Friday, November 15, 2019

Logan's luck - a sackwrecking superhero fantasy (written by Mickey)

Here is another wild, crazy story by our loyal reader Mickey, author of Logan's luck - a ball bash beach fantasy and Logan's luck - a testicular train trash fantasy. This story was inspired by Superstud! (Adrian meets Logan). I hope you'll enjoy this new fantasy as much as I did!

Featured in this story: Logan and Zach (click for pictures)

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Superstud was the strongest, greatest and best superhero in Wrestle town. There was no one who did not know about Superstud, nor could they associate his body paint and iconic red briefs with anyone else.

Logan's costume when he became Superstud wasn’t always the Superman and Captain America inspired spray painted body that was finally fitted with a skimpy red brief which highlighted his big cock and juicy balls for the world to see.

But when one was equipped with flight, super speed and many other superpowers to say the least, life of being a superhero became rather boring.

And like how everyone knew that kryptonite was Superman’s weakness, everyone knew that Superstud’s great weakness were his well-endowed babymakers, that his power reduces the more in pain his balls are in – and whilst there was embarrassing case like his battle with The Crusher – he enjoyed displaying it in full sight to make his crime fighting life more challenging.

It seemed just like any other day in his crime fighting life. His body had just been turned into a work of art after 2 hours of spray paint and his bulge was fitted with a red brief that would be indecent in going out in any situation when the emergency signal rang.

Superstud still had his blonde hair to be gelled but crime waits for no one and he decided gel it on his way to the crime scene – perhaps he should stylize it in a way similar to those Japanese protagonist characters with spiky hair – he thought as he flew off from the windows.

In hindsight, he should remember he wasn’t always the brightest bulb and had always been warned against multi-masking.

He was gliding through the air as he slowly and painstakingly gelled his hair into spikes, before his mouth was filled with feathers, causing him to realized he had flown into a flock of migrating birds.

But he was Superstud, and a flock of birds could never cause damage to his masterfully chiseled body – so he ignored their flight and flapping as he continued to style his hair-

Or at least tried to until his body vibrated in pain, causing him to drop his gel box. He looked down towards his red bulge and noticed them deformed into poked balloons lookalike by 2 sharp beaks.

His eyes crossed as his hands moved to slap away the birds and nurse his damaged orbs – but alas, it was too late. His powers were dropping and before he knew it, he was falling at great speed towards the ground.

Superstud was certain it would be fine, his body could withstand much greater impact and a splat on the floor would do him no damage. Or so he thought until a loud twang resonated the area followed by a soprano rendition of “yeowchhhhhhhhhhhh!”

He looked down to realized he had fallen crotch first onto an old electric wire. His balls balanced by worn electric wires and each jiggle sent a zapping sensation through them. He was sweating profusely and he tried to move his body and most importantly, his balls off the dangerous line.

“Gotta get off, gotta get o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ff-f-f-f-f!” The inevitable happened when the old wires couldn’t handle Superstud’s heavy balls and muscles and ended its life with a final electrical discharge, sending the superhero into verses of vibrato as he was electrified continuously, x-raying his body like those slapstick cartoon.

By the time he realized his testicles weren’t being electrified by the nasty old wires anymore, he was wriggling on the floor like a dying insect – his butt wriggled up and down indecently, and worst, he could hear the telltale sound of camera flashes going off.

Superstud ignored those for now and gave his balls a careful fondle. When he felt the slippery texture of lycra, he couldn’t could but thank his heroic patron deity, or the hero costume store that made his red briefs unnaturally durable. He would have been in a most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction if his briefs had been fried up.

Now it was time deal with those nasty paparazzi.

In a way reminiscent of The Flash, he dashed at the group of ogling paparazzi, and within seconds, seized their telephones and rushed off towards the crime scene, ignoring their cries for their phones.

He took a peek at the pictures and videos – in which he looked most pathetic in, with his body wiggling and butt jiggling – and saw that whilst the old electric wire wasn’t too friendly to Logan Jr. It gave his hair a marvelous treatment, seeing that it was now spiked up in the way he wanted.

Alas, his face and painted skin were a bit charred, but everyone loves a manly charred look.

He continued to ponder in this train of thought, which in hindsight was not a great idea since;

1. He was carrying more than ten phones and cameras

2. He electrified in his weak spot – making his control over his powers unstable.

3. He was never the brightest bulb in the box and was told since childhood that multitasking was not for him.

With these in mind, it is understandable why moments later after an uncontrollable burst of speed, Superstud collided into a fire hydrant crotch first.

“My superspuds!” He squealed in a shrilly voice after the velocity from his body smashed his balls on the metal, flattening them like pancakes.

The pain depleted his energy reserves, and he couldn’t help but collapsed onto it in hopes that the cool metal might nurse his injured parts.

Perhaps hire hydrant was still angry, or perhaps it was his bad luck, but seconds later it spurted out a strong geyser of water towards his gonads, sending him flying until he crashed headfirst into a public trash bin.

It was rather a spectacle to see a public figure with his upper half stuck in a trash bin whilst his legs waddled around in the air as his butt wriggled obscenely to ease pain.

The many hits his babymakers had taken resulted in a puffed up manpouch which seemed even more indecent with the red skintight brief.

It was like a matador holding a red flag for a bull. And it was no wonder that passersby couldn’t help but throw things at it or give it a large smack as they pass, especially when those acts resulted in a hilarious high pitched squeal.

It started with an analytical poke that sent his body tingling, eleciting a strange noise from his mouth that drew in more crowd – that that his bulbous crotch wasn’t drawing one already.

A plonk sound soon followed before his legs waved around in pain – Logan theorized then that his balls were target of a makeshift waterbottle dart game, especially when the word “bullseyes” was loudly heard by his eyes surrounded by rubbish.

“elp eeeeeeeeee!” Superstud cried, yet it only resulted in laughter and more pain to his babymakers along with trash in the dustbin going into his mouth.

“Indecent!” He heard, before a metallic pole rammed his privates

“Soweeeee-” His final cry ended when a high-powered volleyball-like slap splatted his balls and conscious into oblivion.

When Logan woke up, he was on the floor rather than stuck upside down inside a trash bin.

He looked up to find a group of people surrounding him with pleading eyes, though some were holding their noses. He gave himself a sniff and confirmed to himself that he really did embarrassingly fell into trash.

“Superstud, please help us! The bankrobbers are holding people hostages, and because of their superpowers the police couldn’t do anything. You’re our only hope.” A man said as he pointed to the bank surrounded by police across the street.

Ahh, it was the distress signal that started all of today’s mishaps.

At this point Superstud had wanted to decline. Today had been a heck of an ordeal from being pecked in the balls by birds to being stuck in a trashcan with his crotch as a target for passersby to hit.

His superspuds were at a size larger than normal and it was still very much throbbing. At the very least he wanted to go home and stuff his red briefs with a Kevlar cup.

But the bank was currently being robbed right in front of him and if he left now, he would be a laughingstock in the hero community.

Ah well, he wasn’t at full power but desperate times calls for desperate measures. Besides what could a bunch of bank robbers do to Superstud, who was the most powerful and famous superhero in Wrestletown.

In a burst of speed, he dashed past police blockade and into the bank.

The villains were split into 2 groups. One large group were guarding the hostages whilst the others were hoisting the gold bars from the safe.

With his superspeed, he quickly knocked out the goons and huddled the hostages towards the exit.

He was ready to deal with the leftovers. This was going to be easy.

Or so he thought until one of the hostages he helped embraced his muscular legs and started nuzzling his crotch with his face.

“Superstud! I’m Matt and I’m totally your biggest fan. Please let me get a picture with you!” Said Matt his crazed fan.

“S-Sure but after I deal with these villain-” Superstud replied. And looking back, it was this moment that caused him to lose his momentum.

“Well well well. Look what we have here.” Said a sensuous voice that was followed with a few shoe clicks.

From the Safe came a black-haired man supporting a black mask along with a risqué black skintight outfit equipped with equally black high heels. In his hand was a vintage silver smoking pipe.

“What an honour what Superstud himself to deal with rabbles like us.” The villain said as he lifted his pipe into the air causing ring of smokes to appear before they slowly dispersed around the man.

“Let me introduce myself. I an Ectopheromic Illusionista, and by the time I’m done with you. You’ll be cumming to tomorrow. And oh look, by the powers of my pheromones you’re already standing up for us all to see.”

It was true. Superstud looked down to find his red super lycra briefs indecently stretched out like a vertical Eiffel tower and couldn’t help but blush in embarrassment.

His crazy fan Matt, held on to his legs, looking at the whole elongation with stunned amazement. In his embarrassment, Superstud perhaps pushed his fan away using too much of his power, hearing the “ahh” of pain from his crazed fan.

Superstud mind was blurred in mortification. He lifted his fist, and dashed at Illunionista, ready to end the villain with a single punch.

“You’ll pay for embarrassing-” Superstud screamed as he dashed at the villain, throwing out his punch, yet his cool speech ended with a high note of “meeee!”

He threw the punch but the villain was still smirking right in front of him, whilst his body was shivering up in pain.

Superstud looked down at his tented weakness and realized instead of punching Illunionista’s face, he had punched himself in the nuts – the impact was full on with his shaft tenting and not doing its job to protect his babymakers.

The pain fully registered and his eyes crossed in pain, his kneecaps came together and his hands immediately went to nurse his injured gonads.

“H-how?” Superstud whimpered the question.

“My my, you really are not the brightest bulb in the box. Rushing straight at me even when I told you my name is Ectopheromic Illusionista.” Illusionista said in a patronizing manner, smirking an all-knowing smirk at him.

Superstud really hated being looked down. He was ready to fry the villain with his laser eyes yet before he could do so, all his powers were cut off when a strong kick slammed his superspuds up his throat.

Superstud made a throatless squeal reminiscing of a gutted pig as he fell onto his knees and his body soon followed with a loud thud. The once well respected hero had turned into a squirming caterpillar as he rolled around on the ground in pain.

He looked up to find his crazed fan Matt, his eyes were tinted red.

“W-Why.” He whimpered as he cradled his damaged goods.

“I’d only wanted to admire your body and get your gorgeous signature. You didn’t have to push me away that hard.” Matt replied as he looked down on the superhero’s struggling body.

“Ohohoho. So how do you like my pheromonic powers Superstud? It turns adoration into dark adoration and this one definitely has that adoration in spades ohohoho!” Superstud would have taken the villain out immediately if he’d knew earlier, yet now it was too late.

The punch he’d injured upon himself sapped much of his remaining powers and he could only beg before the inevitable happened when Matt grabbed hold of his leg and spread them to a wide V.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ll give as many signatures as you want. Please don’t don’t don-” Superstud pleas turned into a noiseless croak when Matt’s feet hammered down on his nuts.

Matt raised his leg once more ignorant of Superstud’s tears brimmed eyes and pained cries before he once more hammered his feet down.

It was due to the hero’s continuously squirming that the rabid fan’s latest stomp only hit the left target, pushing the hero’s left nut of out the tight red contraption.

Superstud stared at the escaped inhabitant as he wailed like a castrated werewolf, his face reddened from both the pain and embarrassment.

When Matt lifted up his feet again, the hero used his remaining strength to push himself away, narrowing avoiding the stomp.

Despite the throbbing pain, he’d resolved himself to stand up. Devoted fan or not, Logan was going to knock this rabid fan out before his balls became paste.

Facing the teenager, Superstud sent a kick towards his head, a kick that was supposed to knock the fan out and he was beyond surprised that Matt had perfectly caught it – and quite scared since his babymakers were in a very vulnerable situation.

“Surprise, I’m a black belt in karate.” Matt said, smiling as he gripped tightly on Superstud’s lifted leg despite the hero’s attempt at freeing it.

“Seeing that the left one’s already out, lets get that right one some attention as well.”

“Please don't don’t don-” The superhero words once more turned into a symphony of pain when Matt sent his knee smashing towards Logan’s right nut, immediately knocking it free from his red briefs.

“And the grand finale.” Said the rabid fan as Superstud was thrown up in the air for the inverted atomic drop maneuver.

When the superhero realized, what was happening, his balls were already pancaked between Matt’s knee and his body, and all he could do was letting out a high-pitched whimper reminiscent of a wounded woodland creature.

In a humiliating turn of event, his elongated shaft bounced out of his tented red briefs – and because the pressure inflicted upon his babymakers were too much to bear, started shooting creamy spunk at Matt’s face.

The hero couldn't take the mortification, and could only cover his face with his right hand – as his left hand was trying to nurse his injured package.

He was fantastically surprised when he could feel a soothing sensation on his family jewels.

“I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.” Superstud could hear Matt’s voice.

Moving his hand away from his tearstained eyes, he could see Mike cum stained face as he gave Logan’s nuts soft ministrations.

The previous red tint in his eyes were now gone.

“I-It’s fine, just don’t hit me down there anymore okay?” Superstud painfully joked.

Matt helplessly nodded.

“Unbelievable! To think Superstud’s cum has to power to purify my pheromones. This is unacceptable!” Screeched Illusionista as he realized what happened. In a crazed motion, he waved his pipe around, sending out myriads of smoky rings.

Before long, the hostages that were supposed to have escaped were marching towards them. Hell, even the police surrounding the site were marching towards them. The worse thing was how their eyes were tinted with the familiar red glow.

Superstud painfully stood up to shield Matt, but with all the damage he’d taken, he could barely move a muscle, much less take on a group of rabid mob.

In his moment of despair, Matt his red briefs down to his knees.

“What the hell are you doing?” Superstud cried, appalled and shamed.

“You have to spray them with your spunk!” Was the reply the superhero got before Matt started giving his babymakers exotic touches – And after all the pain he got today, it sent him into euphoric bliss, allowing his reply only be an indecipherable “Ahhhh.”

Yet it wasn’t enough.

His shaft was hardening but the mob advancing towards them were coming at a faster rate.

When Matt said. “I’m so sorry Superstud.” The Hero immediately knew what he was going to do.

“No no no!-” Again, Matt turned Superstud reply into a high pitched operatic performance when he gave a Johnny Cage-esque punch to the Superhero’s family jewels from behind.

When Superstud’s left nut was punched, his shaft spurted out some cream. When his right nut was punch, his shaft spurted out a fountain of milky essence. When his nuts were simultaneously punched, his shaft sprouted out a stream of cum.

The punching seemed to continue forever and no one seemed to notice nor care for the Superhero cries and wail for it to stop.

Superstud was lying upwards in his pool of cum when they were done. His whole body was covered with his milky spunk. It fact, everyone and everything in the bank seemed to be covered in his seeds from the floor to the ceiling.

“No no no! I’ll get rid of those nasty babymakers myself!” Screamed Illusionista as he ran towards Superstud who was painfully naked. His iconic red briefs were still at his knees, damn Matt for not covering him up after finished using him.

His rabid fan was off somewhere admiring the volume of the superhero’s spunk instead of protecting his idol!

Superstud closed his eyes and waited for his inevitable castration.

Yet all that came was a manly squealed that Illusionista let one when his high heels slipped in superstud’s pool of cum, sending the villain flying towards the hero.

His shocked O mouth was a perfect fit to Superstud’s still hard shaft.

“Uooooonnn” cried the villain in morbid embarrassing as Superstud’s shaft was forcing itself down his throat.

In an attempt to free himself, he tried to stand up amidst the pool of cum, but it ended when he hands squeezed the superhero’s nude nuts in hope of getting leverage.

The squeezed nut elicited a pain cry from the hero before his shaft let out a geyser of milky spunk, sending the villain flying towards a marbled pillar inside the bank causing him to collapse and faint in pain in the lying pool of creamy treasures.

“That was sooooooo cool!” Cried Matt who came over to the hero, helping him stand before trying to pull his iconic briefs to cover his package.

Unfortunately, his family jewels had grown to the size of melons and his briefs only had room for one, leaving his left nut dangling.

Matt looked up at him and he could only laugh as he helplessly shrugged.

At that moment, the sound of police sirens resonated along the area and immediately in came officer Zach who dashed towards then, uncaring of the cum covered floor.

Officer Zach always had a problem with Superstud flashiness and Logan theorized it was due to jealousy.

“Get up!” He immediately shouted before he baton smacked forcefully against Superstud’s superstuds, sending the right nut bouncing out of his brief and his body trembled in pain.

“Wake up!”

“Aeeeeeggggghhhhh” Logan woke up squealing like a pig to the slaughter. His hands immediately moving to nurse his pained balls. The blue brief with a superman logo he wore to sleep was rather bloated and sticky, and Logan realized he must have creamed himself in front of Zach and his friends.

“Logan, you really need to stop having these wet dreams.” Zach said in exasperation before he pointed his finger toward his new friend, uncaring of Logan’s milky mess.

“Why the hell did you do that?” Logan asked, his voice quaky and high pitched.

“Well, you just couldn’t get up. So he got a little bored and might have given your jewels a punch or ten, a kick or ten, a smack or ten, and oh, my friend bought a taser with him so we tried something new as well.” Zack replied, smiling unrepentantly.

“Can’t believe you fucking you fucking tasered my balls. Did you find a bird somewhere to throw it me too? Cause that peck fucking hurts.” The wrestler complained and clutch his crotch protectively.

“A bird? You mean these bad boys you had lying in your room?” Zack said as he picked up a rubber tip dart lying on the floor – thank god they were rubber.

“Never mind that.” His brother-like figure said uncaring of Logan’s glare. “I want you to meet a friend of mine, this is Illusio Ecphero. He’s a transfer student from Egypt.”

“Y-Y-You-” The wrestler said lifting his hands to point at the black-haired boy in front of his.

It wasn’t the best of his decision as Zack chose that moment to let the rubber dart fly, directly nailing Logan’s crotch directly where the Superman logo lied. In retaliation to the pain, his dick to ooze out its remaining cum, thoroughly wetting his as briefs as Logan squealed and rolled around in pain.

“That was quite a morning performance, nice to meet you Superstud-I mean Logan.”

Logan gulped in shock and fear even as he wriggle around in bed.



Anonymous said...

Definitely one of my favorite stories yet, Love Mickeys work, definitely would love to see Logan get fucked and ball busted at the same time tho

Mickey said...

Hi, I'm so happy you had a fun time reading it, I had much fun writing it as well :))

BB_Daddy said...

Lol Your stories are so hot and fun. I love that you made fun of his subconsciousness that he wish he could beat Zach in size. Might be a secretly brothery-rivalry here.

Anonymous said...

Alex can you please ask Mickey when the next one is due? These are super hot.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I have asked him. Fingers crossed! :-))

Mickey said...

Hi Anonynous,

Thank you for your kind words.
Unfortunately as I have told Alex. The one written around Logan's journey in a theme park is on hiatus until I find more inspiration for it
I'm writing another story featuring original characters but will tie in to Logan, but that is coming at snail's pace with the work load I'm having atm.
Hopefully they'll be done soon though