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Pete's last year at adventure camp - part 2 (written by James @MosHadron)


Pete's last year at adventure camp - part 2 (written by James @MosHadron)

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Hello Ballbusting Boys Community!

Here comes part two of this amazing story that James @MosHadron started in August 2021. Please give this a read and let him know what you think! So happy to post one of his stories on our blog.



Warning: Contains ballbusting, bullying, underage characters are present the character being busted is 18 years old, and traces of cum.

Part 2 - Boys will be boys

Pete was struggling to accept this was really happening.

He'd just been held down naked and punched in the nuts by complete strangers, not once or twice but tens of times, more times than he'd been hit in the nuts before today if you added every ball punch, sack tap, knee and egg-crushing he’d ever suffered and added them together...

But what he really couldn't get his head around was the fact it had made him cum! So much so he was still rock hard now.  Worst of all, it’d happened in front of a room full of strangers, guys he’d never met.  Boys, actually. Not one looked over 13, he was getting a proper look at them all now as he scanned the room hoping to find a friendly pair of eyes, someone that might help.

They were arrayed all around the room, wherever they'd been standing watching, some perched on other bunk beds, a couple even on each other's shoulders, apparently anywhere to get a better view.  None of them looked inclined to help him, quite the opposite … and Pete felt his world falling away as he realized he was stuck here with these psychos for the next two weeks.

He twisted his head, trying to see either side and behind him, his captors still had him pinned down, but it confirmed his fears, his initial impression of twenty or so boys was way off.  There must be nearer forty of them.  The youngest was maybe 11, though to Pete, like any eighteen-year-old, they seemed so much younger, separated from him by a huge age gap.  They surged towards him, where he was still being held down by four of the older guys, jostling and shoving to be the next in line to abuse Pete’s balls.

He could feel them pressing in, surrounding him on all sides then paused as if waiting for permission, or maybe they just we’re so sure of themselves after all.

"Jack, Nick, you’re up, alternate punches between you." This was one of the four older guys, not one that Pete had heard speak before, or if he had, he hadn’t noticed in the midst of Dan’s onslaught.  "The rest of you, we need a way to keep this pervert restrained and secured for the next week or two.  You've got as long as it takes these two to dish out 50 punches each to come up with a solution."

Pete got his first real view of the guy speaking, twenty-one, twenty-two.  Maybe a baby-faced twenty-three at a push.  A bit shorter than average, say 5’9”, with cropped blond hair and a square jaw.  The guy obviously spends a lot of time in the gym, he’s stacked and unless it’s a trick of the light he’s got a proper bubble butt on him, doesn’t skip leg day either.  Some part of Pete’s brain labels him as a total fuck boy.

At his instruction, two skinny ginger kids had pushed through to the front and climbed up next to Pete, both of them in trackies with fuck-you body language, total chavs, the sort nice kids crossed the road to avoid.  One of them had his t-shirt up and tucked behind his head, exposing his skinny, pale frame, covered in freckles.  As his focus shifted to the second lad, Pete realized they must be brothers, maybe even twins, same ginger hair and sharp bone structure.

The second brother had his hands down the front of his trackies, Pete thought he was playing with his cock for a moment until he realized he was pulling something out, it took his brain several long moments to catch up, the kid now had a solid chunk of metal running across the knuckles of each hand.  The little bastard had two fucking knuckle dusters down his trackies … the fuck?!?


Any coherent thought on Pete's part was obliterated as the two boys speed bagged his balls with incredible accuracy and control, making use of both fists, landing well over four punches every second, had anyone bothered counting. Similarly little attention was paid to their incredible coordination, their hands almost a blur but never hitting anything other than the intended target and every punch landing with all the force their skinny frames could muster.

After just 20 seconds they'd landed a hundred blows, apparently a magic number that made Pete blow too, the boys didn’t even seem to notice as they carried on with their torrent of fists.  There were no huge jets of cum this time, unlike his last orgasm, instead it was like someone had turned on a tap, spunk steadily leaking onto his abs.

The orgasm stretched on as another 20 seconds and 100 ball shattering impacts ticked past.

The orgasm was like nothing Pete had ever known, not that he could describe it, or was really even aware of it. His back arches as though he's caught in a violent seizure and torrents of cum fly from the pool on his chest and abs.  Unfortunately for Pete, this contortion just makes his purpling orbs even easier for the twins to hit.  Not that anything would have stopped them anyway.

Pete roared, no words, just raw, primal noise. Unable to control his body or his mind as wave after wave of pain ran through his body, his balls feeling like they were coming apart.  Surely there was no way they could take this sort of punishment.

Yet he carried on cumming for another 20 seconds before his balls were done pumping out their cargo and Fuckboy realized the twins had gone past their target of 100 punches.

In fact they were at over 300 punches, all in under a minute, but there was no way he was going to stop them now, as Pete really started to suffer, post orgasm.

“You two carry on.  Do not stop until I give you permission."

"The rest of you have had time to think; ideas?"

One kid piped up straight away. "We could tie him up in one of the wardrobes."

"Not much in there to anchor him to though, no?"

A quiet, geeky looking boy spoke up next. "Erm, sir?"

"Yes, Harry?"

“Under the bed, sir.”

Several of the other boys sniggered, but fuck-boy could apparently see some merit in the idea “Go on.”

“Well, we lift the whole bunk bed, put him underneath, with one of the mattresses under him, that way I think his balls should line up nicely with the level of the slats, if we scavenge the slats from the other beds we can fill in all the gaps it'll  just be his balls poking through, and he won't be able to pull them out, not now, too swollen."

Judging by the sudden tent in his jeans, Fuck boy approved of the idea and was looking forward to seeing Pete abused nearly as much as Dan was.  “Good idea, we can always chuck another mattress on top if we need to hide him.”

“Boys, prepare that bed" he pointed to one further from the windows than the one he currently occupied while the twins continued to use him as a speedbag. It would put him smack bang in the middle of the dorm, surrounded by other bunks and at the same time on the edge of the open space that marked where the dorm merged into the common room, the double doors to the shower block were a couple of meters away off to one side.  Anyone walking from one of those areas to any other would walk past him.

“Very good idea, Harry.”  He glanced over at Pete who was bucking against his restraints and screaming like his life depended on it. “I don’t suppose you have a lucky number, Harry?”


“Right, well, what is it?”

“Oh, yes, it’s 21.”

“Splendid. No need to rush then boys, our guest has another 21 minutes with Jack and Nick before we move him. I think he should be fairly tractable by then.”

Hearing he was going to suffer another 20 minutes of the most brutal nut pain he’d ever experienced, or could have imagined anyone experiencing flicked some switch in Pete’s body and he let out a long guttural moan and started to cum again, sounding more like a dying animal than a man climaxing.

Nick and Jack took this as a cue to redouble their efforts, landing punches harder and faster.  Both boys soon had sweat running down their bodies, dripping from their brows and fists as they pummeled Pete's nads.

His orgasm lasted for nearly three minutes.  When it stopped he was sobbing uncontrollably.  His cock limp.  Not that it bothered the two boys working his Crown Jewels into dust; they kept at it as hard as they could for the next 17 minutes.

As Pete was starting to find out, these kids had no sexual interest in him whatsoever, they really did just want to hurt his balls and apparently they knew how to go about it.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what an amazing story, I want more!
So we'll prepared and detailed.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

I hope that he writes more soon too!

Thank you for commenting!



Anonymous said...

Sexy as hell, love a stud who's at the mercy of boys looking to take out their frustration on his pent up nuts

Anonymous said...

Still hoping for the next part of this story.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Anonymous,

I would love for James to write another story for the blog as well. Hopefully he sees this, and has interest in writing another!


Moshadron said...

Okay, okay! I get the hint 🤣

Part three has been in draft since before part 2 was published, I just need to finish it, unfortunately I keep getting distracted and start writing new ones instead... (I am not a completer-finisher).

I promise, I will complete part three before I start any more new stories.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hey Moshadron,

You know that I will post it! (Hint, hint).

If you are working on other ballbusting stories and want to post those as well.


P.S. Clearly everyone loves your stuff!

Moshadron said...

The masterpiece is almost done! Can you remind me what the best address is to send it to you at, it's taken me that long I can't remember or find the last emails!

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Moshadron,

That's awesome! I am sure that everyone is going to love and enjoy the next part.

My email is I am looking forward to hearing from you!



Kino01 said...

Just rediscovered this story. Fuck it's hot! :D
I really hope we get a part 3 (and maybe even a part 4??) soon!

I'd love for this to become a major series.