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Tutoring the Tank (Kyle meets Sammy and Logan)

Special thanks to Kyle for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves funny and bizarre ballbusting stories!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Featured in this story: Logan and Sammy (click for pictures)

“This is Sammy. He knows a thing or two about the ladies.”

Sammy smiled. The lanky redhead looked nothing like a ladies’ man. He was skinny and freckled, with flaming red hair and an impish smile. “So you are looking for some help?” Sammy said with a smile.

“Yeah”, Kyle said sheepishly. He was 18 years old, like Sammy, but that was the only thing the two young men had in common. Kyle was the polar, apposite of Sammy: He was big and strong, a tall heavyweight with strawberry blond hair and blue eyes.

There was a moment of silence as Kyle eyed Sammy suspiciously, trying to determine whether Sammy was the man for the job.

Logan chuckled. “His name is Kyle, but everybody calls him The Tank.”

18 years old like Sammy and Kyle, Logan was a handsome blond with blue eyes and a perfectly sculptured body. He was a popular guy at his school, a great athlete with several wrestling trophies on his mantle, a successful student with a funny sense of humor and one of the prettiest girls at school as his girlfriend.

Next to Logan, Sammy looked skinnier and more nerdy than he was, and Kyle looked clumsier and more brutish.

“Nice to meet you, Tank”, Sammy chuckled.

Kyle nodded. “Yeah.”

Logan smiled at Sammy. “Tank is on my wrestling team”, he said. “In fact, he is the second best wrestler on the team. Right, Tank?”

“Yeah”, Kyle mumbled.

Logan winked at Sammy. “He tries hard to be the best – but I don’t think that will happen as long as I am on the team. Right, Tank?” Logan turned to his big buddy and gave him a playful sack tap.

The back of his hand connected with the bulge in Tank’s pants, making him grunt in pain and double over.

Logan and Sammy laughed.

Tank chimed in, awkwardly, as he rubbed his crotch.

“Logan tells me you want to learn a thing or two about pleasing the ladies”, Sammy smiled.

Tank looked up and nodded, blushing. “That would be great”, he blurted out. “I’m not--- You know--- I’ve never---” He bit his lower lip.

“Don’t worry, Tank. We’ll get you up to speed”, Sammy chuckled. “You’re a big guy. The ladies love that. Flex those muscles for me, please. Let me see what we are working with.”

Tank grinned and rolled up his sleeves before striking a pose, showing off his awesome biceps.

“Nice”, Sammy smiled and squeezed Tank’s arms. “Very nice.”

Tank smiled confidently, egged on by Sammy’s acknowledgement. With a wide grin, he ripped off his shirt, revealing his muscular chest and his eight-pack abs before striking another pose that showed off his pecs.

“Wow”, Sammy chuckled. “Damn. Looks like you are pretty strong.” He looked around to find something that Tank could demonstrate his strength on, and his eyes fell on Logan. “Can you lift Logan up, Tank?”

Tank chuckled. “Sure”, he grunted confidently and grabbed the handsome high school wrestler, easily lifting him off the ground and onto his shoulders. “This is a powerbomb”, he announced with a proud grin.

Before he could execute the move, though, Sammy brought back his foot and kicked him in the nuts. Sammy’s instep collided perfectly with the large mound in the big guy’s pants, flattening the bulge and ramming his tender nuggets into his body.

“Ungh!” Tank let out an anguished grunt that sounded vaguely as if someone had dropped an accordion to the floor. A split-second later he collapsed and Logan tumbled down on top of him.

Logan was straddling Tank’s head, his butt muffling Tank’s grunts and groans of pain.

Sammy was laughing his ass off.

“Fart in his face!” he yelled, laughing. “Fart in his face!”

“Noghghmpf! Noghghmpf!” Tank let out muffled groans of protest as he squirmed and writhed, desperately trying to get Logan’s butt off his face.

“Come on, let one off!” Sammy roared with laughter.

Logan wiggled his butt, causing Tank to struggle hysterically.

“Oh, come on”, Sammy said finally, playfully smacking Tank’s ball bag with the palm of his hand. “We’re just fucking with you…”

Logan and Sammy high-fived as Logan climbed off, revealing Tank’s red and sweaty face. He had a panicked look in his eyes as Logan and Sammy pointed at him and laughed.

“You didn’t really think I’d fart in your face, did you?” Logan laughed.

Tank let out a grunt and adjusted his crotch, an embarrassed, humiliated expression on his face. “I dunno”, he mumbled. “I---”

“Maybe he will next time”, Sammy suggested with a mean grin. “A big strong guy like you isn’t intimidated by that, right?”

Tank shifted uncomfortably.

There was something utterly ridiculous about the contrast between Tank’s huge, muscular body and the sheepish expression on his face, and Logan and Sammy couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Can we talk about something else, please?” Tank said awkwardly.

That made Logan and Sammy laugh even louder.

Finally, they left the gym and went to Sammy’s place. Logan was driving, with Sammy riding shotgun. Tank was in the backseat, staring at his feet as his companions teased him about his lack of experience regarding the ladies, and made fun of his muscles. They had almost reached their destination when Logan broached a subject that made Tank’s face turn crimson.

“The ladies are going to be a little disappointed when they see his dick”, Logan said cheerfully. “It’s not very large, you know.”

Sammy chuckled. “What do you mean? A big guy like him – I guess he’s got a big tool, too, right?”

Logan laughed, looking into the rearview mirror to see Tank squirming in his seat. “Nope. It’s way smaller than you’d think.”

When they arrived at Sammy’s place, Sammy took off his shirt and put on a white lab coat. “Trust me, I’m a doctor”, he quipped as Tank looked at him quizzically. “And Logan is my assistant for today.”

Logan winked at Tank and smacked him in the nuts playfully. Like Sammy, he was shirtless and wearing a lab coat.

“Let’s see what we are working with”, Sammy said with a smile, motioning for Tank to drop his trousers. “Oh, I see.”

Tank bit his lower lip as he took of his pants.

“Yeah, that’s tiny”, Sammy said, leaning forward to squint at Tank’s dicklet that looked almost ridiculously tiny on his massive frame. It was shriveled and limp, making it look very pathetic next to Tank’s rather generously proportioned testicles. “Let’s not beat around the bush”, Sammy said with a gentle smile. “The ladies are going to be disappointed.” He glanced down at Tank’s crotch, suppressing a chuckle. “Very disappointed.”

“Damn”, Tank mumbled, his head beet red.

“But don’t worry”, Logan said with a cheerful wink. “We have some awesome tips for you.”

“Thanks”, Tank muttered. “Thank you so much.”

Sammy smiled. “You’re welcome.” He placed a chair in the middle of the room. “Sit down. First we’ll have to blindfold you, and---”

“What?” Tank blurted out. “Why do you---”

Sammy nodded at his assistant, and Logan quickly silenced Tank with a swift, hard kick to the nuts.

Tank howled in pain and doubled over as Logan and Sammy tied him to the chair and blindfolded him.

“Look at him”, Logan mocked the big stud. “So scared…” He playfully smacked Tank’s ballbag, making him wince and grunt in agony.

Sammy chuckled. “Yeah, it’s pathetic.” He ran his hand through Tank’s hair, laughing as the young man winced and squirmed, unable to see what Sammy was up to.

“No reason to be scared, Tank. We’re just going to examine you”, Sammy whispered into his ear with a cheeky smile. “Just to make sure that your tiny equipment is functional. If it isn’t we can just call it a day right now, because, frankly, there’s no use in giving you any tips because the ladies will never be interested in you…” He pulled Tank’s head back by yanking on his hair. “Right?”

Tank let out a grunt. “Right”, he mumbled sheepishly.

Sammy winked at Logan and nodded.

Logan grabbed Tank’s nutsack and squeezed the tender nuggets with his fingers, making Tank squirm and writhe in his chair.

“My nuts”, he grunted.

Logan chuckled and jerked his little dick a couple of times. “Looks good to me.”

“Have you done the taste test?” Sammy asked innocently.

Logan chuckled. “You mean…”

“Take a big chunk out of those apples and see what they taste like”, Sammy said with a wink.

“What?!” Tank gasped.

The he felt Logan’s teeth on his nutsack.

“No! Stop! Please!” Tank yelled, squirming and writhing wildly, his voice cracking.

“Do you know what Logan’s doing right now?” Sammy asked with a huge grin.

“His teeth!” Tank yelled. “I can feel his teeth!”

“Exactly”, Sammy chuckled as Logan sucked both of Tank’s nuts into his mouth, making the massive hunk scream hysterically.

“His teeth!” Tank shrieked. “No! Please!”

Finally, Logan ended the bluff, letting Tank’s nuts out of his mouth and taking off his blindfold, laughing at the horrified, panicked expression on his handsome face.

“That was just a little fun”, Sammy explained with a gentle smile. “Now we’re going to give you some advice on how to please the ladies…”

Tank’s eyes were darting back and forth between Sammy and Logan, nervously eyeing his tormentors as they stood in front of him.

“First of all, let’s take a look at your little dick”, Sammy said.

“It’s tiny”, Logan said.

“Yes, it is”, Sammy nodded casually. “Let’s see if we can make it a little longer…”

Tank grunted and groaned as they laid him on the ground.

Sammy stood with his feet planted on either side of Tank’s head, smiling down at him as he held his ankles, spreading his legs in a wide V, allowing Logan to perform a particularly vicious version of gaspedalling.

Instead of holding on to Tank’s feet, Logan grabbed Tank’s little dick and pulled on it while pressing his feet into Tank’s crotch, grinding his testicles against his body.

“That’s it!” Sammy chuckled as Tank screamed from the top of his lungs. “Pull on it as hard as you can. Let’s see if we can stretch that little thing to a more tolerable length.”

Logan and Sammy laughed as Tank was screaming and yelling, panting and groaning while Logan was yanking on his dick, crushing his nuts at the same time.

“Let’s have a look”, Sammy said after a couple of minutes of nasty dick-stretching and nut-crushing.

Logan let go, and the three studs stared at Tank’s pathetic dick, Sammy and Logan with amused smiles on their faces, Tank with a horrified grimace.

Unfortunately, Sammy wasn’t happy with the result. Tank’s dick was bright red, matching the color of his rapidly swelling balls, but it didn’t look any larger than before.

“Do it again”, Sammy said sternly. “Make sure you really yank on that little fucker. Stretch it like you mean it!”

Logan complied happily, driving his feet into Tank’s groin, viciously crunching his nuts while stretching his dick with all the force he could muster.

After another couple of minutes, they had another look.

“I don’t know”, Sammy said slowly, squinting at Tank’s little member. “Is it longer now?”

“Yes”, Tank blurted out, trying to end his torment. “It’s longer. Much longer. It looks great!”

“I don’t know”, Sammy said, pinching the head of Tank’s little dick and making the hulky young man let out a groan. “It’s still small.”

“Very small”, Logan chimed in.

Sammy shrugged his shoulders. “But I guess there’s nothing more to do…”

Tank let out a sigh of relief.

His moment of serenity was short lived, though, because Sammy immediately moved on to the next stage of torture.

He produced a cock box, a little wooden rack that was placed on Tank’s groin. There was a strategically placed hole in the middle, and before poor Tank knew what was happening, his junk was pulled through the hole and tied in place, leaving it vulnerable and exposed, sitting on top of the rack, a truly pitiful sight.

His dick and balls were red and swollen, and Tank saw with dismay that Logan and Sammy were fetching a couple of candles.

“Your girl might be a sadist”, Sammy explained cheerfully. “So we’ll have to prepare you for that.”

“It’s not uncommon”, Logan chimed in.

“Not at all”, Sammy nodded as he held his candle over Tank’s exposed genitalia. “A lot of girls are sadists, especially those who accept guys with tiny dicks.”

Logan and Sammy laughed and poured the hot wax down on Tank’s precious jewelry, covering his dick and balls in a thick layer of steaming hot candle wax.

Tank screamed from the top of his lungs, staring at his genitals with a horrified expression on his face.

Sammy and Logan waited until the wax had cooled down.

“Now we’ll have to get the wax off again”, Sammy said matter-of-factly. “A girl would be wearing heels, of course, but we’ll

Then they brought up their feet and stomped down on Tank’s wax-crusted nuts, cracking the hard wax and crushing the tender nuts in the process.

Tank let out an anguished wail as Sammy and Logan brought their feet down again and again, cheerfully stomping on Tank’s tender testicles and making the muscular young man give his best Maria Callas impression, performing an elaborate swan song for his manhood, brilliantly performed in a perfectly pitched falsetto.

Logan and Sammy squished and squashed Tank’s nuts with stomp after nut-crunching stomp before Sammy grabbed a riding crop and started bashing the life out of Tank’s bruised and swollen nuts, cheerfully smacking the bloated ballbag and leaving beet red marks on the tender skin.

“If she is a sadist she’ll have all kinds of nasty toys”, Sammy explained with a buoyant laugh as he whipped Tank’s nuts, making the screaming young man’s nutsack bounce with every hit.

“Like this one, you mean?” Logan asked with a cheeky grin.

Sammy burst out laughing as he saw the taser in Logan’s hand. “Exactly!” he exclaimed. “Fry his fucking nuts!”

Logan didn’t have to be told twice. He zapped Tank’s nuts, making the muscular stud’s body jump as he squealed like a pig in a slaughterhouse.

Sammy and Logan took turns whipping and zapping Tank’s genitals, occasionally throwing in a stomp or a punch to really wreck the two swollen orbs.

Tank was screaming and squealing, wailing and crying from the top of his lungs as Sammy and Logan joked and laughed at his misery.

“Look how swollen those fucking nuts are!” Sammy laughed. “They almost match his fucking muscles…”

Logan roared with laughter. “But his dick is still tiny”, he chimed in.

After more than half an hour of relentless testicle torture, Sammy decided that Tank had had enough.

He disappeared into the kitchen, only to come back with a little bowl that was filled with tincture.

Tank was staring at his badly bruised and bloated genitals, his eyes filled with horror and pain.

“This might hurt a bit”, Sammy smiled gently as he applied the tincture to the tender tissue with a small brush.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!” Tank yelled as the pain shot through his body.

Logan cringed in sympathy. “What is it?”

Sammy chuckled. “Just a little salt and vinegar”, he said casually as he generously coated Tank’s burning dick and balls with the aggressive fluid.

Logan chuckled. “Ouch.”

Sammy looked at Tank, trying to remain serious. “This will make you taste good. The ladies love it…”

When Sammy was done, Tank was a sobbing mess.

His nuts were badly bruised and severely swollen, making his little dick look even smaller than usual. The skin of his dick and sack was covered in angry red marks, and the nasty mix of salt and vinegar made the skin shine and red bruises glow.

Adding insult to injury, Sammy handed Tank a little blue pill and made him swallow it. “It will make your dick grow a bit”, Sammy quipped.

Indeed, Tank sported a very painful and entirely unwanted erection just a few minutes after taking the pill.

Logan and Sammy looked at the beaten, broken colossus and laughed.

Tank was a wreck, his little dick rock hard and covered in bruises, his nuts beaten and battered and ridiculously swollen.

Sammy and Logan looked at each other and laughed.

“I guess our job is done”, Logan declared cheerfully and handed Tank his pants.

Tank looked at him, his face a mask of pain.

“Now you’re ready to conquer the ladies”, Logan grinned. “Good luck!”

Tank blinked. He wasn’t sure what to say. “Thanks”, he whispered in a toneless, weak, pathetic voice.

Sammy chuckled and shoved the ruined hulk out the door. “Go get them, big guy!”


Anonymous said...

I don't know about sexy, but this story made me laugh!

Alex said...

Well, that‘s something, isn‘t it? :-))

I have to agree that this has been one of the weirder requests that I received. But, hey, these stories are all about my readers‘ tastes, not mine. :-))

Thanks for your feedback! :-))

Harry said...

Hilarious. Logan and Sammy make a great team!

Alex said...

Thsnks for your comment, Harry! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))