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Voltron ballbusting fiction: Easing the pain (written by ballboxing)

Here's the third part of another awesome series of stories written by our reader ballboxing, author of Brotherly Boxing Bout (Learning the ropes, The alpha twin and Punching bag) and The adventures of Red and Blue's Poke Balls (Poke Balls War and Use low kick). It's based on characters from the popular Netflix series Voltron. I hope you like this story as much as I do!

Previous parts:
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Special Physical Training at the Castle of Lions

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Shiro wanted to get back on his feet right away, but he was being forced to remain with one of his knees on the canvas for a little longer. The pain had started to dissipate, but it still rung across his lower abdomen and in his bruised scrotum. Also, his penis was still mostly erect from the fight and he didn’t want to keep parading the tent in his boxing briefs any longer, especially since he could feel a wet spot forming in the fabric of his jockstrap. The black fabric of the shorts should be enough to not allow it to become noticeable, but Shiro was not going to take any chances in front of his comrades. He just waited for the pain to fully go away so that he could stand up, cover his groin, and end the training session without any further incidents or embarrassing questions.

The paladin captain looked at Keith still standing in the boxing ring, he had managed to limp to one of the ring’s corners and was already biting the straps of his gloves to take them off. Shiro was happy for the fact that Keith had faced his fears and managed to come out stronger from this experience, but he wished his nuts had not had to pay a price for that to happen.

“That was an amazing match you guys,” Lance said from outside of the ring, “are we going to go again Shiro?”

Shiro was slightly taken by surprise when he heard Lance’s question. After all, not even five minutes ago he had battered Lance’s balls enough to make him drop to the floor and yet he was ready and willing to take some more. Apparently, all those years of sac tapping with his brothers while growing up had indeed made him a sack tap pro, his balls ready to take a beating many times a day.

“I think it’s best for everyone if we call it a day Lance,” Shiro answered as he stood up and rapidly took off his black boxing gloves so that he could pull his hard cock up so that the elastic band of his sweaty jockstrap and shorts held it tightly against his lower stomach as to not be tenting anymore.

“Yeah, I am so done,” Keith chimed in as he climbed down from the ring with one hand inside his red shorts.

It was obvious that he was still in a lot of pain and was doing his best to nurse his swelling balls to help them feel a little bit better. Keith winced a little as his fingertips touched his reddened sack that was feeling somehow not as comfortably spacious for his balls as before the fight.

“Are they swelling up?” Lance asked his companion as he approached him and put his arm over Keith’s shoulder, “it’s probably your first time feeling it, but don’t worry too much about your boys buddy. They will be back to normal soon enough.”

“Uhmmm, thanks I guess,” Keith replied as his face slightly reddened. He was still somewhat embarrassed by talking about his male anatomy with someone else so openly, “have yours been like this before?”

“More times than I care for,” Lance said with a laugh, “my brothers can be vengeful little suckers, but after a while I figured out a way to make them feel better.”

“And how do you do that?” Keith asked, curiously excited to hear about anything that could help his danglers feel any better.

“Go get a shower and some rest guys,” Shiro said as he swiftly walked past the two young paladins with his boxing bag held in front of his package and exited the room, “see you later for dinner.”

“What about my prize though?” Keith yelled at Shiro, but the automated doors closed behind him and the question was left unanswered.

“Let do what the boss man says,” Lance said as he playfully grabbed Keith’s bulge with his right hand feeling his buddy’s hurt manhood.

“Arghhh,” Keith grunted loudly in pain as he felt the blue paladin’s hand quickly close around his swollen berries, “please… stop…”

“What was that?” Lance said with a slightly evil grin as he rolled his friend’s testicles in his fingers, “can’t hear you properly?”

“You… jerk…” Keith managed to whisper between grunts and moans that continued to leave his mouth against his will.

“Better be nice,” Lance responded as he tightened his grip on Keith’s orbs, “or I won’t tell you how to make your balls feel better.”

Keith did not want to give in, but his poor testicles had already taken so much punishment today that the hope of making them feel better definitely seemed like something he could not pass on.

“Ok, ok,” Keith pleaded, “please just… stop before you break them.”

“Awww come on, I’d never do that to you buddy,” Lance replied and let go of Keith’s man bits, “I was just assessing the damage, your little guys are not doing too bad.”

“Thanks… I guess…” Keith said awkwardly just happy that he was no longer at the mercy of Lance’s testicle grip.

“No problemo,” Lance replied with a smile, “Now follow me so that I can help those boy balls get some relief.”

Keith was nervous about what that could mean or entail, but after today it was clear that Lance had much knowledge about the subject and some learning from him would probably be a good thing.

“Let’s head to my room and I will teach you all you need to know about your huevos there,” Lance explained and started leading the way to his bedroom.

It just took a couple of minutes walking before reaching their destination. The personal quarters at the castle of lions were pretty simple in design, but spacious and well equipped. Each bedroom had its own full-size bathroom with a big shower and that was were Lance had decided to have his testicle class with Keith.

“This is going to be all practical and very hands on teaching,” Lance stated as he set the shower temperature on the water control panel, “so first thing is, to get those nads on the open.”

“What?!” Keith asked in shock as he took a step away from Lance, “you brought me here to get me naked and shower together? I am not your brother Lance, why would you want to do this?!”

“It is not about what I want,” Lance chuckled, “it’s just easier to teach you this way. Look, I’ll go first, leave the undies on so you don’t get all coy right away, ok?”

Keith did not answer. He thought that after seeing Shiro’s naked balls the whole situation could not get any more awkward, but now Lance was about to take this to an entirely new dimension of weirdness.

Lance began stripping down without a care in the world. He quickly took his boxing jersey off and tossed it towards the bathroom door, then after removing his boxing shoes, without undoing the laces, he pulled down his blue shorts leaving just a pair of silky, tight, and sky-blue boxing briefs that hugged his genitalia and butt in a very flattering way. Keith couldn’t help but stare for a few seconds at the prominent bulge between lances legs. He could clearly see the outline of his friend’s cock and ball sack. Lance appeared to have a thick and long, despite being flaccid, penis that had been moved to the left for comfort and a pair of testicles that matched nicely. On the back-side, Lance did not have much of a prominent butt, but in that tight underwear it looked cute enough for Keith to find himself wondering what it would feel like to maybe squeeze it a little.

“Your turn,” Lance said.

There were several seconds of silence between the two young men. Keith was suddenly feeling not only embarrassed and stupid, but also wildly confused. This did not feel like something normal to be doing, but then why was a part of him really longing to start taking his clothes off?

“Ok…” Keith replied as he slowly tugged at the elastic band in his boxing shorts and brought it down slowly. Keith convinced himself that he needed to do this to make sure his danglers would recover as soon as possible, it would just be a one-time thing, so surely there was nothing else to be read into the situation.

Keith pulled the shorts down to his ankles and moved out of them as he placed his hands in front of his bulge to feel less embarrassed about it. He was wearing red trousers with a white elastic band that did not seem as flattering as Lance’s briefs, but still managed to cover the red paladin’s bulge and buttocks properly.

“Ok, so our first lesson is super simple,” Lance began to explain without wasting time, “but from your reaction something tells me it might be brand new territory to you.”

“What do you mean by that?” Keith asked.

“You do know how to jerk off right?” Lance asked bluntly as he started rubbing his mast over the fabric of his boxers, “like masturbate?”

Silence fell one more time between the two paladins as Keith refused to answer the question and instead simply found a spot on the white bathroom floor and stared at it.

“There’s nothing wrong with not knowing how to Keith,” Lance explained trying to make Keith feel better, “you didn’t have brothers to sac tap with, so you probably never had anyone to teach you or tell you about this either.”

“Well it’s not like the academy had any sexual education classes,” Keith replied still looking at the bathroom floor, “I kind of know what it is, I have just never done it.”

“Well, timing couldn’t be better to rub your first load out my friend,” Lance stated.

“What do you mean by that?” Keith asked unsure if he would like the answer to the question.

“There’s no better cure for a pair of aching balls than blowing a couple of loads my man,” Lance answered, “the swelling will still take a couple of days to go away, but trust me, it will help your boys a lot.”

“Ok…” Keith said as he wrinkled his eyebrows in disbelief and confusion, “so how exactly do we do that?”

“The basic move is to just grab a hold of your guy and start stroking it,” Lance explained, “you just bring the foreskin up and down to stimulate it until you blow your wad.”

“My guy?” Keith asked as he raised his right eyebrow.

“Yes, your guy,” Lance repeated mockingly, “I am obviously referring to your penis.”

“And… that’s all?” Keith asked in disbelief, “for how long do I have to do it?”

“Yep, that’s all,” Lance answered, “and it depends on you and how horny you are mostly. Sometimes it can be really fast and others it can take a while to build up the orgasm.”

Keith could not help, but to blush a little as he heard Lance talking about such lewd things so lightly. All of this was completely brand new territory for him, and the situation kept escalating. 

“It may seem like a lot to take in for a first timer,” Lance said, “but trust me you will love it and it is perfectly normal. So, are you ready for a nice shower?”

“Wait, you want us to masturbate together in there?” Keith asked.

“I promise you that the hot water and steam will make it much better,” Lance replied with a smile.

“How good it feels is not really my concern Lance, this just doesn’t seem appropriate,” Keith responded as he pressed his hands on his face in disbelief.

“Keith, its totally fine” Lance explained, “it will be just this once so that I can give you some pointers on how to do it and besides we both got the same stuff down there… well except mine is bigger of course.”

Keith’s eyes squinted a little with anger as he heard his fellow paladin mock his manhood. This had immediately turned into another competition with that comment and Lance’s smugness had ticked Keith off.

“Oh really?” Keith asked as he crossed his arms, “what makes you think that exactly?”

“Well I was holding your junk a little while ago, and I am sorry to say that I don’t think you measure up to my big guy here,” Lance bragged as he grabbed a good hold of his sizeable genitals and walked closer to Keith.

“So confident in yourself as always,” Keith replied with an annoyed look.

“Well how could I not be confident with this huge rifle between my legs buddy,” Lance said proudly as he massaged his cock to make it grow to its full size, “I am the envy of many a man in my family to this day.”

“I bet you will be the one envying me when I drop these clothes,” Keith quickly replied.

“That’s a bet I would take any day, I already saw you tenting and you got nothing on me,” Lance explained.

“Three minutes of ball punishment for the one with the smaller erection then,” Keith stated as he stared into Lance’s eyes.

“I knew you were getting off on it,” Lance answered, “you and Shiro are weird, but sure, if you really want me to hurt you ballsies that much I will do it. Drop those undies mullet head.”

Keith smiled and uncrossed his arms. Without any hesitation he brought his underwear down to his ankles completely exposing his front side. The skin of his scrotum was still red-ish and the bruises seemed to have gotten bigger from his previous sparring match with Shiro, but his balls hung low, manly and slightly bigger than usual. However, this made his average size and now flaccid penis look even smaller. Keith’s cock had a decent thickness to it, but it barely hung in front of his balls and it definitely looked smaller than Lance’s without any need of further inspection.

“Don’t worry Keith, I will make sure not to turn your nuts into peanut butter,” Lance said as he bent over laughing.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, we said the loser would be the one with the smaller erection,” Keith said as he started to rub on his penis.

“Oh, so that little guy can grow a bit?” Lance replied as he dropped his underwear as well and began to stroke his long, thick, and uncut cock, “that’s adorable Keith, I will show you what an erection is supposed to look like.”

Lance’s balls were not low hangers. They were tightly packed, but still big enough to attract attention to them. Lance made sure to caress them a little with his other hand as he continued to stroke his man meat and in a few seconds, he was ready for display. The blue paladin’s delectable erection pointed upwards diagonally with excitement and some very manly looking and engorged veins were noticeable on the sides. To top it off, Lance pushed down the foreskin of his penis to reveal a sexy mushroom head that seemed to be just the perfect size to make his manhood look picture perfect.

Lance’s sight had been focused on looking down at his erected penis with glee, but his excitement vanished as soon as he looked up to check on Keith’s erection.

“What the…” Lance started to say, “that’s not possible, what the actual fuck Keith?”

“Ever heard of being a grower, not a shower,” Keith answered as he held his own erection and pressed it against his body, making the tip of his dick reach almost all the way to his belly button.

Lance did not know what to say. He was completely speechless. How could Keith’s pecker grow so massively long and tower above his own in that manner. The only thing he had going for him now was thickness, Keith’s cock was thinner than his and not as veiny, but that did not matter in the bet. Now his balls were going to pay for his arrogance.

“Don’t worry I will make sure not to turn your berries into jelly,” Keith said as he waved his massive meat stick around and headed inside the shower.

Lance sighed in defeat and followed Keith. He was still a man of his word and he would take this loss head on as he helped Keith to give some very needed relief to his aching testicles. He pressed another couple of buttons on the shower’s control panel and the water turned on and fell loudly. Most drops fell to the floor, but many clung to the skin in each young man’s body. They were fine specimens, both of them with room to grow as puberty continued to change them fully into men, but all the battles and training they had been going through while defending the universe had already enhanced their bodies in every way.

“Show me how it’s done then,” Keith requested.

Lance grunted and wrapped his right hand around the base of his penis and began masturbating slowly. Making sure that Keith was able to see how he pulled the foreskin all the way up to his mushroom head and then back down. The motion provided low waves of pleasure with the warm water further stimulating his glans.

“The faster you go, the faster you will cum of course,” Lance explained, “and you can throw in other things to make it more pleasurable and mix it up too.”

“Like what?” Keith asked.

“Well, water falling on your cock helps stimulate it more, you can play with your nips or whatever other part of your body you feel is sensitive,” Lance explained as he brought his other hand up to his chest and started softly pinching with his right nipple with the tips of his fingers and then used his entire hand for squeezing his pec.

“Is it supposed to feel good for guys there too?” Keith asked as he began rubbing on his own nipples.

“Well, yeah,” Lance answered, “it is not my favorite, but it does the trick.”

Keith brought one of his hands down to his shlong and pulled up and down on his foreskin not really sure of what he should be feeling at the beginning, but soon enough the pleasure began to build up and expand across his body. A few moments later he couldn’t help but moan a little with every stroke of his hardened and wet cock.

“There you go, not difficult at all right?” Lance asked.

“Yeah, it feels amazing,” Keith replied with a wide smile, “I can only think of one thing that might make this better.”

“And what would that be?” Lance asked.

Without any warning, Keith’s left hand grabbed a hold of Lance’s wet family jewels. The hot water had made them hung a little lower, turning them into a perfect hanging bag of goodies that Keith was eager to play with.

“This of course,” Keith responded, “I will be taking my winnings now if you don’t mind.”

“Owieee…” Lance squealed as he froze on the spot due to the crushing pressure his testicles were now being subjected to.

Keith now had him by the balls and his only chance of making it through those three torturous minutes was to keep matching the pain his nuts were feeling with the pleasure he could provide to his cock. Lance quickly resumed his stroking movements, but a sudden squeeze that was focused entirely on his left ball forced him to bite his lower lip to stop remain standing.

“I am starting to see why you liked doing this with your brothers,” Keith said as he continued to increase the pressure of his fingers on Lance’s nut.

“Glad to hear it… buddy,” Lance managed to say between gasps and moans of pain and pleasure.

As the red paladin continued to masturbate, he realized that owning Lance’s testicles was extremely enjoyable on many fronts. Not only was he enjoying the satisfaction of shutting him up, but also the soft skin of Lance’s wet scrotum and the plump feeling of his testicles were somehow very sensual and seeing his cocky face grimace in pain and ecstasy was oddly exhilarating. He could feel a sense of profound power as he cradled Lance’s sack on the palm of his hand and began to push his thumb into the fleshy orbs of squishy meat.

“Please Keith… ahhhhhh,” Lance pleaded as he had to place on of his hands on one of the shower walls to keep himself from falling to the floor, “give my boys a break.”

“I don’t remember breaks being part of the bet,” Keith answered as he continued his painful maneuver and stroked his huge dong with even more excitement now that he had Lance begging for mercy.

Lance forced himself to remain strong, despite his balls desperately asking him for help. He planted his feet on the ground and did his best to endure by focusing on nothing but managing to blow his load.

Keith was not entirely sure how much longer he had to stroke until his orgasm, but he was starting to feel some drops of sticky precum oozing out of his cock head. He did not want to shoot his load yet, not until he had finished having fun with Lance’s marbles. To make sure that would happen, Keith decided to stop beating off and put both hands to work on that nice pair of fluffy globs that were helplessly hanging under his friend’s erection. He made a ring with his index and thumb finger of his left hand and brought lances testicles to the bottom of their sack to make sure they would not be able to move at all from what was coming to them. The he balled his right fist and with medium strength began hammering on the trapped berries.

“Fuck…” Lance grunted as his knees threatened to buckle in due to the pain.

Keith could feel the pair of balls on his knuckles and it was even better that he had expected, his own cock was now twitching with excitement and he was not even stroking it anymore. It was impossible to not think about how amazing every part of his body was feeling right now and those happy thoughts continued to power his punches that were assailing Lance’s nuts like a battering ram.

Lance knew that he was about to be out for the count. Each punch was making his entire body ring with pain to the point that he could barely feel any pleasure from his erection anymore, and he was certain that the drops of precum that were sliding down his shaft had been punched out of him instead of coming out naturally by servicing his own member. Still, the thought of his punishment time being almost over was enough to make him resilient and determined to keep standing until the last second. He would not let Keith further humiliate him.

Keith was aware that he would soon have to let go of Lance’s balls, so for the last few seconds he decided to focus on speed and quantity. He began to jab the pair of trapped and now swelling nuts with extreme speed. Lance was not able to fully maintain his strong fa├žade after that and the bathroom became filled with his loud moans, elicited by every single punch that connected with his unprotected boys.

Wham, wham, wham.

The sound of the wet skin and knuckles colliding could be heard as well.

With just a few more punches Lance lost control of himself and began shooting his load. The thick ropes of creamy liquid defied gravity as they shot upwards managing to reach all the way up to Keith’s face and chest. The sudden reaction caught Keith by surprise and he let go of his buddie’s manhood allowing him to collapse on the floor in fetal position as he did his best to continue jerking off to extricate every possible ounce of pleasure from the otherwise dreadfully painful experience.

Keith touched his face and wiped some of Lance’s thick and musty cum with his fingers. The hot water made the substance even stickier, he was not sure how to feel about what had just happened. However, he did know one thing. He wanted to do the same thing to Lance. Keith grabbed a hold of his massive manhood and jerked it using both hands. Seeing Lance crumpled on the ground and gasping helped him reach the point of no return easily. In mere seconds Keith’s cock began shooting jet after jet after jet of white cum that flew across the shower in straight lines and mostly landed on top of Lance’s broken body.

The pleasure was so incredibly immense that it made Keith’s entire body tense up and forced him to stand on the tips of his toes before finally allowing him to return to normality and making him land butt first on the bathroom floor.

“That… was… awesome…” Keith managed to say with his head hanging to the side.

“You… are… welcome…” Lance replied softly from the ground, “also… my balls… hate you…”


Prince Arthur said...

An extremely hot story, dear Alex. I enjoyed it a lot.
I wonder could you write a similar story but with more homoerotic scenes, such as squeezing one hot guy's balls while fingering his nipples and touching his muscles then make them kiss each other passionately, I think frottage and Cumming together is another hot idea which definitely can be a bonus to your ballbusting story.
English is not my first language but I do hope you get what I mean, keep updating and love you always!

Ballboxing said...

I am glad to hear you enjoyed it. My boxing series had more homoerotism for sure, but who knows, maybe chapter 4 of Voltron will have more of that too. Stay tuned :3

Prince Arthur said...

Awwwe, fuck yeah...we want more please! Looking forward to see the next part of this hot boxing series, cheers

Nick said...

the drawing for this story is adorable

Ballboxing said...

Thanks for the support! Ill do my best to have it ready as soon as possible.

Ballboxing said...

Sadly I cannot take credit for the drawing haha Alex found it on the internet, but I think its super cute too.

Anonymous said...

Really great story. I hope next chapter Shiro will cum too

Ballboxing said...

Thanks for the comment. I cant wait to make Shiro cum as well ;3 I will try to finish asap chapter 4