Sunday, September 30, 2018 Original Videos: Quality Guarantee

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I hope you are just as excited as I am about my upcoming collaboration with Ballbusting Bros Toby Springs (follow Toby on Twitter) and Fluffy (follow Fluffy on Twitter). If you have watched the announcement clip you know that we are working together to give you a series of awesome video clips.

Let me tell you a bit about this project.

It has been a long held dream of mine to produce quality m/m ballbusting videos. There are a couple of great producers of f/m ballbusting clips out there but producers who focuse on m/m ballbusting are very, very rare.

There is some content out there but most of it is not what I am looking for.

For example, I'm not into the heavy leather and hardcore CBT that studios like Shotgun Video are famous for. I don't want to knock their work - on the contrary: I respect their work, I admire their longevity, I wish them only the best, and I hope Roger will continue to make many more videos. I would love to enjoy those videos - they just don't turn me on.

Then there are ball bash wrestling videos - some of them are absolutely awesome like those produced by Jonny Firestorm who I adore. His Ball Bash Olympics videos are some of the best ballbusting videos ever produced. But I'm not really into wrestling (I've tried to get into it but it's just not my cup of tea), and those videos typically feature a lot of wrestling (duh!).

The rest of the m/m stuff out there is either too mild for my taste or it uses ballbusting as an additional flavor in clips that focus on other fetishes like superhero worship, jerk off instruction, foot domination etc. That's nice for those who are into it. It's just that whenever I purchase a clip like that I can't help but feel disappointed.

That's why I was instantly on fire when I saw Toby Springs and Fluffy in that first ballbusting clip that they published. I wanted to get up and scream: "That's EXACTLY what I love!"

It's funny and playful, yet there is nothing remotely fake about the action. There's that bro vibe, and an atmosphere that is 100% authentic. Toby and Fluffy love what they are doing, and it shows. It's m/m ballbusting at it's very best! It's just what I love! It's awesome!

I can't tell you how happy I am that they agreed to collaborate on this project.

And this is what you can expect from our upcoming collaboration. Call it the Quality Guarantee if you will... :-)
Real action, no fakes.
There will be no fake reactions. Never. Ever. Balls will be bashed, and it will hurt. As hard as it will be on Fluffy's poor nuts (if you're reading this, Fluffy, I'm very sorry...) there will be no holding back. That's the deal.

Fun, fun, fun.
I have come up with some plot scenarios for Toby and Fluffy to choose from, and they won't do anything that they don't want to. I am 100% behind every clip that we'll publish, and so are Toby and Fluffy.

Reasonable prices.
Nothing in the world is for free but we'll make sure that the clips are reasonably priced (= about $1 per minute). Trust me, each and every video will be worth its price.

Now, if you are a law-abiding citizen you can skip the next paragraph. This is just for those readers who have a habit of sharing clips they bought with other people who didn't pay for them:
Please don't share any of the videos you purchase with others. Just don't. I know it's tempting to upload them to a sharing platform or put a link on a forum, but it betrays everybody who put their time and money into producing those clips. It's against the law but on top of that it's not nice, it's not fair, and it's counterproductive - especially if you happen to enjoy the clips you share. Don't do it. If we don't pay the performers and producers of fetish porn there will be no fetish porn. I know you know I'm right. Alright, let's join the rest of the readers for the final bit.
I'm really excited about this! So far the collaboration with Toby and Fluffy has been absolutely awesome, and I know you'll love the clips!

By the way: If you want to send a little tip to Toby and/or Fluffy they both have Amazon wishlists (here is Toby's, here is Fluffy's) and I know they appreciate your gifts. :-))

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Artwork created by Champ


Anonymous said...

Id pay good money for a vid that focus on knees

volpesco said...

Good idea
Good luck

Alex said...

Thanks flr your comments, guys!

There will be knees but I don‘t think we‘ll do an entire clip focused on knees. Then again - who knows? :-))

@volpesco volpesco:
Thank you! :-))

Anonymous said...

I can't express how pumped I am for this. This is exactly what's missing for this fetish market, video wise.

I would be willing to pay for videos of your stories put in video form, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hope this does well and I hope there's some close-ups for the kicking action if possible.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys!

@Anonymous (1):
Thanks for your kind words! We are not going to turn my existing stories into videos, though, because we want to avoid making the clips feel scripted and stale. Toby and Fluffy are going to improvise a lot with plot themes and ideas that I give them. It's going to be so hot! :-))

@Anonymous (2):
Thanks for your suggestion! We'll see what we can do... :-))

Anonymous said...

Ive been following your blog ever since bbmal stopped being active. I was deeply sad , and I came across your blog. I cant tell how many times your stories made me cum. And I have to say Im really proud and happy for you now that you are taking your work on step forward. Best wishes xoxo

Alex said...

Thanks for your kind words! They mean a lot to me! :-))

Anonymous said...

awesome idea. I'm mostly interested in videos of Toby taking shots to the nuts. don't know if he's willing, but he's gorgeous

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I agree, Toby is HOT! He is not available for getting his nuts crushed but I‘m fine with that because he is a very talented and enthusiastic ballbuster... :-))

Anonymous said...

I agree! Toby shoud be getting some good naked hit in the huts too!

Alex said...

Thanks for you feedback! Don't get your hopes up to high, I think Toby has made up his mind... :-))

Anonymous said...

Wish I had some spare cash, I'd buy those leather trousers and goth boots for Tony to inflict on Fluffy


Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Marc! I bet Toby would love that. I‘m not so sure about Fluffy... :-))