Friday, April 15, 2022

Beach Games Conclusion written by Jimmy

                                                               Beach Games Conclusion


                                                                        By Jimmy

Jimmy had just asked a very important question of his friend, Alex. “What are you doing under there?” he had asked as he stands fully on Alex’s crotch, with Alex’s nuts firmly squishing down to the floor beneath his bare feet.

Alex's balls were buckling under the pressure of Jimmy's tiny. but strong feet his whole weight was now on Alex’s quickly flattening balls. Alex could not reach his balls to cover them and under the bed he could do nothing until Jimmy moves his feet. Alex's plan was quickly going straight to hell, and he was unsure of what to do or how to get out of this position.

Jimmy noticed something squishy and hard under his foot and looked down trying to figure out what he was standing on. What he found were Alex's legs sticking straight out, and he watched as Alex’s toes curled and the boy beneath the bed groaned loudly. That’s when Jimmy immediately realizes what he is standing on. Those things that Alex called nuts. Jimmy was standing on Alex's nuts.

"Jimmy....ugh.... Jimmy.....oh God have to move your feet....your"

"Nuts?" says Jimmy finishing his sentence for him. Jimmy starts to enjoy the soft whimpers coming from his friend under the bed.

"Yeah buddy....please move...your..feet! Uuh....ugh....ugh...!” Alex groans, and Jimmy feels Alex’s nuts flattening further. His friends nuts no longer felt round like his own.

“Okay I will move them,” Jimmy says with a mischievous grin spreading on his face. At that moment Jimmy began to slip and slid on his feet making Alex's nuts roll under his powerful feet making Alex's nuts want to collapse and go flat.

"Fuck ugghhhhhh...oh....shit...." Alex was screaming now in utter pain. Alex grips the bars underneath Jimmy's bed and tries to pull himself further under and suddenly Alex's balls are freed from Jimmy's feet. Alex's head hit the back of the wall under Jimmy's bed. Alex feels so dizzy and the pain in his nuts is unbelievable. Alex's hands finds his two nuts and he clutches them tight to try and make them better. Alex notices they were much smaller now and seem to be throbbing in pain underneath his fingertips.

Jimmy had not quite finished with Alex and quickly spun around and grabs each of Alex's legs which could not be pulled under the bed because of the wall and how small his bed was. Jimmy pulls and with such ease Jimmy saw Alex's hands now covering what must be his aching nuts, and protecting them from further harm. Jimmy pulls Alex's legs straight up and moved Alex's hands away from his crotch and stood on top of him. Alex's left nut under Jimmy's left foot and Alex's right nut under Jimmy's right foot. “Gotcha now!” Jimmy says with confidence.

Alex immediately felt more pain except this time he pulled on the bars under Jimmy's bed again and his body slid underneath the bed once more, and sent Jimmy to the floor with a thud. Alex's legs were no support which Jimmy was holding onto and he let go and tried to stop himself from hitting the floor. Jimmy's arms took the full blow. Unfortunate for Jimmy both of Alex's legs fell two right on top of Jimmy's nuts.

Jimmy sat straight up and groaned loudly. "Uggghhhhh," moans Jimmy. His balls throb more painful than ever, and he does not realize why or how tender ones testicles can get after one orgasms, even a dry one like he had not too long ago. "Shit...ughh...crap....uggghhhh god ugghhh."

Alex quickly took the situation over and grabs Jimmy's legs and pulls back his own legs sending them deep into Jimmy's crotch squishing Jimmy's own nuts further.


Jimmy gasps and tries in vain to remove Alex’s feet that begin to squish his nuts into his pelvis. Jimmy’s brown eyes flutter, and he looks up at the ceiling moaning “My nuts! They hurt!”


Alex from underneath the bed chuckles and when Jimmy looks back down he barely sees his friends eyes, but his white tooth smile is all that he needs to know that Alex is enjoying himself.


“Please…stop,” Jimmy begs.


“Nope, you hurt my nuts!” Alex says, his voice reflecting the anger and hurt that someone would dare go after his balls.


Jimmy moans as Alex rubs his feet into Jimmy’s crotch crushing his balls, and his dick unbeleiveably starts to harden again. Jimmy has no time to ponder why this is happening, as Alex’s big toes meet in the middle and through Jimmy’s thin sleep wear rub his puffy straight penis head his toes tickling the spongey head.


“What are you…?” Jimmy starts to ask, but one tiny toe nail running down the underside of his cock silences him and he gasps in pleasure, his pelvis thrusting up to meet the contact.


“That feels…good.” Jimmy admits biting his lip as his breath starts to catch in his throat.


Alex never stops grinning but keeps going with his toes running up and down his penis, until one toe finds the flap of Jimmy’s sleep wear and slips inside. Jimmy’s eyes bug out as Alex’s two big toes grab his pecker and slowly and methodically start to jack him off, some of the lubricant from earlier is still there and his toes slip up and down easily going into a slow, but steady rhythm. Beneath Jimmy’s penis Alex’s heel bounces up and down on Jimmy’s balls, squishing the two orbs with each bounce making this upcoming orgasm as painful for the lad as the last.


Jimmy’s breathing is labored, and he grips the floor with his fingernails digging in, and he feels his toes curling and something magical begins to occur between his legs and he begs for an all together reason this time “Whatever you do Alex…” Jimmy huffs. “Don’t…stop.”


Alex chuckles at that and begins to pick up the pace of his sliding toes encircling Jimmy’s prick, and grasping it firmly as Jimmy’s cock starts to vibrate and he gasps.


“Something’s happening…I have to pee!” Jimmy shouts in alarm, not wanting to wet himself as he stares down in horror at his bright red cockhead flaring, and as Alex’s toes slip around it again his dick grows even more rigid. Jimmy knows that nothing can stop what’s happening now and he tries to ask Alex to stop so he does not make a mess but he finds that words cannot come out he grunts in absolute pleasure and he feels his second orgasm, although this one he is awake for.


Jimmy shudders and gasps feeling his cock vibrating as he shoots blanks again, his second dry orgasm just as powerful as the last time and he drops back to the floor as Alex’s toes work him over and Jimmy’s heart beats so loudly he swears that it will burst from his chest.


Eventually his cock starts to lose its rigidity and Jimmy lets out a heavy sigh as Alex’s toes barely touch his cock now but every time the big toes squish his cockslit he gasps a little.


Alex pauses and stops his movements and starts to roll back under the bed so he can get out from underneath the bed.


Jimmy has not moved, and his eyes are closed. Jimmy’s shirt has ridden up exposing his pale very white abdomen but he clutches it all the same a tiny smile flickering across his face.


“Alex…that was…amazing.”


Alex grins and comes down to his knees next to Jimmy, still quiet as he places a hand on Jimmy’s belly, running his hand slowly in semicircles.


“You liked it?”




“Cool. We can play again later tonight after we hit the beach. Let’s go outside to play.”


Jimmy’s eyes are still closed and he murmurs, his lips barely moving “In a while.”


“Okay,” says Alex as his hand slips further down to Jimmy’s shorts and pushes his exposed dickhead back inside his flap and leaves his hand there a few moments longer seeing if Jimmy will harden again, but he does not. He must be spent.


Standing up Alex turns to leave and he hears Jimmy’s breathing changes, and unbelievably he has fallen asleep again.


Alex grins down at his friends, and without a moments throat he moves back in and lowers his face to Jimmy’s and ever so slowly presses their lips together. Alex kisses him for the briefest of moments and Jimmy murmurs a contented sound and he pulls away seeing if he woke up his sleeping friend. Jimmy is motionless, and he turns to leave before he grabs the door to exit he puts a blanket on his friend and steps out of the bedroom and whispering, “Sweet dreams, Jimmy.”




Anonymous said...

Man, I wish I had friends like that when I was a kid...

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Be careful what you wish for! Alex and I did have a lot of fun back in the day (although not as much fun as I wrote about in this series). He did really enjoy busting my nuts though!



Anonymous said...

Hot AF. Any chance you could include some foot domination in your stories more often?

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear anonymous,

Absolutely! In #12 of the King of the Ring series that I am publishing I added some of that. I can try and see if I can add that to a Monday story that will come out sooner that one.



Anonymous said...

That's awesome, thank you!

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

In fact, I wrote in a huge section of it near the end of tomorrows story. Hope you enjoy it!