Monday, December 3, 2018

sadOsam: Good BALLBUSTING Is Not Just Kicking Balls As Hard As The Other Can Take

Servile Jerome, photo by Detlev Hoffmann

Here is an awesome interview that has been published on, the fetish hub for kinksters. German ballbusting connoisseur Servile Jerome has answered Master Marc's questions, and it's quite an interesting read.

They talk about the difference between a good ballbuster and a bad ballbuster, about general safety rules, about Jerome's most painful experience, about his awesome XTube channel, and about different kinds of pain. There are some awesome videos and pictures as well, so I suggest you check it out right away.

The interview is well worth reading in full but here are two quotes that I found very hot and interesting:

What makes pain at the balls so desirable for you?

It's always been obvious to me, since age 12. It's not necessarily a "pain", if you think out of the box and aren't afraid to feel and do things differently from conventions. It's an intense sensation that overwhelms you in an amazing way, when the ballbuster is good and finds the amount you need. Then it's like some kind of orgasm but one that can last loooooong, modulated in different ways.
Do you still have some new ballbusting projects you want to realize in the future?

Oh yes: I already started doing more "Speedball settings": where I am tied in a way that the balls hang down nicely to be punched like a speedball: many fast punches to the balls, with the balls hanging in the air, not punched directly into a hard surface. [...] I want to do it in more positions, with various ways of hanging/positioning me. And ideally I'd need 3-4 busters ar least for an ideal scene, taking turns giving the fast speedball-punches, wearing boxing gloves and boxing gear, for several hours. So far I did it with 1 very fit body-building guy, but he needed breaks as he was getting exhausted with all the fast punching (and his fist was hurting)!... So I'll really need more busters taking turns, so each can recover while I don't get a break myself.
Servile Jerome, photo by Detlev Hoffmann

(Excerpts and pictures reprinted with kind permission by sadOsam, Master Marc and Servile Jerome. Photos by Detlev Hoffmann.)

Here is the interview in full: Good BALLBUSTING Is Not Just Kicking Balls As Hard As The Other Can Take


For my German speaking readers: Here is a link to the original German language version of the interview: Bei gutem BALLBUSTING geht's um mehr als nur möglichst hart zu sein

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