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Busted balls and an extramarital milking (2) (Chad meets Simon)

Special thanks to Chad for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the naughty bi boy who loves naughty ballbusting boys!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ
Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Simon (click for pictures) and characters introduced in Husband and wife.

Previous parts:
Busted balls and an extramarital milking (1)

Chad looked very horny and very excited. The handsome 33 year old’s dick was hard as a rock and leaking precum.

His wife had lent him out for an extended testicle torture and milking session, and she had made sure that his balls were nice and full by edging and teasing him continually over the past week without letting him shoot his load.

So it was by no means an exaggeration to say that Chad was horny as hell. His big balls were boiling with baby batter, and his dick was throbbing with excitement.

Making matters worse was the fact that Chad had been given a little something to drink just before the shoot. That little something was a very powerful potion that induced orgasms until its consumer’s balls were truly, unambiguously empty. It took a little while to take effect, though, and Chad had no idea what was brewing inside of him, which added considerably to his wife’s enjoyment of the situation.

Jessica was off-camera, a pretty young woman whose purse held a powerful little vibrator that she was looking forward to using as soon as her husband’s torture session began.

“I’m going to milk you dry, stud”, Simon whispered, winking at Chad as he ran his hand over his muscular chest. “I’m going to milk every last drop of spunk from those juicy balls of yours.” With that, he reached between Chad’s thighs and grabbed his nuts, giving them a gentle squeeze.

“Fuck”, Chad moaned in pleasure. “Oh, fuck!”

He was tied to a bed with cameras hanging from the ceiling, catching his naked, exposed body from every possible angle.

He was surrounded by cameras as well. One was manned by my cameraman, another one by my assistant, and the third one by me.

This was going to be one hell of a movie.

Simon was one of our kinkiest models, a self-proclaimed cum slut in the guise of a nerd. Right now, the 23 year old was wearing nothing but his horn-rimmed glasses. His skin was pale and while he wasn’t very muscular there was not an ounce of fat on him. His dick looked a little too large for his body, which generally wasn’t that much of a problem, and it was as hard as Chad’s. Simon looked like he was going to shoot his load any minute now, and I was wondering if Simon had saved up his spunk for the occasion.

“Okay, everybody ready?” I asked. “Action!”

Simon circled the bed, casually jerking his throbbing erection, a cheeky smile on his lips. “Oh, what am I going to do with you?” he mused, winking at Chad.

Chad gulped and his dick twitched.

Simon smiled and smacked Chad’s hard cock with the palm of his hand, making Chad let out a moan of pain and pleasure.

“Do you think I can slap a load out of that dick?” Simon wondered aloud.

Chad cleared his throat. “Oh god.”

Simon gave Chad’s dick another hard slap. “I guess the proof is in the pudding”, he added cheerfully as he grabbed Chad’s dick by the root and started smacking it back and forth rapidly with the other hand.

Chad was gasping and moaning, grunting and groaning as his dick was slapped.

It didn’t take more than a minute of hard slapping until Chad’s dick erupted with spunk. Simon let out a laugh and wrapped his lips around the head of Chad’s dick, eagerly gulping down his creamy load while massaging his dick and making sure that that every last drop of his delicious man milk was milked out.

When the meal was finished, Simon grinned at Chad and licked his lips. “Mmhmm, that’s gotta be the best cream pudding I have ever tasted”, he chuckled and delivered a playful slap to Chad’s emptied nuts, making him groan in agony.

“I think I want another helping of it”, Simon grinned and climbed onto the bed, straddling Chad and sitting on his stomach, facing his crotch.

He was turning his back on Chad, letting him know that he was only interested in his dick, that Chad was nothing but a plaything for him, that this wasn’t about Chad. It was about Simon and about his pleasure.

Simon looked at Jessica who was busy pleasuring herself with her vibrator. Simon chuckled. Even his wife took pleasure in Chad’s humiliation.

Simon grabbed Chad’s nuts and started squeezing them. He pressed his fingers deep into the soft, tender flesh of Chad’s testicles, squishing and squashing his balls as his own dick was throbbing and twitching.

Simon was horny as hell, and he came without ever touching himself. The power he had over Chad’s rapidly swelling balls and his overeager cock was enough to send Simon over the edge and he covered Chad’s dick in a very generous batch of his own home-made lube while he was crushing his nuts with his bare hands.

“Oh god!” Simon groaned, his eyes flickering, as his body was rocked by an intense orgasm. “Oh my fucking god!”

Simon’s low moans of pleasure were in stark contrast to Chad’s ear-piercing screams that marked his own second orgasm.

Chad’s ejaculation wasn’t exactly as free-handed as Simon’s, though. Technically, Simon’s hands didn’t touch his Chad’s dick but the iron grip Simon had on Chad’s testicles had to count as manual interference.

Chad’s second orgasm was entirely caused by Simon’s hands around his nutsack. As Simon’s dick covered Chad’s cock in cum, Chad’s cock returned the favor, showering Simon with a series of exuberant jets of sticky spunk.

It was a hot sight, and from the corner of my eyes I could see Jessica biting into her fist as she experienced an orgasm of her own while watching her husband get milked.

Chad’s ordeal wasn’t over, though. Simon turned his attention to Chad’s spent dick and started jerking it hard and fast, smacking and slapping his drained, bloated balls as he milked Chad’s dick.

Even though it was in dire need of a respite, Simon jerked and stroked Chad’s dick, hellbent on coaxing a third load of cum out of Chad’s swollen nuts.

Smiling happily, Simon stroked Chad’s dick while delivering punches, slaps and smacks to Chad’s testicles.

Chad was moaning and groaning, writhing under Simon’s weight, but Simon just ignored him. He was entirely focused on Chad’s dick and balls. He wanted to get another load out of it, and he’d do anything to get it.

“Come on, just one more load”, Simon chuckled as he delivered punch after nut-crunching punch to Chad’s rapidly swelling globes.

Chad’s nuts were beet red and almost ridiculously swollen. They looked like a pair of overripe tomatoes, and Simon looked like he was about to turn them into ketchup.

With an anguished wail, Chad let go of his third load, and Simon wrapped his lips around the head of his cock, gulping down every drop and sucking out the salty essence of Chad’s manhood.

I looked at my watch.

Ten minutes had passed, and Chad had already shot his third load. His nuts looked like someone had put them through the wringer - and that someone looked very, very happy.

Simon was looking for excess spunk, scooping up the salty treats and slurping them down eagerly. His dick was still hard as a rock – which couldn’t be said about Chad’s poor sperm dispenser.

It looked sore and spent, and it had shrunk considerably, looking rather funny, dwarfed by his comically swollen nuts.

“I guess that’s it”, Simon chuckled. “We’re not gonna get another load out of that.” He looked into my camera and grinned. “Not without some kind of magic…”

As if on cue, the powerful orgasm-inducing potion took effect, and Chad’s spent dick uncurled and straightened, fattened and hardened until it was pointing at the ceiling, bigger and harder than ever. Simon made the most of it by acting like a magician, moving his hands as if he was charming a snake, oohing and aahing comically.

I had to cover my mouth to not laugh out loud, and I heard Jessica orgasm at the same time as her husband.

Simon leaned forward and opened his mouth just in time to catch the first jet of Chad’s drug-induced cum load as it shot up, directly between Simon’s parted lips.

Simon gurgled happily and smashed his hands together, catching Chad’s throbbing, twitching, shooting cock between his palms and making Chad scream in pain.

It was an endless orgasm, and it seemed to draw Chad’s essence from hidden depths inside his sperm tanks. It was incredible how much cum was stored in those fat, swollen nuts.

“Fuck yeah!” Simon gasped as jet after jet of spunk shot up, hitting him in the mouth and in the face. One jet hit him right in the left eye, and Simon let out a cum-drunk laugh as he threw his head back, getting showered in Chad’s spunk.

“Fuck yeah!” Simon repeated, grabbing Chad’s nuts and squeezing them as hard as he could, squishing and squashing the two tender orbs as they were forcefully emptied and their contents were splattered all over the place.

It seemed like forever until Chad stopped shooting, and his dick dry-heaved heavily for another minute or so, making sure that there was not a drop of cum left.

Simon was in cum-crazy heaven, covered from head to toe in Chad’s spunk. Jizz was dripping from his face and from his hair, it was covering his chest and his own rock-hard dick.

Chad was moaning and groaning, reduced to nothing but a sex toy.

Adding insult to injury, Simon climbed off him and jerked his dick a couple of times, aiming at Chad’s pain-contorted face.

It didn’t take more than a couple of strokes until he painted the ostensibly straight young man’s face with his cum.

“I think we’re done here”, Simon chuckled.

Chad’s limp, spent, sore dick twitched. It was like a dying stir, a final sign of life inside an object that had been robbed of all that made it precious.

“Or maybe not”, Simon grinned, playfully smacking Chad’s balls and eliciting a grunt.

The cum-hungry nerd leaned over and wrapped his lips around Chad’s sore dick while brutally squeezing his drained balls.

But even Simon’s expert sucking and his assiduous, merciless treatment of Chad’s nuts couldn’t unearth another drop of cum. It wasn’t for lack of trying, though, and Simon managed to masterfully bring Chad to a painful, dry orgasm that had Chad screaming and moaning in agony.

“Nothing left”, Simon announced cheerfully, smiling into the camera. He wiped his mouth and grinned. “Absolutely nothing left.”

We wrapped up the shoot and allowed Chad to recover.

When it came time to say goodbye, Chad was a little wobbly on his feet, and he didn’t look quite as happy and satisfied as his wife.

“This was fun”, Jessica said, smiling at Simon.

“We should do this again sometime”, Simon grinned.

Chad paled.

“Oh, yes, definitely”, Jessica smiled. “Definitely.”


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Loved it! Thank you for these!

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Thanks for your comment, guys! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))