Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Video links: Comedy gems (17)

It has been said before and it will be said again: Nutshots are never not funny. Watching a man get hit in the groin is always entertaining. If you ever meet someone who doesn't agree just knee him in the nuts until he laughs.

Here are some more of my favorite comedy nutshots from movies, TV shows and web originals.

Some of you will find the first clip lame. And I guess it kinda is. As much as I enjoy comedy nutshots there's something about laser beams that doesn't quite connect with me... I included the clip anyway, and for good reason: I think a Nickolodeon nutshot always warrants attention if just for the sheer dissonance that emergence when a children's show makes fun of the male reproductive system. So here we go: Henry Danger getting laserbeamed in the nuts.

(Skip to 1:05)

Here's another kids' comedy nutshot. It's from Disney's Kickin' It and you will thank me for showing it to you in case you ever have to fight a robot...

 (Skip to 4:10)

Here is a short clip from a German comedy show. It's really a very cheap one-note joke rolled out over more than a minute. But it works, probably because the actors play it very, very straight... Wanna know how the Bee Gees were able to hit that high note?

If you want to save some time here's the same joke in just 5 seconds... (Seriously, it works every time, no matter how long or short the set-up! :-))

Next up is a classic. It's f/m but it's one of my all time favorite comedy ball busts. A young Johnny Depp gets kneed in the goody bag in Emir Kusturica's award-winning arthouse movie Arizona Dream. It's highbrow and lowbrow! Awesome! (I found this one on the always entertaining youtube channel La Loca De La Tortilla.)

It's hard to find words for the last clip, an elaborate and very loving tribute to sports coverage complete with a jocular host, blissfully idiotic "experts" and a high-stakes showdown match. What sport are we talking about? Well, Sack Tapping, of course! Here's Sack Tap Out

Bonus clip:

The next clip doesn't include ballbusting - but plenty of big, fat balls! Welcome to O'Nutters where girls go to have a good time...

What's your favorite comedy nutshot? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (!


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