Friday, September 21, 2018

Milk and honey

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

“It’s so nice to finally meet you! I’ve heard so much about you“ , Manuel said with a smile as he sat down on the milking stool below the upholstered massage table. “Mr. Kruger has been talking about you all the time.”

The 18 year old Latino was wearing a white uniform that consisted of pants, a long-sleeved t-shirt that covered most of his tattoos on his muscular upper body, and a plastic apron. He was a cheerful young man, polite and skillful, an experienced milkman – as the Jerk’n’Drain professionals jocularly called themselves – that managed to drain a well-filled scrotum within just a couple of minutes.

“The pleasure is all mine”, Ashley said with a smile as her boyfriend climbed onto the massage table. “I have been wanting to meet your for quite some time.” She was a pretty young woman, 18 years old, with blond hair and blue eyes.

She was sitting on a visitor’s chair opposite Manuel’s milking stool, dressed in a pretty red dress that looked fantastic on her. She looked around, fascinated by the equipment and the atmosphere of the room.

They were in the second of four cubicles, and it was obvious that the others were occupied. There was some muffled moaning and the sound of dicks getting jerked and nuts getting spanked. It was all new to Ashley, and she took it all in with a mesmerized look on her face.

“Alright, Mr. Kruger”, Manuel said cheerfully as he put on a pair of disposable gloves and cracked his knuckles. “What will it be today?”

“You’ll have to ask her”, came Logan’s voice from the top of the table.

Logan was a handsome 18 year old with an athletic body, blessed with movie star good looks and a very impressive set of equipment that was dangling through the hole in the table.

As always, Logan’s dick was locked in a chastity cage, and Manuel took the key and opened it, freeing Logan’s dick.

“Oh”, Manuel smiled at Ashley as he jerked Logan’s cock to full hardness with three skillful strokes. “You’re in charge today, huh?” He winked at Ashley as he weighed Logan’s heavy nuts in his hand. “It has been three weeks since the last milking, so I guess you could just go with a triple. It looks like these puppies are filled to the brim, though, so why don’t you try the quadruple special?”

Ashley giggled. “Four loads? Won’t that be too much for him?”

Manuel laughed and playfully smacked Logan’s dangling balls with the palm of his hand. “That’s no problem, right, Mr. Kruger?”

Logan let out a grunt that sounded vaguely affirmative.

“So what will it be?” Manuel said with a bright smile.

Ashley thought for a moment. “Well, I could use a little more money. There is that wonderful pair of shoes that I’ve seen, and---” She raised her voice. “I think we’ll do the quadruple if that’s alright with you, babe?”

Manuel winked at her and gave Logan’s nuts a playful slap, making his ball bag swing wildly and eliciting a spontaneous giggle from Ashley.

“Sure”, Logan groaned in a weak voice. “If that’s what you want, honey.”

“Wonderful”, Ashley smiled, clapping her hands.

“So it’s a quadruple load for you today, Mr. Kruger”, Manuel said cheerfully. “Let’s see what we can wring out of those nuts.” He poured a generous amount of lube onto his gloved hands and started massaging the two tender testicles while stroking Logan’s hard cock as Ashley watched him curiously.

Manuel smiled at her. It wasn’t often that a source’s significant other was present when he did his job, and he liked the attention. In addition to that, Ashley was a very attractive young woman, and Manuel was tempted to show off his skills for her.

“I like to loosen up the load a bit”, Manuel explained gently while jerking Logan’s dick. “Especially when we’re going for a quadruple.” He balled his fist and sent it crashing into Logan’s nutsack while jerking his dick gently.

Logan’s hoarse grunt made Ashley and Manuel chuckle.

Another hard punch made Logan groan in pain as his balls swung back and forth, only to be met with Manuel’s fist once again.

“Everything alright, Mr. Kruger?” Manuel asked cheerfully, winking at Ashley.

“Everything’s perfect, Manuel”, Logan replied in a strained voice.

“That’s awesome, Mr. Kruger”, Manuel chuckled. “Oh, I almost forgot”, he added with a smile before reciting the focus group tested lines that every Jerk’n’Drain professional knew by heart. “There are almost a hundred Jerk’n’Drain Milking Stations in the United States. We pride ourselves with delivering outstanding product while treating our sources with the respect and the care that they deserve. Jerk’n’Drain is a supplier for a lot of renowned pharmaceutical companies and cosmetics manufacturers around the world. Our extraordinarily high quality standards are unmatched, and we hold 75% of the global sperm market, making Jerk’n’Drain the number one sperm supplier worldwide.”

While reciting his text, Manuel had jerked Logan’s dick to the point of no return, slapping and punching and squeezing his nuts now and then. Logan’s breathing quickened and his moans and groans grew louder and louder.

Manuel reached for one of the jars as he talked and stroked Logan’s throbbing dick.

Logan’s orgasm was perfectly timed. The first spurt sputtered into the jar just when Manuel had finished his little recital.

“If it’s sperm it’s Jerk’n’Drain”, Manuel winked at Ashley and she giggled as Logan was panting and grunting while his dick was pumping jet after jet of creamy jizz into the jar.

“That’s amazing”, Ashley smiled. “You are really good at this.”

“Oh, that’s nothing”, Manuel laughed. “The first load is easy. Wait till we get to load number four. That’s when things get really interesting.”

Despite his mild denial, Manuel couldn’t help but feel flattered by Ashley’s kind words. It wasn’t often that he got this kind of praise, certainly not from the sources that he milked.

While the majority of guys frequenting the Milking Station were very civil and polite, for some reason Manuel felt like some of them harbored some kind of resentment. It was the little things: a tip that was a little less than what could be expected after a thorough milking, a prickly comment about Manuel’s milking technique, a reproachful look after being locked in chastity again. Manuel enjoyed his job but sometimes he felt like he didn’t get the appreciation he deserved.

“I think you are really, really great”, Ashley insisted, looking deep into Manuel’s eyes.

Manuel smiled. “Well, thanks”, he said, genuinely flattered.

There was a moment of silence as Manuel and Ashley were lost in each others’ eyes, with Logan’s erection and his ballsack dangling between them.

Logan cleared his throat. “Umm, Manuel?” he said weakly. “What are you waiting for?”

Manuel was startled. “What? I--- Oh, of course. No problem, Mr. Kruger, I’m just putting away the jar. I’ll be with you in a moment.” He avoided Ashley’s eyes as he labeled the jar that was filled with Logan’s load, and put it into the little cooler by his side. “Your boyfriend is right”, he explained. “You don’t want to let the erection go away. Once it is gone it’s so much more complicated to extract another load.” He cracked his knuckles and grabbed Logan’s cock once again. “Here we go, Mr. Kruger, load number two.” He stroked it a couple of times. “Don’t worry, everything is fine. This thing is hard as a rock and ready to go again. We’ll have that second load out in no time.”

Manuel went to work again, skillfully stroking Manuel’s dick as he intensified the accompanying slaps and punches to Logan’s ball bag, trying to ignore the pretty young woman sitting in front of him.

He bit his lower lip as he tried to take his mind off the naughty thoughts that started popping into his mind. Her perfume reached his nostrils, and he felt a tingle in his loins. “You are doing great, Mr. Kruger”, he mumbled as if trying to focus his thoughts on Ashley’s boyfriend and guiding them away from her.

Ashley watched him, fascinated by Manuel’s milking skills and by the apparent ease with which he milked her boyfriend’s cock.

Manuel avoided eye-contact as he worked over Logan’s manhood. He bit his lower lip and slapped and smacked and punched Logan’s dangling ballsack, trying to get his mind off the beautiful young woman who was watching him.

Logan was grunting and groaning as Manuel squished and squashed his testicles with punch after punch while feverishly stroking his throbbing dick.

“Everything alright, Mr. Kruger?” Manuel asked, his eyes fixed on Logan’s dick and balls.

“Everything’s perfect, Manuel”, Logan grunted as he dug his fingers into the soft surface of the massage table. The pain was unbelievable, but he knew that Manuel was as good at his job as anybody, and that he was keeping the pain to an absolute minimum, trying not to hurt him any more than absolutely necessary for a fruitful milking.
“Wonderful, Mr. Kruger”, Manuel said. “That’s wonderful.” He cleared his throat and let go of Logan’s dick. Then he balled his fists and started punching Logan’s swinging ball bag with a skillful combination of left and right hooks and straights.

Ashley giggled as her boyfriend was biting into his head rest, letting out muffled grunts and groans of agony.

“That looks pretty good”, she smiled as she watched Manuel punch Logan’s nutsack. “You have some boxing experience, right?”

Manuel’s eyes were focused on Logan’s ball bag. “How can you tell?” he said with a shy grin as he landed punch after nut-crunching punch to Logan’s dangling balls.

His eyes moved up and they looked at each other.

Their eyes met and time stood still.

They were rudely ripped out of their tender moment by an anguished grunt from Logan. “Fuck!” he coughed. “Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

Ashley and Manuel shared a gentle laugh as Manuel increased the pace of his punches, bringing Logan closer and closer to his second orgasm.

“God!” Logan grunted as his dick erupted with another batch of creamy stud sauce that Manuel caught in a fresh jar, smiling at Ashley as he milked every last drop out of Logan’s throbbing dick.

“What a nice, creamy load, Mr. Kruger”, Manuel said, flirting with Logan’s girlfriend as he squeezed the tip of Logan’s dick.

Logan groaned, his voice filled with pain and exhaustion.

“His loads are always creamy”, Ashley said with a cheeky smile, winking at Manuel.

Manuel winked back at her. “Let’s see if we can extract another one, shall we?” he said, grinning at Ashley.

Manuel grabbed Logan’s drained balls and squeezed them hard. “Oh, Mr. Kruger, there’s another big load in there, I can feel it”, he said as he smiled at Ashley. Then he started squeezing as hard as he could.

Manuel’s strong, slender, skillful fingers dug deep into the tender flesh of Logan’s traumatized testicles, squishing and squashing the spunk-filled spuds as Manuel and Ashley undressed each other with their eyes.

Sexual tension was in the air, filling the room, despite the fact that there wasn’t anything sexual at all about the way Manuel treated Logan’s most prized possessions.

Ashley licked her lips, showing off her cleavage as Manuel crunched Logan’s nuts with his bare hands, squeezing the twin orbs with all the force he could muster.

Logan’s spent dick was throbbing and twitching despite having just fired off two very impressive loads. He was screaming and grunting, groaning and panting as Manuel manhandled his manhood, crushing his nuts while flirting with his girlfriend.

“Here it cums, Mr. Kruger, here it cums”, Manuel announced cheerfully as he squeezed the third load out of Logan’s nuts, filling another jar as Logan’s girlfriend lifted her skirt to give Manuel a glimpse of the treasure trove between her thighs.

Manuel’s eyes grew wide and he almost dropped the jar, catching it just in time and reflexively lifting it up, ramming it into Logan’s sputtering dick and his fat, busy balls.

Logan shrieked like a banshee, and Ashley and Manuel burst out laughing.

Ashely cupped her mouth to keep her boyfriend from hearing her giggling, but she couldn’t help but give a high, clear laugh at the situation.

“Something wrong, honey?” Logan grunted in a strained voice, sounding genuinely caring.

“No”, Ashley replied quickly, stifling her laughter as Manuel smirked at her. “Everything’s alright, darling.”

Manuel gave Ashley a mockingly reproachful look as he extracted the final drop of cum from Logan’s nuts and put the lid on the third jar.

“Just one more load, Mr. Kruger”, Manuel said cheerfully.

“Okay, Manuel”, Logan groaned. “Honey, this is probably going to be a bit ugly. You don’t have to see this, you know?”

Ashley winked at Manuel. “Don’t worry, darling, I can handle it.”

“Alright, honey”, Logan mumbled, defeated, just before Manuel started his patented fourth-load-routine on Logan’s swollen, bruised balls.

Everybody at Jerk’n’Drain Enterprises knew that the fourth load was a difficult one, so every milkman had developed their own technique to extract it.

Manuel’s method consisted of a perfectly timed combination of uppercuts and hard slaps to the dick and the balls just like he had used for loads number one through three – but with one notable difference.

Ashley’s eyes grew wide as Manuel produced some brass knuckles and put them on, winking at her.

Ashley giggled, covering her mouth with her hand. “Oh no, you’re not---”

Manuel put his finger in front of his mouth and grinned.

“Honey?” Logan said. “Something wrong?”

“Everything is fine, Mr. Kruger”, Manuel said. “Right?” He grinned at Ashley as he lined up his brass knuckled fist with Logan’s nuts.

“Everything is fine, darling”, Ashley said, giggling.

Manuel and Ashley shared a naughty laugh as Logan lay above them, completely oblivious, his fat dick and swollen balls hanging through the hole in the massage table, vulnerable and exposed.

Logan’s voice sounded tired. “Okay, honey, that’s---"

He was interrupted by a perfectly executed brass-knuckled uppercut to the nutsack that made him howl in agony.

Logan’s voice cracked as Manuel punched his nuts again and again and again.

The sound of Manuel’s fist connecting with Logan’s ball bag echoed through the cubicle and mixed with Logan’s screams of agony.

It only took a couple of minutes for Manuel to extract that coveted fourth load, but to Logan it seemed like an eternity.

When Manuel placed the fourth jar in the little cooler and locked his dick up again, Logan was a wreck. His nuts were bloated and bruised, and his dick was spent and sore. Grunting and groaning, he climbed off the massage table.

He almost caught Manuel and Ashley kissing, but he was too distracted to notice anything unusual.

“Listen, darling”, Ashley said in a sweet tone as Logan put on his pants.

Logan had his back towards her, so he didn’t see that she was looking at Manuel, shamelessly flirting with him as she asked, “I think I might wanna go out tonight. What do you think?”

Logan let out a groan. “I dunno. I thought we’d stay in and watch a movie together.” He turned around and looked at her.

Ashley sighed. “Aww, darling. That’s so boring. Don’t you wanna go dancing?”

Logan stared at her. “Honey, there’s no way I can go dancing tonight. It’s--- I can barely walk…”

Ashley let out a deep sigh.

“Maybe I can help?” Manuel offered with a bright smile.

Logan blinked. “Would you? I mean, I can’t possibly---”

“No big deal, I know a club that’s perfect”, Manuel offered cheerfully. “And I’m a pretty good dancer.” He took Ashley’s hand and swirled her out the door, making her laugh out loud.

“Oh, that would be awesome!” Ashley giggled.

They danced down the corridor, laughing boisterously.

“I don’t know”, Logan said, raising his eyebrows as he limped down the corridor, following them. “Manuel, that’s too much---”

Manuel and Ashley stopped dancing, holding hands as they stood in front of Logan.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Kruger”, Manuel said. “I don’t mind at all.”

“Okay”, Logan mumbled. “Okay.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a bill, his usual tip for Manuel’s services. He handed it to the diligent young man and turned to go. “Thank you, Manuel.”

Manuel took the money and smiled. “My pleasure, Mr. Kruger.”

Ashley slapped Logan’s arm. “Oh, come on, don’t be stingy! That man is taking me out tonight!”

Logan rolled his eyes and gave Manuel another couple of bills.

“You’re too generous, Mr. Kruger”, Manuel smiled as he pocketed the money.

He opened the door that led to the parking lot, and Logan limped out, heading for his car.

Ashley kissed Manuel on the cheek. “I can’t wait to have you inside me, stud”, she whispered into his ear as she reached inside Manuel’s pants, finding his rock hard dick.

Logan was too preoccupied with his aching nuts to notice. “See you tomorrow, honey”, he mumbled as he got into his car.

“Thank you, Mr. Kruger”, Manuel said cheerfully as he pinched Ashley’s ass. “Trust me, I won’t do anything you wouldn’t do.”


volpesco said...

Great story: I love the idea. I have a suggestion: what about a story where the boys need money fore some reason and all decide do pay in sperm? And they are repeatedely drained until they reach the sum?

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, volpesco volpesco! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story and I like your suggestion. I‘ll see what I can do! :-))

Colton said...

Sounds kind of like this story. One of my favorites, so I’d love a sequel.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Colton! I‘ll think about it. :-))

guy787970 said...

Very hot! Would love to see more of the Manuel-Logan dynamic! Maybe Manuel can get the next load out by massaging Logan's prostate? And then the next load by blowing him a little. And of course, Logan eventually finding out about Manuel and Ashely would be interesting too

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, guy787970! Your suggestions are very hot! I‘ll see what I can do... :-))