Monday, January 4, 2021

Gino's secret crush - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the 26th part of Jimmy's amazing Gino and Jayden series. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.

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Dreams do come true: Gino meets the Ballbusting Boys

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

Jayden enters the halls of Bartlet High School, his thoughts of an upcoming math test filling his head. Passing between the morning rush of students he gets the occasional hello and high five from a few of his classmates. After his wrestling championship match Jayden has suddenly became a “somebody” in his new school and the high schoolers took a sudden interest in him. Jayden, per his usual hated the attention and tried to deflect it whenever it came up in conversation. Keeping his head low, he held his backpack straps tightly maneuvering through the halls. When he got to the center mass of the crowd he notices that it has become a standstill and it’s was easy to see why.

Kim the black haired youth Asian with great looks, rich dark hair that he is currently sporting standing up at odd angles framing his head in gelled into spikes and even darker eyes. At seventeen he was being groomed to take over the Bartlet wrestlers when Logan graduates in the spring, or so he thought. The relationship between Logan, the wrestling captain and that of his relationship with Jayden changed the dynamic of the team considerably. Logan seems to have taken Jayden under his wing like an older brother, and has extended that friendship to his older brother Gino. Jealous and unsure of his future on the team Kim changed alliances, and sought to destroy his own team. Kim and Jayden’s relationship has only deteriorated from there.

Now Kim the ex-wrestler for the Bartlet team is at the front flanked by two of his friends and they appear to be beating up someone that Jayden does not recognize. Immediately Jayden’s blood begins to boil, three on one is horrible odds and having been the victim of bullies in the past he boldly steps forward to intervene. As Jayden pushes through the crowd he sees fallen backpacks on the floor and Kim waving around a white… baton? When Jayden gets to the front he sees what it is, and if anything he gets even madder at Kim as the item is a cane; specifically a blind person’s cane.

“Hold him steady,” Kim orders. “This will teach the little dweeb of getting in my way again.” Spinning the white cane with the red tip Kim takes careful aim and swing the cane like a golf club between the struggling trapped boy’s legs. Jayden can’t see the struggling boy’s face, but what Jayden does notice is the boy’s well-built chest struggling against his attackers in his tight fitting blue t-shirt, a logo of Riverhawk Warrior Team swooping through the sky above his left pectoral. Kim’s aim is hard and true and the boy’s bulge is plundered with a forceful blow that rearranges the contents within his grey sweat pants.

He groans, but does not yell out, as his body tries to curl in on itself but Kim’s friends hold the boy steady.

“You’ve got a pair of strong stones, one more swing should nail them to the wall behind you,” Kim taunts, a gleam of joyful malice in his shadowy brown eyes.

Kim prepares to swing again, but Jayden grabs the white cane first and tares it from Kim’s grasp.

Spinning around to confront whoever dared to prevent him from enjoying the fun Kim see’s Jayden’s raw rage as he kicks Kim right in his wide-open fork between his legs. Kim gaffs, “What the actual fuck Gomez?” Kim growls bending over clutching his nutsac. “Is he another one of your boyfriends?”

“Leave him alone Kim,” Jayden says defiantly anger still boiling inside of him.

The crowd surges around the boys jeering for more violence.

Kim sinks to one knee, his throbbing testicles pulse in between his fingers from Jayden’s blow.

Behind him, Kim’s two friends seeing Jayden’s interference and quickly begin to rethink their allegiance to Kim now that he is on the ground, and they let the hanging boy go who drops to his knees clutching his own sad sac.

“Don’t just stand there, get Jayden!” Kim yells over his shoulder.

Both of Kim’s friends shake their heads and quickly exit into the crowd, ducking to get away from the intense scowl that Jayden gives them.

Jayden’s liquid brown eyes drop back to Kim, but a moment too late. Kim snakes his right hand up and grasps Jayden’s large bulge. Jayden has gym this morning and he dressed accordingly for a busy period of athletics. The smooth pale blue gym shorts provide Jayden with zero protection and Kim’s probing fingers locate and lock onto his scrotum grabbing him at the root and yanking him to the ground next to him.

Yelping Jayden lands on his knees, Kim’s fingers entangled in his blue shorts squeezing Jayden’s nuts hard, his fingers digging into his fleshy sac, crushing his balls within. Groaning Jayden, tosses the white cane to the fallen boy behind Kim. Still Jayden has not managed to get a good look at him, and with his balls locked into Kim’s ball crunching grasp he focus on his immediate problem.

Jayden uses both of his hands to wrap around Kim’s throat and propels himself from his knees into Kim.

Kim manages to block the body shot, but could not prevent Jayden from covering his hands skillfully around his windpipe and begin to squeeze. Both boys are locked into position. Kim’s face is turning red as Jayden restricts his air flow, while Jayden’s balls are more than likely turning the same color but no one can see it, Jayden certainly feels “it” however and it’s agonizing. Kim has only intensified his grasp on Jayden’s low hangers, which Kim always targets when he is confronted with Jayden. Kim knows Jayden’s big balls so well, their shape and size that he focuses in on Jayden’s nuts weak points at the back of his nuts penetrating his fingers deep into the center of each ball, mushing the nuts between his fingers.

Jayden starts letting out a low and constant moan, “Ah, ah, ah,” while Kim continually squeezes seeing the desperateness that creeps into Jayden’s eyes. Starting to lose focus on his goal, Jayden’s grip slackens allowing Kim to take in a shuttering breath which he uses to his fullest advantage and if anything intensifies his ball grip on Jayden’s nads. Losing ground Jayden’s body starts trembling and Kim can feel the tremors running through Jayden and he knows that he is gaining the upper hand.

“Your balls are weak,” Kim spits out mockingly adding “And they will be crushed in my palms.”

All of a sudden the agony washing through Jayden between his legs grows to be too much and he releases his hold on Kim’s throat. “My balls!” Jayden gasps, clutching at Kim’s forearms trying to disentangle Kim’s grip as he looks pleading into Kim’s eyes for mercy.

Smiling in his victory Kim stands up, bringing Jayden with him, forcing him to go to his tippy toes as Kim yanks and pulls Jayden’s nutsac upwards; using his height to his advantage.

Jayden forcibly, and reluctantly follows. Jayden’s pulsing nuts blaze with agony making him whimper, and become jelly in Kim’s grip allowing Kim to maneuver him so that he is forced flat against to cool wall. All his training and muscles are worth nothing in Kim’s clutches, his balls lost to him.

“Let me go…” Jayden whimpers, the crowd cheering.

“I want to hear you beg first,” Kim demands, his stony face delighting in Jayden’s pain.

Jayden reverts to his groaning, “Ah, ah, ah.” But refusing to beg Kim, even if his balls wish him to, his pride prevents that.

“Your testicles funeral,” Kim asserts dragging Jayden over to stand by the fallen boy, pushing him until his back collides with the wall so that he can see his other victim from earlier.

Gripping the sleek cool stones beneath his fingers Jayden tries to find a hand hold as Kim starts to tug him off his feet, his ball sac unwilling stretching as Jayden’s body climbs into the air.

“No!” Jayden protests, his voice rising in octave and volume, groaning all the way as his feet struggle and kick uselessly against the air looking for purchase where there is none.

Kim starts to laugh at Jayden’s feeble attempts and opens his mouth to taunt him once again but freeze. Kim’s dark eyes bug out of his face, and he looks down.

Below him, Jayden sees the white cane digging into Kim’s small testes and Kim whimpers once and drops down. Jayden tumbles too but manages to land more-or-less on his feet, both hands quickly cupping his sore nuts each in one hand glad that they are finally free from Kim’s ruthless ballclaw.

Jayden sees the boy standing against the wall next to him, he must have gotten to his feet sometime in the fight with Kim. When Jayden gets a good look at him recognition dawns on his face.

“Francisco?” Jayden asks quietly, his register higher than usual. “Is that you?”

Before he can answer a teacher finally comes and starts to break-up the crowd. Jayden takes the boys arm, stilling holding his nuts with one hand and starts to pull him away, both boys are limping from the soreness in their balls.

“My bag,” the boy says. Jayden thinks for a minute that he means his ball bag, but he notices him vaguely pointing in the general direction of where the bag might be. Jayden looks down and sees Kim’s own backpack and the only other one a light green one.

“I have it,” Jayden informs the boy moving away.

“Thank you Jayden.”

“You remember me Francisco?” Jayden asks.

“How could I forget Gino’s little brother. You have to slow down, I can’t see you know.”

“I’m sorry, I had to get us away from…well, getting into trouble,” Jayden admits, slowing down.

“I understand,” Francisco says.

The two walk through the halls quietly for a few minutes, both of them were here early in the day and first period does not start for a few minutes for either boy. “I thought that you moved away,” Jayden says finally breaking the quiet not sure how to ask the question that lingers inside of him: what happened to your eyes.

“I did…after my accident.”

“I looked for you, but no one knew where you went. You stopped using your social media pages…I am beginning to understand why now.”

“You do?” asks Francisco. The boy never looks in Jayden’s direction instead his focus seems to be on walking and maneuvering through the hallways, one hand firmly clutching his white cane, the other resting on Jayden’s arm as he guides him safely.

“Well, I just thought ummm…” Jayden thinks carefully how he wants to phrase his thoughts. Francisco is taller than Jayden, strongly built like his brother, his muscle growth if anything has improved since he saw Francisco last. Gino’s friend is a bit shorter then Gino, that is a change as Francisco was always taller, his face is clear, his strong prominent cheek bones and square jaw look even better now that he is through the awkward stages of adolescence. The stormy grey eyes on the brunettes face are different than before, paler and slightly vacant. Jayden keeps looking at them his own eyes searching for recognition that Francisco is hearing him.

Finally Jayden manages to finish with, “Social media might not be the most import thing to you anymore.”

“You are right about that,” admits Francisco with a small smile. “At first my parents wanted to read to me my friends posts. I told them not to bother. Danny was insistent about it, but I told him it didn’t matter to me anymore. The days posting my skateboard videos to my YouTube page or my Instagram collection of dragonflies didn’t seem important to me anymore. If you can’t see the internet it loses a lot of the qualities that I used to enjoy.”

“I can see…I mean,” Jayden corrects himself quickly. “I get that,” he finishes lamely.

“I was supposed to meet my guide here, but he never showed up,” Francisco shakes his head. “Typical.”

“I could be your guide!” Jayden offers giving Francisco’s hand arm a gentle squeeze.

“I’m in all advance placement classes…” Francisco starts before Jayden interrupts him.

“Me too! We might even have the same teachers!”

“You are in advance placement classes?” Francisco asks. “Those are senior classes.”

“I know.”

“Your three years younger than me.”


Francisco grins, and it’s the first time he has seen him do that today and the change is breath taking. His face seems to light up from within and his charming smile bring a brightness that shines through, instantly Jayden smiles back remembering the boy before. “Handsome, athletic and bright. You must have to beat them back with a stick.”

“Well I…” Jayden blushes.

“Modest too?” Francisco shakes his head.

“Stop complementing me, your making me turn red as a tomato!” Jayden laughs nervously.

“I forgot how much you hated having the spotlight on you. I still can’t seem to figure out how you do swim and win trophies… you are aware that people watch you as you compete you know,” Francisco laughs good-naturedly, ribbing Jayden some more. “Now let’s stop messing around, take me to my first class. I walk slowly, especially in a place I don’t know.”

“Why did you come to this High School, why not to a familiar place?”

Francisco hesitates, licks his lips before he finally speaks. “I didn’t want to run into your brother.”

Jayden stops suddenly, which causes Francisco to stop as well. Jayden’s heart rate picks up, and he feels his skin getting clammy as he dares to ask, “Why?”

“Long story. And one your brother doesn’t want you to know evidently. Otherwise you would already have heard the story.”

“Tell me.”

“No. If you must know ask him.”


“Jayden,” Francisco says, his voice changing tones. “Drop it, please.”

“I’ll respect your wish.”

“Not my wish,” Francisco shakes his head. “He told me not to tell you.”

“He did?” Jayden raises his eye brows in surprise.


Arriving at English class, the same one that Jayden is taking he bring Francisco next to his table. The AP Honors classes are almost never full, and this one is no different. The two boys are the only ones in the room.

“Class starts in ten, everyone usually shows up late, including the teacher,” Jayden informs him dropping his bag to the floor, but carefully placing Francisco’s in front of him.

Francisco sits slowly on his stool after finding it with his cane and sits stiffly perching on top his feet touching the ground, unlike Jayden who can’t touch the floor from the  which can’t reach. “Do they have chairs?”

“No…but I could find one for you.”

“That would be nice. I don’t feel comfortable on stools that swing like this,” Francisco admits, his face flushing in embarrassment.

“I’m sorry I should have…”

“You apologize too much Jayden. It’s not your fault that the room is full of stools or that I feel uncomfortable sitting on one that swivels. How were you supposed to know that this would bother me? Did you buy the stools? I am thankful that you will help me get a non-swiveling chair. In the future, you should not apologize for that what you cannot change, or is not your fault. The world is the way it is, and it’s not your fault that it’s not perfect,” says Francisco.

“Your right, I’m sorry…”

“You are doing it again.”

Jayden smiles sheepishly, “I’ll go get you that chair.”

A few minutes later Jayden arrives back with a chair and Francisco sits in it appearing relieved. “I wish to ask one more favor of you.”

Jayden turns back to Francisco. “What is it?”

“Can I feel your face?”


“Feeling someone’s face is how someone that is blind ‘sees’ someone else. You got to see how I changed since you last saw me almost two years ago. I cannot get to do that without, well your permission. May I feel your face?”

“Then I would be honored if you did,” says Jayden scooting closer to Francisco.

Tentatively Francisco grips the table with one hand gently placing his cane on the table and reaches out towards Jayden. Even if Francisco can’t see Jayden, he seems to know where he is. Francisco’s finger tips tap against Jayden’s collarbone searchingly and once they reach his skin they begin to explore feeling Jayden’s strong throat with one hand while his other follows through. Francisco gently pulls Jayden towards him as his searching fingers roam up his neck and onto his face.

Jayden closes his eyes letting Francisco explore his gentle touch roams over his eyes, nose and mouth slowly feeling with purpose. Jayden has never experienced anything like this, he feels slightly vulnerable while Francisco seems to take his time exploring. Francisco seems to take a long time exploring, or so it seems to Jayden. Finally he say, “I can see that you have grown. You have lost some of the childish features from when you were twelve. Your face seems…prouder, your lips are fuller, and…” Francisco stops as Jayden smiles at his words. “You still have that amazing smile that I remember. It’s like I can still see it in you. I can feel it, the smile that brightens the world.”

One of Francisco’s hands checks Jayden’s hair and smiles, “It always looks better a little longer in my opinion,” and he drops his hands down to Jayden’s shoulders and he seems to be waiting.

Jayden nods his head in approval, recognizes that Francisco can’t see that and he says, his voice lower, “Go on.”

Francisco lowers his hands to Jaden’s pectorals feeling Jayden’s hard sculpted muscles beneath his t-shirt. Francisco gives a little wolf-whistle, “Someone’s been working out.”

Jayden laughs, his face turning red. Francisco stops and raises one hand back to Jayden’s cheek feeling the warmth there. “So bashful, even after…”

“After what?” Jayden asks his voice growing husky.

Francisco lowers his hands finding Jayden’s pectorals and roaming his fingers around Jayden’s very hard nipples. “A boys nipples, like all nipples really change a bit after one has had sex.”

Flushing scarlet Jayden mumbles out an “Ummmm…” and gives a dry cough.

“Shush, don’t worry about it. I think it’s great,” he pulls his hands away resting them on the table and Jayden wishes that he didn’t. Jayden’s really hard now, his cock almost achingly so in his gym shorts. “Thank you for that I hope that it was not too…intrusive.”

“Not at all,” Jayden says too quickly without thinking. “Also I have not had sex…yet, but I have explored.”

Laughing Francisco puts one hand on Jayden’s upper thigh giving it a squeeze. “I didn’t intend to make you get an erection,” he grins as the school bell rings.

Jayden’s mouth drops open. “How did…? I don’t have…ummm.”

Francisco only laughs, pulling his hand away, but not before his little finger grazes the head of Jayden’s very stiff penis.

Sucking in a breath Jayden bites his lip and looks forward, trying to think of anything else then Francisco’s hands exploring his body once again.


At lunch Jayden sits with Francisco and the rest of the wrestling team who were are welcoming and kind to Jayden’s new friend.

Gino was late to lunch, snickering Logan explains, “You should have seen this teacher giving him the riot act about not reading the book.”

Rolling his eyes, Jayden mentally puts into his calendar to help his brother get back on task in English.

“Gino never really liked school,” Francisco adds before taking a bite of his tomato salad.

“You know Gino?” Logan asks, his interest perked by this new information. Logan is dressed in Bartlet Wrestling tank top, showing off his muscled arms. Capitan is embed behind the outline of their high school across Logan’s chest. Logan’s bright blue eyes are trained on Francisco taking him in.

“We go way back,” Francisco says wiping his mouth with a rough brown paper napkin that the school provides. “Our moms set-us up for a play date when we were preschoolers we had matching lunchboxes. Spider-man was the rage back then.” His smile is brief and fleeting. “Was a long time ago,” Francisco finishes.

Jayden is about to speak but he sees his brother and gives him a wave instead, and laughing at Gino’s tray full of pizza and three chocolate pudding cups. Gino grins and gives him a telltale annoyed look at the day in general that Jayden returns with a shrug. He tilts his head to Francisco sitting on his left, and Gino’s eyes follow landing on his old friend. Instantly Gino freezes, turns abruptly and sits at a random table.  

“Who are you waving at?” asks Francisco curiously.

“How could you see….I mean…”

“I felt the breeze, and the shaking of your arm. You notice a lot more when you lose your eye sight. Where are you going?”

“I’ll be right back…I have to check on my brother.”


Jayden doesn’t answer but leaves the table, and heads straight to Gino who seems to be shoving as much pizza as possible into his mouth. Jayden sits next to him and Gino does not look his way, in fact Jayden can tell that he is pointedly ignoring him.


“Leave it,” Gino growls, mouth full.

Licking his lips, he resides himself to wait.

Gino continues eat and it’s not until he is done a few quick minutes later that he turns and gets up from the table.

“Gino,” Jayden says softly, his voice thick.

“Don’t follow me,” Gino grunts walking away.

Jayden reaches for him his fingers catching on his t-shirt. “Talk to me,” he pleads.

“No,” Gino flatly says yanking his t-shirt out of his hand.

Jayden leaves the table head down going back to his own and plopping down next to Francisco feeling downcast and dejected.

Francisco tilts his head in Jayden’s direction his pale grey eyes staring forward, “That didn’t go well.”

“No. How did you know?”

“You have his smell on you.”

“His smell…?”

“Gino has the rich scent I could smell it as soon as you sat down. “Did you ask him?”

“He didn’t want to talk to me.”

“Respect that then. He knows you’re available. When he is ready I am sure that he will go to you, if he wishes to, ” Francisco touches a metal brail watch on his wrist fingering the cool symbols. “Before the rush, I want to leave the cafeteria. Can you guild me?”

Jayden stands up, readily agreeing.

“Leaving so soon? Gino has not even gotten here yet,” Logan surmises coming out of a conversation to see Francisco standing up next to Jayden.

“Another time,” Francisco smiles. “Pleased to meet you,” he holds out his hand. Logan takes it grasping his forearm with the other.

“My pleasure, join us anytime.”

“Bye Logan,” Jayden says with a small wave.

Logan holds up his phone mouthing, ‘text me.’

Jayden nods as Ashley huffs over glaring at Logan.

“Did you hear?”

“Hear what?”

“That asshole that left the team beat up Jayden…

“He didn’t,” Jayden tries to cut in, but Ashley ignores him.

“…and that was after he beat up a blind boy! Can you imagine, beating up a blind boy!”

“Ashley,” Logan warns.

“You have to be pretty pathetic to hit a blind boy, I mean he can’t even see!”

“Ashley,” Logan raises his voice more insistently.

“You need to do something about this Logan!”

“I will.”

“Good!” she huffs clearly upset, her blonde ponytail bouncing as she sits next to him.

“Oh, who’s your new friend?” Ashley asks smiling brightly, looking at Logan eagerly.

“Hi,” Francisco holds out his hand but not quite close enough for her to reach Jayden notices, he must have thought she sat down on Logan’s left. “I’m Francisco, the defenseless blind boy.”

Ashely’s jaw drops open her face instantly going pale as she ignore his hand.

“Are you going to shake my hand?” Francisco smiles. “I’m blind and I can’t really find yours.”

“Oh, my gosh! What you must think…oh,” Ashley stands up awkwardly, her words dropping around her as she shakes his hand biting her bottom lip getting her pink lipstick on her teeth as chews on it.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, and thank you for standing up for blind people everywhere. We need more advocates,” Francisco nods his head fervently until he can’t help but grin and laugh.

The entire table realizing that he has been joking with her this whole time bursts out laughing.

“Forgive me?” Ashley asks tentatively.

“Only if you will allow me to give you a compliment.”

“Sure?” She smiles looking at Logan as if she wants to curl up into a ball and die.

Francisco reaches out, and with gentleness he asks “May I feel?” his fingers inches from her face.

Ashley nods, closing her eyes.

Jayden jumps in, “She’s nodding.”

“I know Jayden,” Francisco leans one hand in slowly accessing her features before he declares. “My fragileness due to my blindness does not prevent me from telling you that you must be the most beautiful girl at school. And Logan must be so happy to have you as his girlfriend. You two must be very happy together.”

“We are,” Ashley says as Francisco pulls his hand away. “And, thank you.”

“My pleasure, and just so you know…this Kim was supposed to be my guide. I’m glad that I got Jayden instead.”

“Wait…the guy who never showed up was…Kim?” Jayden’s jaw drops open.

“Unless there are more juniors with the name Kim,” shrugs Francisco.

“There isn’t,” Logan says his blue eyes turning darker. “I’ll fix it.”

“I already did, with a little help from my friend here. I’m not as defenseless as you might expect.”

“Sorry,” Logan smiles shyly his face turning red now. “I didn’t mean to suggest…”

“No harm, no foul. We won’t have time to leave before the bell rings Jayden, we should just wait here until the cafĂ© clears out.”

“Okay Francisco,” Jayden says as the two sit down. “We have a double lab at the end of the day, Logan can fill in Mr. Smith.”

“Blame it on my blindness,” jokes Francisco. “It’s my get out jail free card.”

Logan laughs, “Sure thing.”

“What are you doing after school?” Francisco asks Jayden

“I have a date and practice, he’s coming to watch my practice.”

“He?” Francisco emphasizes.

“Yup, my boyfriend Chase. He’s pretty great. You will have to meet him.”

“I am looking forward to it. Can I come to your practice?”

“Sure,” Jayden grins I would love that. “Francisco wrestled at our old school.”

“I still do.”

Jayden looks at him critically, “Really?”

“Hell, yeah.”

“It just so happens, that we lost a wrestler to your old team. I would love to see you try out today. You have the same build as Gino. And you know him, you can wrestle Gino.”

“Perfect!” Ashley says enthusiastically. “I’m head cheer leader, and I will be cheering you on. But I have my own practice, good luck!”

Jayden laughs as Ashley mouths to Logan ‘Put him on the team!’

Logan nods, mouthing ‘Obviously!’

They two stare at each other their eyes full of wanting and lush and immediately collide as the bell rings which does not inhibit or prevent the pair furiously make-out, lips smacking.

Jayden giggles and Logan puts up his middle finger in his direction, but then he starts to worry what Gino is going to do when he has to wrestle Francisco and Jayden begins nibbling on his bottom lip his thoughts thick with worry.


In the locker room Jayden helps to pick out the correct size singlet for Francisco to wear. “Want me to help you put it on?” Jayden jokes making sure to whisper it in a seductive voice, lowering it so only Francisco can hear.

“You wish” Francisco laughs. “How about I let you stare at me while I change?” teases Francisco giving Jayden a friendly punch on the arm. Francisco’s aim was off and his fist lands right in Jayden’s gut.

“Oof,” groans Jayden grabbing his stomach.

“Abs of steel,” Francisco whistles. “Sorry I was aiming for your upper arm.”

“That’s okay,” Jayden grunts, clutching his lower belly. “It could have been worse.”

“What do you consider worse?” asks Francisco now in his underwear, the tight white fabric shows off his genitals and Jayden can easily make out his large cock, and hanging nuts. Immediately Jayden starts to compare his own size with Francisco’s and he believes that he must be bigger given how much Francisco fills out the bottom pouch of his underwear. Jayden judges that Francisco must be about the same size as Chase, but he would have to get a good hold to find out for sure. Jayden locks in on Francisco’s bulge and prepares to connect. Jayden swings his fist towards Francisco, but just as he is about to hit his target Francisco catches his arm. Jayden about to compliment him on his reaction is struck stupid with a backhand across his nutsac pinging both smartly. Jayden drops to the locker room bench letting out an “Ugh!”

“Ball shots are worse, that’s what you meant?” Francisco teases.

“Yup,” says Jayden hoarsely cupping his stinging genitals.

Logan walks in casually seeing the guys horsing around as usual. “Don’t sit around all day Jayden, we have work to do.”

“Kay,” Jayden grunts pulling off the rest of clothes. Getting completely naked he starts to pull on his singlet, before abandoning starting to put his clothes away in his locker. “I’ll meet you in the gym?”

“Sure,” says Francisco.

“I’ll lead,” Logan offers his arm giving Francisco the tour. “Everyone head upstairs!” Logan shouts giving out the order. The wrestlers begin to file out after Logan each stating how much they are looking forward to seeing Gino and Francisco tussle.

Jayden grimaces holding his stinging nuts. “Man he can hit,” Jayden mumbles to himself pulling on his red singlet and heading out clutching his sneakers that he plans on putting on when he gets to the gym.

Jayden may have been a few minutes behind the others because they already seemed to have gathered around the mat Logan introducing Francisco and stating that he will wrestle Gino for a spot on the team. Gino, Jayden sees has the look of curdled milk on his face. He’s skin is pale, his brown eyes shifty as if he is trying to escape.

“Been a long time,” says Francisco walking onto the mat passing Logan his cane.

“Yeah,” says Gino, his voice distant and far away unlike his usual casual tone that Jayden is used to. “You sure about this?”

“I always beat you when we were kids, that’s not going to change now,” Francisco says confidently his grey pale eyes staring just over Gino’s head.

Gino clenches his teeth his brown eyes focusing in on his target.

“What’s the matter, you mad?” Francisco asks teasingly getting into a wrestling stance.

Jayden can’t hear what Gino says, but he reads his lips fairly well and he believes that Gino said, ‘You have no idea.’

The statement gives Francisco pause, he pinches his lips and nods once as if deciding something. “Fair enough, we can talk after.”

“No,” Gino says and he rushes forward straight at Francisco, his raw rage propelling him forward towards his target.

Jayden squeezes his eyes shut afraid for what might happen to Francisco as the blunted blow and the collision of bodies crashing into each makes Jayden open his eyes, the sound reverberating throughout the room as the two teens collide.

Gino has knocked Francisco to the ground and has one arm wrapped around the middle. He is leaning in for a head lock when Francisco sends a perfect elbow into Gino’s solar plexus. Gino’s eyes bug out as he grunts, but he manages to keep the hold squeezing Francisco’s ribs. Gino keeps squeezing harder tightening his hold on Francisco’s midsection trying to take him out quickly.

Francisco’s body quivers but he sends another elbow right into the same spot in Gino’s solar plexus, the jagged part of Francisco’s elbow digs deep between Gino’s ribs causing him to slacken his hold around Francisco with grunt. The looser grip is enough for Francisco to maneuver himself to face Gino and shove him in the stomach so the two fall against the mat with Francisco on top. “Pinned yah,” Francisco exclaims straddling Gino.

Gino glowers at Francisco and shifts his knee between Francisco’s wide-open spread legs. Francisco’s junk hangs freely swaying slightly between his thighs as the boy smiles, his pale grey eyes staring straight ahead. “Just like the old days,” Francisco beams, his lips pulling into a large grin. “I always out wrestled you then, nothing has changed I see.”

Jayden knows his brother, and the wicked look on Gino’s face indicates that Francisco is going to be in trouble.

“I’ve learned a few tricks since then,” Gino says his tone low and dangerous.

Leaning down so that the two are mere inches apart, Francisco grabs both of Gino’s wrists pinning them on either side of his old friend’s head. Francisco whispers, “Show me what you got, Gino.”

Grinning, Gino bears his teeth and lifts his knee up right between Francisco’s legs connecting with Francisco’s nutsac perfectly. Gino’s knee smashes Francisco’s balls and limp dick crushing his teenage boyhood against his pelvis. A low sad moan escapes from Francisco, as he whimpers “My nuts, oh fuck…my nuts. You got me good on that one.”

Gino keeps his knee lift up firmly in place, but shifts it so that Francisco’s junk drops back down giving his old friend a moments reprieve before he fires his other knee right back in the same spot. Francisco’s grey eyes bulge a bit, and he squeezes them shut hissing out another moan as Gino mercilessly starts bouncing Francisco up and down so that his balls land on top of Gino’s upraised knees hitting the hard bone, over and over. The repetitive bounce cause Francisco to slump, his energy draining from him as Gino tenderizes his young nuts; never having been in such a position before Francisco is unprepared from the onslaught and the pain that goes with this brutalization between his legs.

“You may have won when we were young, but I’m not that kid anymore Francisco. Wouldn’t you agree that your winning streak is over now?” Gino asks tauntingly as he clicks his knee bones together squeezing Francisco’s nutsac between his knee bones. “Now THIS I have never tried before!” Gino presses his knees further together compressing Francisco’s nuts closer together leaving his friends nuts nowhere to escape between the hard surfaces of Gino’s jaggedly boney knees. Rolling the balls between his knee bones Gino squishes Francisco’s balls feeling the weighty orbs yielding their shape, flattening forcibly into smaller mounds.

Above Gino, Francisco in obvious distress. Francisco tries to wiggle free but that makes the hold that Gino has even more painful for him as his shifting weight only adds to the agony occurring deep in his loins. Francisco grips Gino’s knees trying to pull his balls free, but stops suddenly as he pulls his own trapped balls, sliding them only up only seemingly only intensifying the painful agony occurring in each trapped orb. Francisco slumps around Gino’s knees his weight only adding to his ball pain, Gino relishing in Francisco’s predicament crushes Francisco’s balls ruthlessly between his rounded knee bones which are locked together pressing deeply into Francisco’s most sensitive bits.

“You give up?” Gino asks curiously loving the feel of Francisco’s trapped balls, and planning on trying out the move later on Jayden his younger brother.

“Oh god!” Francisco whimpers, nodding his head fervently in submission.

Reluctantly Gino gives one last long squeeze feeling Francisco’s balls restricting and bending to his will before giving in lowering Francisco so that he rests on top of Gino. Gino stares hard into Francisco’s pain filled grey unseeing eyes and he can’t help himself, he flips Francisco onto his back and straddles the fallen opponent putting himself crotch to crotch with Francisco his aching erection pressing deep into Francisco’s nuts pushing the two twin nuts further apart as he leans in his eyes locked onto Francisco’s as he closes his own eyes shutting out the wrestling team that are jeering covering their own groins in sympathy for Francisco’s plight. Gino’s lips brush against Francisco’s which are surprisingly soft as he presses his whole body against his old friend allowing a moan to escape as he holds himself against Francisco kissing deeply.

Francisco thrusts into Gino in surprise his own pelvis responding as Gino kisses him. The forceful nature makes him whimper his hands trapped by Gino on either side of his head, Gino clearly showing his dominance as he presses his lips against Francisco’s keeping his friends hands in place as Francisco did to him earlier.

Jayden smiles and covers his mouth as wolf-whistles echo around the gym. One of the Bartlet wrestlers ask near Jayden, “Is that a legal move, captain? If so, we should all get to practice it.” He snickers as Logan looks back and lets out a low laugh deep belly laugh and punches him in his guts.

The joke brings Gino to his senses and he pulls away from Francisco ending the kiss, his mouth aching for more, his cock unsure why he is topping. Gino stands up and marches out of the gym, his singlet wet around the tip of his penis pre-cum staining the bright red uniform as he bumps into a few of the wrestlers leaving Francisco on the mat curling into a ball clutching his nuts whimpering in nut agony.

Jayden follows his brother, knowing that he will come back for Francisco. Pushing the door open Jayden calls down the stairs, “Gino, wait!”

Gino seems to do nothing of the sort wrenching open his locker and shoving his belongings into his rucksack. Jayden gets to his side as Gino turns to leave, not bothering to shower or change, clearly wanting to escape.

“Gino, wait. Talk to me.”

Gino spins back to face his brother his face unreadable.


Gino puts his hand over Jayden’s mouth closing preventing him from speaking more.

“I want to make myself perfectly clear, I do not want to talk about what just happened. Not now, or ever. Leave me alone,” Gino’s voice is threatening, but also raw laced with emotion. Jayden can feel the hurt and confusion pouring off of him in waves.

Jayden says nothing but grasps his brother in a hug instead, pushing himself against him feeling Gino’s large penis so stiff digging into his hard abdomen. Gino is rigid and does not reciprocate the hug. But through Jayden’s warmth, his never ending love for him seems to reach some part of him and Gino’s body trembles once on the verge of crying, but he sucks in a breath and pulls away.

Reiterating his claim, “Don’t follow me…please.” Gino pleads once more marching away, his head downcast.

“I love you Gino,” Jayden calls after him, gripping the lockers tightly his tan skin turning white.

Gino says nothing more as he leaves the gym his face hot, and his senses overloaded.

Jayden watches him go, and heads back upstairs to repair what he can with Francisco, unsure how to help Gino but knowing that he will find a way, he always has before.


Harry said...

Jimmy, what a perfectly fresh start for your series in a new year.

Francisco is a terrific addition, and I’m rooting for him already. He is tenacious and funny and perceptive. His scene with Ashley was prob my fave, and I dig the way you interpreted her character also. They will make a good pair if they become friends.

Too bad our boy fucked something up with Gino. Hopefully they will continue to work out their issues on the wrestling mat, bc that was hella sexy. And I sort of like that Gino doesn’t want to talk about his feelings. That feels very authentic. (And a nice contrast to Jayden who barely ever stops talking about his feelings lol.)

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Harry,

Aww, you always spoil me with your comments Harry!

I'm glad that you liked Francisco, we will be seeing more of him very soon. I only used him briefly in the very first story (Christmas Morning) but I am glad to finally be bringing him back into the fold.

Hahaha, you are super right about Jayden, he talks a lot and never fails to share how he feels. Gino, being Jayden's bigger brother is not as inclined to share with him how he feels for the simple reason that he's older than him. That does make it challenging for the readers to discover what happened between them and why they are no longer "friends."

The cafeteria scenes always give so many openings for different characters to connect, and it was fun to finally show Ashley (as my series is usually dominated by the boys). She does not show up often but when she does I try to make it special, I am glad that that cam through here!

The next Chapter is already finished so maybe that will come out in a few weeks!



Anonymous said...

Sorry for the late reply.
I am not really into disadvantaged guys (like Francisco) getting busted but i did enjoy the story and how you are developing Gino's character. Everyone has insecurities and that's what brings characters to life.
I also loved the locker room scene with Jay and Fran. The manhood comparisons are always so hot.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Reg,

That's okay for the late reply, we all get busy.

My goal with Francisco was to treat him like one of the boys despite his disability. It as been nice to let Gino shine a bit more and he has gotten to do that over the past several stories. Next story we go into Chase and Jayden called Date Night. I think that one will bring you especially a lot of fun joy.

Aren't locker room scenes the best? One can never have enough of them! Glad that you liked that part!