Saturday, January 30, 2021

Video links: Ooops (8)

 Nothing can ruin your day (or your chances of ever having kids) like a good, unexpected shot to the nuts.

Here are some more of my favorite accidental nutshot videos.

The guy in the first video (which is the source of the screenshot above) takes the nutshot with a hearty laugh. I wonder if his kids will be laughing as well when they come out cross-eyed...

WAIT FOR ITTTT!😱😂 #nuts #foryoupage #Bye2020 #fyp #worship #nutshot

♬ original sound - Sam Ohlaker

Here's an instant classic. The setup that screams "Junkshot!" from the very start, the guy's movement that seems to be inviting the ball to crash into his groin, the trajectory of the ball that's absolutely, ridiculously unpredictable, the familiar pain reaction of a grunt turning into a pained laugh, and the aftermath with one of his friends gently mocking him - everything about this short clip is awesome!

I don't think I have ever seen a nutshot like the one in the next video. Are ski nutshots a thing now?


♬ original sound - Kal Danielson

Ouch! The following video hurts SO MUCH! Right between the legs!

And finally, here's a compilation of awesome nutshots from MTV's AFV knockoff Ridiculousness. Usually, I'm not a huge fan of comilations - but the funny commentary and the banter between the guys is just awesome!

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