Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Ballbusting Olympics 2010: Opening Ceremony


There was an a feel of excitement in the air as we got ready for the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Ballbusting Olympics. Me and most of the guys were outside the gym. There were lines of mostly guys waiting to get a ticket. There was so many people, we thought the gym was going to reach full capacity.

"Wow, this is a bigger outcome than last year," said Kev. "Good part is the camera's are already set up, and will be broadcasting on T.V's all over campus. And it's being streamed on the college site. Granted, Collin had to fuck the producer again."

I chuckled, when we ran into a few friends of Logan's. Gary, a dark blond boy, Leroy a black guy with curly short hair, Seth, a boy with black hair, Kim a handsome looking Asian, Hector a young Hispanic youth who was rather tall and skinny, and Dash, a dark haired boy with a scowl on his face. They all seemed to be on their way to find seats. When they saw Logan, CJ, and Speedy they all began to cheer and pat them on the back.

"Hey, you better make Bartlet High proud," Leroy said.

"Oh shut up," said Speedy. "Logan asked all of you to compete in this thing, and I was the only one with the balls enough to join."

"Oh, your only in one event anyway," remarked CJ.

"Hey, no one asked me," Dash said, hurt and mad, "I can bust balls better than any of you."

"Ya, but you can't take a hit to save your life," responded CJ.

"That's not true," complained Dash. CJ responded by kicking Dash in the nuts. Cj's foot connected perfectly with Dash's soft package and landed with a resounding thud. Dash responded my falling over in pain. Ignoring Dash, the boys continued to converse.

There seemed to be a fuss erupting behind them. It was a crowd of what appeared to be Bartlet High underclassmen in a shouting match with the ticket seller, who was refusing them in because they weren't 18. There was quite a few, and they all seemed enthusiastic, one even painting his face in the school colors. When they saw Logan they all cheered and plead from him to help them out. Logan looked at me with a puppy dog face.

"Sorry Logan," I said, "but there's going to be nudity, and it's too much of a legal issue. They can't come in if they're minors. The answer is no."

"I understand," said Logan. He faced his friends, "sorry guys, but you'll have to leave." The boys seemed disappointed, but left. Kev, in the meantime, was chatting it up with some of his friends, in fact most of the guys were mingling with people waiting in line, while the gymnasts were setting up in the gym. Warren's guys approached me, there was Dima, a massive Russian man with large muscles and a big bulge in his pants and was easily the largest of the 3 in terms of muscle and bulge size, Itsuki, a very muscular Japanese man, and Harley, a somewhat scrawny blond boy with Harry Potter glasses. They barely acknowledged me, and most of the models who had experiences with them began to glare. I looked at my watch and jumped a little.

"Guys, we got to go in now or we'll be late," and with that, we entered the locker rooms that connected to the gym. "Alright guys, I'm going to go out there and make sure the Twins and Parker have everything they need. Each of you will have to be wearing these shorts," I said, motioning to an array of shorts that were hanging on the wall. Each set were short and had a "Ballbusting Olympics 2010" logo on the side. "Each of you will have to be wearing these and only these when you exit the locker rooms. You will remove them for the event anyway, but it's still better to be organized. Each team has their own colors. The Swimmers will wear red, the Skaters will wear green, Frats will wear blue, Jocks brown, Actors purple, the Gymnasts will wear yellow once they finish opening, the Students will wear white, and Warren's guys will wear black. Now, once you hear me announce your entrance, walk out one team at a time as I announce you and meat up with the twins on stage. After you are all on stage, I'll have Phil come up." I left the boys and went to check on the gymnasts. The bleachers were just about filled up. Parker said they would be ready for the show in about 5 minutes. I then talked to Chad, he was manning the largest camera, getting everything set up. He said that the crew he was put in charge of seemed competent enough. Next I went to the control room to check on Vince. He said he had the lights working well, he had the logo on the screen, and once the games start he would have the camera on the big screen. It seemed the gym was at capacity and everyone was ready, I gave Parker a nod that they would be starting now. I went down to the commentators box and grabbed the mic.

"Attention ladies and gentlemen, today we will be the first day of our Olympic Ceremonies. I am Ray, your announcer, filling in for Danny. We will be kicking things off with a lovely performance by our gymnasts today. Please give them a round of applause!"

With that the spotlight shone one the three gymnasts. They had decorated the gym in a very elegant manner, there was very beautiful decorations and what appeared to be fancy streamers hanging from the wall. It occurred to me that none of the guys were wearing clothes, but each had a unique full-body paint design. The twins had mirroring designs of bright red and gold flourishes, and the red even reached to their genitalia. Parker had blue designs covering him. As they began their routine, a somewhat modern soundtrack was in the background. After about a minute in, I was shocked when both of the twins actually began to climb on the streamers that were dangling, in some bizarre human contortion act. They suspend themselves in mid-air. Both identical boys were in the air facing each other, held up by the cloth. They then each grabbed a hold of one and swung towards each other. One leg of each twin got slammed into the groin of his brothers at full speed. The close-up showed how each boy had a foot slammed against their bare balls, as the resounding thud filled the gym. The audience watched captivated as each brother grabbed the others arms and started pulling, displaying a mid-air double gas pedal, which I'm pretty sure was a first for all of us. The boys then parted, and swung to each other once more, this time planting their knees into each others exposed balls. The twins, clearly in pain, slowly started to descend, and were soon only a few inches off the ground, struggling to fight against the pain and not fall. Parker approached the two of them, and in sync with the bass of the background music, pounded each boys nuts with his fists. The camera caught all of the action close-up, and some audience members cringed. After 5 punches each, the music stopped and both boys collapsed, clutching their balls and rolling around in a fetal position. Apparently this was Parkers retribution for last year's ceremonies. Parker stood with one leg on each of their bodies an gave a finishing pose. With that the lights went on like normal, and the gym erupted in cheers.

"Alright," I said from the announcers box, "Let's hear it for our gymnasts! They are our first cometeing team!" I paused for applause. "Now lets bring out the rest!" The audience began to cheer more rapidly.

"First of are the Jocks: KEV! BEN! AND COLLIN!" and with that Vince started playing a series of clips that showed on the big monitor of Kev, Ben and Collin, as the 3 boys walked in to a rumble of cheers. They walked on stage and stood next to the twins, who were still in agony. You could tell that the three had many fans in the audience. Kev grabbed a secondary mic I had left on stage and made a quick announcement.

"I just want to say, this whole thing was my idea, and while I may not be completely in charge, I'm still gonna bring home the gold!" This was met by a roar of approval, but Ben and Collin seemed very annoyed that they were getting no credit. So annoyed in fact, that Collin whacked the side of his fist into Kev's crotch. The camera caught it as Collins fist smacked the bulge in Kev's tight, regulation, Olympic shorts. It smacked his package perfectly, and Kev collapsed as the pain spread. The audiences cheers increased.

"Alright then," I continued with a laugh from my commentators box, "Next we have the Frats: AJ! REESE! AND ZACH!" The monitor played clips of the 3 boys in various situations getting their balls hit, Zach had plenty of footage, but AJ and Reese's was mainly limited to the last Olympics. The three boys walked on stage to massive applause. Zach stood in front and started grab his crotch to show off for the audience, who ate it up. The three teams took their positions on stage and waited for the rest.

"Next up," I said, "and last of our veteran teams, are the Skaters: TRISTAN, LEO, AND SAMMY!" The three skater boys walked out to a montage of busts being played on the screen above. They were met with considerable applause. They went up and took their place on the stage. By this time they were 12 boys on stage, the twins still on the floor recovering, but slowly gaining themselves.

"Now," I said, "get ready for our 4 brand new teams. First up are the Swimmers: CAL! BRANDON! AND BILL!" The three new players walked out a cloud of applause, that really couldn't compete with the noise Kev brought about, as moments of them being busted played on the screen above. Although, they only footage I could find of Bill was from a trip to the swimming pool a while back, so it was mainly Cal and Brandon. The 3 guys stood on the stage.

"Next are three contestants who can't get enough of the spotlight. One of them was your announcer last year, and you may recognize him from a series of interviews he did, please welcome the Actors: DANNY! GEORGE! AND LANCE!" The three budding actors walked onto the stage as their montage played above. Danny, making a bit of a show, grabbed the mic.

"Listen up," he said, "let's hope that my not quite as charismatic replacement does a good job narrating these games as I take home the gold, with some help from my two buddies here!" The there returned to the stage, which was getting to be a bit crowded at this point. The twins, however, were standing by now.

"Alright," I said, taking the mic, "please give a warm welcome to our youngest batch of contenders, the Students: SPEEDY! CJ! AND LOGAN!" A montage featuring the 3 boys getting busted various times, focusing mainly on Logan's tryouts, and a serious of video diaries he made. When they entered, they received massive applause. I thought Kev's team would get the most cheers, but apparently people went nuts over Logan. While more people might have cheered for Kev and Zach, the people cheering for Logan were pouring their hearts into their screams. You could tell who was a student, or former student, of Bartlet High. The three boys stood on the almost filled stage.

"Now, here comes a team you all might not know. They were featured on a rival site of ours..." Which was met with boo's, "...that got kicked off the web," this was met with some cheers. "Please welcome the last, and possibly least liked team, Warrens Guy's: HARLEY! ITSUKI! AND DIMA!" There wasn't really a whole lot a lot footage to go on, but the three boys entered the gym, to some scattered applause, and even a few hisses. This didn't seem to bother them as they walked to the stage, to huge muscular figures and one scrawny one. I had wondered why Warren picked Harley, he seemed so puny compared to the two massive figures. The three guys made their way to the stage, shoving people so they could fit. The mic was given to Dima.

"I just want you all to know," said Dima in a thick Russian accent, "I will crush these other teams like bugs!" His bloodthirsty roar was met by an echo of boo's and hisses. I waited for the gym to calm down and took the mic again from my commentators box.

"Now, the moment you've all been waiting for, please welcome our Umpire Phil!" And with that, the world famous soccer player entered the gym and was met by the loudest applause yet, as various scenes played across the screen. Phil had chosen an odd choice for the opening ceremonies, something that seemed a bit flashy for him, but he indulged it. Phil came out in Danny's "kinky tuxedo," a skin tight outfit that had a strategically placed hole in the crotch to allow the wearers testicles to hang loose. And Phil had his two plums on display out of his suit, his limp cock clearly outlined above. Phil went around taking bows, shaking hands, and even signing a few autographs here and there. As he went from fan to fan before he entered the stage, each person had their own form of screaming praise. As he approached the group of Logan's friends, the boy I recognized as Seth seemed particularly eager. Apparently he was Phil's biggest fan, and he stood up and asked him something in his ear. Phil looked like he was thinking something over, and then gave a nod of agreement to Seth. Seth stood up and backed away as the audience watched in silent wonder. Phil backed up and shot his foot up in between Seth's legs. His foot lifted Seth off the ground and he collapsed on the ground, with a look that was mix between pain and sheer joy. It would seem that Seth requested it, and to him being kicked by Phil is like being touched by the hand of God. The audience cheered like crazy as Seth raised one arm in victory, the other massaging his balls. Phil went around a little bit more, kicked two more lucky fans in the nuts, then took his place on the stage. The mic was handed to Phil.

"Alright people, this is the beginning of our very own Ballbusting Olympics!" As Phil said this the audience cheered. "Over the next few weeks we will be holding multiple rounds of multiple events, and it will all be available for your viewing pleasure. Now, I hope you enjoyed the ceremonies, but we will have to say goodbye!"

After that each contestant lowered their shorts all exposing their genitals in some apparent planned stunt that I was not part of. I grabbed my mic, "Well, it seems as if the boys are doing something..." as I said that each guy grabbed the testicles of their neighbors and started squeezing. Phil was not excluded, and each of the 25 boys started squeezing each others nuts to the audience's delight. They collapsed while still squeezing, a stage full of guys in agony.

"Well," I continued, "I suppose this concludes today's events. Please return next time for Nutball!" With that the gym slowly began to evacuate. Most of the boys left the stage as well. I conferred with Vince who seemed to have everything under control and was wrapping up. I went down to see Chad.

"So, do you have any clue what that squeezing was about?" I asked.

"Well, according to Kev, they decided to add it on in the locker rooms to spice things up a bit," he gave a smile and a small chuckle. "It works."

I showed Chad a confused look and he shook his head a bit disappointingly. I wondered if I was missing something.


Anonymous said...

Wow, very hot, the whole "dangling in mid air" thing was an awesome way to bust. I'm also very excited about the teams, in particularly Logan's :)

Anonymous said...

Ya, I agree, I love the High School aspect, I have a lot of good memories of ball busting associated with high school. Although I'm very excited to see Dima and Itsuki again!

guy787970 said...

@Anonymous(1): cool, I'm glad you liked it.

@Anonymous(2): I wasn't sure how people liked Logan, considering he was the newest addition, and I do understand the love of high school. I have a "Danny Interviews" story next, maybe I'll come up with something involving Logan's friends. Who knows, maybe after the Olympics I'll write something with them again.

Anonymous said...

the mutual, aerial busting was novel, and hot. Body painting was a nice touch.

guy787970 said...

@Anonymous(3): The body paint was just a repeat of how the 2008 Opening Ceremonies went, so thank Alex.

Anonymous said...

Either way, I can't wait to get to the real stories. And if your gonna be writing about Logan and his friends, I'm looking forward to that.