Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Video links: Animated agony (6)

One thing I like about animated nutshots is that they are almost always played for laughs. They show us how ridiculous testicles are, and I think that is a very important lesson.

Here are some more of my favorite nutshots from animated shows and movies.

I know we had Total Drama nutshot compilations before. But you can never have enough Total Drama nutshot compilations, right? Here's another one to get you warmed up. 

I found the following clip on the awesome youtube channel Cartoon Nutshot. Check it out for more animated nutshots!

The Venture Bros show is a treasure trove of testicular trauma. Here is a wonderful compilation. Another great clip from Cartoon Nutshot.

Speaking of Venture Bros: Here's a funny little PSA parody about testicular torsion.

If you're into funny sound effects the next compilation will make your heart skip a beat. It's hilarious!

Readers' picks:

Here is a combined find courtesy of darkvolpine (who gave the clue) and an anonymous reader (who found the clip. It's from the "Popcorn Monster" episode of The Adventures of Kid Danger.  The following cip has several nutshots: At 1:00 we have the double nut stomp from Kid Danger and Captain Man that we featured back in 2018. And then, at 1:40 we have Captain Man at the receiving end of a series of painful nutshots. Let's hope he won't have to drop the "Man" part from his name after that...

Another anonymous reader shared this clip from Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Leonardo kicks Ra's al Ghul in the Ra's al Goolies. (Yes, indeed, I'm very proud that I came up with that joke... :-))

Skip to 1:05

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