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King of the Ring: Part 4 (of 13) Leroy VS Aldo written by Jimmy


King of the Ring: Part 4 Leroy VS Aldo

by Jimmy


Warning: features underaged characters, traces of cum, wrestling, and gay characters.

Dear Ballbusting Boys Community,

I apologize for my tardiness, this was supposed to come out on Friday, but my dear friend X wanted me to include a few things in the story. I tried to do just that. I hope that you like the additions. 

Enjoy everyone, and I hope that all of you are having a great weekend!




Chase has to physically drag Jayden out of Alex’s studio after Adam’s latest proclamation and indicating that he is going to enjoy ballbusting Logan’s cousins Caleb and Junior.

Jayden shoves Chase in the chest away from them as soon as the warm sunlight hits his face. “This is all your fault!” Jayden yells, his face turning bright red.

“Jayden…” starts Chase.

“No!” Jayden points at him. “You did this, he’s your friend! And he’s a dick head!” Jayden drops to his ass on the pavement fuming putting his hands in his thick curly brown hair starring pointedly away from Chase, his emotions raw, his body tingling to get into that ring and rip Adam apart.

Chase sucks in a breath giving Jayden some time to cool down before he says, “Jayden, where are we?”

“What?” Jayden says confused.

“Where are we?” Chase repeats.

“Alex’s studio.”

“Right. And what kind of studio is it?” Chase asks plainly.


“Right,” Chase says squatting down next to his boyfriend. “Do you think any of them did not know what this place is? What is stands for?” Chase waits patiently for Jayden to respond and when he does not he pushes forward with his next point. “Maybe Jayden, Shane kinda liked getting ballbusted, and he really didn’t want it to end. Some guys like that,” Chase says reaching down, sliding one hand between Jayden’s thighs slowly running his fingers along the outside of Jayden’s pouch.

Jayden sucks in his breath and moves to speak but Chase silences him with a kiss, his lips tender and gentle as he presses himself firmly against Jayden. One hand still in between Jayden’s legs gently holding Jayden’s balls, not squeezing, just caressing, his fingertips light and sensual while he kisses Jayden, listening to soft moans escaping him.

“You want me to squeeze you a bit, don’t you?” Chase asks breaking their kiss, his blue intense eyes flaked with spring sunlight seem to glow and Jayden nods his head, not believing that he is actually admitting this. He does kinda like when Chase is rough with him…sometimes. “Then maybe you and I, aren’t the only ones.” Chase continues bringing his point home and moving his hand away from Jayden’s balls, causing Jayden to growl low in his thoughtful, his soulful brown eyes wanting more.

Chase stands up, loving seeing Jayden half-cocked and knowing that he will finish him later…when he wins in front of all their friends, when he beats Jayden victoriously. “Come on then, let’s watch the next match.”

Reluctantly, Jayden reaches up for Chase to pull him up.

Chase grins, his Cheshire cat grin back in place as he pulls him to his feet and is rather surprised when Jayden comes in close…too close. Jayden moves to standing and slips his thigh in between Chase’s legs nailing him in the balls. Chase gasps, not ready for this and moans low while Jayden keeps his knee in place, shoving him against wall leaning further in so he can see the black flakes in Chase’s ocean eyes.

“Next time, you won’t tease me,” Jayden says, powering his knee up further so that Chase slightly leaves the ground.

“No…” Chase squeaks. “Not the knee!”

Jayden chuckles as he leans in kissing Chase next, leaving a big bright red hickey on Chase’s neck as he bites the skin and rolls his knee feeling Chase’s bulbous balls squishing and squashing against the door to Alex’s studio.

“NNNnng,” Chase groans, and Jayden bones up to a full erection stretching his singlet awkwardly and he nibbles up to Chase’s ear and whispers “As much as I want to face Adam and utterly destroy him I would much rather have it be you I face, so don’t lose to Bill. I give you full permission to win.”

“…ugh….ugh…okay…ugh!” grunts Chase.

Jayden pulls his knee back and away and Chase falls against him, moaning “My big nuts, Jayden. Fuuuuck.”

Jayden laughs and pulls him back into the studio but not before the two are seen.

Across the street from Alex’s studio, a man wipes his brow and pulls out a phone.

A few moments later, Logan answers. “Hello?”

“You might want to get down to Alex’s studio…you know that kid you are taking care of…well he’s inside of Ballbusting Boys studio. Right fucking now.”

“Shit…” Logan groans. “I’m not in Bartlet right now. It will take me some time to get there…was he with anybody?”

“Gino’s kid brother.”

“Figures… can you handle it?”

A smile creeps over his face, “Oh yeah. I got this. Those two have no idea what’s coming to them.”

Logan says, “Wait…Ben don’t do something that I wouldn’t…”


Ben pockets his phone and still in his running gear, crosses the street to the studio but instead of entering from the front he creeps around to the back wanting to discover what Logan’s charge and Gino’s kid brother are up to.

Benjamin Cox is one of the cockiest models from Alex’s studio, and his claim to fame is that he has the “biggest balls in the room.” In fact, he frequently takes that a step further in claiming that his balls are the toughest, which has led him into trouble many times over.

Today Ben has been running and sweat pours off his bare chest to his skimpy boxer shorts, he simply had no other clean shorts to wear so he said, “Fuck it,” and went running in his black boxer shorts that he is pretty sure not many people noticed.

Sliding his key into the lock, he quietly slips inside and is shocked by what he sees. Logan’s charge and Gino’s little brother are not alone.

Logan’s charge is standing in the center of the ring with two boys standing opposite of each other telling them: “Now Leroy and Aldo, I know that your boyfriends, but we want a good show. Only one of you is making it through this. Good luck!”

Ben watches from behind the curtain as Leroy and Aldo slowly walk over to each other grinning, “Ready?” asks Leroy.

“Of course! I’m a wrestler.”

“A bad one,” Leroy jokes.


“You already lost to Jayden, not sure what facing him is going to prove since we already know the outcome,” Leroy jokes again, running a hand up and down his tight torso, the singlet clinging to his body like a second skin, his black skin shinning underneath the florescent lighting.

“He got lucky, that’s all. I’ll prove it when I face him, but first I get to kick your butt!” challenges Aldo, the Latino boy with slightly darker skin than Jayden’s and fierce dark brown eyes and muscular body circles Leroy, both housing an impressive set of genitalia between their legs.

Leroy smirks, and says “Come get me then.”

Aldo does not hesitate but charges forward.

The two meets in the center of the ring, Aldo charging into Leroy’s embrace locking arms and powering against the other. Aldo is gritting his teeth, as he forces Leroy back a step. Leroy’s brown eyes widen, as he is forced back another step and changes tactics and pulls Aldo. Aldo flies forward with the mix of his own strength and Leroy who swings him into the rope. Aldo flies off back to Leroy after his air is expunged from his lungs when he hit the rope.

Leroy wraps his arms around Aldo’s waist and powers him backwards, legs spread wide to carry him into the air and super flexing him onto him upper back. Aldo hits the mat hard and gasps seeing stars his lower half hitting the mat a second later as Leroy spins toward Aldo to face him and seeing the slightly dazed expression on his boyfriend’s face, and his eyes that have lost focus. Leroy smiles as he picks up Aldo’s feet, spreading his legs out wide.

Aldo is not so far gone to recognize that he is in trouble.

“Leroy…wait!” Aldo calls out.

Leroy does no such thing.

“Geronimo!” Leroy shouts as he drops, not his foot but a knee. Aldo watches in terror as Leroy’s knee falls onto his plum nuggets nailing them to the mat. Aldo bolts up, gasping, his body singing from the blow as he gazes up into Leroy’s grinning face. “Got them both, ha!” he smiles pushing Aldo back onto the mat and keep his knee firmly in place. Leroy adds insult to injury and rolls his knee bone over Aldo’s nuts feeling the squirmy orbs bend and flatten and re-plump-up as his knee bone glides across his groin.

“Mi huevos!” calls out Aldo, always switching to Spanish when his balls get smashed up.

“I love it when you call them that,” Leroy says emphasizing his point further by bringing his knee forward more so that he blasts Aldo’s testicles, slamming them flat against Aldo’s pubic bone. Leroy keeps his knee crammed against Aldo’s balls, feeling the orbs roll underneath his thigh. Leroy continues to grind his knee in place hearing his boyfriend moan, and groan trying to escape Leroy’s grasp as his hands are pinned next to his head.

“Leroy!” Aldo moans, his strength failing him.

“Yeah babe?” Leroy asks, kneeing him again.

Aldo’s body jerks up hitting Leroy’s frame and falls back, leaving him gasping.

“Mi huevos…mi…nggg!” Aldo bites his lip trying not to scream, sweat dotting his brow as Leroy decides to finish this.

Leroy stands up, grabbing Aldo’s legs pulling them apart with a forceful yank and kicks his shoe off so his bare foot rests on top Aldo’s junk. “Ready, Aldo?” he grins, sliding his foot up and down Aldo’s softened cock.

Aldo’s eyes went wide, and he tries to protest sensing what is on Leroy’s mind. In a husky voice he says, “Wait, Leroy, don’t man!” Aldo peers up at Leroy, his head shaking “Please, not my balls again…Leroy.” Aldo’s dark brown eyes stare up at Leroy’s and whispers “Let mi huevos go, have mercy.”

Aldo barely had time to raise his hands before Leroy picks up and foot and brings his instep crashing back down, mashing Aldo’s nads while pulling on his legs for extra leverage. The Lycra did just enough to hold Aldo’s balls in place, and each time one of Aldo’s prized jewels popped out of from below Leroy’s heel, he shifts his foot and grinds it back again into Aldo’s pelvis. The pain is sickening and constant. Aldo is helpless to even close his legs. Eventually, Leroy eases up a bit, but his foot remains on Aldo’s junk threatening what will happen next.

Aldo feels Leroy’s toes wiggle along the shaft of his cock and he silently prays that he would not get hard, but no such luck. Unfortunately, Leroy seems to get the best of him, and is well versed on how he likes his dong to be played with. Aldo’s big cock, lengthens and thickens tenting up his singlet and giving the audience a fair show. Aldo looks out and his dark eyes meet Jayden’s as he moans, while Leroy’s big toe traces the underside of his shaft all the way to the tip, and all the breath that is left within him leaves all at once. Aldo pants and shakes, and the guys around the ring begin to leave their seats wanting to get a better look at the first wrestler that is going to spunk. The smell of defeat is in the air, and the boys all know it.

Smiling, like a jackal Leroy explains, “Come on Aldo, you know you like my foot jobs. Especially when my big toe slides…” and for added affect, Leroy runs his big toed nail along Aldo’s throbbing dong, feeling the ridges of his cockhead. “Right, mi amigo?” Leroy asks his voice low, as his toe grips Aldo’s shaft right below the sensitive head, and gives it a tentative testing squeeze.

“Babe…” Aldo groan, as pre-cum is forced from his dick, he peers down at his elongated member, and his breathing gets ragged in his throat as he continues. “Not here…in front of them.”

Leroy laughs, chiding him some more. “Wasn’t it a fantasy of yours to cum in a singlet, with my feet bringing you to orgasming? You know you want this.” Leroy teases his big toes gripping Aldo’s cock and giving him a slow and steady jerking motion with his toes.

Aldo opens his mouth, his lips pulling back from his teeth as he groans and unwilling his body takes over and humps Leroy’s feet.

“See?” Leroy smile widens. “I knew you liked it.”

Aldo tries to shake his head, to object but his thrusting hips gives him away and he falls back to his elbows as Leroy gears up for what’s next.

Leroy digs his heel back into Aldo’s nuts, rolling them from his taint and over his bone, the deadening pain sapping Aldo’s remaining resistance.

‘Fuck,’ Aldo thinks, his whole mind is in his groin, and the cheering whooping boys surrounding him fade out. His whole mind is on his groin, where every inch of his manhood is getting owned by his boyfriend, Leroy. ‘How could he have lost so spectacularly, the match barely started’ thinks Aldo with a moan.

The damp spot at the tip of his cock spreads as Leroy begins to jack him with his foot, his toes clutching Aldo’s rigged erection. Leroy works his magic between the small webbing between his toes feeling the dampness coming from Aldo’s leaky faucet.

Aldo opens his mouth one last time to beg just as he losses all control and his throbbing cock explodes, squirting his creamy cum all over his abs in his singlet. The boys lose their minds around him and cheer for his eruption, as the Lycra fabric begins to be stick to his body like glue with a mixture of sweat and cum. Aldo twitches and writhes on the mat as Leroy continues to run his toes over his sensitive squirting tip, milking him of every, last drop of semen that he contains.

Leroy watches with interest as the last drops of cum ooze onto Aldo’s abs, the bright uniform that Chase purchased is stained and darkened with a large sticky glob all over the front. “You did well, Aldo,” Leroy says, gently releasing Aldo’s legs, wiping cum from the bottom of his foot on Aldo’s thigh before he kneels to inspect the damage.

“Mi huevos,” whispers Aldo only more, the beaten teen slowly closing his eyes tightly, his cheeks flushed and his body shuddering. Aldo’s heavy breathing slows and returns to normal; he is totally spent as Leroy runs a soothing hand over his chest feeling his nipples that slowly lose their rigidity.

Chase starts a slow clap and looks over at Bill as everyone turns his attention to him. “That was spectacular. Max and Caleb… you’re up next.”

From behind the curtain Ben texts Logan: “All’s good. They scrammed. Everyone was too afraid of to face me.”

Ben is not sure when he should reveal himself but he knows one things for sure, he can’t wait to crash this party.

To be continued…


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi BB Community,

If anyone knows how to make an editable image of the King of the Ring Set-up that I could update and change for each story to showcase who is fighting, that would be sweet, and I would be very appreciate!



Jeffry said...

Just use paint. I played around with it for like 5min. Set your text blocks and go.

Anonymous said...

While I'm really happy to see Ben make his debut on the series and I can't wait to see the inevitable clash between him and a certain swim team captain, I gotta say I feel a little disappointed by the fight between Aldo and Leroy as a whole.

It was WAY too short, hell, I think Jayden and Chase did more couple ballbusting than Leroy and Aldo on their own match, I feel like this had the potential of being a really good fight since both Leroy and Aldo had experience with fighting dirty and getting busted by some of the most brutal ball busters in the series (Sam Hell, Jake and Doug) and I expected the couple to trade blows on each other's baby makers having learned a few tricks from having to be so close to them (Leroy having had to live with Sam and Jake during the whole foster home arc and then Aldo since he's on the same wrestling team as both Sam, Jake AND Doug) , and it was really underwhelming to see the fight being so one-sided, I at least expected Leroy to get hit at least once since I think he's a pretty cute character, but I guess that will have to wait until his next fight...

But, even if this one fight wasn't to my liking, I can't wait to read the story between Max and Caleb, and that goes double for Rex and Junior, the two of them are my favorite twins from, well, the twins, and I can't wait for their match up, hopefully we'll see them trade a few brutal blows to their jelly beans/boynuts ( And I'm sure we'll get a lot of size play between the two of them, and I can't wait!)

-anon 1

Anonymous said...

Ok, since I suggested you some changes, I have to comment this chapter. I read the parts you added and I'm happy you accepted my suggestions: as I imagined, the plot has become more exciting and a major complicity between the two boys transpires during the battle. To be honest, I think you could push the accelerator further and making the torture more intimate and sensual. In general, I think you should go deeper into relationship's dynamics and create more romantic bounds between the protagonists. I think you did well with Jay and Chase, despite I'm waiting for a story only centered on them and their passion about ballbusting (without any interferences). You should create something more similar for other characters, and Leroy and Aldo (or Bill and Jake, you know I love them) could be excellent candidates. About Ben, I have to admit I hate him...he is one of the worst personages created by Alex since I dislike stupid and cocky people, though they have big balls to be tortured. I don't know how you intend to insert him in the plot, I'll wait to give my personal opinion about you'll manage him. I'm looking forward to see your other chapters!


PS: I tried to write you some emails, but I fear you lost them :(

Anonymous said...

I thought I would add a belated comment after reading the other reviews.
Firstly the interplay between Chase and Jayden at the start is just magical. I have to agree it would be fun to have an intimate story just focusses on them. There is an underlying competitiveness between them from when they were rivals that is so sexy. The earlier story when Chase was ties up and taunted by Jayden was hot as hell!
Finally I have to say that I am a huge fan of Ben and absolutely adore cocky, hung jocks getting humiliated. I have a feeling this is a setup for a great story but not sure if Ben will enjoy meeting Jayden and hus friends haha.