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The Betrayal by One-off Story Writer (Kramtoad Story)


The Betrayal

By One-off Story Writer.

Hello Ball busting boys fans,

Here is another found kramtoad story. Hope you like it! Also is a message from the author below from the website.



The Betrayal story is meant to be relatively realistic although of course there is an element of fiction. Be warned though, there is no male sex or jacking off in it. In my opinion this normally ruins a good story. Rant over....and now the story will begin!

-One-off story writer

Warning: Contains ballbusting, underage characters (15), and bullying.



Everyone, has always said that year eight at school was perhaps the most pointless and therefore enjoyable year of senior school. There was lots of enthusiasm to join the various sports club being offered by the school one of those was football (soccer). By now it was mid-January and so half way through the season, the team wasn’t doing too bad they were in the top six but were so far behind the runaway leaders that there was no chance of catching them. Of course, as we say nowadays it’s not the winning that counts but that wasn’t true
for one person in our team, Daniel.

Daniel was relatively small for his age but he puffed himself up about a bit, even with his small stature. Everyone seemed unsure whether or not they were scared of Daniel, but one thing was for sure they were pretty scared of his group. None of his group particularly liked football, but they always hung around with Daniel out of school and at break times, unless of course he was playing football. They were all tall and pretty well built for their ages but that’s where we will leave them as they are not particularly important for this story. But as you can tell they do create the aura of back-up. That’s the main reason why whatever Daniel said was the rule of law.

So anyway, back to the story, Daniel did not like losing and after every game (sometimes regardless of the result) he would pick out the player who he thought had played the worst. He would announce this in the changing rooms away from all the teachers and the opposing team. In short, no one except those in the team knew what happened behind those closed doors. We would all assume a circle in the changing room before getting changed. It was quite intimidating really but after the teething problems of the first few weeks we knew the drill, and went along with it. Some of the team probably even enjoyed it, I did not.

We all froze in anticipation of those words. “Harvey!” came the shout
from Daniel. Harvey looked devastated he had been picked the previous
two weeks. It seemed that Daniel had some kind of vendetta against
him. I had only been picked once myself but witnessed the face of the
victim every week and I have to say most weeks it was Harvey. He was
an easy target. Smaller than Daniel and certainly scared of him.
Harvey stood in the middle of the circle as Daniel drew nearer to
him. Harvey knew the drill by now, hands behind head, legs spread, and
eyes closed. Daniel then drew his foot back and took aim, he paused
for five to ten seconds making his victim quiver watching his shake shirtless and exposed. Then came the blow, the sound echoed around the changing rooms. To be fair Daniel was quite a good football player and he had a powerful shot and so that kick was delivered with accuracy and power right into the middle of Harvey’s balls. Smacking each one a few milliseconds apart. Harvey immediately went down holding his balls, but he knew there was more to come. Daniel summoned two people to hold his legs apart and he delivered the final kick to Harvey’s devastated balls. A smile came across Daniels face as he told Harvey to buck up his ideas or face a special punishment next week.

That was the last time anyone was to be punished in that way after football. I had decided that much anyway. Next week I was going to play so bad that Daniel had to pick me. Then I would make sure that he got his comeuppance. Of course I banked on the team backing me up but that was never going to be a problem.

So next week came and I did play badly, and as predicted Daniel picked
me. I stood in the regimented position until Daniel moved forward. IT
was then I pounced. I charged forward like a rugby tackle and took him on the floor. My knee found his balls, he made a slight sound before being bounced back to reality. He yelled and that was a mistake. But it wasn’t as I pushed him to the floor and punched him hard in the face, a tear formed on his face. He wasn’t that tough after all, but of course we all knew that. I took this opportunity to kick him in the balls once, twice, thrice. He was totally disorientated, I then grabbed him by his ankles and stood over his stomach. His legs were at a 90 degree angle and held directly in the air. His balls exposed. This was the time that I would call upon the help of my teammates.

“Who is up for kicking this scum in the balls?”  I looked at Harvey, he was silent, in fact everyone was silent. Everyone except Daniel.

“Grab him, if you do I’ll make sure no one tries anything on you for the rest of your school life.” The lure of this was too much for most. The fickle crowd bowed to Daniel as they always did. I was grabbed by two people, while the rest waited for orders from Daniel.

“You’re fucked now James,” he told me. I still couldn’t make it out. ‘Why had no-one backed me up?’ It had happened so quickly, only a minute ago I was in a commanding position defeating the school bully. I hadn’t banked on the aura that Daniel had built up. It was much higher than I had ever imagined. I didn’t have much time to think though as Daniel kicked me with pin point accuracy.

“Aww did that hurt? I’m only warming up asshole.” With that he kicked me again, and again.

“That makes us about even.” I think he said. Except of course he wasn’t finished he then grabbed me by the ankles and held my legs up at a 90 degree ankle. A sense of déjà vu filled the room, except the roles were reversed. Daniel beckoned people to take a kick at my balls. The room fell silent again.

“Kick him in the balls as hard as you can and I’ll give you protection. If you’re going to be with my crew then you need to show loyalty.” A queue quickly formed, then a bright spark spoke out.

“How many times do we kick him?”

Thankfully Daniel told them “Just once, for now.”

 That was ominous I thought.

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang.

Luckily, it was only a seven-a-side team.

Everyone knew I was in pain and everyone knew there was more to come

I was at the mercy of six kids my age who were all beginning to enjoy inflicting pain on me. Or at least they pretended to, that way they would gain the respect of Daniel. That encouraged Harvey to ask and suggest; “What was my special punishment? We could do that to James.”

A smile of approval came across Daniels face as he announced. “See that pole over there? Ram his balls into that.”

I was immediately picked up legs spread and shaking. “Please don’t my balls have taken enough I pleaded.”

Of course they were unheard. Smack. ‘Bloody hell that hurt,’ I thought, at least it’s over with then I turned to Daniel who gave a quick nod. I was moving backwards, then quickly forwards Smack…smack….smack…smack. By now I was beginning to feel nauseous.

“Ok were nearly done now boys, let’s see what trophies we can keep. He took off my football trainers, “Nice trainers here, who’s a size 6?” One of my team mates snapped them up and put them in his bag.

“Wait, before you go, you need to thank him for them, put them on and kick him in the balls.” Smack I was kicked in the balls by my own trainers, the irony began to set in. To be honest, I was passed caring they took all my clothes minus my shorts and top. In other words, everything that was kept in my bag. The same kid took my school shoes and kicked me in the balls again. Lucky day for him, he
also took my football boots and I was thanked again. Daniel then began thinking of how to cover the story.

I was to tell my parents and the school that my bag was stolen along with all my stuff while we were in the shower (of course I was threatened to unlimited ball
kicking if I did not). We all saw his back as he ran out of the changing room choosing the bag nearest the door (mine). We never got a good enough glimpse to see who it was. The following Monday morning there was an assembly on the rights and wrong of society. Stealing was a prominent feature. Surprisingly they never did catch the thief.

I left the football team soon after that for obvious reasons. I still got the occasional kick in the balls from Daniel but nothing like what happened that day. IT was the ultimate betrayal from my teammates and the ultimate symbol of Daniels superiority.



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