Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Art by Champ: Merry Christmas!

My friend Champ created this wonderful new portrait for me, starring Ben as Santa, and Danny, Simon and Sammy as naughtly little elves. I hope you love it just as much as I do! Here is a little story inspired by Champ's beautiful piece of art.

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Ben, Danny, Sammy and Simon (click for pictures)

I don’t know exactly when our Christmas party got a little out of hand.

Maybe it was when notorious loudmouth and incorrigible show-off Ben – the 20 year old jock with that impeccable, muscular body, who had been chosen to play Santa this year – decided to take off his clothes and treat us to a sexy striptease, presenting his fabulous muscles, his fat, throbbing dick and his juicy cum-filled balls to the cheering crowd.

Maybe it was when somebody suggested tying Ben up and cuffing his hands to a conveniently placed hook in the ceiling to prevent him from protecting himself.

Maybe it was when the three elves – bespectacled 23 year old geek Simon, 21 year old actor Danny, and 18 year old nifty, naughty redhead Sammy – decided to team up on Ben and put on a show that put his rock hard candy cane and his spunky, low-hanging sugarplums front and center.

Maybe it was when Danny decided to pull out his own dick and plow Ben’s ass like any sex-starved elf would do after spending 11 months working double-shifts at the North Pole without any chance to release his pent-up Christmas spirit.

Ben protested when Danny parted his cheeks and drove his meaty dick into his hole, but his protests were drowned out by the crowd’s joyous cheers and laughter. It was a funny sight: the little elf holding the hunky stud by his hips and fucking him like the tinsel out of him.

Pretty soon, Danny buried a big load of Christmas cream deep inside the hot hunk’s hole, but he didn’t stop. Instead he used his cum as lube to continue fucking, harder and deeper than before, going for a long and satisfying endurance fuck after the short and sprightly sprint that started it.

Maybe it was when Simon decided to wrap his lips around the tip of Ben’s dick and suck it like a hoover while wrapping his nimble elf fingers around Ben’s right nut, squishing and squashing it to squeeze the cream out of it.

Simon was an experienced sucker, and he knew that timing was everything. Whenever he felt Ben’s right nut pull up – a sure sign that he was about to deliver a generous Christmas present right down Simon’s gullet – Simon stopped sucking and ruined poor Ben’s impending orgasm by twisting his nut or by deftly pinching it, by driving his thumbs deep into the nut meat and by giving it a hard, cheerful smack.

The crowd watched Simon tease and edge poor Ben, greeting every averted climax with cheers, laughter and applause.

Soon, Ben’s right nut was beet red, bruised and swollen, a carefully decorated Christmas ornament and a testament to the splendid dicksucking and nut-crushing skills that made Simon one of the meanest and most notorious tease-and-denial artist in Santa’s staff.

Maybe it was when Sammy, with that deliciously twisted mind of his, decided that Ben’s left nut deserved to get some love as well. He took one of the nutcrackers that were lying around and applied the vicious, relentless device to Ben’s left testicle, crushing it with a joyful, cheerful smile on his face.

Very soon, Ben’s left nut was just as purple, bruised and battered as his right one, and Simon and Sammy engaged in a little contest to see which elf was able to make their nut look worse than the other.

Meanwhile, Danny had planted a second load deep inside Ben – and he showed no sign of slowing down. Cum was running out of Ben’s ass, running down his muscular thighs and his perfect calves to create a puddle of sticky Christmas spirit between his feet.

Ben was grunting and groaning, whimpering and moaning as he endured what could only be called the most painful Christmas get-together ever.

Simon was denying him his own orgasm, sucking on his dick again and again, only to ruin his release by squeezing his bloated left nut whenever Ben got close to shooting his Santa spunk.

Sammy was crushing his right nut with the nutcracker, watching Ben’s face contort whenever he clamped down on that meaty, swollen nugget.

Danny was fucking Ben hard and fast, adding a victory lap to the marathon butt banging session. When he planted his third batch of cookie dough deep inside Santa’s stove pipe, he invited everyone to join him in celebrating Santa’s tightness, and by the end of the night, Ben’s butt was filled to the brim with sticky spunk.

Ironically, he was denied his own release till the very end, and he left the party limping and moaning, both his ruined hole and his ruined balls filled to the brim with baby batter.

I don’t know exactly when our Christmas party got a little out of hand, but I know that it was one of the best Christmas parties that we ever had.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you!


JP said...

Wishing you a happy Christmas Alex. Thank you for all the great content this year, looking forward to lots more

Unknown said...

Alex what a wonderful year!

Thank you for being apart of our community, and being the best story teller that I know!



Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys! You are too kind! :-))

Anonymous said...

Hey, you wouldn't happen to know about Champ's twitter, would you? With the tumblr nsfw ban and all.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I don‘t know what Champ is up to now that tumblr has turned against nsfw creators but I‘ll let you know if I learn anything. :-))

Anonymous said...

Hey can you include Erik in more of your stories. I think it would be hot for his big fat nut to get hit more often, and maybe for the buster/bully to somehow end up being busted and eventually fucked by Erik. Can you also do more of the Logans luck serious. He could go to a museum, go to a park, go skiing, or have a night on the town. Please.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'll let our reader Mickey (who is the author of the Logan's luck stories) know how much you like them. Just like you I really like his stories, and I hope we'll get another one next year. And I'll try and come up with a new story for Erik. I agree with you: He hasn't been featured prominently for far too long. If you have an idea for a storyline please drop me a line (alex@ballbustingboys.org) so we can talk about it. :-))