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Interview with Ballbusting Bro Fluffy


Two weeks ago I published an interview with the amazingly hot Toby Springs, and two weeks before that I told you about the awesome video "Toby Ballbusting His Bro" which is available at

Now it's time to have a look at the other factor that makes "Toby Ballbusting His Bro" such a fantastic video: It's his scene partner, Fluffy (follow him on Twitter), one of the hottest subs on the scene, an adventurous and adorable young man who is never afraid to put his balls on the line.

I'm so glad that Fluffy agreed to answer a couple of questions for me. Here is our little conversation.


Q: I’m a big fan of your work, Fluffy. You are definitely one of the hottest subs on the web. I'm sure many of my readers know you - but if someone didn’t know you at all, how would you describe yourself and what you do?
Fluffy: I am Fluffy and I get to live out peoples deepest and darkest fantasies on camera for the world to see.

Q: Oooh, that sounds exciting! Is there a scene that you are particularly proud of or that was particularly fun to shoot?
Fluffy: I wish I could name a particular scene that I was particularly proud of shooting, but there have been quite a few.  I would have to say that I am most proud of any of the scenes or videos that I was a part of making that were nominated or won an AVN.  It means a lot to be a part of any project that gains the rare AVN nod for the rare fetish clip, which until recently was not a thing that really happened.


Q: Oh, right! I remember seeing the AVN reference on your twitter account. Can you tell us which clips got nominated or won an AVN? Is there a list somewhere? I'm sure some of us would like to catch up with your work...
Fluffy: Unfortunately, the clips that were nominated were not Produced by me, but I was honored to be a part of them anyways.  The first nomination was for Most Outrageous Sex Scene in 2017 for my First ever Cuckold scene that I have ever shot. The scene was for Evil Angel and also starred Aiden Starr and Jovan Jordan.  It was so much fun to work on.  The second nomination was for one of my favorite Cuckold Scenes that I have ever shot.  The scene was Produced by Dogfart and featured myself, Adriana Chechik, Isiah Maxwell and Rico Strong and was nominated for Best Double Penetration.

Q: Wow. I'm gay but those scenes kinda bring out the bi side in me... What’s the biggest turn-on for you?
Fluffy: My biggest turn on is - It would depend on the scenario.  As far as a fetish turn on, I love sensory play and a great mind fuck added in, sends me over the edge.  As far as a turn on regarding women would have to be ass, legs and personality. 

Q: You are a pretty busy guy. I have been following your twitter account for a while now, and it looks like you get beaten up and humiliated quite a lot on camera, mostly by women, but sometimes by men as well. Is there a difference in shooting with men or with women?
Fluffy: With women, I tend to get into a more submissive headspace and it tends to be more sexual.  With guys, I get into a more playful and bratty headspace, which is probably why Toby and I get along so well together.


Q: Oh yeah, you are so awesome with Toby Springs! You got great chemistry! The atmosphere of the clip is just amazing. This isn't the first time you got your balls busted on camera by a guy, though, right? I think I remember seeing some sort of security guy scenario somewhere... Would you say you are into ballbusting?
Fluffy: Other than the occasional friends messing around, the first Male to Male Ballbusting that I have ever done was for my friend Terra Mizu for a Custom that someone ordered with myself and Miles Striker.  You can find the clip on Terra's store. I wouldn't necessarily say that I am into ballbusting, by I can be a Masochist from time to time and I really do enjoy the Power Exchange.

Q: In your experience, do men and women have different techniques when it comes to ballbusting? Do their kicks feel different in any way?
Fluffy: Honestly, between men and women, I would have to say that its actually pretty equal, but I have worked with some intense Ballbusters.  One good example is Goddess Tangent.  She probably kicks harder than most men or women out there.

Q: Do you prefer to get your balls busted by men or women?
Fluffy: I don't really have a preference, because its likely going to hurt just as bad no matter who does it.


Q: It’s pretty rare to meet someone who does f/m and m/m stuff when it comes to fetish porn and domination. How come you are doing both?
Fluffy: I am very comfortable with my sexuality and when I do things with other men, I typically have known them for a bit and feel very comfortable that they have my best interest in mind.

Q: Have you ever switched roles and played the dominating part on camera?
Fluffy: Only a little bit in my personal life, but trust me, I would love to start doing more where I am dominant.  My only problem is getting out of my own head and pushing myself beyond my comfort level.

Q: If you ever got to the point of switching roles - would you prefer dominating a guy or a girl?
Fluffy: I think that I would probably enjoy dominating a guy a little more than a girl because I can relate better to the guy and his pain and his emotions, which would help me take more control than I think I could with a female and I also tend to be more submissive to females.

Q: Have you ever hit another guy in the nuts?
Fluffy: The previous mentioned clip that I was a security guard, Miles and I kept exchanging kicks back and forth.  I really do enjoy it and look forward to other opportunities to be able to be the Ballbuster rather than the one who is getting busted ;)

Q: I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll get to see you bust some balls. That would be amazing! Now, let's talk about “Toby Ball Busting His Bro”. I'm a huge fan of that clip. It's definitely one of the best m/m ballbusting clips that I have ever seen. I absolutely loved you in it. Your nuts took quite a lot of abuse from Toby. How are they?
Fluffy: They have healed up, but since Fetcon ended, my domme decided to leave me in Chastity and entrusted Toby with the key and the longer I wear the device, the more sensitive it gets down there, so the next clip should be extra painful.  


Q: Ouch! So you have another shooting lined up with Toby? That's exciting! Can you talk about the plans for that?
Fluffy: Toby and I are discussing some ideas, but whatever we decide, my nuts are not going to be very happy with the outcome.

Q: I'm looking forward to whatever it will be! Back to "Toby Ballbusting His Bro": What was the experience like shooting it?
Fluffy: I had fun.  As much as I'd like to do a role reversal, I really enjoyed shooting the clip.  It definitely makes it easier that Toby and I are so close and I trust him more than I trust most people.

Q: Right, Toby told us that you are friends. He asked you to participate in the clip. What did you think when he told you what it was about?
Fluffy: My face did turn a bright shade of white and I did kind of think, what did I get myself into.

Source: Toby Ballbusting His Bro,

Q: Some people are questioning whether the ballbusting in the clip is fake. What do you say to them?
Fluffy: My balls beg to differ.

Q: I bet they do. The action definitely looked real. You are quite a trooper! What was your favorite part of the clip?
Fluffy: Any of the parts where I was able to trash talk Toby.

Q: You did a pretty good job with that trash talking... It looks like you two had great chemistry in front of the camera. Does he bust your balls in private as well?
Fluffy: On a rare occasion, he may do a nut tap, especially now that I am in Chastity.

Source: Toby Ballbusting His Bro,

Q: That's what friends are for, right? Would you let Toby crack your nuts on camera again?
Fluffy: I would love to as long as I can continue trash talking him 😈😇

Q: Good luck! Anything you‘d like to say to your new ballbusting fans?
Fluffy: I hope that you enjoy watching my nuts get destroyed.  If you'd like to see me in more predicaments, please be sure to check out my store at


Q: Fluffy's Torture Time is a great name! Can you tell us what we can expect from your store? What's your mission?
Fluffy: Thank you. The full name of the store is Torture Time w/ Fluffy and Friends, but I like how you can also call it just Torture Time and it still gets its message across. My goal with the store is keep entertaining my fans with different adventures in the Femdom realm, whether I am the victim or I have someone else play the victim.  My goal for the store is to keep growing and improving on my content and maybe even start shooting some more complicated scenes than what I currently shoot.  I would also love for my store to crack the Top 50 on Clips4Sale over the next year.

Q: Good luck with that! Final question: Has- anybody ever told you that you look like a hot version of Elijah Wood? (And in case there’s any doubt: I think Mr. Wood is pretty hot himself.) Seriously, you should star in a porn remake of Lord of the Rings!
Fluffy: A few times before and trust me, I am trying to think of some great Lord of the Rings ideas.  That would definitely be an epic series of clips.

Q: Frodo getting his Baggins busted by Legolas would be so hot - let me know if you need a producer for that clip! And thank you so much for taking the time for this little interview!
Fluffy: Thank you.


 If you want to learn more about Fluffy follow his Twitter account, browse his store (it has some f/m ballbusting clips) and check out this video on youtube where he talks about being a sub.

Don't miss Toby Springs busting Fluffy's balls in "Toby Ballbusting His Bro" available now at Toby Springs' store!  


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