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Nut-popping jizz-fest 1 (Kevin and Ryan meet Zach)

Special thanks to our reader Kevin! We exchanged a lot of e-mails and came up with a pretty extraordinary plot together (especially the finale is a bit different from my usual stories…) The story turned out to be quite long so I’ve decided to split it up into four parts that will be published one day at a time. If you (yes, I mean you, the one who hasn’t read this paragraph because he always skips the fine print!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details..

Featured in this story: Zach (click for pictures)

“You don’t really look like fags”, Zach said slowly. The handsome 20 year old hunk scratched his blond head of hair.

Kevin chuckled. The muscular stud had been Zach’s fans for years, and he had jumped at the chance to meet him. Behind Kevin, his fiancĂ© Ryan was leaning against the wall.

Kevin was 22 years old, a handsome guy with buzzed-short brown hair and a killer smile. Ryan was two years older than Kevin. He was very masculine, with an impressive body and short blond hair. Just like Zach, they were shirtless, wearing blue jeans.

Kevin smiled at Zach. “And you don’t look like a guy who’s about to get kicked in the nuts.”

Zach raised his eyebrows and opened his mouth to say something – but before he could, Ryan kicked his nuts hard from behind with a loud, dull thud. Ryan’s boot slammed into the soft mound between Zach’s thighs and visibly flattened it.

Zach let out a cough and doubled over, clutching his nuts.

Ryan and Kevin laughed.

“Fuck, my nuts”, Zach moaned, rubbing his crotch with both of his hands.

“Well done, man”, Kevin laughed and out his hands on Ryan’s shoulder and planted a sloppy kiss on Ryan’s lips.

Ryan’s hand ran down Kevin’s muscular abs until it found the big, soft bulge in his crotch.

Kevin moaned into Ryan’s mouth.

Suddenly, Ryan squeezed his boyfriend’s balls hard, making Kevin’s eyes widen as he let out an anguished yelp.

Without breaking the kiss, Kevin reached for Ryan’s groin and retaliated with a hard squeeze of his own, making Ryan chuckle.

“God, I love your balls of steel”, Kevin moaned.

“And I love your weak, soft plums”, Ryan replied, twisting his hand and making Kevin whimper in pain.

“Sorry to interrupt you lovebirds”, Zach said.

Ryan and Kevin broke the kiss and turned towards Zach.

Without hesitation, Zach dropped to his knees and punched both of them in the nuts with his fist, eliciting an anguished yelp from Kevin and a deep, guttural grunt from Ryan.

Both of them doubled over, clutching their crotches.

“Try making out with that”, Zach mumbled, rubbing his hands.

Despite their pain, Kevin and Ryan chuckled.

I cleared my throat. “We have prepared a little competition for you”, I said, smiling. I looked at my 19 year old assistant Erik and our 20 year old prep guy Vince who smiled politely.

“Kevin and Zach”, I smiled, “you’ll be competing against each other.”

Kevin grinned at Zach. “Awesome.”

“It’s going to be three rounds”, I continued, “and for each round you, Ryan, will determine the punishment for the loser.”

Ryan chuckled. “Nice.”

I nodded at Vince and Erik who carried a table into the room. It was veiled by a black sheet of cloth.

Ryan, Kevin and Zach looked at it expectantly.

Vince and Erik grabbed the corners of the cloth and pulled it away, revealing two jaw vises that were placed on the opposing sides of the table.

“Uh-oh”, Ryan chuckled. “I think I know where this is going.” He playfully slapped his boyfriend’s balls, making him gasp before laughing out loud.

Both Ryan and Kevin had huge erections that were plainly visible in their tight jeans. In fact, their boners were so hard that I could make out the shape of their mushroom heads.

Kevin licked his lips and ran his finger along the shaft of his hard dick. “This is going to be fun”, he grinned and eagerly started unbuttoning his jeans.

“You’re looking forward to getting your nuts crushed, huh?” Ryan grinned.

“I always like a nice, hot competition”, Kevin replied with a wink and took off his jeans.

Zach sighed and followed his example, albeit with considerably less enthusiasm.

A couple of moments later, the two studs were stark naked.

Even in its limp state, Zach’s equipment was more than impressive. His huge dong was the stuff of legend, a mighty tool with a pair of massive, low-hanging nuts to match.

Whereas had seen Zach’s extraordinary plumbing many times before, the size of Kevin’s equipment took me by surprise. I had expected a big piece of meat – but I hadn’t been prepared for what Kevin showed us now. Kevin’s rock-hard cock was almost exactly the same size as Zach’s when he was fully hard. Kevin smiled proudly, looking down at his huge dick and the hefty pair of low-hangers that dangled below.

Ryan seemed to have noticed me staring at Kevin’s dick. “You like my boyfriend’s dick?” he grinned cockily.

I blushed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare, I---“

“Don’t worry, it’s a beautiful sight, isn’t it?” Ryan interrupted me, grinning. “But wait till you see this…” He casually dropped his jeans. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, and his dick bounced up and slapped against his abs.

I gasped.

Ryan’s rock hard cock was swinging majestically from side to side. And what a cock it was: A big, fat, beautiful dong, bigger, fatter and more beautiful than I had ever seen. Below it dangled a huge pair of balls that would have made a breeding stallion proud.

The expression on my face must have been quite funny because Ryan and Kevin burst out laughing.

I felt my face turn red.

“Okay”, I mumbled quickly, turning to our prep guy Vince. “Round one, let’s go.”

Vince smiled. “Put your balls in here, please.” He pointed at the two vises.

Zach and Kevin stood in front of their respective vise, slipping their balls in between the jaws.

“Here we go”, Vince said cheerfully, closing the jaws by turning the handle until they touched the hapless guys’ fat testicles.

“The game is called ‘Pancakes’. It’s pretty simple. Ryan will turn the handles, and the loser is the first one to give up.” I turned to Ryan, trying hard not to stare at his monster cock. “Have you thought of a punishment for round 1?”

“I have”, Ryan grinned. “The loser will get kicked in the nuts hard three times in a row. I’m going to put on my steel-toed boots for that…”

Zach and Kevin looked at each other.

Zach gulped.

Kevin chuckled.

Ryan stood between them, his hard dick hovering above the table. He looked at Kevin. “Good luck, muffin”, he grinned. “I sure hope your nuts are tough enough…”

Kevin winked at him. “Well, why don’t you try and turn them into mush?”

Ryan let out a laugh. “I’ll do my very best…” He turned to Zach. “Good luck to you, too.”

Zach swallowed. “Thanks”, he mumbled.

Ryan smiled. “Let’s flatten those suckers”, he said cheerfully and turned the two handles simultaneously, causing the relentless metal jaws to come closer together, slowly squishing Zach’s and Kevin’s huge nuts.

Zach bit his lower lip and inhaled sharply.

Kevin let out a groan.

Ryan made sure to tighten the jaws slowly but continuously, causing the two massive pairs of testicles to gradually transform from fat, round orbs into oval lumps of meat.

Zach’s and Kevin’s moans and groans grew louder and louder as their nuts were viciously squashed by the unrelenting jaws of the vises.

Ryan seemed to have a great time abusing those two pairs of monster nuts, grinning like a Cheshire Cat while his cock was rock hard and leaking precum that dropped onto the table.

Kevin let out a scream, clenching his eyes shut as his nuts were brutally compressed by the vise. His knuckles whitened as he clawed his fingers into the table.

Zach was screaming, too, throwing his head back, the veins on his neck standing out.

 “Wow”, Ryan chuckled. He nodded at Zach’s dick that had grown harder and harder, gradually rising until its head bumped into the tip of Kevin’s raging erection from underneath. “I guess you like this, too, huh?”

Zach and Kevin were too occupied with the pain emanating from their testicles. They were screaming and squealing in pain.

Ryan laughed at the sight of the two huge, fat dicks touching each other. It looked as if they had a life of their own, fighting against each other and smearing each other with precum.

At the same time, their balls were in a fight of their own, an unwinnable battle between soft, tender flesh and hard, unyielding metal.

Zach and Kevin were groaning and panting, letting out screams of anguish and gritting their teeth, trying to endure the vicious torture of their most prized possessions.

If nobody gave up, it was only a matter of time before the jaws closed completely, cracking the shell of those tasty nuts and reducing those big, beautiful meatballs to nothing more than goo and grease.

“Ooooh”, Ryan grinned, “I feel it, at least one pair of nuts is about to pop…” He looked at his boyfriend and chuckled, “You know, if your balls go, there won’t be any more discussion about who’s top and who’s bottom.” He continued slowly turning the handles, watching the four testicles go flatter and flatter with every second.

Both Zach and Kevin seemed to sense that their nuts couldn’t take much more of this. Yet neither of them seemed to be willing to give up.

Suddenly, when the diameter of their nuts had been reduced to about a third of their original size, Zach shrieked in a girlish voice. “Fuuuck! I give!”

Ryan looked almost disappointed. He stopped turning the handles and took his time loosening the vise on Zach’s nuts while keeping his boyfriend locked in the vise for the time being.

Screaming and wailing, Zach tugged at his scrotum as the jaws withdrew and slowly allowed his testicles to assume their natural shape. Finally, he managed to yank his nutsack loose, stumbling backwards and landing on his ass, screaming from the top of his lungs.

It was a pretty hilarious sight. Ryan burst out laughing, along with Vince, Erik and me.

Apparently the constant pressure on Kevin’s nuts had a certain negative impact on his sense of humor. He was the only one not laughing, apart from Zach of course. Instead he was screaming and wailing, desperately begging his boyfriend to free his trapped, compressed nuts.

Ryan didn’t seem to be in a hurry. He grinned at his boyfriend and grabbed the handle. “Want me to loosen the vise?”

“Yes, please!” Kevin squealed, his face contorted in pain.

Ryan looked at him for a moment. “You look so hot when your balls are in pain”, he said, slowly jerking his rock hard dick.

“Please, babe!” Kevin wailed.

Ryan sighed and quickly turned the handle.

Kevin let out an ear-piercing shriek.

“Oops, wrong direction”, Ryan grinned, letting go of the handle. “Sorry, muffin.”

“Ryan!” Kevin shrieked.

Ryan chuckled and slowly turned the handle in the right direction, releasing the pressure on Kevin’s nuts.

Kevin looked down at his throbbing testicles, his face glistening with sweat, tears streaming down his face. His huge cock had stayed rock hard the whole time.

Finally, when his nuts were free, Kevin gently lifted them out of the vise, cupping them with both of his hands and sinking to his knees, sobbing and moaning.

Ryan spat in his hand and jerked his enormous cock. He bent over and kissed Kevin on his muscular shoulder. “Fuck, that was so hot”, he whispered into Kevin’s ear. “I thought your balls were gone for good.”

Despite the pain in his nuts, Kevin managed to let out a laugh. “You would have loved that, huh?”

“Oh yeah”, Ryan grinned and playfully bit Kevin’s earlobe.

Kevin chuckled. “Well, tell you what, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have taken much more for them to pop...” He turned to his boyfriend and showed him his big testicles. They had swollen quite a bit, and they looked slightly red and bruised.

Ryan extended one of his hands to help Kevin up while jerking his fat dick with the other. “Come on, get up and let me have a look at them.”

Kevin grimaced and pulled himself up with Ryan’s help.

He grabbed the neck of his sack, pushing his huge, swollen nuts to the bottom and held them out for his boyfriend to see. “I bet they both have a couple of cracks in the shell”, Kevin mused.

Ryan looked at Kevin’s balls and grinned. “Well, here’s another one”, he announced before pounding Kevin’s exposed balls with his huge, heavy cock. A loud splat echoed through the studio as the meaty head of Ryan’s dick made contact with Kevin’s bruised gonads, sending tiny drips of precum flying through the air.

Kevin let out a blood-curdling scream and collapsed on the ground, instantly curling up in a little ball.

Ryan watched him, grinning and stroking his fat dick. Then he turned to Zach who had managed to get back on his feet, clutching his hefty plums and grimacing in pain.

“Ready for your punishment, loser?” Ryan asked with a gentle smile.

Zach let out a bitter laugh.

Ryan chuckled. “Do your balls look as bad as Kevin’s?”

Zach pulled his hands away from his nuts, exposing his big, throbbing erection and his swollen, bruised testicles.

Ryan grimaced. “Oooh, they do…” He took a step towards Zach, causing him to cup his balls, a frightened expression on his face.

“Spread your legs, man”, Ryan said. “You’re going to get the best kicks of your life!” He slipped into his boots and tightened his laces.

Ryan looked like a character from a porn comic book, a muscular, handsome blond stud, bare-naked, wearing nothing but a pair of heavy, steel-toed boots, standing tall, his huge erection dripping with precum.

Zach stared at Ryan’s shoes, grimacing in anticipation.

“Hands behind your back”, Ryan said. “On the count of three.”

Zach closed his eyes, bracing himself for the impact.

“Three”, Ryan grinned and powered a nut-crunching kick between Zach’s thighs. The tip of his boot connected with the two fat danglers, brutally flattening them and ramming them into Zach’s body.

Zach let out a high-pitched wail and doubled over in pain.

Ryan leisurely jerked his massive dick, watching Zach clutch his huge, aching nuts.

“Come on, don’t be a pussy”, he grinned. “There are two more kicks coming. Do you want me to go for a rupture?”

Zach’s eyes opened wide. “Umm, no, please don’t”, he said quickly. “I’m quite fond of my balls and I’d like to keep them…” He was standing with his legs spread wide apart, his bruised testicles dangling invitingly between his thighs. But it was obvious that he was having trouble staying in position. His abs were contracting and his knees were shaking as waves of testicle pain radiated from his nuts.

Ryan grinned. He turned to his fiancĂ©. “What do you think, muffin, should I go for a rupture?”

Kevin looked up, grimacing in pain, clutching his battered balls. He managed a weak grin. “Not yet”, he said in a strained voice. “I’d like to finish the competition…”

Ryan let out a laugh. “Oh, right. You need your nuts for the next round…”

Zach grimaced.

With a wink, Ryan brought his leg back and sent it crashing into Zach’s ample genitalia, crunching his nuts hard with the instep of his foot and making Zach scream from the top of his lungs.

“God, you’re an awesome kicker”, Kevin chuckled, rubbing his own nuts. “His grandkids are going to feel that…”

Ryan smiled at his boyfriend and shrugged. “I’ve had a lot of practice, right?”

Kevin laughed and blew him a kiss.

Ryan tapped his foot, watching Zach who struggled to remain standing, his hands on his knees, grimacing in pain.

Apparently Zach was too slow for Ryan’s liking, so he casually walked behind Zach, focused on his targets that were dangling below Zach’s butt, drew his leg back, and delivered a nut-crunching kick to Zach’s unprepared testicles.

The muscular blond frat guy was lifted off his feet, stumbling forward, screaming from the top of his lungs as the pain exploded in his crown jewels. He crashed to the ground, clutching his smashed nuts and wiling in pain.

Ryan looked at Kevin and grinned. “I think we’re ready for round two.”


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