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Logan's luck - a ball bash beach fantasy (written by Mickey)

This is a wonderfully wacky fan fiction story written by our reader Mickey from Thailand. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

The sun was bright, a perfect day for a beach outing and it seemed to Logan then that nothing could go wrong.

He’d recently brought a sky blue and white Speedo swimming trunk that sexily highlights his considerable package, and in such a beautiful day, he’d felt the need to show off both his physique and apparel.

His gut instinct screamed to him that it would be better to go home and come again later the instant his feet touched the warm sand but Logan was not a believer of superstitions - and with the blue sea in sight and a surfboard in hand, Logan ran forth with all his might.

A twang later and Logan’s enthusiasm lessened by a little - He’d tried to move away but the volleyball net between his legs came too fast and seconds after a rather loud whack, Logan felt his precious jewels wailed as they deformed whilst he was crotched by a volleyball net being pulled up.

Logan had been crotched many times before and he should’ve been much more careful than this. He shouldn’t have been so careless to not realize his legs were between a net.

He let out a rather high-pitched scream before he shed a single tear as he struggled to escape the bounds of the net, each movement causing painful vibration to his balls.

Luckily, a few seconds later he fell off the contraption though he couldn’t help but keep jumping and bouncing as he squeezed his eyes shut in hopes of alleviating the pain on his goods.

Opening his eyes, he could see himself surrounded by a large crowd of people, some muttering apologies whilst others tried to stop themselves from laughing at his unfortunate accident. Logan enjoyed the sights to people admiring him, but them looking at him clutching his balls and jumping around was a rather embarrassing thing.

Two boys from the surrounding group walked up to him, they were rather reminiscent of his cousins – and Logan desperately hope they did not share his cousins’ enthusiasm for hurting his genitals.

“We’re sorry mister, we didn’t look before lifting up the net.” The face of the brunette one on the left was rather apologetic and it told Logan they must be of a kinder sort and made him hopeful that his balls probably would not be tortured by them.

His hope was quickly dashed the moment the blonde one on the right said “Your jumps are super high. Play with us!” And threw the volleyball at him before he could even form a reply.

Perhaps it was because of their small stature that makes the ball flight so perfect it impacted straight onto his injured crotched.

“Urghh.” He moaned in a high-pitched voice before he started jumping again to alleviate the wave of pain.

“Mister! Are you alright.” The child on the left san in care

“That was such a funny sound mister! And those jumps are super high. You definitely have to play with us!”

He’d just created a monster.


Painful was the word Logan used to describe the game.

The kids wanted Logan on their side and this resulted in the opposing team being mostly adults, meaning that there was a large imbalance on their height.

Whilst Pat, the sympathetic looking boy continued to be sympathetic, Ace, the one who threw the ball into Logan’s nuts continued to be a ballbusting imp.

Soon after the game began, the children soon realized they couldn’t block spikes from the adults even with their highest jump.

“Jump higher Logan!” The kids initially said when they lost the first game, but Logan nuts were still in pain and he simply did not have the willpower to make the jump.

The second game began and as Logan crouched to make his feeble jump to block the serve, Ace’s feet smacked him right between the legs and Logan’s body immediately jumped up in pain – blocking the volleyball with his face in the process.

Logan again found himself bouncing up and down with his eyes closed, though when he opened them the kids were celebrating the first success in blocking – as apparently Logan’s face made a good wall.

The next time the ball from the opposing team came, Logan was ready for Ace’s feet, and when they came Logan jumped with all his willpower to preserve his family tree.

Unfortunately, in his desperation, he’d jumped too high. He’d escaped Ace’s feet but did not escape the volleyball that impacted into his family jewels. His mouth made a wide O as a strangled cry emitted from it before his body crashed into the sand and he couldn’t help but roll around as he fondled his balls – Unfortunately this made the kids realized that Logan’s nuts made a good wall as well.

This soon turned into a new strategy. Said strategy being punching or kicking Logan’s nuts so that he would either jump from the pain and be smacked by the ball or he would jump to escape the assault and be smacked by the ball anyway.

Many painful groans later, the kids achieved victory but they achieved it at the cost of Logan’s balls.

The triumph sent the kinds into frenzied elation and they soon ran off with their friends and parents to celebrate leaving a curled up and ball-fondling Logan in the sand next to his still unused surfboard.

Looking back, being busted within a few minutes immediately he stepped onto the sand was bad premonition and he should’ve gone home immediately.


Fortunately, since children’s kicks weren’t so strong and since adults were playing against children, their spikes weren’t too hard, therefore Logan’s babymakers weren’t too severely damaged and after an hour’s rest, he’d stop limping.

The sun was still beautifully bright in the sky and suddenly many large beautiful waves started appearing and surfers resting on the beach screamed in excitement as they ran towards the sea, eager to surf on top of the titan. The enthusiasm was truly contagious and Logan couldn’t help himself from being swept within in as he grabbed hold of his surfboard and ran towards the wave.

Looking back, perhaps running with a large group of people holding many pointy surfboards was not such a clever thing to do.

The nearer they were to the large waves, the greater excitement was emitted from the surfers around him running to the wave and they showed it by moving and swinging their surfboards harder and faster. And when the sea was around Logan’s knee, the inevitable happened.

Logan eyes crossed and he let out a Silent plea when the pointy end of the surfboard held by the man running in front of him slammed into Logan’s left nut before the surfboard of the woman running behind him banged into his right. The pain from the impact shook Logan’s body. He fell onto his knees and his face involuntarily sunk itself into the water leaving only his twitching speedo clad bottom pointing to the sky in hopes of wriggling out the pain.

Like many of Logan’s ideas, this was also a bad one. The evident bulge beneath his pointed butt was like a monument that everyone felt they had to touch, and within moments, feet, surfboards and fists were impacting it.

“Fwuuuuuuk!” Logan screamed incoherently underwater before he rolled over, hands protecting his goods in hopes of protecting it from any more damage.

Sadly even with his changed posture, his growing bulge was still easily identified and the surfers running towards the wave seemed to make it their mission to either smack, squeeze, kick, hit and step on Logan’s growing monumental bulge – cheering each time an impact bounced and deformed the wrestler’s balls then caused Logan’s body to convulse and churn whilst the said target made gurgling and high squealing noises one might expect from squeezing a bullfrog.

When the frenzy passed and all the surfers were now happily surfing, Logan was left gasping and huffing as his body convulsed and wriggled like a fish of out water before his balls gave in and emptied some of its saved up load through his speedo into the sand.

The release was welcoming and Logan wheezed out pleasure as some pain ease from his welled up ball with the decreasing pressure.

Regrettably for Logan, his pleasure was short-lived.

Perhaps it was due to Logan’s rudeness that pissed of the crustaceans. His continuous convulsion caused them much earthquake, his gurgle and squeals caused them noise pollution and his semen that was released into their homes beneath the sand felt very much like sexual harassment.

A snip and snap later and Logan bounced up from the wet sand squealing from the top of his lungs like a pig in a slaughterhouse. His face was panic manifested when he looked down to see a crab grabbing hold of his balls clad speedos like a squeezed water balloon.

He wriggled left and the crab was still there. He wriggled right and the crab was still there. He tried slapping it and it clamped his package tighter and Logan screamed and wailed as he ran away from the sea, surfboard entirely forgotten.

“Help me! Get it of meeeee!” Logan screamed and he ran around the beach like a man possessed. He ran past the group of teenagers playing blindfolded watermelon smashing, he ran past an ice cream stand and he ran past many other people and places but only laughter followed and no help came.

In his frenzied directionless running, Logan ran into a coconut tree, splatting unceromiously into before falling backwards and back into the embrace of the warm sand.

Only then he’d realized the pincers squeezing his groin was now gone.

Warily he reached into his speedo, fumbling his manhood and let out a relief sigh after confirming that little Logan and two balls were still intact.

Logan thanked the gods of wrestling for giving him many prior balls attack to strengthen them for this moment. He thanked the crab for not being too cruel on his package even after he sexually harassed them with his ejaculation. He thanked Speedo for making swimming trunks out of strong materials to withstand crab attack without tearing.

He looked up to the still clear and sunny sky and counted himself lucky. Even with such harsh balls tribulation, his genitals were still attached. His surfboard was gone but perhaps after an hour rest under this coconut tree, he could go and find it and finally enjoy the surfing he deserves.

Logan eyes were closed and ready to enter dreamland when a heavy object impacted his head and sent his world reeling.

He looked up and saw angry monkey gathering atop the coconut tree each holding a coconut in their hands.

It seemed like Logan’s crash into their tree house ended their afternoon nap and in their rage, they were now seeking revenge.

“W-W-Waitttt-!” Logan shouted trying to reason with the monkeys, but hit was too late and a second coconut bomb dropped.

Logan was in such a compromising position with his legs wide open and the coconut landed with a loud thump onto his family jewels sending his body spazzing, legs flapping and hands fumbling to fondle his balls.

It rained coconuts. A hit to Logan’s stomach resulted in a deep ‘urgh,’ a hit to his head resulted in “oww,” and a hit to Logan’s precious jewels resulted in many variations of high pitched “gahhh”, “eeeh,” “yeouch,” and “help meeeeee!”

When the coconut comet ended, Logan was twitching like a beached whale.

“Gu-gaaa-oww.” Logan whispered silently, hands nursing his injured body parts but mostly his injured balls.

Sadly for Logan, monkeys were vengeful creatures and to interrupt their rest meant punishment near death.

In their coconut assault, the monkeys had come to realize Logan’s weakness and in sensing that Logan’s twitching speedo clad form was not a thing to be feared, they started climbing down their coconut tree, grabbed his legs and began pulling.

When Logan opened his eyes his body was moving. He looked up and despair flooded his face when he realized what he was being pulled to.

“Wait! Noooo- Pleaseeee-!” His words were cut short with a smack – the sound of his balls being crotched onto the coconut tree.

The monkey continued to pull and Logan squealed. The monkey pulled more and Logan squealed became louder and higher.

The pressure stopped suddenly and Logan huffed like a dog dying of thirst. Yet before he could feel more relief, the monkeys were at his head and shoulders and started dragging him away from the coconut tree.

“You win, you win, you win. stawpppppp!” Logan screamed, hoping that his pleas of surrender would be enough for the monkey to end their torture to Logan’s junior.

Logan realized his pleas were not enough when the monkeys moved back to his leg and he could again feel them pulling.

He looked towards the blue sky and heard the sound of laugher and pondered about the unfairness of the world.

He looked towards the sky and decided in such a beautiful bright day he would not be busted by monkeys anymore. He would rest his balls, find his surfboard and he would surf the brilliant waves.

With a burst of adrenaline and desperation to save his balls and future generation, Logan swung his muscled arms and leg flinging away the monkey, stood up and started running.

He could hear the monkeys’ rage filled shriek following him but Logan knew their pursuit would stop once he reached the crowded beach area so he ran and ran.


Logan huffed in tiredness when he reached the crowded area.

He could see a deep hole, probably the result of someone attempt of building a sandcastle. Near it was a group of Asian teenagers playing the blindfolded watermelon smashing game.

He let out a sigh of relief. Yet as he continued walking, a beastly shriek resounded, and Logan turned to look in fear – only to find nothing.

In his carelessness, something was smacked into his groin.

However instead of the pain that follow, he only felt therapeutic bliss.

After so many assaults on his baby makers, whatever cold and remedial thing on his crotch was paradise and Logan couldn’t help closing his eyes as his lips whimpered satisfaction whilst his body thrust into it once, then twice, then more.

His euphoric bliss ended as he heard a familiar sound crying.

Opening his eyes, he saw Pat in tears, in his hand was an empty cone. Logan’s looked down and found the remnants of the lost ice cream dripping from his budging crotch. Cookies and cream.

“Wahhhhhhhhhh!” Pat squealed as more tears poured from his eyes.

“Pat. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to.” Logan said, truly apologetic but the ice cream splatted on his speedo was truly a balm and he couldn’t stop his hands from rubbing it all over the speedo where his balls lie, each rub sent waves of cool healing through his body.

“Crabbed balls Logan stole my ice cream! Crabbed balls Logan stole my Ice cream!” Pat screamed and cried some more. He’d rather be called top wrestler Logan rather than ‘crabbed balls Logan.’ Besides, the word crab now sent shivers down his spine.

“I really sorry Pat, I’ll get you a new one. I’m really sorr- gahhhhooooo.” His apologies were interrupted by a well-placed kick between his legs and a furious Ace suddenly stood before him.

“Don't bully Pat. Bullies get kick in the manbits!” Ace shouted, uncaring that Logan was jumping up and down in pain from the kick.

“But you kick me there all the time.” Logan felt the need to point out, albeit it was a very high pitched and squeaky attempt. Thank god for the ice cream. Without its cooling touch, that kick would have made Logan cream himself.

“Bullies have no right to talk!” Ace shouted and kicked Logan once more in the groin and Logan squeezed his eyes shut as his body was sent into another bouncing fit to alleviate the pain.

His jumping ended when something round impacted his head. Logan swore he tasted watermelon before dizziness engulfed him.

Ace was suddenly there in front of him, his eyes held a vicious glint that made Logan gulp and unable to move.

Ace ran forward then threw himself in a jump kick, his two smalls feet landed perfect on Logan’s two nuts sending the wrestler screaming and falling in pain.

Instead of being embraced by the warm sand, Logan’s fall sent him falling headfirst into a well dug hole, leaving only his speedo clad lower half above the sand. His V shaped upended legs flapping around to signalize his desperation for help.

“Miss, miss. Your watermelon’s here.” Logan heard Ace’s voice before footsteps approached. Ace voice made him sweat bullets and his ballbusting senses tingled.

“Here miss. Smack it as hard as you can!” Ace said cheerfully. A whoosh followed by a smack between Logan’s leg sent him was reeling, his legs flapping, his mouth desperately wailing unheard screams as sounds were muffled by the dark sand.

“Smack more miss, turn it to cookies and cream.” Logan heard and prayed that the smack would end –though he thanked the lord that at least the stick was wood and not metal.

Another whack and Logan was sent into thrusts and convulsions. Though he held much back, he felt his load releasing, a stream probably strong enough to pass through the thin material of his speedo.

Logan felt wet warmth spread within his swimsuit before his juices started dripping onto his face in the hole.

“This doesn’t taste like watermelon juice.” A female voice said.

There was a sound of cloth moving followed by shrieking screams of rage and the smacking of plums between Logan’s legs resumed with much zeal and passion, the smacks stronger with each cries of “Pervert!”

Logan held back his load. He couldn’t release it all now. He hadn’t even surf the great waves yet. Logan’s balls had persevere through many punishment in his wrestling career and he would perserv -- -- owwww, his brain cried.

Logan wasn’t sure if he should be grateful for the loud hard whack that sent pain from his nuts through his body and into slumbering darkness.


Logan was immobile when he gained consciousness.
Looking around he realized he was buried in sand and only his face and his speedo clad bulging crotch remained unburied. The bulge made him sigh in victorious relief that even the assault of sticks on his nuts couldn’t forcefully made him cum until he was empty. Unfortunately the hits still left his family jewels in great pain and the wet patch Logan wasn’t sure is ice cream or cum on his speedo was also still there.

A camera flash ended his moment of respite.

Many people stood in a circle around his buried form. Many had their phones or camera out.

In embarrassment, Logan tried to get up but soon realized he couldn’t. Someone went through the trouble of using wet sand to make the contraption solid hard.

“So nice to seen you awake.” Pat said as he walked in front of Logan, in his hand was a new cookies and cream cone. Logan looked at him and gulped at the boy’s smile. A cold calculated smile now replaced the once always-sympathetic one.

“I’ve noticed that you really enjoyed my ice cream.” Pat continued, his toes giving playful flicks at Logan speedo clad balls, sending shivers up Logan’s spine.

“I-I didn’t. I’m really sorry I’ll get you a new one, no I’ll buy you ten new ones. So please please please help me out here.” Logan begged and whined as he sent Pat puppy eyes that he used when talking to Ashley. Sadly, Pat menacing grimace told him they had no effect.

“It’s not about you getting me new ones. It’s about you stealing my ice cream! I hate people stealing my ice cream!” Pat shouted, brought his right leg back and sent it crashing into Logan’s manhood.

Now that Pat kicked him, Logan finally realized how lucky he was to be continuously be kicked by Ace rather than this boy. Despite his kind looks, he packed a much harder kick.

The sand trapping Logan’s body made it hard for him to convulse and all he could do was twist his head in pain whilst Logan junior twitched and stretched.

“But since I always wanted to be kind and helpful. I’ve decided to give you this!” Pat said before he jammed the ice cream part of the ice cream cone onto Logan’s stretched out speedo-clad schlong.

Logan gasped in ecstasy in the soothing cold. Each cold drip from the ice cream the soaked into his speedo was remedy for his balls and Logan couldn’t help himself as he made one hot thrusts after another to the melting ice cream cone, uncaring of the scandalous gasps and camera flashes.

The ecstasy of the cold therapy came to an end, and Logan thought he might beg Pat for more if he hadn’t notice the expecting glance in the boy’s eyes as his looked at Logan’s erected crotch.

The bulging crotch that was now covered by the leftover cone.

A bird squawk made Logan look up. It was white with seagulls and he would’ve marveled in their beauty if he did not know why they were here. The euphoric cold ice cream was a Trojan horse in disguise. But for a flock to come just for one cone – Logan realized then how bad his luck was today.

“No, no, no, no, please, please, please.” He muttered but no one moved and continued to take pictues, film or speak profanities about his erection. Next to Pat, he saw Ace whispered something that made the two of them giggle.

“No, no, no, go away shooo you fucking thing!” Logan shouted as the first seagull landed next to his Eiffel-like monument. He huffed and puffed with all his breath, hoping it would scare the bird away.

It had the opposite effect. His breath was like the warm breeze and this encouraged the seagull to stark pecking and before long the whole group glided down and followed the same action despite Logan distressed wails.

Logan squealed, his face distorted and his tears brimmed as the first peck broke through the cone and stabbed his balls.

The second peck pierced through the cones then a third before Logan lost count and Logan vocal chords reached notes he imagined even Mariah Carey would have trouble reaching. His speedo held packaged continuously bounced from one side to another as if trying of escape the pecking and Logan thought this must be how it felt to have you nuts pierced by a thousand needles.

When the final bird flew away Logan’s face was red and wet, his eyes were rolled up, his nuts enlarged to great size from the continuous assault and his erection still stretched high oozing with precum.

He thanked speedo for their good material, without their strong fiber protection his nuts would’ve been history.

“Soweeee.” Logan said in a shrill voice and Pat looked down at him smiling.

“Sure. But since you took my cookies and creams, you should return them don’t you think?” Pat said, his eyes twinkling with mischief and before he could ask the boy what he meant, Pat stuffed a fistful of chocolate chip cookies into Logan’s mouth.

“Wooot auuuuu oooooing.” Logan got his answer when a strong kick impacted his bloated nuts followed by a stomp then a twist and Logan erected package twitched and despite the speedo’s protection, Logan turned into an erupting volcano.

Twitch after twitch and pumps after pumps, Logan’s load spurted through his speedo. The first release flew across his body and splattered directly onto his face and into his cookies filled mouth. In his Euphoric release Logan nearly missed the hi-five between Ace and Pat and they giggled and ran off holding hands – they were good kids, though rather violent. He swore he heard them chanting ‘cookies and cream, cookies and cream’ as they skipped away.

His second, third and many other releases flew left and right causing distress and anger as spectators and passersby were soaked with orgasm.

The distress and anger meant more pain for Logan as his package was the source of their grief.

An Asian teenage girl with a familiar stick was glaring at the Logan with bloodshot eyes, her hair was dripping with the wrestler’s orgasm. It was Logan’s bad luck that his uncontrollable manhood fault spurted more of Logan creamy juices onto her face at that exact moment.

She screamed the sound of an enraged amazoness warrior and smashed her stick onto his nuts so hard Logan felt them bobbed in his throat before bouncing back into his speedo clad ballsack. Logan could initially only gurgled due to the cookies and cum in his mouth but the pain forced him to swallow them and without it, Logan wailed like a banshee as more jizz bursted like a water fountain.

An old lady with a cane who kept saying ‘indecent’ and ‘scandalous’ walked up to him. He black cardigan looked sticky and Logan suspected it was his cream’s fault if her angered expression was any indication.

“Indecent!” She scream as she whacked Logan’s with a force that shouldn’t belong to an elderly and Logan could only yodeled “sowwweeeee,” in a cherubic like high pitch before his dick twitched and erupted some more.

A man stood above him, in his hand a cum-covered camera. “You. Ruined, My. Vintage. Camera.” He clearly spoke each words, fury brimming from his eyes.

“I’m, U’m soweee.” Logan said between huff and thrusts, perhaps his apology wasn’t clear from all the jizz raining into his mouth. Though if it was, the man showed no intention of forgiving Logan as he raised the hand holding the camera up and threw the heavy object onto Logan’s babymakers.

“U’mmm soweeee!” Logan screeched. His eyes dilated as the impact of the camera made a depression on his bulging speedo, squeezing out more juices in the process.

Kicks, punches, squeezes, item drops and many more wails, cry, shriek and whimpers later and Mt. Logan finally ended its eruption.

Logan’s sight was blurred and his face was coated creamy white from the raining semen as the beach security dug him out of the cum-soaked sand.

“Your name please.” The officer said in a severe voice, face in disgust as he wiped he hands with a wet tissue after pulling Logan’s cum-soaked body out of the sand – courtesy of his cum fountain that soaked onto his buried body.

His once light blue and white speedo trunks were so soaked with semen it became a darker shade of blue and cream.

“Rougaannn Kaawwga.” Logan said simultaneously as he tried to spit of the reservoir of cum in his mouth. The security gave him another look.

“Logan Crabbedballs Creammaker is what’s written on the back of your wet speedo.” The security said and Logan eyes bulged as he coughed out the jizz in his mouth. Those kids really were mean.

“It’s Logan Kruger.” Logan said in a shrill voice.

“I don’t care Mr. Crabbedballs Creammaker. What I do care is what did you intended to do on this public beach as there are many complaints in regards to your public indecency.”

“I only wanted to surf. I only wanted to surf!” Logan screamed like a man possessed and made grabby hands to the security to emphasize his point. Unfortunately, this scared the security and in an act of self-protection, he slammed his baton onto Logan’s swollen manhood causing a pained cry from the wrestler before Logan’s flaccid member regained strength and spurted jets of creamy geyser onto the security.

Logan sent helpless apologetic looks at the security as he clutched and gently caressed his injured orbs. His nuts were beyond sensitive from all the damages he took, even a light smack would’ve have made him spurt jizz.

Though the security looked vivdly enraged, Logan hoped he wouldn’t take it out on Logan’s balls. Logan had enough attacks on his balls in retaliation of being soaked by his cum.

“Boss, Boss, Someone left a surfboard on the shore!” Before the cum-soaked security could take any vengeful action, another voice cried out and when Logan turned to look, another beach security was running towards them, in his hands was Logan’s surfboard and the wrestler thoughts things were finally looking up.

It was not to be.

A familiar face crustacean was there and in his rush, the other security tripped on the creature and sent the surfboard flying towards Logan and the high school wrestler said his prayers.

Logan let out a pain moan as his surfboard slammed into his family jewels before it fell onto the ground and Logan quickly followed in collapsing onto it. His body convulsed on the board like a wriggling worm and with a last moan between pleasure and pain, Logan Junior twitched and spurted out its last drops, coating his surfboard with creamy lacquer.

“I only wanted to surf.” Logan whimpered as he fondles his goods, not that they were any good now.

The cream-soaked security scoff and Logan wasn’t sure if he was being looked at with pity or scorn.

“With the amount you’re releasing, a few more smacks and kicks and you could probably do it in your own cum” The security said before walking away with his minion. Logan supposed at least he wasn’t imprisoned for public indecency.

He looked straight and saw that the sky was still blue, the waves still pretty and felt the sand still warm. He looked down and saw his cum covered body, felt his jizz-filled speedo and pain filled balls.

Logan came to a single conclusion.

“I’m so gonna go surfing.”


Anonymous said...

Best submission yet!!!

Mickey said...

I'm so glad you liked it ;)

Anonymous said...

Waiting for part 2

Mickey said...

Sadly there's no more Logan at the beach, but there're more Logan in unlucky situations :))