Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Video links: Comedy gems (21)

Is there a better punchline than a pair of testicles?

Here are some more of my favorite comedy nutshots from TV shows, movies and web originals.

Let's start with a video clip that's as hilarious as it is weird. The premise of the following skit is that two friends discover the teleporting power of nutshots. It's a heart-warming sci-fi tale of friendship and pain with a slightly dark twist at the end. You have to see it to believe it!

I love the dialogue by the way - there are so many great lines in this clip: "So you got your meat tenderized - what's new?" - "Who knew your balls could do such great things?" - "My baby factory is malfunctioning, dude!" -  "One more kick and I'm not having kids, dude!" - "My candy factory is closed for business!" - "Tom and Harry are on break!" These guys should get a script-writing Oscar!

If you enjoy some more outrageous nutshot comedy here's an excerpt from a music video (I think). t involves a bowling ball, a girl and some really, really bad special effects. You've been warned.

The next video is an f/m nutshot as well but I like it because of the sympathy pain reaction from the poor victim's friend.

Skip to 7:30

The next video would be a good fit for the Boys just wanna have fun section of this blog, and it would fit into the Game show ballbusting section as well. But it works as a bit of comedy as well so I decided to include it here. Here are some young men from Japan (I think) challenging each other to a nice, hard nutshot.

Finally, here is an awesome (AWESOME!) clip from Canadian hockey stars Olly Postanin and Jacob Ardown (aka comedians Ryan Russell and Steve Campbell) who invite the (real) Canadian hockey star Marc Andre Fleury to their show On the bench to teach him some dirty tricks. But it turns out that Monsieur Fleury knows a thing or two about playing dirty...

I love Fleury's laugh, and his dead-pan delivery ("It works pretty well, the players don't like that one. [...] Now I can see pretty well. [...] It works pretty well..."). Comedy gold.

The whole clip is great but if you want to skip to the nutcracking part play it from 1:35

Readers' picks:

Our longtime reader Toothpick has shared the following video with us, writing: "This one is scripted and acted out, fake but still made me laugh." I agree 100%: There's something about the timing of the nut kick that's absolutely hilarious. It gets me every time I see it. :-))

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Anonymous said...

Lol! The players don't like that one, I bet haha.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! Yeah, I love it, too! :-))

Marc said...

Love the hockey clip. A nice follow up with a kick from either those pointed cowboy boots or pointed shoes would have been the icing on the cake


Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Marc! Yeah, that would have been awesome. :-))