Friday, January 29, 2021

Bossy bottom (Ty meets Parker)

Special thanks to Ty for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the bossy ballbusting bottom!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Featured in this story: Parker (click for pictures)

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

“Hey, don’t I know you from somewhere?”
Parker rolled his eyes, chuckling. “Really? That’s the best you can come up with?” He leaned back against the bar, his elbows on the top, one of his feet on the foot rail. It was a flirtatious pose, and Parker knew it. He was wearing very tight jeans, and Parker was very aware of the way the light accentuated the very impressive bulge at his crotch. It almost looked as if the denim fabric was bodypainted on his package. His fat, meaty dick and his plump balls were individually outlined, a delicious treat on a hot Saturday night.
Parker was a handsome young man with flaming red hair. A professional athlete and circus performer, he was muscular and athletic, and he wasn’t shy about showing it. If his skintight jeans weren’t enough of a clue, his leopard print tank top did the rest: It sat so tight on his muscular bodies that his perfect six pack abs and his pecs and his hard nipples were on full display.
Parker smiled at the young man next to him, licking his lips.

He looked barely legal.
In fact, Ty was 19 years old. But his skinny, pale body made him look like he was 16. His shaggy black hair was dyed blue at the tips.
“I mean it”, Ty insisted. “I know you from somewhere.”
“Do you go to the circus?” Parker smiled at him, shifting slightly, and noting with amusement that Ty’s exes were fixed on his crotch.
“Nah”, Ty mumbled. “I don’t like animals getting tortured.”
Parker chuckled, flexing his pecs and making the leopard print fabric of his tank top bounce. “No animals get tortured when I perform.” He winked at Ty. “I’m the animal in the ring, you know.”
Ty looked up and grinned.
Suddenly, his eyes flashed with recognition.
Parker grinned. “Let me guess: You’re a subscriber.”
Ty knew exactly what Parker meant. But he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to admit it or not. “A subscriber?” It was a weak attempt to buy some time, and Parker saw right through it.
He leaned forward, reached between Ty’s thighs and grabbed his bulging package, squeezing it. It was a sensual, surprising move, and Ty gasped in surprise and pain. The squeeze was a little too hard to be playful, but a little too weak to qualify as an assault.
“A subscriber”, Parker whispered into Ty’s ear as he squeezed his nuts harder and harder, “to”
“Yes”, Ty yelped. “Ever since I turned 18.”
Parker chuckled. “Figures.” He glances between their bodies and let go of Ty’s package, but not before giving the big, rock hard dick its due diligence. “You’re turned on by ballbusting, huh?”
Ty licked his lips, his dick twitching inside his pants. “Oh yeah.” He looked at Parker. “Wanna play a bit?”
“Sure”, Parker smiled at him, tapping him in the nuts. “What do you have in mind?” he asked with a cheeky grin as Ty grabbed his crotch, his eyes filled with pain and lust.
“What about this”, Ty bit his lower lip, and his innocent face filled with lust. “I’ll let you fuck my mouth if you crush a load out of my nuts.”
Parker didn’t have to think twice. “My place or yours?”
Ty’s place was quite unremarkable. His house-mate wasn’t home, and Ty guided Parker straight into his room. A king size bed was at the center, leather cuffs hanging from the headboard.
Ty stripped naked and jumped onto the bed, a wicked smile on his face.
“You’re not doing this for the first time, huh?” Parker grinned, following Ty’s lead and taking off his clothes.
“Less talk, more action”, Ty grinned, winking at Parker as he lay on the bed, his rock-hard dick pointing at the ceiling. “Tie me up and use me!”
Parker licked his lips. “Your wish is my command…”
A moment later, Ty’s wrists and ankles were tied to the bed frame, and his skinny, pale body was at Parker’s disposal.
“What are you waiting for?” Ty whispered, his hard dick twitching. “Go for it!”
Parker grabbed Ty’s dick and stroked it, gently taking it into his mouth and sucking on it.
“What are you doing?!” Ty stopped him in a stern voice. “You are a Ballbusting Boy, right? Go for the fucking nuts!”
Parker stopped sucking and looked at him, jerking his spit-covered cock as he chuckled. “You know what you want, huh?”
“And you know it, too”, Ty smiled seductively. “We have a deal, don’t we? Crush my nuts and I’ll let you fuck my throat.”
Parker laughed and playfully smacked Ty’s nuts with the palm of his hand. “You sure?”
Ty let out a moan of pain and pleasure. His dick twitched and a drop of precum appeared at the tip, slowly running down the length of Ty’s girthy boner.
“You can go harder than that”, he assured Parker in a husky voice, and Parker took his words at face value.
He balled his fist and started hitting an punching Ty’s balls, ramming his knuckles into Ty’s nutsack and pummeling his nuggets like a prize boxer.
Ty was moaning and groaning, writhing on the bed, his face filled with agony and joy and lust and pain.
“Harder!” Ty blurted out, prompting Parker to increase the strength and the pace of the hits.
Punch after nut-crunching punch found Ty’s balls, making them bounce and flop inside their sack.
“Harder!” Ty arched his back as Parker walloped his rapidly swelling ball bag, driving his fist into Ty’s nuts again and again and again.
Both Parker and Ty were rock-hard and leaking precum.
Parker reached for his dick and jerked it a couple of times, biting his lower lip as he watched Ty’s beet red balls.
“Don’t fucking stop!” Ty hissed. “Crunch my fucking nuts!”
Parker let out a laugh. “But I---”
“No excuses! Crunch my fucking balls!” Ty interrupted him. “Now!”
Parker got up and stood between Ty’s spread legs, towering over him as he jerked his dick. “You know, I can multitask”, he said with a cheeky grin as he stroked his rock-hard dick. Then he raised his bare foot and brought it down on Ty’s nuts, crushing them flat under his sole.
Ty let out an anguished wail, throwing his head back as the pain washed through his body.
Parker licked his lips, grinding Ty’s nuts under his foot, flattening them like pancakes and eliciting all kinds of funny noises from Ty.
He kicked and stomped Ty’s nuts a few times before going back to grinding them, squishing them with his toes and under his sole, making Ty moan and groan and squeal in pain and pleasure.
Ty’s dick was throbbing and twitching as Parker squashed his balls with his bare foot, looking down at him with a vicious smile on his face.
“Squeeze them!” Ty moaned after a while. “Take them in your hand and squeeze the life out of them!”
Parker chuckled. “Have I mentioned how nice it is to meet a young man who knows exactly what he wants?” He knelt between Ty’s thighs and grabbed his battered, bloated, beet red ball bag with both of his hands.
Ty bit his lower lip as Parker started squeezing. They were looking at each other, looking deep into each others’ eyes as Parker’s thumbs dug deep into the meaty core or Ty’s tender testicles.
Parker’s thumbnails whitened and Ty’s nutmeat bulged around them as Ty’s eyes widened and his mouth opened in a silent scream.
“Speechless?” Parker quipped, cruelly pressing his thumbs into Ty’s testicles.
Ty’s eyes lost focus and he let out a wheezing groan when Parker switched from squeezing to twisting and pulling on his swollen spuds, making Ty’s rock-hard cock twitch and throb violently.
“That’s nothing!” he managed to yell in a throaty voice, prompting Parker to raise his eyebrows and let out an incredulous laugh.
“You just wait”, Parker chuckled, leaning forward and lying between Ty’s thighs. He licked his lips and whispered, “I’m fucking hungry, and these fucking plums look absolutely delicious…” He opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around Ty’s nuts. He sucked them into his mouth, one by one. The first swollen testicle disappeared between Parker’s lips, followed by the second one.
Ty watched him, a curious expression on his face. It was a mix of pain and pleasure, curiosity and dread.
Parker winked at him, his mouth full with nuts. Then he started chewing.
Ty screamed from the top of his lungs, writhing on the bed as Parker munched on his balls, digging his teeth into Ty’s juicy plums.

He had gotten his nuts sucked before – but never had somebody chewed on his balls like Parker did right now.
His screams were shrill, earsplittingly shrill, and Parker took that as encouragement.
Parker had been flirting with veganism for a while – but at this moment he knew that he was a carnivore at heart. He used his teeth and his tongue, rolling Ty’s nuts in his mouth, making sure to suck and bite and chew on Ty’s nuts, eliciting screams and squeals from poor Ty.
Ty’s dick was twitching violently, and Parker knew he was ready to shoot. He let Ty’s tortured testicles slip out of his mouth, a cheeky smile on his mouth.
Ty’s nuts were glistening with spit, covered in bite barks, bruised and battered and ridiculously swollen.
“Fuck, your nuts are tasty!” Parker whispered, playfully smacking them with the palm of his hand.
Ty looked at him, horny and in pain. “Finish me!”
Parker chuckled and got up, jerking his dick as he stood between Ty’s knees.
Then he dropped, knees first, square down on Ty’s nuts.
Ty’s eyes rolled back into his head and he let out an ear-piercing scream as his battered balls let go of their precious juice, covering Ty’s upper body in jet after creamy jet of spunk.
Parker stayed in place, crushing Ty’s pulsing balls under his knees as his cock spat out his nut juice, covering his lean, sweaty body in a sticky layer of cum.
“Fuck yeah!” Parker moaned, adding his own baby batter to the mix, applying a second coating of jizz to Ty’s precious paste, drenching him in cum.
Ty was panting and gasping, completely covered in cum, his dick spent, his balls bruised and battered.
When their orgasms had subsided, Parker and Ty looked at each other.

“I owe you a throat”, Ty whispered with a cheeky grin, licking his lips. “Come and get it.”

Parker didn't have to be told twice. Despite the fact that he had just emptied his balls all over Ty’s chest, his dick was ready to go.

Straddling Ty’s lean body, Parker smacked the tip of his dick on Ty’s lips, causing him to part them.

A moment later, Ty’s mouth was filled with cock.

Parker used him like a fleshlight, holding on to his head as he pounded his face, ramming his fat schlong deep into Ty’s throat, past his tonsils, making him gag and retch and cough and spit.

“Fuck, that throat feels so good on my dick”, Parker moaned, changing his position so he could grab Ty by the neck, squeezing it as it bulged with his mammoth cock.

Parker fucked Ty’s throat for a good ten minutes relentlessly, watching with amusement as Ty’s dick rose and fattened again, throbbing and twitching, his battered balls tightening.

“Fuck yeah”, Parker moaned as he flooded Ty’s insides with jizz.

At the same time, Ty’s balls released a massive load of cum, adding a third coat of paint to his sticky chest.

Parker pulled out his dick, and a flood of spit and cum and throat slime came gushing out of Ty’s abused mouth. His cute face was smeared and messy, glowing with post-orgasmic slut-pride.

Parker’s ran his finger through the sticky puddle of jizz on Ty’s chest. He scooped up some of his cum and fed it to him.
Ty licked it up eagerly. “There’s more where that came from”, he whispered with a delirious grin, his eyes glassy and hungry for more.

Parker chuckled and smacked Ty’s sore, bruised nuts with the pam of his hand. “You sure those poor balls aren't empty yet?”

Ty winced but laughed. “Oh no”, he whispered. “I’m not done yet.”
Parker chuckled, cracking his knuckles. “Me neither.”
Parker continued torturing Ty’s nuts in every way imaginable. He kicked and stomped them, squeezed them and crushed them with his bare hands, sucked on them and bit them, punched them and twisted them.
Both of them had two more orgasms.
Ty’s were more painful every time.
On his fourth climax, Ty blacked out for a moment, covered in sweat and cum, his throat abused and sore, his nuts crushed, bruised and battered.
When his vision cleared, Parker was getting dressed.
“That was hot”, Parker chuckled. “We should do that again sometime.”

“Yeah”, Ty grinned. “Call me when you need another workout...” He recited his number and Parker wrote it down.
Then he turned to go.
“Wait”, Ty smiled. “What about…” His voice trailed off as he moved his arms and legs, still cuffed to the bedframe.
Parker winked at him. “I bet your housemate is back soon. I’ll leave the door open…”


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