Chase moans hopeful as Jayden sticks out his pink tongue licking the underside of the sensitive tip tasting the salty pre-cum that still lingers even in Chase’s under shorts.

“Ugh my nuts.…Jayden” Chase mumbles sucking in a breath.

“Yes?” Jayden asks slipping Chase’s black slicky underwear down hearing the key slip and clatter to the floor. Jayden grabs the base of Chase’s dick, holding it steady as he licks around Chase’s crown feeling it respond and rigidify.

Chase trembles, “Are you going to…suck it?”

In answer Jayden covers his teeth with his lips and sucks Chase’s dick all the way down to Chase’s base, the blonde pubes tickling his nose as he starts bob up and down. Chase not needing to see finds Jayden’s rhythm quickly and thrusts with him the two engaging in a dance that makes Chase start to sweat, this time in the best way. Chase’s heart begins to picks up faster, but his bouncing balls still bring the achiness that he his feeling back front and center.

“Oh Jayden, keep going,” Chase sighs.

With his free hand Jayden reaches up grabbing Chase’s right pec, feeling the muscle and squeezing the nipple. Chase gasps at the contact while at the same time Jayden restricts his throat sucking deeply. Running his hands down Chase’s chest his fingertips scrap the skin resting on his hip before lowering picking up both of Chase’s big balls in one hand, the bloated balls barely fitting and gives the orbs a squeeze.

“Not my big nuts, not again” Chase moans, pulling at his restraints trying to get to his most vulnerable parts.

Jayden says nothing but bobs up and down, the amazing aspect of giving someone a blow job while they are bound is that they can hardly move. Chase’s lack of movement gives Jayden complete control as he slurps at Chase’s rigid pulsing member.

Jayden could feel Chase getting closer again, his balls while still trapped in his hand began to descend back, resting right underneath Chase’s throbbing erection which Chase thrusts in and out of Jayden’s mouth guided by his hand. Chase starts to make little gasping sounds as he thrusts and Jayden feels Chase’s balls start to shake within his grasp as the juices inside begin to release.

Pulling off just in time Chase foolishly thrusts in the air so close to cumming.

“Jayden fuck! I was…going to cum…” he pouts as Jayden still holding his nuts squeezes harder, bring his other hand up to help separating both nuts, before plunging his thumbs deep inside.

“I am not going to let you cum Chase,” Jayden says simply giving his shoulders a shake. “Not until you say it.”

“Please, noooo…” Chase groans, giving one last useless thrust his quivering erection pulsing uselessly in the air.

“Just say it,” tempts Jayden kissing the end of Chase’s penis sucking just the head back in his warm mouth, making an audible slurp which brings Chase right back to the edge, but Jayden pulls off again, “You know that you want to.”

“Ugh, ugh, ugh,” Chase groans low in his throat, his big balls bursting with new pain, his nuts feel so full and he can’t seem to take it. Chase shakes his head back and forth and he tries to hold it back and in, but he can’t he screams out, “Fuck, my balls!”

Jayden relents a bit, allowing Chase a moment to recover and simply rolls the balls in their sac squeezing tightly every ten to fifteen seconds, trying to keep Chase on the edge and not sure what he might do next.

Chase moans, “I will…oh god…get you back for this.”

Moving to standing Jayden takes Chase’s right nipple in his mouth and sucks the nub before ending on a quick bite making him jump in his bindings. “Just say the magic words Chase, and I will let you cum,” Jayden smiles taking Chase’s left erect nipple in his mouth, licking all around the nub before he nibbles it in between his teeth.

Chase only groans as Jayden licks his way back down to Chase shaft, pointedly ignoring the crown and sucking at the sides and increasing his hand hold, crushing Chase’s nuts again, this time pounding the two together trying to mush the orbs into one. Chase unable to do anything to prevent this tries to stay present as Jayden annihilates his boys.

“I can’t take it…” Chase starts to say as he groans out another long “fuuuuck!” Chase is losing ground, and he knows it. His erection no longer flounders as Jayden manipulates his balls in his sac, his usually gentle fingers prop deep to his nut cores. Chase’s proud set of nuts are under attack, his boyfriend is crushing his big balls and he just wants to cum. “Jayden…ugh, ugh…Jayden…I’m ready. Man, make me cum!”

Jayden licking around Chase’s shaft and slowly it rises. Seeing the head fully erect Jayden takes the pulsing tool quivering in one hand and he teases a quick lick up the side.

“Say it,” Jayden demands licking back down before he takes Chase’s bigger right nut in his mouth then sucking hard until the left one pops in too.

Chase unsure what is happening or how this could be possible loses the ability to speak as Jayden sucks his balls before he uses his jaw, his teeth giving a little nibble making him jump in full alarm.

“Don’t bite them!” Chase begs, pleading.

Jayden bites down a bit harder taking Chase’s rock hard erection and giving a quick up and down jerk. Resting his thumb across the lips of Chase’s head rubbing in semi-circles, around and around teasing him some more.

“I’m so close,” Chase warns as Jayden removes his thumb and squeezing the head instead. Chase starts straining the binds, shaking them this way and that. He has to get to his dick, he has never wanted to cum this much in all his life. Finally he relents drooping back down, “OK Jayden…your boynuts are…”

Jayden pops Chase’s nuts out of his mouth, the two orbs swing wildly bumping Jayden in the face as he dives on top of Chase’s rigid dick. Chase does not know what hit him as Jayden slams him against the wall sucking in earnest making Chase gasp losing his words as his balls begin to rise up again. Jayden scoops them back up and smooshes the two in his fists once again feeling his own slick wet saliva coating the skin. Jayden bobs, slurping, sucking at Chase’s poll until he can’t take anymore.

Chase’s whole body shudders and he knows that even if Jayden pulled back that he would still cum, there is no going back now. His whole body seems to flow with endorphins, every part of him tingles, his toes curl as he gives one last thrust in Jayden’s mouth screaming, “I’m going to fucking cum!”

Jayden feels Chase’s nuts pulse once each, churning and Chase’s erection so hard and throbbing, pulses one last time before he erupts in Jayden’s mouth. Jayden meets Chase’s last thrust sucking him down to the hilt. Chase’s dick fires straight down his throat, Jayden gags once, but only once as he regains his composure and takes Chase’s volleys.

Chase is in another world. His dick is locked in Jayden’s throat as he pumps his load, his body pulsing, vibrating with electricity but yet locked in place as his eyes roll to the back of his head underneath the black leather strap.

Groaning Chase continues to pump, his quivering pulsing dick throbbing. His balls are still being worked over but Jayden squeezes them much more gently, but any pressure still sends Chase to the edge and a second orgasm courses through him and he screams Jayden’s name as he projects another full batch down Jayden’s willing throat.

Chase is a mess in the binds no longer locked in place and bucks wildly, shuddering and screaming until his second orgasm ends and he collapses in his binds no longer capable of moving his pelvis.

Jayden can feel him no longer trying to cum and finally pops Chase’s dick out of his mouth. Jayden is so turned on himself staring at his helpless boyfriend and bringing him to a second orgasm that he starts to jack off, he can’t wait until he frees Chase.

Yanking Chase’s blindfold off Chase can see Jayden yanking on his own rigid erection, jacking off in front of him.

Chase starts to protest, “Don’t you dare!” Chase growls. “That load is mine!”

“You want it?” Jayden asks, his voice gravely. “Then take it!”

Jayden barely listening to Chase complaining again stares into Chase’s blue eyes as he masturbates with Chase’s cum in his hand and fires his own cum straight at Chase covering him in rope after rope all over his chest. Jayden is groaning, biting his lip as Chase watches helpless in not acting in a participatory way.

“Not fair,” Chase grumbles as he watches Jayden spurt all over him. “That was supposed to be mine.”

Finally unable to handle the touch of his own hand he falls back against Chase’s bound chest his brown eyes never leaving Chase’s. “Want to do it again?” Jayden asks. His erection has not gone down and he knows he can cum again.

“Free me, but I’m done. I can’t cum again.”

“All the more for me,” Jayden smiles holding out the silver key and starts to free his slumped defeated boyfriend.

As soon as he is freed, Chase suddenly rises like a phoenix from the flames, grabbing Jayden and hauling him to the rose petal bed, throwing him forcibly onto the bedspread. Jayden bounces on the mattress as Chase leaps on top kneeing him in his recently emptied nuts. Jayden moans as his balls are stuck between Chase’s knee bone and the wooden bed frame, his eyes popping fully open in alarm.

“My turn,” Chase growls pinning Jayden’s arms above his head as he grabs Jayden’s throat with his teeth and starts giving him hickeys down his neck.

“Ugh, my boys,” Jayden moans, his quivering dick throbbing again.

“Get used to it,” Chase grins his Cheshire cat grin is back in full swing as he hickey’s Jayden’s nipple puncturing his teeth around the nub. “I’m the top dog here and I’m going to get you back for that.”

“Admit it, I gave you the best orgasm of your life” Jayden gasps, sucking his teeth as Chase pounds his knee again hammering Jayden’s nuts into the bed frame making him see stars.

“Yeah, maybe you did,” Chase says coming up. “And now I’ll do the same to you.”

The two meet their eyes hungrily eying the other. “Then do it Chase,” Jayden challenges.

Not needing to be told twice, Chase goes back to work.



Jayden pushes his bike home slowly, his bruised gonads far too sore for the saddle, as the remaining evening light quickly fades in the darkening sky leaving long shadows across the sidewalk. The walk provides Jayden with time to reflect despite his legs feeling like jelly even after his nap, but still parts of the evening cling to him visibly dominating his thoughts and he is unsure how to feel about how his evening ended.

While Chase gave him several very explosive orgasms it wasn’t until the two were curled up together that Chase let his armor fall away and that’s what stick with Jayden the most, and he goes back over that scene in his head wondering if he made any difference at all.



Releasing their passionate embrace, the two exhausted boys move back into the bathroom, both naked, aching and freshly showered. They strip off the sheets, tossing them to the floor, Jayden showing Chase how to make the bed before they curl up next to each other surrounded by the fluffy pillows.

Jayden is falling asleep, his eye lids heavy as Chase’s rough voice comes at him in a faint whisper waking him completely. “Look Jayden, if you’re going to leave me, I just have this to ask of you: just do so quickly. I’m falling so madly in love with you and it’ll be so much worse when we break-up.”

Jayden’s soft brown eyes stare at him in concern, Chase has one arm underneath his pillow, the other he gently strokes Jayden’s arm, moving without purpose as if Chase does not know what he is doing.

“But Chase, we just got together a few weeks ago, why would I want to end it?” Jayden’s voice rings with concern as he touches Chase’s face softly, his fingertips barely gracing his skin before they grab the back of his head fiercely by the short hairs. “Where is this coming from?” he adds.

“I didn’t want to tell you this but…well my friends…my old gang hardly speak to me anymore. Rex and Max are so distant and even Adam seems to be avoiding me. Adam stopped coming to swim practice. I feel lost…I don’t know how to talk to Max anymore it’s…look I’m not the nicest guy in the world, I know that. But I always had them.” Chase stops talking taking a moment to pause in his vulnerability.

Jayden waits, he knows Chase wants to say more but he can tell that he does not know how.

“Chase,” Jayden leans in making their foreheads touch and he kisses him briefly, purposely showing him that he is here. “You think I will break-up with you because your friends stopped talking to you?” he asks, in confusion.

“No,” Chase sit’s up pulling away and staring at the wall blankly.

Jayden reaches for him but let’s his hand fall. “Then what would?”

“Because I am a fuck-up Jayden. I seem to fuck everything up. I fucked up my friendships with Adam, Rex and Max, most of the kids at school hate me. Even my parents despise me, I’m a disaster,” Chase stands up pulling on a pair of underwear and heading to the window.

“Why do you think your parents hate you?”

“Because they never are never home,” Chase crosses his arms over his chest. “I’m always alone.”

“Chase…” Jayden say’s standing up and walking over to him.

“It wasn’t so bad when Adam, Max, and Rex were friends with me. They took turns sleeping over. But now…well. This is how I end my nights, alone in this big, empty house.” Chase isn’t looking at Jayden, and he thinks that it’s on purpose. Quickly he turns back to Jayden and says, “Don’t pity me Jayden, don’t you dare do that,” Chase looks back sternly.

Jayden waits again, pausing unsure how to proceed. “I love you.”

“Yeah well, that’s what they said too and now all of them are gone. And pretty soon, you will too.” Chase’s sad blue eyes seem like endless oceans and finally Jayden sees him for what he is, and how wounded he’s always been. All his pent up aggression, his cocky pride and the cruel bullying was just a façade. Now it finally seems to make sense.

“When were your folks home last?”

“Two and a half years ago,” Chase says not missing a beat staring hard at him, his face full of challenge, his fists clenching into fists ready to fight.

“No wonder why,” Jayden shakes his head.

“What?” Chase demands. “What are you saying? Tell me Jayden!” Chase has worked himself up and he seems to be growling as he spits out his responses.

“Why, you never knew what real love is. How could you, really? If everyone you ever loved always left you.”

Chase ready for Jayden to end things is cut short. “What?” he asks struck dumb.

“I love you Chase,” Jayden grabs onto both of his fists his own eyes filling with tears. “And I am not going to leave you. I’m here to stay.”

Chase blinks, his tough guy façade crumbling around him, leaving him shaking. Chase starts breathing quickly, his eyes cold like chips of frozen ice.  “Don’t do this to me Jayden, don’t say that and then…and then leave me.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Jayden wraps his arms around him, and Chase seems to fold against him, his wet tears falling from his eyes onto Jayden’s neck.

“You fucking better not,” Chase’s voice is thick and cracks, his eyes closing shuddering once in Jayden’s arms.

The two stay intertwined for a few moments until Jayden pulls him back into bed, and the two lay together as Chase gets control of his breathing, he holds Jayden hard as Jayden’s mind whirls of how he can help him. He started the day wondering how he could help his brother, and worried about Bill. And now this? It all seems like so much but Jayden is glad for one thing. He knows why Chase has always kept up a wall in between them, and why it was so hard for them to get together. Jayden just wonders if his love will be enough to fill the emptiness inside of Chase’s heart.


Walking home, Jayden parks his bike in the garage and sends three important text messages out:

  1. Jayden: Bill, can I come over tomorrow. We need to talk
  2. Jayden: Francisco I have a plan, come over Wednesday.
  3. Jayden: Hey Max, you said that you wanted to hang out. How about Thursday?

Walking into Jayden’s house in the back entrance he recites his plan in his head: Bill first, then Gino, and finally Chase. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. He can do this. Then his match is Friday against Aldo the championship is on the line. Jayden has a long week in front of him, but he finally has a plan on how to help the people that he loves most.

Coming into the garage Jayden discovers Gino working out deep into his standard chest day. Gino’s chest is covered in sweat, his long grey sweat pants cling to his thick thighs, and in between Gino’s bulge is almost obscene his large cock half-hard and sticking up and to the left with his plump nuts resting in between his legs. The two stare at each other briefly, Jayden smiles and Gino ignores his younger brother. The eighteen year old can be very immature sometimes Jayden thinks shaking his head at his older bro. Gino’s head phones are in his ears blaring music as he turns away.

Jayden thinks about kicking him in the nuts, but he is so sore that if Gino retaliates he might cry. Chancing it anyways Jayden takes careful aim at Gino’s sac swinging in his sweat pants and kicks up as hard as he can keeping his eyes on Gino’s nuts swinging between Gino’s legs from behind as he reaches up to do a pull-up.

Gino grunts once, and folds at the waist Jayden’s toes kicking him so hard that his nutsac flops up against the bottom of his abs.

“Whaaaat….shit, Jayden!” Gino moans dropping to his knees looking back at his younger brother in annoyance, mixed with pain.

“Good, you’re talking to me. I just have this to say, it’s not my fault that you are being a jerk about Francisco. He seems really nice. You should give him another chance.”

Before Gino can retaliate or respond, Jayden moves past him heading to the door.

Mr. Gomez opens the door and seeing his youngest son a little too late plows into him his arms full of dirty laundry.

Jayden stumbles backwards into the room as Marco Gomez, the boy’s father drops the load of laundry on the floor.

“Gino what happened to you?” Marco asks. Ignoring his Dad’s question, Jayden tries to sneak past his Dad.

“Jayden kicked me in the nuts Dad” says Gino with a groan.

“That a fact?” says Mr. Gomez grabbing the back of Jayden’s tank top pulling him back into the garage and preventing him from leaving. “New rule,” Mr. Gomez’s says smiling wickedly. “To stop this childishness, whenever you two decide to ballbust each other I get to do the same!”

Taking careful aim Mr. Gomez kicks up at Jayden who stares at him dumbfoundedly as his father’s right foot shoots up and into his nuts. Jayden’s fully emptied nuts clang against his pelvis and Jayden immediately drops to his knees clutching himself next to Gino who snickers at his brother’s rotten luck.

“Nice kick Dad,” Gino compliments him, standing up and patting his Dad on the back. Gino stares down at Jayden who seems to be in horrible, agonizing pain with his eyes bulging out. Standing up ready to give his Dad a handshake, Gino reaches his hand out while both Dad and son watch on as Jayden groans holding his balls, his brown eyes slightly crossing.

Mr. Gomez sighs “It pains me to have to do this,” as he shakes his son’s outstretched hand and boots him in the family jewels leaving him in the same position as his youngest. “But I am sure that you deserved that Gino. No more of this nonsense!” Mr. Gomez smiles teasingly, “Or else I will be back.”

“Honey, help me in the kitchen!”

“Coming sweety, you two be good now,” Marco Gomez smirks heading out of the room leaving Gino and Jayden holding their throbbing sacs.

“Dad hit me in the nuts,” Gino says in complete bafflement.

“He’s been hitting me all week,” says Jayden. “Oh god, they are so sore.” Jayden fondles his sac, checking that both are still present and accountable.

“Dad knows what ballbusting is?” Gino asks dumfounded.

Jayden nods, “I think so.”

“Well shit.”


Gino and Jayden stay on the floor, commiserating in their father hitting them in the nuts for a bit. Still nursing their nuts, Gino is able to gets up first, holding out his hand to help up his younger brother up. Gratefully Jayden takes it, allowing Gino to pull him to standing.

“Friends again?” Jayden asks, his eyes searching and hopeful.

Gino grins, “Yeah.” Following his statement he pulls Jayden in for a hug ending with a knee well planted squarely in Jayden’s breadbasket.

Jayden freezes, his balls bursting in renewed pain as he slops down Gino’s chest landing on his knees as he groans loud and low.

Grinning Gino says, “Now we are even.”

“My…boynuts,” Jayden says, his brown eyes wide filled with nut crunching agony. Jayden cradles his nutsac gently before he closes his eyes trying to shut out the pain.

Marco Gomez bangs the door open. The brothers turn to face their father, “Looks like you two need another lesson.” He shakes his head disapprovingly, but the mirth in his brown eyes give him away. Clearly he was looking forward to this moment. In each hand he holds a long rod. On the end facing away from him is modified version of a grabber which is either primarily used as a children’s toy or for shorter people to reach something up high.

“What’s that?” Gino asks curiosity.

“I’m so glad that you asked!” Mr. Gomez says holding out a grabber closely so its mere inches from his oldest sons face hovering in place. Marco opens and closes the grabber drawing his son’s eyes to it as his father describes the device. “You see I was sent a care package from a really kind individual named Vince. He’s doing a research project on which attachment is more effective.”

“Effective at doing what?” Gino asks.

In answer Mr. Gomez reaches down and the grabber robotic fist clamps around his sons ample genitalia. “Crushing nuts apparently,” Marco grins as the robotic hand intensifies its grip locked around Gino’s balls.

Gino’s eyes go wide as he shouts, “Oh shit! Dad, those are my balls!” grabbing the long pole that connect him to his Dad.

“Sounds like its effective!” Marco chuckles.

Jayden climbing to standing still rubs his sore sac gazing in wonder at the device in his father hand. “Vince,” Jayden growls staring at it. “I’m going to kill him for this.”

“You’ve heard of the designer?” Marco asks curiously flicking the other grabber up and scooping both of Jayden’s nuggets in quick succession. The grabber that Marco uses against his youngest son has an attachment that is shaped more traditionally in a three pronged grip the points dig painfully into Jayden’s sensitive nuts at their most vulnerable points.

Jayden draws in a breath letting it escape from between his teeth as the powerful claw digs deep into his boynuts, Gino’s groans are now mixed with his own as both brother’s experience the horror of having their balls trapped by one of Vince’s creations.

“Now I think both of you will soon agree to my new rule, be nicer to each other or else good old Dad will step in,” Marco Gomez chuckles pulling the grabbers down forcing both of his sons to their knees. “You’re lucky that dinner is in a few minutes, otherwise we could test the differences between the two and the different modes. There’s always next time!”

Gino and Jayden moan pitifully next to each other staring at their father acidly and in disbelief that their father would do this to them as their family jewels are squishing and squashing the grabbers working over their balls, neither device gives any sort of give. The hard, unforgiving metal outsides of the grabbers forces the testicles to bend and warp around; the penetrating digits digging painfully into their balls.

Marco Gomes chuckles enjoying listening to his son’s groans and low moans. He hates to cut this short but after a few more moments before he regretfully lets up opening the robotic claw grabber and pincher grabber. Immediately Gino and Jayden roll into matching fetal positions. Sighing Marco says, “Be at the table in five boys.”

Closing the door behind him he smiles thinking that being a Dad is the best job ever.


Anonymous said...

this one is great I like the father son stuff at the end I think that was the best part

Anonymous said...

Please, include to Marco Gomez in more stories, and would be great that Gino and Jayden take revenge

Mickey said...

Oh my god! Chase is soooooo adorable and cute in this story. I lovee his fragile vulnerable side and really do hope Jayden could be the missing pieces to his heart <33

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous and Anonymous,

I'm so glad that you both liked this story and enjoyed Marco Gomez. This not the only story that he has been featured in. If you would like to read some more Marco you can look at both The Choice (at the end of the story, Marco gets busted by Jayden) and The Wresting Tournament (Marco is a the beginning of that story).

I plan on using him again, I have a fun father's day story planned for him and Bradley Logan's dad later on down the line. Stay tuned!
Hi Mickey!

I'm so glad that you enjoyed this chapter. I'll be exploring more of Jayden and Chase's relationship in Chapter 30 The Sleepover. We all know that Jayden will stop at nothing to make sure that his friends are okay. Chase is clearly really special to Jayden and the next arc Jayden plays hero trying to fix things between Bill, Gino and Chase. Before we move to Chapter 31 The Wrestling Tournament Fianale between Jayden and Aldo.

Glad to see you writing in, it's been awhile my friend, I hope that you are well!



Harry said...

Jimmy, this story is smoking. The best safe word is one nobody would say on accident, and Chase would never say that shit period lol.

Mickey, your comment is as adorable as the story bro.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Harry,

I'm glad that you like this one Harry! You are certainly right about safe words, although you usually get the other'spermission on the safe word. Opps! Jayden will have to learn that some way.

To go off of what Mikey said, we certainly saw another side of Chase this chapter, one in which we have never seen before. If anything, it made Jayden's love for him even stronger.



Anonymous said...

Awesome story, Jimmy. Of course my favorite part was Chase being tied up, busted and almost forced to admit thay his big balls are smaller.
He safe word idea was genius and i'm so glad Chase managed to survive without uttering those awful words.
I do wonder... in the missing scene after Chase drags Jayden to the bed, if he reversed roles and made Jayden admit that Chase's balls are bigger!
I also loved Chase showing his vulnerable side but, knowing Chase, can we be really sure of his sincerity or is it just another scheme to get his way with Jayden?
I can't wait for what's to come and i hope Jay's attempts to reconcile his friends will end up with a lot of sore teenage testicles.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Reg,

I am so glad that you enjoyed it! You may not be surprised to hear this but I was thinking a lot about you as I wrote the scene between Jayden and Chase. We don't know what "happened" after we left with Chase taking the dominate role over Jayden, but we do know how "sore" he was after so we have some strong inklings to what happened between the two.

Hmmm, was Chase telling the truth? I can confirm that he was. Knowing Chase, I can see how one could think otherwise!But if Chase has other schemes brewing only time will tell.

As Jayden attempts to reconcile with his friends, it is guarneteed to involve ballbusting. Do my stories ever not include that? My next story is already finished and I'm sure it will be coming out in the next few weeks!



Anonymous said...

Hey, Jimmy. Please, in that funny father's day include to other ballbusting boys and their fathers, like Jimmy and the twins with Lester, Glenn and Leo, Colin and Kenneth, or maybe Danny, David and their father too.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous,

Hmmmm. Let me think about that. Gino and Jayden have not met any of those characters so it would be harder to include them in the story. I'm not saying "No," I am just not sure how to bring them all together.

I was thinking of a fishing trip that Logan and Gino and Jayden plan for their Dad's, in which things start to go wrong. That won't be until Chapter 32 or 33. So I do have some time to think on it and see how I could involce more Dad's and their sons. I think it might be a richer story with a smaller cast. But I am open to thinking about it and seeing what I can come up with.



Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks. Ok, its true, would be better with a shorter cast, then please just include to Colin and Kenneth, are who I want to see the most in a story like that.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous,

That I can do! I think that I have an idea of how I can tie them into it that makes sense and can be a lot of fun.



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, I would love to read that story.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jimmy, have you thought into including permanent damage? Cuz I like that, especially thinking in a father's day story, cuz an ironic and funny fact would be that a guy couldnt be father for getting his balls cracked in that day. Could be using special characters for getting cracked their nuts.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous,

Consider it done. Most likely it will be published in March (haven't written it but that's my expected date when it should be done and published).
Dear Anonymous,

I have not introduced permanant damage in my stories yet, it's always feels like an ending. It's not really my thing, but I have thought about writing one that has permanent damage but it would'nt be in the Gino and Jayden Series, it would'nt fit with the story. However, I think I can try to do one in the future. But I agree with you, usuing special characters outside of the universe that I have created would be best.



Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for Chase and Jayden to have a story alone for a long time, and this was really nice

The future story with Jayden and the twins sounds really interesting, and I can't wait to read it, I'm sure the twins will play a little rough with Jayden, but I'm sure he won't be afraid to show the twins how to respect their elders, especially with Caleb

I would have liked to see more of Jayden and Chase fighting eachother for dominance, the part where Jayden teases Chase's ego with him comparing sizes and the safe word were good, but I would have really liked for Chase to have been freed a little bit earlier so the two of them could have one of their intense ballbusting battle , something like the one Jayden had with Leroy but now with someone that could rival Jayden's endurance, hopefully this won't be their last date together

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear anonymous,

I'm so glad that you have enjoyed the story with Chase and Jayden! This absolutely not their last date together. The pair are making a go of it, trying their hardest to make things work between each other. Chase kind of took over how that encounter played out. He was clearly really interested in a different experience with Jayden, and he certainly got one!

Next time around I am pretty confident Chase won't be so...tied up.

After his match with Aldo, Jayden did schedule another babysitting adventure with Caleb and Junior. It's evident to all of us what kind of experience Jayden will have with Caleb and Junior!

Thank's for writing in. My next story comes out Monday. I hope that you like that one too!