Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Video links: Boys just wanna have fun (38)

There are so many ways to have fun, and in one way or another most of them involve a a pair of testicles.

Here are some more of my favorite video clips featuring guys hitting each other in the balls for fun.

The first clip doesn't quite qualify for the next edition of Testicle Trick Shots - but it's fun nevertheless...

The next clip is titled Lads do weird, drunk routine where one gets hit in the balls - and that's exactly what it is. Its short, it's sweet, and I love it!

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to get a pineapple swung into your nutsack? Well, you are not alone! These guys have tried it - and it doesn't look pretty... (In case you are wondering: Yes, you remember correctly. These brave young men are not the first ones to use a pineapple.)

Here is an awesome part from some kind of survival challenge game show by Russian group IdiotikShow. Two guys go at it, both of them standing on two boxes, their legs spread apart. They take turns kicking each other in the nuts until one of them falls or gives up. It sound like a game right out of one of my stories - but it's real! :-))

Skip to 17:25

I have saved the best for last. Here is an awesome trilogy of clips featuring two young men in a brave challege. One of them plays a game of Fortnite - and every kill he gets is a nutshot for his buddy. Why would the buddy agree to that? Well, because he is paid for it. It's a win-win situation! Except for the nuts. They lose.

It's kinda funny to watch them play the game. The player is all smiles and happiness, and his buddy is pretty much the opposite... At one point in the first video, after the ninth kill, he quips "I can feel it in me nadgers!" (5:38). It's hilarious! The nutshot get more inventive and original with every video by the way, so if you don't like the first vid you might want to check out the third video anyway...

Here we go:

The challenge starts at 3:10, the nutshots start at 6:21

The challenge starts at 1:15, the nutshots start at 5:00

The introduction starts at 6:25, the nutshots start at 7:00

What are your favorite videos of guys having fun and busting each others' balls? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email ( :-))


Anonymous said...

Dig these.

Alex said...

Thank you, my friend! :-))