Friday, August 31, 2018

Cherry popping (Paul meets Kev)

Special thanks to Paul for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who has never been hit in the nuts!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Featured in this story: Kev and Logan (click for pictures)

“I don’t believe you”, Kev said without looking up. His eyes were fixed on his impressive biceps that was was flexing as he lifted the dumbbell.

Kev was 20 years old, a handsome and muscular jock with a great sense of humor. He was wearing sweat pants and a tank top. He was near the end of his daily workout, and he was sweating profusely, creating wet patches on his back, below his arms and at the neckline.

His companion was dressed similarly. Paul was a little older than Kev, with brown hair and hazel eyes. He was clean shaven and handsome, not as muscular as Kev, but athletic and in good shape.

“I don’t fucking believe you”, Kev repeated with a chuckle. “You are, what, 20, 25 years old and you’ve never been hit in the nuts in your life?!”

Paul chuckled. “Actually, I’m 30.”

Kev placed down the dumbbell and looked at Paul. “You’re 30? Un-fucking-believable.”

Paul shrugged. “Good genes, I guess.”

Kev raised his eyebrows. “Hey, maybe getting hit in the nuts makes you age faster!”

They both laughed.

“Seriously, man, how did you manage to avoid getting hit in the fucking nuts for 30 years?” Kev ran his hand through his sweaty hair.

Paul smiled. “No idea. I guess I’m lucky.”

“Un-fucking-believable”, Kev repeated, slowly shaking his head.

They spent the remainder of the workout session talking about Paul’s uncanny ability to avoid getting his testicles trashed for all of his life, and the conversation carried on when they walked across the street into a bar to a have drink.

A couple of beets and countless nutcrunching jokes later, Paul came up with a brilliant idea.

“You can kick me in the nuts”, Paul said, his speech only slightly slurred, “in fact, you can hit them and punch them and do whatever you want to them---”

Kev laughed and cheered and clapped his hands.

“If”, Paul continued, raising his voice, “if you win against me in a wrestling match.” He held out his hand. “Deal?”

“Let’s see. If I win I get to destroy your nuts tonight”, Kev grinned. “That’s a tempting offer, and I’m an expert at nut destruction so you can expect me to do a great job of turning those fresh little nuts of yours into nut butter.” Kev winked at Paul. “But what if you win?”

Paul grinned and drank from his beer. “Then I get to destroy your nuts tonight.” He winked at Kev.

Kev chuckled. “You’ve got balls, my friend”, he grinned.

They both laughed.

“So your nut pain virginity hinges on the outcome of the wrestling match?” Kev said.

Paul shrugged.

“Okay, let’s do it”, Kev said, “but before we wrestle we each get one free kick at the other’s nuts. That way we’ll get the cherry popping out of the way before we start fighting.” Now it was him who held out his hand. “Deal?”

“Deal”, Paul said and shook Kev’s hand. Then he raised his stein. “To my nuts and their pain virginity.”

“To your nuts”, Kev raised his own mug. “They’ll never be the same again…”

They both laughed as they left the bar and returned to the studio. It had closed by now but due to a special relationship with one of the managers Kev had a key and was allowed to use the equipment after hours. Sometimes, Kev brought a buddy to work out with. Sometimes, he brought a girl or two and banged them on the weight bench while flexing his muscles.

But tonight, Kev and Paul want past the weight benches and straight towards the wrestling mat in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror.

Without much ado, Kev unbuckled his belt and took off his clothes, stripping down to his boxers.

Paul chuckled and followed his lead.

“Let’s get started”, Kev smiled as they stood opposite each other wearing nothing but their underpants. “Let’s kick some nuts.”

Paul adjusted his crotch, grimacing. “Who goes first?”

“Let’s toss a coin”, Kev suggested.

Paul won and told Kev to spread his legs.

“Trust me, I won’t hold back when it’s my turn”, Kev said cheerfully, framing his junk with his hands. “You better make it a good one.”

Paul chuckled. Then he brought his leg back and kicked Kev’s nuts with all the force he could muster. It was a strong kick, and it was right on target. Kev’s nuts were flattened inside his boxers and he let out a yelp. His jaw dropped and his face went blank for a second. Then it contorted into an ugly mask of pain as Kev screamed from the top of his lungs.

“Good enough?” Paul dead-panned.

“Oh yeah, great, actually”, Kev grunted, his hands clasping his aching balls, his face contorted in agony. “That was a picture-perfect kick in the nuts. You got both of them really good. Kudos, buddy.”

Paul laughed. “Maybe I should try a career as a birth control consultant?” he joked, making Kev chuckle.

“Let’s see what we can do about your fertility”, Kev said with a smile when he was finally able to stand up straight again.

Paul looked a little tense when Kev pulled at the waistband of his underwear and peeked inside.

“Aww”, Kev said in a mocking tone. “They look so innocent, don’t they?”

Paul chuckled weakly. “They don’t know what we know.”

“Yeah, they don’t know pain”, Kev winked at Paul. He lowered his voice to a stage whisper. “I’ll tell you a secret: It hurts like fucking hell…”

Funnily enough, Paul’s balls pulled up inside his sack, as if they had heard Kev’s dire prediction.

Paul and Kev watched it with amusement.

“Try as you might, you’ve got nowhere to hide”, Kev said cheerfully. He looked up. “Better say goodbye to your manhood, buddy.”

Paul chuckled and played along. “Bye bye”, he said cheerfully, waving his hand at his testicles.

Kev laughed and let go of the waistband.

Then he took a couple of steps back, and with a running start he delivered one of the hardest kicks he had ever thrown right into Paul’s big, blameless balls.

There was a loud, wet splat indicating perfect foot-to-sack connection, followed by a brief moment of silence. Then Paul started screaming and fell to his knees, clutching his gonads with the passion and energy one would expect from a first time nut shot recipient.

He wailed from the top of his lungs, screaming out the pain that was worse than he had ever imagined.

“It’s funny”, Kev said with a grin as he watched Paul writhe on the ground. “I kinda forgot what it looks like when you get hit in the nuts for the very first time. It’s special. I mean, a nutshot is always funny. But it’s even funnier when it’s the first time. There’s that element of surprise, when you realize that it’s actually even worse than you thought. That’s really special. And the rage, the wild rage at God for creating men with---”

“Shut the fuck up!” Paul howled, rocking back and forth, clutching his nuts.

“That’s the rage talking”, Kev chuckled. “Ah. Lovely.”

Paul suffered in silence for a couple more minutes.

Finally, Kev clapped his hands. “Okay, congratulations. You’re a nutshot survivor now. Just like every fucking man on this planet, except for those who didn’t survive, of course. But they are wimps…”

Paul chuckled as Kev shook his hand.

“Now let’s wrestle”, Kev grinned. “Wrestling with a sore set of balls is the best…”

It turned out that it wasn’t. For Paul at least. He didn’t stand a chance against Kev.

Within seconds, Kev had Paul pinned to the mat, grunting in anguish as Kev gave his nuts playful flick with his fingers.

Round two lasted a little longer, if only because Kev straddled Paul’s head and sat on his face, muffling his breathless submission and delaying it just long enough to sneak in a couple of extra nut taps.

By round three, Paul was sweating and panting, his head beet red, and the waistband of his underwear had torn apart, causing him to hold on to them to prevent them from falling and exposing his junk.

His efforts turned out to be in vain because Kev treated him to an impeccably executed wedgie that crushed Paul’s nuts and flossed his ass cheeks before the fabric of his underwear gave up and ripped apart.

With Paul buck naked, Kev used his fat dick and his plump, slightly swollen and freshly deflowered balls to his advantage, grabbing them and squeezing them as hard as he could.

That’s when Paul’s survival instinct kicked in, and he managed to score a lucky blow to Kev’s nuts, stunning him for short moment that lasted long enough for Paul to pin Kev to the mat.

With his self-confidence boosted and his nuts dreading another blow, Paul went into round four, hellbent on defeating Kev. He gave him a taste of his own medicine, going straight for Kev’s balls, squeezing them and squishing them with his hands until Kev screamed his submission.

The fifth and final round went on forever.

It seemed like neither Kev nor Paul wanted to give up their manhood without a fight.

They pulled out all the stops, shamelessly going for each others’ gonads, squeezing them and slapping them, punching them and grinding them with their knees.

At first, Kev held a slight advantage because he was still wearing underwear, but that changed when Paul ripped it off of him just a few seconds into the fight.

Paul managed to land some serious blows to Kev’s manhood, almost completely sinking Kev’s battleship when he rolled onto Kev and his knee landed right in the danger zone, squishing Kev’s nuts and flattening them like a pancake.

Kev screamed from the top of his lungs, and he retaliated by jerking his own knee up, hitting Paul straight in the nuts.

A few dick-tugging and nut-crunching minutes later, Kev had Paul right where he wanted him, face down on the mat, his arms pinned on his back, panting und grunting as Kev sat on him, spanking his ass.

“Do you give?” Kev asked, reaching between Paul’s thighs and grabbing hold of his severely swollen testicles.

“Fuck”, Paul grunted, his face a mask of pain.

Kev started squeezing.

“Fuck!” Paul yelled as the pain washed through his body.

“Do you give?” Kev repeated, adding more and more pressure, kneading and twisting his nuts, pressing his thumb deep into the meaty core of Paul’s testicles and squeezing the life – and probably the life of Paul’s unborn children – out of them with all the force he could muster.

“Fuuuucckkkkk! I give! I give! I give!” Paul squealed in an almost ridiculously high-pitched voice that made Kev laugh out loud.

Kev let go of Paul’s nutsack after giving it a final tug and twist for good measure, and Paul curled up in a ball, howling in pain.

Kev allowed him to catch his breath for a couple of minutes. “Listen, I don’t want to sound like an asshole but can we speed things up a bit?” Kev said after a while. “A friend of mine is picking me up in about half an hour, and if we want to properly destroy your nuts we’ll need that time.” He grinned as he towered over Paul.

“Fuck”, Paul grunted. “You don’t think we can reschedule?” He moved his hands away from his balls, revealing a pair of bright red and very swollen testicles. “I think my nuts aren’t used to this kind of abuse…”

Kev grimaced. “Sorry, I’m a man of my word, and when I say I crush your nuts tonight I fucking crush your nuts tonight.” He shrugged apologetically without even trying not to smile. “I’m a man of my word. I guess I’m just wired that way. Now get up and spread your legs.”

Paul let out a groan and did as he was told.

He knew that he wouldn’t get Kev to have mercy, and the prospect of Kev’s friend witnessing the destruction of his manhood made him want to speed up things as well.

Paul’s big, heavy nuts were dangling between his thighs, slightly red and slightly swollen. He was looking down, counting the bruises on his ballsack, and Kev’s foot hit him by complete surprise.

It connected perfectly with the two tender nuggets, ramming them into his body with a loud, wet splat.

Paul’s jaw dropped and his face went white as mind-numbing pain started spreading from his abdomen thought his body, paralyzing him as his balls swung back and forth wildly, smacking against his thighs.

Kev didn’t even wait until they had regained their equilibrium. He powered another hard kick between Paul’s thighs, scoring another perfect hit and squashing Paul’s nuts.

This time, Paul found his voice and mobility again. He collapsed on the ground, screaming from the top of his lungs. He was on all fours, his ass up in the air, his balls dangling below.

Kev let out a sigh. “Your balls are quite weak, you know”, he said, kicking Paul’s legs apart before smashing his foot between Paul’s thighs, lifting him off the air and prompting another high-pitched scream.

Paul screamed from the top of his lungs and rolled onto his back.

Kev took that as an invitation to deliver a stomp to Paul’s nuts. It was a quite effective one, and Kev made sure to make it count by twisting his foot as if he was trying to stomp out a cigarette.

Now Paul was all but crying, but Kev didn’t let that dampen his mood. With a cheerful smile, he stomped down once again, crushing Paul’s nuts under his sole.

Paul tried crawling away but Kev grabbed Paul’s nuts and pulled him back by his balls.

“No, my friend, you’re going nowhere”, Kev laughed, “until I have destroyed your fucking nuts. That’s the deal, remember?”

Despite the pain he was in, Paul managed to let out a laugh. “You really mean it, huh?”

“Sure”, Kev grinned. “Your nuts will be paste when we’re done here.”

Just a few hours ago he was that rare example of a man who had never been racked in the nuts in his life. Now he sore and in pain, and probably on the verge of lowering his sperm count to zero for the foreseeable future.

To prevent Paul from escaping, Kev tied him to a wall, his legs spread apart. “Look at those nuts”, he said cheerfully, smacking Paul’s balls with the palm of his hand. “They’re beet red, like a speed bag.” He smiled at Paul. “Speaking of which…” He got down on one knee and balled his fist.

“Oh, fuck”, Paul’s eyes widened in horror. “Please, be---”

Kev shut him up with a very well-placed uppercut to the ball bag before delivering a series of rapid-fire left-right-left combos, making Paul sing soprano from the top of his lungs.

Again and again and again Kev punched Paul’s nuts, making sure to pay equal attention to Paul’s right nut and his left nut. An occasional uppercut ensured that things weren’t getting too boring – but Kev needn’t have worried. He had Paul’s undivided attention, and the handsome man watched with growing panic the changing colors of his most prized possessions.

Bright red turned to purple, purple turned to a rich, deep blue with darker shades at the bottom of the scrotum.

Paul’s nutsack had turned almost completely black when Kev grew tired of the speed bag routine. He got up and stretched his legs. “Let’s see if we can kick those nuts out of their sack”, he said with a grin. He winked at Paul. “Wish me luck, buddy…”

With that, he brought his foot up between Paul’s thighs, hitting his badly battered and severely bruised balls dead-on.

Paul’s voice was hoarse from all the screaming, but he managed to let out a very impressive soprano squeal before passing out.

“Huh”, Kev said.

He poked at Paul’s ridiculously swollen nuts with his finger.

“Wake up, buddy, we’re not done”, he said.

The door opened, and Kev’s friend Logan entered the studio.

Logan was 18 years old, a handsome young high school wrestler with blond hair and blue eyes. He was in his workout clothes, carrying a bag over his shoulder.

“You’re busy?” Logan grinned as he saw the two naked men. “Do you want me to come back later?”

“Nah, come in, we’re almost done”, Kev grinned.

He stepped up to Paul and kicked him in the nuts.

Paul’s eyes opened and he let out a strangled scream.

“Hey, Paul, this is my friend Logan”, Kev said with a grin.

Paul managed to smile weakly. “Hi.”

“Paul has never been hit in the nuts before”, Kev explained.

Logan took a step closer and looked at Paul’s balls. He let out a laugh and looked up at Paul. “Looks like he popped your cherries”, he quipped.

“Yup”, Paul croaked. “Both of them.”

“So how does it feel to get hit in the nuts?” Logan smiled.

“Well, actually, I thought it would be worse”, Paul said defiantly.

Kev raised his eyebrows. “Really?”

Paul smiled weakly. “I guess I haven’t met a real nutcracker, yet.”

Kev let out an incredulous laugh.

Logan smiled. “Well, I’m Logan, nice to meet you.” He turned to Kev. “May I?”

Kev chuckled. “Sure.”

Logan’s kick was hard and right on target. It hit Paul’s swollen, bruised balls dead-on and caused him to pass out again.

In fact, he passed out several more times that night, but neither Logan nor Kev managed to destroy Paul’s nuts.

Instead of doing their regular workout, Logan and Kev used Paul’s nuts as their personal punching and kicking bag for most of the night.

They left early in the morning, after Paul’s nutsack had turned pretty much black.

Before they parted ways, Paul challenged Logan to another bet.

With his nuts thoroughly inaugurated, he wanted to see how much pain they were able to take, and Logan didn’t mind helping him out...


Anonymous said...

Great story!

Toothpick said...

Man that was good. Always nice to read about a guy's first time. Can't help but wonder what some of the guy's first times were.

I remember I once had a fantasy. A guy tells his friends he's never been hit in the jeweles so they spend a few minutes trying to hit him in the sack. He manages to avoid all attacks

Finally another friend of his arrives and tells everyone to knock it off. He thinks this means it's safe but it's all a trap to make him lower his guard- and his freiend gives him a swift kick to the balls that drops him to the floor.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

That‘s a HOT fantasy! Thank you for sharing it with us! :-))

John said...

This one was awesome...really one of the bests here! Congrats! I have been reading the site for years, and now as an 30 aged guy it is good to fantasize an other guy of this age being hit for the first time (love the stories with 30 aged guys by the way). Thanks for it!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Paul! I‘m glad you like the story! :-))