Saturday, January 23, 2021

Video links: World of sports (3)

A soccer ball, a dodgeball, a hockey puck, tennis balls, assorted sports balls and an elastic band - these are the stars of today's post. In supporting roles: several testicles.

Here are some more of my favorite nutshots from the world of sports.

Let's start with a classic: A soccer ball in the nuts. Nice!


Markiere den Kumpel, der den Ball auch schonmal in die Eier bekommen hat⬇️😢 ##goalkeeperstruggle ##fail ##volltreffer ##eier ##eierchallenge ##keeper ##beat

♬ Originalton - jan1gk

I guess the theme of the next clip is "instant karma". What better way to counter a dodgeball nutshot with a dodgeball to the nuts?

If you think a getting hit in the twilight zone with a dodgeball is bad - how about a hockey puck to the gonads? Oh man, that's gotta hurt! What I love most about the next video is the aftermath of the nutshot. The poor guy's reaction is absolutely picture-perfect (and it gets repeated several times, including in slow motion, so we can really admire its perfection), and it is very obvious that his friends - despite showing great empathy for him - think it's absolutely hilarious.

A tennis ball machine is a wonderful invention. It is made for hilarious nutshot videos! I bet its creator anticipated that it would be used by immature guys all over the world for some excruciatingly funny stunts!

Marty and Michael, the creators of the previous clip, have made another sports-related clip that I want to share with you: They have taken it upon themselves to find out which sports ball is the most dangerous. God bless these guys and their dedication to their art! They are absolutely fearless in this clip, and I love, love, LOVE their attitude and the playful banter. Naturally, there's a nutshot (and a few close calls).

Reader's pick:

An anonymous reader pointed to this wonderful video of an accidental nutshot with us. It's absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

Skip to 14:00

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