Friday, December 7, 2018

Sold (Lucas meets Logan)

Special thanks to Lucas for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who likes to buys stuff on internet auctions!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

Logan imagined the look on his girlfriend’s face when he told her about his anniversary gift. A weekend in a romantic cabin, just the two of them. She was going to mad with joy, she’d do everything he had ever wanted. There was definitely a blowjob in it for Logan, maybe even some anal. Logan grew hard just thinking about it.

“Ah, you are ready”, Lucas said with a smile, rudely interrupting Logan’s thoughts.

Lucas was 20 years old, a tall, lean guy with platinum blond hair. He was dressed casually, wearing a t-shirt, loose pants and sneakers.

Logan scratched his head, chuckling nervously. “Yeah, I guess…” The 18 year stud’s voice was low and insecure. Usually, he was quite confident, a popular, successful student and a prizewinning high school wrestler, good-looking and well-liked, blond and blue-eyed, straightforward and accessible, with a winning smile and a handsome face. But this wasn’t usual. He was standing naked in front of another guy who eyed him like he was assessing a recently made investment.

Lucas smiled at Logan and grabbed his big, heavy balls, fondling them as he winked at the handsome young man. “Wow, those nuts are nice and full of cum, huh?”

Logan bit his lower lip. “I didn’t shoot a load in two weeks. Just like you asked.”

Lucas nodded. “Good boy.” He jerked Logan’s boner a couple of times. “Nice, very nice.” He let go of Logan’s dick and took a step back. “Turn around and show me your ass.”

Logan swallowed. Without a word he did as he was told.

“Spread your cheeks and show me your hole”, Lucas said casually.

Logan complied. He bent over and grabbed his ass cheeks, pulling them apart and exposing his tight little butt hole.

“Very nice”, Lucas said.

“Thank you”, Logan mumbled, blushing as he turned to Lucas again.

“Who said you were allowed to turn around again?” Lucas asked with a smile.

“Sorry”, Logan muttered, his face beet red as he bent over and spread his cheeks once again.

Lucas chuckled. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude. It’s just--- Well, you know you got a great butt. I want to see it a little longer.”

“No problem”, Logan replied, remaining in his uncomfortable position. “I understand. You want to get your money’s worth.”

“Exactly”, Lucas smiled. “That’s okay with you, isn’t it?”

“Of course it is”, Logan mumbled, closing his eyes. “Of course it is.”

“Why don’t you stick a finger in that hole?” Lucas suggested with a smile. “I bet it’s pretty tight.”

Logan started fingering his ass hole with the enthusiasm of an opera singer at a death metal festival.

He had known that it would get awkward, he just hadn’t anticipated how awkward it was going to get.

He had auctioned off his dick, his balls and his asshole to afford the weekend trip with his girlfriend. Originally, it has been just his dick. He had figured that getting sucked off by a guy wasn’t that big of a deal. Unfortunately, his dick hadn’t garnered enough interest. Apparently, the market for hot guys letting themselves get sucked off was pretty bearish at the moment. That’s why he had to throw in something extra. His nuts had made the price jump a little but it still wasn’t enough to pay for the romantic weekend with his girlfriend. That had changed immediately when he had offered his ass. All in all, Logan had gotten a pretty good price for the dick/nuts/ass combo.

Now Lucas wanted to make sure he got what he had paid for, and Logan wanted to make sure that Lucas had no reason to demand a refund.

“Suck on your finger”, Lucas smiled as he took off his clothes. “How does that ass taste?”

“Delicious”, Logan mumbled as he sucked on his finger before putting it back inside his hole.

Lucas smiled and kneeled down behind Logan. He smacked both of his ass cheeks hard, leaving a red hand print on Logan’s skin as the hot high school wrestler grunted in pain. “Let me have a taste”, Lucas said cheerfully before he started tonguing Logan’s hole.

Logan was bent over, moaning and sighing as Lucas rimmed his hole. He reached between Logan’s thighs and started stroking his hard dick with both of his hands, milking it while he was tonguing Logan’s ass.

Logan was moaning and groaning, shivering in pleasure as Lucas stimulated him from both sides.

“You’re right, it’s delicious”, Lucas mumbled, his voice muffled by Logan’s beautiful butt, “I can’t wait to fuck that hole!”

With that, Lucas let go of Logan’s nuts and grabbed Logan’s big, plump, cum-filled nuts and squeezed them with his strong hands.

Logan’s moaning got a little more urgent and a little more alarmed as Lucas started kneading his babymakers, squishing and squashing them with his hands as Logan’s dick was twitching and throbbing and leaking precum.

“Come on”, Lucas grunted, rimming Logan’s hole as he crushed Logan’s nuts with his bare hands. “Give me some lube so I can fuck your tight little hole…”

Logan squirmed and writhed, caught in a strange mix of pain and pleasure as Lucas’ tongue tickled his hole and Lucas’ hands crushed his tender testicles.

Lucas squeezed and kneaded Logan’s nuts harder and harder until Logan’s dick exploded with a huge load of spunk that hit the floor violently on the first spurt. The second spurt was caught by Lucas’ left hand while his right hand continued squeezing Logan’s balls, milking out his load that quickly filled Lucas’ palm and ran over the sides, dripping to the ground.

Lucas didn’t wait until Logan’s orgasm had subsided. He quickly straightened and generously lubed up his own rock hard cum cannon.

And what a cannon it was.

Logan had been preoccupied with his own body – but now he looked up between his thighs, his head upside down, staring right into the eye of the monster.

“Oh god”, he whispered at the sight of Lucas’ huge piece of artillery.

A big, thick weapon of ass destruction that looked almost obscene on Lucas’ lean frame. Dripping with Logan’s creamy load it looked like a wet, vicious hole wrecker.

“It’s a beauty, isn’t it?” Lucas smiled as he lined up his cock with Logan’s tight hole.

“It’s never going to fit”, Logan said, his eyes filled with panic.

“Don’t worry”, Lucas said gently as he pushed against Logan’s rear entrance, his hands holding Logan’s hips. “We’ll make it fit.”

Logan blinked. “But---"

His voice quickly turned into an anguished grunt as Lucas’ magnificent butt destroyer plowed right through the barrier and deep into Logan’s ass.

“Oh god!” Logan gasped as Lucas started fucking him.

It was a deep, hard, quick, raw fuck.

Obviously, Lucas knew what he was doing. An instrument of such awesome penetrating power required a skilled and fearless operator, and Lucas could compete with the best of them.

He slammed his humongous fuck stick deep into Logan’s hole over and over again, expertly plowing Logan’s tight hole and stretching it to its limits, his big, heavy balls smacking against Logan’s thighs with every thrust.

Logan didn’t know what his him. The shock and awe attack on his ass took him by surprise, and the handsome stud was left gawking and gasping, grunting and groaning as Lucas destroyed his delicious ass forcefully and gloriously.

The ass invasion ended appropriately with the flooding of Logan’s wrecked canal by hordes and hordes of Lucas’ little soldiers.

“Fuck yeah!” Lucas roared as he shoved his monster cock balls-deep into Logan, filling him up with his creamy load. When his orgasm was over, Lucas took a victory lap by plowing Logan’s ass a little more, making his juices run out of his ruined hole and down his legs.

“I--- Oh--- You--- Oh my god!” Logan stuttered as Lucas whirled him around and kneed him in the nuts, folding him over and making him shriek from the top of his lungs.

That was exactly the opening that Lucas needed now, and he shoved his dripping dick deep into Logan’s mouth, sliding past his tonsils and making him wretch and gag as Lucas’ used his mouth like a pocket pussy.

A serene smile on his face, Lucas fucked Logan’s mouth hard and fast, his meaty, fat dick maintaining its granite-like rigor as he filled Logan’s throat with cock.

Logan’s eyes were bulging and watering from the thorough mouth fuck, and he was retching and gagging, drool and spit running out the corners of his mouth.

But Lucas was unperturbed, holding Logan’s head firmly in place, plowing the muscular athlete’s handsome face with his battering ram of a dick, choking him and eliciting all kinds of gurgling, chuggling, chortling noises as Logan’s head changed its color to a healthy, radiant red that quickly turned into an unhealthy but still quite radiant purple.

Before Logan choked to death on Lucas’ magnificent meat, Lucas pulled it out of his mouth.

Logan gasped for breath, his mouth hanging open and dripping with spit, his eyes glazed and moist, coughing and grunting, desperately in need of a time out.

A time-out wasn’t part of Lucas’ schedule, though.

Towering over Logan, Lucas brought his bare foot down hard on Logan’s genitalia, flattening Logan’s nuts like pancakes and crushing his fat boner as well for good measure.

Logan screamed in agony and grabbed his genitalia, only for Lucas to slap him in the face.

“The fun has only just begun”, Lucas said with a smile, winking at Logan before grabbing him and pulling his ass up, spreading his ass cheeks to reveal his gaping, battered hole. “This is my favorite position”, Lucas explained cheerfully and he lined up his dick. “Nothing beats the piledriver…”

With that, Lucas started piledriving poor Logan’s precious hole like a construction worker on a demolition site, burying his thick, fat dick deep inside Logan’s formerly tight little butt hole again and again and again and again.

Adding a little finesse to the rough, raw, brutal demolition works, Lucas grabbed Logan’s hard dick in one hand, jerking it like an hardworking dairy farmer, and Logan’s bulging bag of balls in his other hand, kneading them like an experienced pearl diver.

The construction worker, the dairy farmer and the pearl diver proved to be a very efficient trio because Logan shot a huge load of cum within just a few minutes.

Logan’s purple face was a mask of pain as his spunky cream rained down, covering his anguished face in a thick layer of potent spunk.

Lucas continued plowing Logan’s hole, milking his cock and squeezing his nuts energetically, making Logan grunt and groan and grimace in agony.

Lucas gigantic schlong stimulated Logan’s prostate while his strong hands squished his nuts and stroked his dick, and it didn’t take long until Logan shot another load, adding a second layer of face paint to the first.

This load was considerably less creamy, less rich, and less extensive, but it was still larege enough to cover Logan’s face, making it glisten with funky spunk.

By now, Logan was a mess. Cum was everywhere. It had run into his eyes, making them turn red. It was coving his hair and his chest, and his face looked like he had applied a particularly creamy, messy masque.

“Your hole is awesome”, Lucas smiled down at him, plowing away at Logan’s butt, burying his huge dong deep inside before pulling it all the way out, only to ram it back in again. At the same time, he was squishing and squashing Logan’s nuts as if he was trying to turn them into peanut butter.

Despite the fact that Logan had shot three loads already, his dick was hard as a rock. There were signs of usage of course, and it didn’t look as impressive and powerful as usual, but despite the bruises and the contusions it looked pretty good, considering the circumstances.

The fourth load was a bit of a let-down, though, and it was a good thing that Logan’s eyes were so puffy and sore, almost glued shut by his clotted cream, that he didn’t have to see it himself.

Ironically, the disappointing batch of jizz dribbled right into his eyes.

Lucas tried to help things by pounding Logan’s hole extra-deep and squeezing Logan’s nuts extra-hard, but even despite those noble efforts, the yield was a disappointment.

The opposite was true of Lucas’ load.

It was a declaration of superiority, an unmistakable sign of greatness, a huge flood of cum that filled Logan up like a cream puff.

Lucas’ balls appeared to be bottomless and he pumped jet after creamy jet of cum deep inside Logan’s ass. He had to pull his humungous tool out of Logan’s hole a couple of times to allow for the excess spunk to spill out, only to pump more cum inside him.

Logan’s nuts were bloated and swollen, completely drained of his precious spunk, seedless, a pathetic companion to his bruised and sore dick.

Logan let out a groan as Lucas bottomed out inside of him. His eyes rolled back into his head and he whimpered in agony.

“Oh my, you are tired, huh? You think we’re done, huh?” Lucas smiled and smacked Logan’s ball bag with the palm of his hand, bringing Logan back to life. “Well, we’re not done yet…”

Logan let out a deep, guttural grunt, his face contorted in agony.

Lucas muffled his grunts, rolling him on to his back and straddling his face before sliding his huge cock inside Logan’s mouth, humping his head as he focused his attention on Logan’s beaten, bloated nutsack.

“One last load for both of us”, Lucas smiled as he kneaded and twisted Logan’s ball bag, ruthlessly crunching the two swollen nuts inside. “I think that’s only fair.”

Despite the fact that Lucas came first, feeding him a nutritious snack and delivering it right down his throat, Logan’s load was another disappointment.

In fact, it was even more pathetic than the last one.

Lucas tried his very best to coax every little bit of spunk out of Logan’s tortured testicles by squishing and squashing and grinding them with both of his hands and all the force he could muster.

All that transpired were a few measly drops of bland, watery sauce that barely deserved to be called semen.

“Looks like you are all out of cum”, Lucas said with a sympathetic smile as he squeezed Logan’s utterly drained and severely bruised nuts as hard as he could.

Logan’s body went limp and he let out a miserable, muffled whimper as he passed out.

Lucas chuckled and got up. “That was pretty nice for round one”, he said cheerfully. He jerked his semi-hard monster cock a couple of times and smiled.  “I need a few minutes to recharge my batteries. Please stand by so we can pick up where we left off.”

Logan was on the ground, out could, his dick spent, his balls swollen, bruised and drained, his face covered in spunk, cum running out of his gaping hole.

“I guess you are not going anywhere, huh?” Lucas chuckled. “Even better. We’ve got a few more hours of fun ahead of us…”


Anonymous said...

Seems like a lot of guys love seeing Logan take dick. Logan kinda reminds me of Sage Northcutt now

Alex said...

LOL! Thanks for your comment! Yeah, stories featuring Logan getting dicked are VERY popular... :-))