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King of the Ring: Part 2 of 13 Gino VS Doug written by Jimmy


King of the Ring: Part 2 of 13 Gino VS Doug

By Jimmy

Ballbusting Boys: King of the Ring: Part 1 of 13 the Set-up written by Jimmy
(Previous story here).

Warning: Contains underage characters, homosexual behavior, ballbusting, humiliation, and wrestling.

Special Credit: To one of my dear friends who loves this series, and these characters. These Kind of the Ring stories were meant to be five-to-six-page stories. He had other ideas and made this one really spectacular. Great work as always, Reg. Thank you so much for working with me. I love writing with you.

Now onto the story.....

Gino strides towards Doug who is still scowling sullenly in his corner. The older wrestler glares purposefully, fists clenched by his sides, intent on intimidating the younger opponent. At almost sixteen Doug is well built for his age, more muscular even than Chase and the sparse black hairs on his upper chest indicate that he is more sexually developed too. Doug is clearly not lacking in self-confidence either as he steps forward, bumping chests against the seventeen-year-old rival. Doug has already developed a sturdy wrestler’s build, but his impressive physique is still no match for Gino’s hunky muscles.

Gino is first to make his move, grabbing the youngster by the back of his neck and trying to hurl him into the ring but Doug locks his arms around Gino’s waist, bracing his powerful legs to hold his ground. Gino grips the back of the boy’s singlet and hauls him sideways and Doug, caught slightly off guard, struggles for balance against the older and stronger teen trying to get his bearings as the watching boys whoop and cheer at the two wrestlers grappling before they even hit the ring.

Gino has had it in for Doug for quite a while now, ever since the infamous championship match when Doug manhandled his brother Jayden, cruelly targeted his already wounded leg. Gino has been waiting for such a chance to avenge Doug; no one messes with Jayden without Gino’s consent and if anyone hurts his little brother they’re going to pay a heavy price. This match is as personal as it gets for Gino who clearly doesn’t give a damn about Chase’s King of the Ring plans and has seized this opportunity to lay into Doug.

Suddenly Gino sees a gap and scoops a hand between Doug’s thighs from behind, making sure to give the cocky youngster’s lunchbox a humiliating squeeze and fondle before lifting him powerfully overhead and dumping him unceremoniously into the ring. A gleeful hungry look creeps into his brown eyes and his fingers twitch with anticipation, eager for a more intense grope of the youngster’s juicy meatballs. He can’t wait to really mess Doug up, and to snuff out his tough-guy attitude with maybe even squeezing some boy juice from his ripe young plump plums.

“Ugh! You squeezed my big nuts, you fucker!” Doug growls angrily rolling onto all fours, then reaching down to rearrange his wedding tackle as Gino enters the ring, leaning down to slip under the top rope.

“Now you’re going to pay for messing with my brother!” Gino bellows, sprinting towards Doug as soon as his feet hit the mat and kicking him as hard as he can in the midsection, sending him toppling over with a grunt landing hard on his side. With deep groan, Doug grabs his battered abs gasping for breath.

Doug’s face is red, his beady brown eyes bulging out of his skull leaving him the appearance of a fish out of water gasping on the mat. Doug sucks in another gulp of air, and squeezes his eyes, his ribs stinging and bruised. Doug makes a fist with his other hand as Gino moves in ready to give another blow.

“Bet that you are regretting it now,” Gino states taking his foot and placing it on Doug’s lower back, shoving him back down to the mat. Doug’s body makes a large thumping sound as he hits the mat floor, with Doug’s trunk pinned down Gino leans in using his weight to keep Doug trapped in place before he says, “I’m going to make you wish that you didn’t have balls.” Gino taunts his hungry eyes feasting on the boy beneath him.
Doug’s eyes go wide, sensing the new danger as Gino reaches a hand deftly between Doug’s open thighs scooping his big bulging basket and weighing the hefty orbs at the bottom of his singlet pouch.

"Fuck! Those are my big hairy nuts, ugh….motherfucker!” Doug howls as he is lifted up to standing by Gino’s vice-like grip around his fully developed testicles.

“Get your hands off my fucking man-balls!” Doug roars in anger, glaring down, clutching at Gino’s wrist with one hand while the other tries to pry the deadly fingers off his sturdy young wrestler nuts.

“Ooh not bad, Dougie!” muses Gino rolling Doug’s precious manhood between his fingers. “Still nowhere near the size of a Gomez, but not many are.” Gino’s smile twists upwards with the knowledge that his family always trumps others where it counts the most.

“Fuck you!” Doug snarls in fury “My hairy balls are bigger than any Gomez…and you know it!”

Doug shakes his head furiously, knowing his remaining strength will be sapped away unless he does something to break the crushing grip on his beefy gonads. Gritting his teeth he releasing Gino’s wrist and slams his hand up, palm-first between the older wrestler’s legs. SMACK! The sudden stabbing pain makes Gino grunt and fold forward then his handsome face cringes as he feels Doug’s strong fingers curling like tentacles around his overgrown love-spuds.

Doug’s hand clamps shut trying to encompass both of his older rival’s hefty man-eggs and Gino balks, eyes almost popping from their sockets when, with an audible PLOP his slippery right nut bursts free, escaping its confines.

“Son of a bitch!” Doug yells in frustration, his hopes of avenging Gino’s crippling double-nut breaker slipping away, while Gino is still crushing the life out of both of his tough, hairy bollocks. Defiant to the end he tightens his grip instead on Gino’s trapped left testicle digging his fingers deeper into the vulnerable organ until both boys are writhing and grunting in pain but Gino shakes his head and grits his teeth, looking determined to conquer his  pain.
“How are your big man-balls now, Dougie?” Gino snarls, mauling the young wrestlers gonads in his hand before pressing a thumb into the tender base of Doug’s slightly bigger right orb, making the young wrestler yelp in agony “See, I can fit both of yours in one hand! I can’t do that to Jayden, so you see us Gomez boys are way bigger and made of more potent material than anything you have between your legs.”

“Bullshit! Ugh! Oh my fucking man-balls!” Doug groans in despair, still desperately clinging to Gino’s meaty gonad, trying desperately to crack its sturdy shell with his probing fingertips.
Around the ring, Chase has finished ushering everyone to their seats and the small crowd is now watching excitedly. Chase groans as he takes a chair, one hand still cupping his balls from Gino’s brutal boot just minutes earlier. The boys sit huddled together and no one seems all that sad that Doug is being owned by Gino, except for one.

“Take it like a man, Doug! You can do it!”

Aldo is on his feet, fist raised as he yells out in support. The Latino boy is on the same wrestling team as Doug and is looking mortified to see his team-mate being humiliated in front of his friends. With a sigh he turns in disappointment to the other boys, “Dammit! Doug’s hairy nuts are tough as hell but Gino seems to know exactly how to crack them.”
“Yeah, well believe me, Gino’s had plenty of practice” Jayden sighs, glimpsing down at his bulge then leans back in his seat, putting his hands behind his head. “So when is the match over?”

“When Doug start to cry?” asks Rex, sending a ripple of laughter through the gathered group.
“I forgot to mention that,” Chase stands up and clears his throat loudly. For a moment both fighters relax their crushing grips and Gino looks up inquisitively, one hand still delving deep between Doug’s muscular legs . “This match ends when one contender gives up…either verbally or…by his bodily fluids.”

“What?” both guys gasp, heads shaking.

“You heard me,” Chase grins, and sits back down. “If you want out now, there’s the door.” Chase gives a lazy flick with his thumb at the door opposite the wrestling ring.

No one moves, especially Doug who looks rather pale, still clinging on to Gino’s huge left gonad. The boy cringes as he feels Gino repositioning his strong fingers around both of his beloved hairy danglers, preparing a perfect death grip that is about to wreak havoc on Doug’s sex-life. As both fighters tighten their grips , Doug shakes his head and manages to gasp out “No! Not my fucking balls, again!” but just loud enough that everyone hears him and watches as his mouth opens in horror. All his head shaking and protests falls on deaf ears, and Gino Gomez grins up at the crowd, enjoying  Doug’s grunts and shrieks while his expert fingertips probe deeper into the tender underside of Doug’s sturdy young testicles until the tortured boy finally relinquishes his hold on Gino’s nut.

Jayden watches in awe as the tendons in Gino’s arm tense, his muscles rippling and the glint of victory in his brother’s mysterious dark eyes, as Gino crushes Doug’s manhood. “Now your ‘man-balls’ are mine,” Gino explains gleefully. “And I will tell you when we are done.”
Doug, knowing how fucked his balls will be if this continues realizes he will get nowhere by just moaning and squirming in agony as his balls are being wrecked inside Gino’s fist. Trying to focus he gathers all his remaining strength and will-power and takes one wild swing of his elbow back clocking Gino with a lucky shot right on the chin. Gino’s head bounces backwards from the force, causing him to stumble backwards, his clumsy feet tangling beneath him as he sprawls backwards onto the mat clutching his chin.

Gino spits angrily on the mat, a big fat glob of goo with some spittle flaking his chin as he gives his head a shake. He quickly realizes the only real damage is to his pride, accentuated by the ironic cheers and giggling from the watching boys. Growling in annoyance he moves back ready finish off his prey, having already enjoyed an intense grope of Doug’s bean bag he can’t wait to get his hands around that well packed scrotum once again.

Doug meanwhile is down on his knees, groaning and nursing his naked balls which he has pulled out of his singlet and now hang heavily between his thighs, throbbing and blazing with pain. His beloved manly gonads have never suffered such a sickening and downright humiliating attack and he knows even these tough hairy nuts won’t endure another nutclaw from Gino for long. Thankfully his tough balls don’t bruise too easily and still look as potent and butch as ever despite the harrowing pain when he touches the underside of each nut. There seems to be a slight indentation there that was not present earlier and he feels sick knowing that Gino has already located the weakest part of his armor. Gritting his teeth he repackages his manly assets and gingerly climbs to his feet knowing full well that he has to fight smart to avoid falling under Gino’s clutches again.

Gino and Doug lock eyes, an animalistic growl escapes from Gino’s throat as he lunges at his tottering prey with eyes wild and menacing.

Doug quickly dodges the head-on assault and whips to the side of the ring, leaving Gino to spin around as his fingers come up empty. Gino narrows his eyes and charges full tilt again and this time he is closer to Doug and he spreads his arms out wide knowing that he can’t weasel his way away from him again. Not this time.

Doug’s eyes widen in alarm, and for a moment he appears like a trapped gazelle and seeing that there are no options left to him.

Gino grins, and starts to laugh as his fingertips come into contact with Doug’s shoulder but the younger boy falls deliberately backwards, and Gino not expecting this stumbles with him. Doug’s arms reach back and grab the ropes on either side of him for leverage and as the huge mass of Gino’s body comes hurling towards him he pulls both of his knees up and catches Gino right in the guts. The combination of Doug’s sly feint, his thrusting knees and Gino’s momentum hit home spectacularly as both of Doug’s knees plunge deep into his muscular midsection. All the breath leaves him at once as Gino slumps against Doug and the two drop to the mat, Doug falling on his butt while Gino lands in his lap groaning, holding his stomach and rolling quickly onto his back gasping for air.

Doug pulls on the ropes until he climbs to standing, shoving Gino’s top half off of his lap as he goes and immediately starts to climb the top ropes to the top.

Jayden gasps, gripping his seat tightly as he witnesses the advantage shift in Doug’s favor, and he stares at his hurting older brother hoping that he can pull himself together and fast.
“Come on Gino, get up!” Jayden whispers, hitting his fist in his palm.

Chase smirks, blue eyes twinkling at the brotherly love.

“Maybe this is it for Gino,” Chase teases.

“No way,” Jayden says unwaveringly. “Gino won’t go down that easily.”

The lights burn into Doug’s determined eyes as he climbs to the very top, balancing on the top solid turnbuckle, the triangular padded wedge barely containing his large feet as he peers down, eyes glued on the obscene bulge in Gino’s singlet, the thin fabric stretched tight revealing every detail of the seventeen year old’s overgrown genitalia. Doug’s lips curl into a mean vengeful grin as he prepares to drop his full weight onto Gino’s defenseless baby-makers.

Doug scowls silently, bracing himself before launching himself airborne, preparing to land knee-first into the epicenter of Gino male being, fully intent on obliterating his rival’s bigger more virile testicles in the process. Doug yells “Geronimo!” his voice bouncing off the walls as he hurtles through the air, his lethal knee crashing down towards the fallen Gomez brother.
Gino’s dazed expression, mixed with the blinding lights make him appear out of it, as if he is in La La land. However, Gino’s expression changes on Doug’s descent towards his fallen body as he suddenly raises one leg upright to greet Doug, a smile of pure unabridged satisfaction crossing over his face.

Doug triumphant grin turns to dismay as he recognizes the sudden danger he is in, but it is far too late to change his fate or more importantly his downward descent. Doug let’s out a scream as his body comes to sudden halt, as his is impaled crotch first onto Gino’s outstretched foot.

The whole room groans at once, many of the boys grabbing their own nutsacs instinctually as if the ghost pain was their own. But nothing prepares Doug for his drop, and he gasps, his mouth hanging open in a silent scream as he body hovers in the air held up by only Gino’s foot.

Gino’s grin widens as he bounces Doug a little, feeling the squishy orbs roll and smoosh underneath his shoe.

“….ugh…ugh….ugh,” Doug says, producing unintelligible sounds as stares down at Gino, his balls a distant memory his mouth hanging open like open window.

“Gotcha,” Gino whispers bouncing him a little more as he reaches up and playfully smacks Doug across his right cheek. “Told you that you would regret fucking with Jayden,” Gino’s satisfaction is complete as Doug’s eyes roll into the back of his skull and his body slumps off of Gino’s foot crashing next to him.

Doug’s eyes spring back open, his arms hanging dully by his sides as he gasp “My balls….oh god…my big balls.”

Gino rolls on top of him trapping him beneath his own hulky frame, a smile dancing on his lips as he reaches down to inspect the damage.

“No,” Doug whines in protest knowing full well that nothing will stop Gino Gomez, not now.
Gino slides his fingers like a comb through Doug’s bushy pubes, nudging his juicy cock aside then encircles the boy’s plump bloated nuts, taking one fat ball in each hand as he gives them a tentative examination. Then he looks up at the watching boys, enjoying the look of horror in their faces.

“Hey boys, look what’s I found in this bush! Two ripe little walnuts and look, they’re still intact. I thought that they would be paste by now, ” Gino laughs meanly, wrapping his fingers around the neck of Doug’s scrotum, pulling upwards to display Doug’s male essence. The two plump orbs bulge obscenely through the pale, translucid skin with a scattering of dark curly hairs sprouting proudly outwards.

“My balls! You broke my big hairy balls” Doug writhes and whimpers reaching a hand down to relieve his tortured privates, but Gino slaps the boy’s hand away and tugs his sturdy nuts painfully even higher stretching the nut chords to breaking point.  

“Don’t even think about it, Doug.” Gino hisses and begins to strum his fingers against Doug’s bulging gonads, his fingers tapping harder and faster until the boy howls in pain.

“My balls! No more, ugh! Please !” Doug croaks desperately, eyes bulging from his sockets terrified that no one will hear him then he raises his shaking palm above the mat ready to tap out his submission when a loud voice calls out from ringside.

“TIMEOUT!” It’s Chase standing up with a mischievous grin on his face.

“What the fuck?” Gino stops his torment and turns his head in confusion.

“It’s in the rules Gino, you should have checked…Idiot!” Chase adds and smirks back at Gino “Doug can take a 3 minute coaching break. Then the fight continues.”

Gino huffs and sighs in annoyance and reluctantly starts to remove himself from Doug but then he pauses, gently lifts up Doug’s manly ball-bag for one final inspection before slamming a fist into the tough teenager’s plump hairy nuts for luck. Doug’s body convulses, his upper body thrusting upwards to stare in horror at Gino who just smiles nonchalantly back “When your balls are ready for more, Doug, I’ll be waiting in my corner.”

As Doug’s head falls back barely conscious to the mat, Aldo quickly leaps into the ring and kneels next to Doug, throwing a comforting arm around the wounded warrior while Doug groans and writhes, pathetically pawing at his big throbbing balls.

Chase’s grin spreads even wider and he nudges Jayden who winks back at him and they both rush into the ring with mischievous grins on their excited young faces. Chase can barely hide his joy seeing his bitter rival writhing in agony on the mat, eyes clamped shut while Aldo tries in vain to console him.

“Poor Dougie, such weak little wrestler balls!” Chase laughs meanly leaning over, then he shoves Aldo away and takes his place kneeling with his knees either side of Doug’s lolling head and grins up at the watching swimmers “Let’s show him what a real man’s balls look like!”

The swim-team cheer while their Captain sensually massages his impressive bulge, eager to get some blood flowing so he can really impress his team mates. Licking his lips Chase slowly peels away the tight blue fabric until his boyhood tumbles out, swaying heavily above cringing Doug’s face. The blond boy’s long thick penis droops down, it’s soft foreskin gently brushing the wrestler’s lips while his beautiful balls dangle heavily above Doug’s closed eyes. Chase’s ball bag is silky-smooth and almost translucent giving a crystal clear view of his two plump and perfectly symmetrical testicles which dangle just above Doug closed eyes.

“Yeah! Biggest balls on the team!” Max yells, raising his phone to snap a photo then tapping furiously on the screen to post it to his classmates. The boys’ raucous cheers bring Doug back to reality, groaning, his eyes opening a crack then blinking wide-open in shock, his vision filled by a pair of huge pink testicles swaying barely an inch above his eyeballs.

Roaring in fury the wrestler swipes at the offending organs, his strong clawed fingers clenched and ready to rip the fragile pink buds from their stems. Chase glimpses down and shrieks in panic as the emasculating fingers brush against his fragile jewels when suddenly two hands grip Doug’s wrist just as his finger’s clamp shut leaving Dough clutching at thin air.

“Don’t you dare you touch my boyfriend’s big balls!” Jayden yells angrily pinning the strong arm down on the mat.

“Big-balls? Yeah right!” Doug scoffs, his angry eyes glaring across at Jayden then swiveling back to Chase’s pink danglers “He’s just another worthless swimmer boy with weak little baldy-balls! Did you know we compared our nuts once before Jayden, and Chase’s little marbles were completely dwarfed by my huge hairy man-balls!”

To prove his point, Doug bravely spreads his thighs and thrusts his hips up to display his impressively well-packed scrotum, the two hefty nuts swaying purposefully under his thick pubic bush. All around the ring jealous gasps from the watching boys bring a small grin back to Doug’s face.

“Bullshit!” Chase growls angrily, standing up and clutching his beloved gonads “Take a good look at my nuts now, dickhead…See I had a growth spurt! My big balls are the pride of the swim-team and your ugly wrestler-balls are no match for these beauties now! Right boys?”
“Chase your balls…they’re amazing but…” Max’s concerned voice tails off and he gulps, shuddering slightly as he recalls the last time the swim-team captain foolishly compared his delicious young nuggets against Doug’s huge hairy danglers, humiliating the entire swim-team in the process.

Chase’s eyes furrow, peering angrily at Max then slowly lower to glare at his despised rival still laid out on the mat. To his annoyance Doug is now smirking up at him, rolling his hips to show off his impressively manly assets. Chase’s fierce blue eyes focus instinctively, sizing up his rival’s package…blinking in awe at the sight of Doug’s shockingly mature looking genitalia. Chase quivers and gulps, feeling his stomach churn and a sickening sense of déjà vu begins to rise from his guts. His jaw muscles twitch as he takes in the imposing length of the wrestler’s thick veiny dong but worst of all is the sheer bulk of Doug’s plum-sized testicles that make his beloved “big balls” seem decidedly boyish.

“Watch and weep, Chase!” Doug sniggers meanly, glancing proudly at his own virile man-orbs then back up between the blond boy’s legs “You call that a growth spurt? Look! Your puny swimmer balls are still completely smooth and hairless… like a little boy. Maybe those tiny, smooth nuts help you swim faster but they’ll never be a match for my big hairy wrestler nuts.” Doug spits out grinning victoriously.

Chase’s face clouds over and he clenches his fists by his sides as he glares down with sheer hatred in his eyes. But Doug is first to break eye contact, groaning in pain and clutching himself as an aftershock of pain surges from his groin. The hurting wrestler coughs deeply, curling miserably into a ball and Chase realizes all his tough talk is just for show; the dumb jock can’t even stand on his feet. The swim team captain suddenly sees a chance to redeem his pride.

 “Those are big words Dougie! So how about you stand up like a real man, right now. I dare you to compare your ugly little rocks against my big balls!”

Chase grins triumphantly, above the writhing wrestler, flashing a winning smile at his friends then he freezes and cringes. His words have clearly inspired Doug who is already on his hand and knees gritting his teeth and slowly clambering to his feet, his bigger naked balls swaying heavily between his legs.

“Fuck!” Chase whispers to himself, nervously running his hands through his blond locks.
Seeing his boyfriend in trouble, Jayden decides to intervene, blocking Doug’s path.
“Wow, Doug you really do have a big manly set of nuts” Jayden coos with an innocent grin on his handsome face “You know it’s hard to believe what Gino said…about us Gomez boys having bigger balls than you.”

“Yeah, cos it’s bullshit obviously,” Doug growls and glares down at the smaller boy standing in his path. “Now get out my way, Gomez and let’s see if your cocky boyfriend’s balls are as big as his ego!”

“But I want to go first!” Jayden grins up at Doug like a child at a fairground “Just to prove my brother wrong! Anyway, I’m pretty sure Chase has the biggest balls here apart from Gino so we should save the best until last.” Jayden says cheekily, hands on hips his dark black brown eyes challenging Doug. “Unless you’re scared that he’s right and both of us Gomez boys beat you.”

“Jayden, you don’t have to…” Chase voice quivers with concern as he puts a hand on Jayden’s shoulder but Jayden already has his hands inside his singlet, fully committed to the challenge.

“Oh this will be good!” Doug grins arrogantly, weighing his hefty baby-makers in his hand “Let’s see how your boy-nuts stack up against these huge bull-balls, Gomez” Doug taunts him with a sarcastic laugh.

Jayden raises his eyebrows and glances across at his brother who winks back with a friendly grin. Gino has been silently watching the exchange the entire time from his corner and is now grinning like a Cheshire cat, hands folded across his chest. The room goes silent as Jayden’s fingers slide up his thigh, slowly lifting the seam of his bright red singlet over his boy-bulge. The boys gasp as Jayden’s overgrown Latino nuts tumble out, dropping like pebbles and bouncing gently in their smooth honey toned sac. Jayden touches them and gives a hopeful shrug then steps forward holding his smooth eggs up against Doug’s ripe gooseberries. The watching boys gasp in awe all except Doug who suddenly turns a deathly shade of pale.
“No fucking way” Doug mouths silently and gulps, blinking in astonishment his anxious eyes flitting between his mature, hairy nuggets and Jayden’s fourteen-year old boy nuts. His proud face drops, crest-fallen and he staggers a step backwards gasping and shaking his head in disbelief “But how? How can they be bigger?”

Jayden just shrugs and winks back at Gino while Chase pumps his fist and rushes up to high-five his boyfriend while the watching boys cheer. “Way to go, kiddo! And Doug should thanks you for sparing him the shame of having to face my big balls” Chase laughs jovially.
“Screw you! All of you!” Doug snarls, his face a dark shade of crimson “My big hairy balls are still more manly than any of you losers! It takes a real man to grow big hairy balls like mine and they’re tough as hell too!”

“Atta boy, Dougie!” Chase smirks sarcastically “Well your three minutes is up and it looked like our coaching session went pretty well. Now we’ll see just how tough your furballs are, right Gino?” Chase leers across at Jayden’s brother as the boy’s exit, leaving Doug and Gino alone facing each other in opposite corners.

“Now this ends,” Gino says confidentially, as he slowly strolls over to the teen his unwavering gaze locked on Doug.

From the corner Aldo whispers “Go get ‘em Doug.”

Doug gets into a wrestling stance, arm’s spread, leg’s locked and he awaits Gino’s approach; a grim determination in his facial features. “It’s not over yet.”

Gino’s eyebrows raise up, and he flicks his gaze to Jayden and turns back with a bark of laughter. “That’s cute Doug, but this was over the moment I picked you. You never stood a chance.” Gino slams his foot on the floor, shaking Doug with the vibrations as he makes his point and launches himself forwards arms spread wide and crashes against him both boys clawing and pawing to get the upper hand.

The crowd of voices quiet as the combatants face off, shoulder’s sways and chest muscles flexing as Gino and Doug shove each other in the center of the ring. Gino taller than Doug scowls fiercely down and digs deeper and shoves him a bit harder feeling Doug’s planted feet scoot unwillingly backwards and he loses ground as Gino leads him to the ropes. Doug’s back kisses the ropes, and Doug hollers in frustration, but the support of the rope along his spin gives him an idea and he launches a knee upwards straight to Gino’s lower abs, the muscles caving in around Doug’s knee bone.

“OOooof!” Gino gasps, and his arms quiver and he bends slightly. Doug taking the hint slams a second deep into Gino’s guts, causing the eldest Gomez brother to expunge his air from his lungs and still Doug presses on and shoves Gino back with on final knee this one considerably lower as he plows his instep knee straight into Gino’s balls.

The crowded boys stare at each other in surprise as Doug finally lands a good blow that sinks deep in between Gino’s scrotum, hitting both testicles perfectly.

“Fuck!” Gino moans as Doug’s shove launches him across the ring. Gino hits the ropes, and comes hurtling back. Doug rushes forward in excitement and kicks straight up booting Gino full in the face with a high kick and Gino flips in the air landing hard and loud on the mat below.

“No!” Jayden says getting to his feet, his hands clenched into fists his body quivering ready to spring into the ring.

“Jayden,” Chase says reaching to grab his arm but Jayden shakes him off and shoves Chase back into his seat and moves to the edge of the ring.

“Get up, Gino!” Jayden demands.

Doug sees Jayden approach and smiles. “Yeah Gino…get up!” and while still starring at Jayden moves in between Gino’s open legs and kicks forward with a solid boot hitting Gino’s crotch so hard that his foot squishes his fat balls against his tailbone and Gino hollers grabbing his balls and rolling away in a ball and curling up in a corner of the ring.

Jayden’s left eye twitches and Doug fires back “You know what they say Jayden, ‘The bigger they are,’ and all that.” Doug runs to the corner to capitalize on the change of the match and grips Gino’s hair at the top of his head and forcibly drags him to standing, Gino wincing as he bends him over one knee with one hand gripping still Gino’s scalp.

Doug looks out over the crowd of people that dislike him, and fixates on Jayden as he rounds the ring to get closer to Gino’s destruction. Gino paws at Doug trying to get free, fighting all the while with one hand, the other still protecting his assets and Doug aims an elbow at Gino’s navel seeing the small dip in the singlet where Gino’s belly button depression is and drops an elbow deep in the center.

Gino tries to rise up, but Doug keeps him still in the back bender and drops a second elbow, this one harder feeling Gino’s abdomen cave down and loving how Gino juts violently up and back down gasping. Finally Gino let’s his balls go and tries to stop Doug hitting his abs again and that’s when Doug reaches down to grab the large full singlet pouch ready to get Gino back with a wicked nutclaw.

Doug’s fingers dance on Gino’s warm pouch twitching along his shaft until he gets to the tip and gives Gino’s nob a twist and Gino seems to come to his senses and with both hands slams into Doug’s chest knocking them backwards making Doug lose his grip on Gino’s hair.
Jayden holds him in whoop and dances on his toes as Gino lands on top of Doug and manages to sneak an elbow into his sternum making Doug gasp. Gino takes his forehead and slams it into Doug as it rises from the mat and knocks him back down and Gino watches as Doug’s eyes roll up in his head and he grits his teeth rolling to all fours and slowly climbing back up to standing.

Gino is silent as he appraises his opponent and reaches down right above Doug’s cock and grabs Doug’s hair, but not the ones on top of his head. Gino grabs Doug’s bush beneath his singlet curling his fingers around it and squeezes his fist tight and powers Doug into the air with his other hand wrapped around Doug’s throat.

Doug struggles and screams as Gino powers him overhead both of his arms stretched upwards, leaving Doug dangerously kicking the air ineffectively and moves to the corner and taking a deep breath Gino drops him hard crotch first onto the top turnbuckle. An audible squish is heard, and it reminds Jayden of a wet splat of his foot hitting wet mud in a grassy field. Doug’s eyes seem to bulge out of his head as he gasps. “Oh god….!”

Gino does not even smile, he’s angry.

Gino grabs Doug by the ankles and yanks him unceremoniously from the top of the ropes and watches as his arms try to grab onto something as he drops and just barely manages to catch the bottom rope before his head hits the mat. Sighing, Gino still holding his ankles kicks forward booting Doug so hard that his jaws click shut and he drops to the mat.
Before Doug can get to his balls, Gino has spread his legs even wider and drops one knee straight down between his thighs his knee landing on Doug’s fat hairy balls which flatten immediately in his singlet pouch.

“Now it’s over,” says Gino as Doug lets out a miserable defeated groan, his hands twitching by his sides.

Doug nods his head enthusiastically in agreement but Gino takes Chase’s words literally that the loser must say that he quits out loud and grabs Doug roughly by the balls again, and the neck and lifts him into the air, the dreaded crotch lift is perfectly perfected here and Gino smiles up at Doug as he yodels out loud “I give! I fucking give! My man-balls!” Gino rolls and crushes Doug’s nuts in a terrible nutclaw the full weight of Doug’s body helping him to destroy Doug’s manhood.

Gino tisks in disappointment and places Doug down on his feet so that he can stare into Doug’s beady wounded eyes, sweat pouring down his forehead dripping down his face and falling like rain onto his chest and getting tangled in his chest hair in the center of his chest.
“Coward,” Gino says pulling Doug by his nutsac, groaning and moaning all the way to the edge of the mat. “I win,” Gino says shoving Doug away by the chest and letting go of his balls finally.

Doug does not go far, but drops to his knees, and then keels over.

Gino steps between the ropes and walks up to Chase, a smile on his face.

“I can’t wait to face you …” Gino says leaning in to Chase, “Believe me I won’t let you give up early either. It’s even more fun playing with your smaller, weaker nuts Chase and I wonder how many times I can make you cum this time.”

The grin spreads over Gino’s face, and Chase gulps feeling slightly weak in the knees at the thought of being owned again by Jayden’s deviant older brother, but he stands his ground a deep glint appearing in his sparkling blue eyes as he tells Gino “Bring it on, Gomez.”

Gino chuckles, his heart still beating hard as he grins lopsidedly at Chase, the hunger for more busted boys still playing in his vision as he imagines Chase beneath him crying out for Jayden to save him.

“I can’t wait Chase.”


Anonymous said...

why does it never end well for Dough?😢😢😢

Anonymous said...

“Doug triumphant grin turns to dismay as he recognizes the sudden danger he is in, but it is far too late to change his fate or more importantly his downward descent.”

It was at this moment that he knew…😂

Amazing story, and it’s only the first one! Love it! But I would have prefered Doug to win haha (for once xd).

Oh and I love that Chase has gotten outclassed again where it counts.😂

Anonymous said...

Awesome story, Jimmy and i really appreciate that you gave me the opportunity to add to the story. I have to agree with the other comment...things rarely go well for Doggie and his big hairy bollocks. I don't think it helps Doug's cause that he is such an arrogant prick haha, i think we all enjoy seeing a tough bully being humiliated.
Gino is certainly a tough opponent, especially after you mess with his little brother. Loved it, Jimmy and can't wait to read more.

Anonymous said...

Previous comment by me (Reg) of course. Keep up the great work

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

Please read some of the Doug triumphant stories that I have posted. Doug kicks some serious butt in so many of those! And if you have not, you will not be disappointed he ruled the school at Midtown for several stories.

Dear Anonymous 2,

Yeah, Doug tried his best against Gino. The 18-year-old stud was far too powerful of an opponent for Doug to overcome. At least this time...
I hope that you like the rest that's coming!

Dear Reg,

Without you even putting your name, I knew that was you. Doug might do better if he learned to treat his allies with more care (spoiler alert if you have not read some of the previous stories). Although maybe he has a chance again with Aldo, if he can manage to be a bit nicer.
Gino was on fire; he wants to win this badly and show who is the most powerful Gomez sibling. But will he get his chance...only time will tell.

Reg, all of the stories are done so when you finish what you are working on, let me know and I can send you the others to add in. Everyone always loves your additions.



GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Ballbusting Boys Community,

I would love to actually have a working image that I could add the boys' names to that are wrestling and it could be changed to reflect who has won. If anyone wants to make one of those and send one to me, that would be amazing; especially if it's editable. Thank you in advance for considering!