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King of the Ring 6 (of 12) Rex VS Junior written by Jimmy


King of the Ring: Part 6 Rex VS Junior

By Jimmy


Junior confidently enters the ring after his older brother Caleb and Max exit.

Grinning Junior confidently says "Hey Bro, too bad you lost."

"What?" Caleb spins back around moving sluggishly after just orgasming moments before.

Rex smiles wide, "Oh yeah, that was wild how you came all over yourself." Rex catching on adds onto Junior's story.

"I..." Caleb starts to say but Junior marches up to him and grabs his softening dick and gives his brother's cock a squeeze.

"That's why you are wet right here, right?"

Caleb's cheeks burn like fire and he feels all eyes on him in the room. Caleb's mouth runs dry and he turns to anyone for help but no one rises to the occasion.

Junior gives his brothers knob a quarter turn in his fist, and Caleb moans. "I...guess so."

"That's what I thought, loser."

Junior rears back and kicks his brother as hard as he can between the legs and watches him fall off the ring onto his back rolling around on the floor gasping from the unexpected kick. Caleb is so sore, and his balls just after having a dry orgasm spasm weakly in his hands as he clutches himself.

Turning back to Rex, Junior smiles and the two-fist bump before entering the ring.

"Thanks," Rex whispers.

"Don't mention it," Junior replies.

This is the second to last qualifying match, and Junior knows that he is going to be in that small exclusive group of winners. Junior is not sure if he will face Adam, Max, Leroy or Gino. He is also pretty sure that Chase will win against Bill next, rounding out the final group. But he will be in the final six, he just knows it! This is his moment to shine, to show that he is not in Logan or even Caleb’s shadow; especially after he just convinced his older brother that he lost. Caleb would never admit that the wet spot on his singlet was from Max's mouth, because he can't yet produce semen and Junior knows that. Junior still feels on top of the world from the trick that he played on his brother.

Puffing up his chest, the twelve year old Junior cracks his knuckles ready to face Rex, setting his jaw as he cracks a grin. “You ready for this?” Junior taunts, running a hand down his torso, his fingers slipping in and out of his abs until he rests one hand on his plump bulge that noticeably pokes out in his singlet pouch.

Rex scoffs, not trying to contain his laughter. “Okay, short stuff. Let’s see what you got,” Rex challenges stepping into the center of the ring, coming up to his full height as he moves with purpose closer to Junior. Rex is by no means tall, but he is absolutely taller than Junior by a few extra inches and he towers over the youngest Krueger cousin. This gives Rex a warmth of knowing that he is starting off with an advantage. Rex is two years older, heaver, and taller. Smirking Rex moves into a wrestlers grapple stance ready to take on the youngster. “Get ready to lose, shorty. You can go home and cry to your mommy when I’m done with you,” Rex heckles.

Junior only smiles at the insults looking completely unfazed. Junior purposely flicks his eyes downwards and Rex follows his gaze and notices where Junior is staring. His eyes travel back to Rex’s and he says simply: “I’m taller where it really counts.” Junior grabs his bulge pushing the meaty plump contents outwards so that Rex can see more clearly how outclassed he is between the legs.

Rex’s face goes beet red and he snarls at Junior and rushes at him ready to pulverize the younger boy.

Junior’s eyes go slightly wide, but just as Rex is about to clothesline him he drops into a particularly spectacular split before Rex. He takes a swing above him, hitting nothing but air. Junior with legs widely splayed out below him does a quick one-two punch and is much more successful with his first attacks. Junior’s aim on the small pouch directly in front of him, which barely sticks out between the twin’s legs, is perfect. Junior’s fist slams twice into Rex’s small acorns, hitting the tiny little walnut sack with two quick jabs that leave Rex breathless, and with quivering legs.

Junior’s bright blue eyes flick upwards away from his targets. “They are smaller than I thought!” Junior says smugly as he reaches up and grabs the barely pronounced bulge in Rex’s singlet pouch and roughly giving it an exploratory squeeze. “I think I was bigger when I hit grade school! Ha!”

Rex moans; peering down grimly as the old familiar, fierce pain shatters his innards.

“My balls, they hurt!” Rex says in a whimper, while desperately trying to remove Junior’s hands that have sank between his thighs, clawing at his precious testicles.

“I guess you can still call them that,” Junior says, giving Rex’s sack a mean twist and pull. Rex breathes in fast and is forced down to his knees. His ball cords scream in pain as Junior crushes his balls with a forceful powerful downward yank. Rex’s knees hit the mat with two loud banging echoing thud of each knee knocks against the floor. He stares resolutely at Junior as he holds his most precious tiny possession in the palm of his hand; crushing them merciless with his smaller fingers and enjoying every moment of it. 

Rex feeling his strength leaving him, takes all that he’s got left and grabs Junior’s singlet top by the straps, slamming his head forwards into Junior’s head knocking him back onto his back. The force of Rex’s forehead slamming into Junior’s sends him reeling, tiny black spots popping in and out of his vision. Rex grabs his aching nutsack in one hand and let out a pitiful moan falling to his side, in between Junior’s wide splayed legs, his knees knocking against Junior’s sides.

The two stay down for a few moments making the crowded boys sitting in chairs restless wondering who will take advantage of the other. The spectacle of Rex’s balls manhandled by Junior’s little hands did not leave the spectators impassive: their excitement is shown by some growing bulges in the crowd.

Jayden twirls his finger, trying hard to get a curl to stay behind his right ear absentmindedly, while his eyes are fixate on the match in front of him. He does not have the best luck, and the twisty determined brown curl keeps falling into his vision in a lame attempt to block the match. Sucking in a breath into his nose, Jayden clenches his jaws as he surveys the match and he itches to get into the ring. He’s worried about this one more than any of the others as it involves Junior, the youngest of the bunch. Jayden used to babysit Caleb and Junior before they got too big, and he cannot help but feel a strong bond to the boy’s, despite they put a strain on his own testicles.


Chase next to him can’t stop grinning as his smile spreads across his face. Chase leans into Jayden smelling him and as he does Chase whispers “You loving this?”


Jayden pointedly ignores him, which only delights Chase more, his lips twisting up at the corners a flash of white teeth glinting in his mouth. 


“Do you think he will make it to face off against you?”


“No,” Jayden says through his tightly sealed teeth, the words forced from between his lips. 


“Yeah, I tend to agree. It’s too bad. I would pay to watch you finally go after that kid. He might get put down early, you would like that right? A quick fall?” teases Chase, thinking that seeing Junior beating the hell out of Jayden’s nuts would not be a bad spectacle. 


Jayden does not answer, but licks his lips, and nods his head with a quick solemn nod. 


Chase moves in with his next jibe when a flash of movement and a cry shifts both his, and Jayden’s attention firmly back to the match. 


Rex is on all fours between Junior’s legs, a position that is easily not very defendable and Rex takes full advantage, with one hand on Junior’s hip and the other reaching tentatively between the valley of Junior’s thighs to the protruding pouch that pokes out in between his legs. Rex’s fingers curl dangerously around Junior’s scrotum, easily marked and outlined in the youngster’s tight singlet pouch that dangles in between his thighs.


“I’ve got you now,” Rex chants in a sing-song voice, a smug smile now appearing on his face as his eyes lock onto Juniors. That’s when Rex discovers how outclassed is he by the youngest Kruger. He even thinks that Max, his twin brother, despite all his growing, is outclassed by the kid. “Damn,” he whispers out loud rolling Junior’s balls around in his hand, feeling the full heft and weight of Junior’s large dense eggs.

Junior starting to come around looks up and sees what Rex has in one hand, and he knees upwards into Rex’s side with his left, and then with his right. Rex grunts at each strike and he begins to squeeze, at the same moment Junior karate chops with both fattened hands to the base of Rex’s head where it meets his shoulders. Rex gasps and releases his hand hold allowing Junior to roll away, before he could have gotten in a good squeeze. From his new position on the other side of the ring, the little one spies Rex gasping and wincing holding his head protectively, not sure what hit him.

Standing up, Junior eyes his opponent with narrowed pointed blue eyes, clearly upset that Rex got a chance to grab his precious gonads and intended to get revenge. “You’ll pay for daring to touch my boy nuts” he shouts.

“Wow,” Jayden says letting out a breath. “He takes right after his older cousin. I know that he told me he was trying out for the wrestling team but I had no idea that he had gotten, well… this good.”

“He’s kicking Rex’s ass!” Laughs Chase, almost feeling bad for the twin.

Junior runs up and launches a kick right into Rex’s abdomen sending him rolling and grunting to the corner of the ring. His head flung back staring up at the top turnbuckle as he grabs his abs.

“Fuck,” he groans.

Junior stalks his opponent, his mouth curling and his blue eyes twinkling. He sets his shoulders grabbing both of Rex’s ankles and yanking them apart. Widening the gap between Rex’s legs, his eyes feast on the tiny mound between Rex’s legs.

“Wait! Junior, please, don’t--!” Rex starts to protest as Junior’s foot kicks out, toes first slamming into his nuggets. Junior’s foot digs into Rex’s tiny walnut sac digging straight down, pressing Rex’s gonads into his hard pelvis. Rex grabs the ropes in vain and desperately gasps, “My…my…oh god!” He couldn’t imagine a so called little child could hurt his testicles so bad, causing him one of the worst pain he felt in his life.

Smirking, Junior leaves his foot in between the deep crevice and rubs the bottom of his shoe in small circles around Rex’s crotch. Rex winces each time he roughly rubs his ballsack as his balls roll in and out between Junior’s invading shoe. He cannot help but wince every time his balls pop out and Junior forcibly slides the two orbs back underfoot.

“You give up, little boy?” Junior asks. “Or do you want me to finish you?” Junior adds pushing his foot straight down pinning Rex’s sac to his pubic mound and crushing Rex’s nuts underneath the heel of his shoe.

“Oh god! You got my balls! Please…it hurts like hell” Rex shouts, in a vain attempt to receive Junior’s mercy, but knowing he won’t leave his babymakers alone.

“Yeah, I’ve gotten good at nailing tiny nuts, you should ask my brother. I practice on my brother’s tiny nuts too. He knows how I can be mean with testicles. Yours are about the same size as his,” Junior informs Rex as he yanks and pulls on Rex’s ankles giving him extra force to really pressure Rex’s little grapes to squish flat. “They used to be harder to find unlike Logan’s or Jayden’s, but I got better at locating the little suckers. Don’t you agree?” Junior asks tauntingly as his foot rubs Rex’s trapped balls.

Rex does not answer, his balls ache sharply. Rex’s nuts are so flat and spread out that the bottom of Junior’s shoe is flattened against his crotch destroying his boyhood. The only thing he can think of is the excruciating pain that irradiates from his groin. Rex’s back arches up and he moans low. With everything he has left Rex yanks himself backwards and drops out of the ring sliding between the ropes. As Junior not expecting it, he loses his grip on Rex’s ankles and stumbles forward his head careening unstably into the top turn buckle and knocking him onto his back, taking his second hit to the noggin.

Both boys are down again, Junior taking a second more powerful hit to the head stares unfocusing up at the lights above that seem so bright and blinding above him and briefly closes his eyes moaning as his hands come up cradling his head.

Rex curls into a tight ball wincing as his finger feel his flattened balls reshaping back into their regular oval shapes. “Oh god, oh god…my nuts!” he protests his feet kicking slightly behind him.

The crowded boys start joking with each other and Caleb looks slightly glum.

“What’s up?” Gino asks him.

“He’s doing so well, it sucks.”

Max laughs, “I feel bad for my brother, and he’s doing awful. You want yours to actually lose?”

“Yeah,” admits Caleb. “If I am out and can’t face Jayden, I don’t want him to either.”

“That’s not very nice,” Jayden says, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Today we all get to be a little mean, Jayden” Gino says. “I know I will be the one who will beat all of your friends and you will get to face off against me.”

Jayden gulps, recalling the pain Gino causes his goods every time he had the opportunity “Well… we will have to see about that. This is clearly not over yet.”

“For certain. I get to toy with Chase next,” Gino grins.

“Hey you can’t pick your opponent!” Chase says.

“I did the last time…unless you lose to Bill. That’s a possibility.”

Chase and Gino glare at each other and Jayden goes to stand between the two of them when a flicker behind the curtain catches his attention, and he is certain that someone was standing there. Jayden stands up and starts to walk to the curtain leaving the bickering boys behind him but turns his head to catch Rex limping to the wrestling rings steps and grabs Junior’s ankles placing the metal post between them.

‘That’s going to leave a mark,’ Jayden thinks as he moves behind the curtain and discovers that they aren’t alone in the studio.

A tall beefy man stands just behind the curtain grinning at Jayden. Ben grins shyly at Jayden and says, “You caught me.”

Rex is smiling now as Junior’s thighs brush the metal pole on his inner thighs. as Rex slides him further down the mat leading him to the eventual soul crunching finale. Junior looks up just in time to grab the metal post his groin inches away from connecting.

“Shit! This will hurt quite a lot.”

Junior struggles to keep his nuts off the post, his arms trembling and locking into place, his biceps bulging as tiny pricks of sweat begin to drip down his brow.

“Can’t hold out forever,” Rex says knowingly with a grin. “Paybacks going to be a bitch.” His will to get revenge is clear in his hazel eyes, savoring the pain he will cause to his opponent nuts.

Saying nothing, Junior continues to struggle. Barely breathing, Junior’s chest muscles are locked, his abs tightened and aligned as he fights with everything he has to not get his nuts crushed. Junior’s trembling biceps start to quiver uncontrollably and his sweaty hands slip and his blue eyes go wide as he gasps “Oh no!” as his body creeps ever closer to the post his balls just barely kissing the rounded edge of his upcoming doom.

“Ha!” Rex laughs, tugging harder but still the resistance of the younger boy is strong.  In an effort to end this, Rex places one foot on the post. Junior sees the flash of movement and he grits his teeth trying to prepare himself for the extra leverage that Rex is about to get. Rex uses his foot to push against the post, and his arms to pull. The push and pull affect gives Rex an immediate advantage and Rex knows now, that Junior’s balls are down for. With an almighty screech of Junior’s hands against the post he loses his grip entirely as his crotch crashes into the post with a squelch as his balls collide with the unmovable object, and still Rex pulls.

“Ugh!” Junior grunts, his nuts plastering the post as Rex gets into the move and starts to push Junior back by the ankles, only to yank him back so hard that his groin slams into the post again.

Over and over Rex succeeds in crotching Junior into the post, his resistance to try to push himself off the post fades, as his muscles in his upper body lose steam. He holds onto the central post grunting with each painful collision as his stomach muscles clench and roll, while his poor testicles are squished and squashed into unrecognizable blobs in his tender very red ballsack.

“Give up?” Rex asks the boy after Junior’s limp body drops from his sitting position onto the matt hugging his abdomen moaning low. Without waiting for an answer, Rex pulls his ankles again and again, so his balls are crunching flat against the unforgiveable post.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh!” Junior grunts, and Rex is not sure if he can even hear him, only looking for a revenge for the torture he endured.

Grinning, Rex releases Junior’s ankles that swing back to the mat hanging off of the ring, clanging and then hanging uselessly. Rex walks forward seeing Junior’s trembling body covered in a sheen of sweat.

“I win,” Rex says placing one hand on Junior’s lower abs, slowly creeping his fingers downwards until they bypass his sleeping coiled snake and grabbing the plump plums beneath. “Say it, Junior: ‘I give up.If you want to preserve these balls of yours” Rex threatens fist clenching the encircled warm orbs in hand, feeling the bloated nuts in his grasp and the power that gives him over his opponent. There’s nothing more exciting to take a boy by the balls.

Junior closes his blue eyes, and gritting his teeth, trying to suppress a groan, “Ugghhh.” Junior says, a shiver running down his body as one hand reaches out grasping onto Rex’s forearm gently. “Nnn never,” he stubbornly says his eyes a flash of blue as they open and lock onto Rex’s.

“Heh,” Rex breathes out, his fingers itching to squeeze.

“Hope that you didn’t intend to use these anytime soon,” Rex says smirking closing his hand completely, his fingers plowing into the soft spongy nuts that belong to Junior.

Junior sucks in a breath, his torso twisting in pain as Rex crushes his balls this time with an expertly applied nutclaw.

“My boynuts! Aaaaaah shit…this hurts” Junior groans, head dropping to the mat, his fingers grasping his hair and his hips thrust up on their own accord as Rex’s nutclaw ravishes his most prized possessions: his boynuts.

Rex just laughs, and pulls Junior’s hips down with a forceful tug by Rex’s ball cords. “Where do you think you’re going? I’ve got you by the balls!”

Junior moans baring his white teeth, and squeezes out a lungful of air as he boldly sits up and twists his position and slaps Rex across the chest. The sound of his hand striking Rex’s chest echoes around the gym.

“Ow!” Rex says as Junior backhands him again, hitting the same spot with an audible smack.

“Not over…yet,” Junior grunts, fighting the agonizing pain in his ballsack and fires a one two punch to Rex’s abdomen, making him bounce forward hitting the ropes and losing his grip. Junior sensing Rex’s stumbling fingers pulls his boy balls roughly out of Rex’s hand and rolling away holding his balls and wordlessly opening his mouth in shock. Junior rolling his boynuts feels that his boys have almost doubled in size, and blaze with waves of agony as the pain intensifies as they begin to bloat between his fingers.

“Fuuuck,” Junior whimpers, clutching his boyhood as Rex standing behind him still outside of the ring grunts holding his middle.

Rex is not out of it long and starts to climb back up, and puts on foot over the ropes, and slips inside of the ring.

Junior is on all fours, slowly getting to his feet, one hand holding his privates but the other is up in a fist ready to fight.

Smirking again, Rex strides forward his chest is red where he was struck, and the parts of his chest visible in his singlet reflects the reddening skin. “It’s over now!” growls Rex knocking Junior’s fist aside and taking a swing of his own, aiming for Junior’s face.

Junior ducks at the last moment, in a backbend, watching Rex’s full swing hitting nothing but air. The shift in Rex’s posture carries him in a full spin around coming to a full stop in front of Junior again. Taking the opportunity, Junior grabs his shoulders tight and grunts as he hammers a knee deep into Rex’s abdomen, his knee sinking deep into Rex’s guts.

“Ugh!” he gasps. Rex folds at the waist and Junior shoves him back into the ropes. Rex flies back to meet Junior as the youngster sends a kick straight up knocking into Rex’s chin. Rex’s head snaps back and he falls hard to the mat with a gasp, all air expunged from his lungs, his teeth clanging loudly in his ears as they snap shut upon impact with Junior’s booted foot.

Junior spins around to face Rex’s lower body and stomps his heel right in the center of Rex’s abs, his foot sinking into his guts. Junior keeps his foot there, and pushes his foot down pressing Rex back flat against the mat as Rex’s abs sink in around Junior’s foot.

“OOF!” Rex grunts clutching Junior’s foot, his amber eyes wide, and mouth ajar huffing.

“What were you saying?” Junior asks. “Something about the match being over, right?” his eyebrows raising upwards as he twists his foot downward scrapping it along Rex’s abs leading all the way down to the little bump that he rests his foot on. Junior taps his foot against the squishy walnut sized ballsack, Rex looking from Junior’s foot to his face shaking his head.

“No don’t! Please, they still hurt!” Rex protests.

Junior tisks, wagging one index finger in the air. “This ain’t your lucky day,” he says pressing his foot down to the mat, feeling the tiny squelches as Rex’s nuts are crushed flat against the mat.

“Oh god!” Rex gasps.

Junior laughs and twists his foot, spinning to face Rex. He pulls his foot away, kicks out and slams his foot, toes first, to spank Rex’s nuts up against his groin with a dull thud.

The audience winces, the sound is terrible and many hold their own nuts in the audience protectively as if Junior’s kick hit their own genitalia instead of Rex’s.

Rex sits straight up, his eyes crisscrossing comically while he winces through his teeth and grabs his balls, scooching himself back so his groin is not underfoot of Junior instep.

“Can’t escape me, your balls are mine!” Junior says running up and smacking his open face palm hard across Rex’s chest with a hard smack.

Grunting, Rex grabs Junior’s hand as he moves to backhand him again, his amber eyes flashing dangerously and yanks him down to the mat. The two roll around, no one quite seeing who is winning until Rex slams Junior’s shoulders forcibly down to the mat. His extra weight and age finally coming in handy as he wraps his fingers around Junior’s neck.

“Got you now!” Rex growls, spittle flying as he hovers above Junior, as he struggles beneath him, his torso thumping and bumping against his own as he tightens his grip and slowly Junior’s airflow as his fingers whiten as he squeezes.

Junior’s cobalt sky eyes widen in surprise and then he panics trying to get out from Rex’s hold.

Rex grins watching Junior struggle, and his feeble attempts to get freed. Both of Junior’s hands clasped around Rex’s wrists trying to pry his fingers away from his windpipe. The blonde, unable to do so, shifts and tries to use his hips and knees, but Rex holds them down with his own legs and slowly Junior starts to slow down, his body losing strength. Rex slowly lets up on the his grasp. Junior takes a shaky breath and Rex stands up still holding Junior’s neck and shuffles him to the ropes.

Junior is gasping, and barely with it as Rex let’s go and pulls him to standing using the ropes to tie him in place, wrapping first one arm, then the other in the ropes so that Junior hangs there gasping for air.

Rex gives him a full minute to catch his breath and understand how screwed he is.

Junior glances up and makes eye contact with Rex, which was exactly what he was waiting for. Rex sends a kick straight up and plows his instep deep between Rex’s legs slamming Junior’s balls against his taint with a squishing distinct slap.

Mouth falling open, Junior grunts watching miserably as Rex pulls his foot out and sends another one right in the same spot hitting both nuggets again with another sad splat. , Juniors balls smooshing against his crotch.

“Oh shit! Damn!” Junior’s head rolls, and he grits his teeth, trying to reach his precious nuts and massage the pain away (as if it were possible).

“Now I win,” Rex says confidentially striving forward and grabbing Junior’s chin. “Right?”

Junior gives his head a full shake groaning. “My boy balls are stronger than that…” he huffs a few times more. No one is sure who Junior is trying to fool, but Rex knows that it’s not him. “More than your tiny raisins anyways.” Junior says hitting Rex below the belt, this time with his words as it’s all that he has left.

Rex’s amber eyes narrow and he flicks Junior’s chin and grab’s the hanging boy’s plump testicles one per hand and gives the hanging plums a tentative squeeze; eliciting a grunt from Junior which bring a warm smile to Rex’s face.

“Your sac’s funeral,” Rex says as his fingers plow like daggers deep into the center mass of Junior’s vulnerable nads.

Junior balks, sucking air and whimpers his legs feeling like jelly, and his upper body straining with his useless bound arms unable to get freed tied by the ropes that dig into his shoulders and biceps.

Junior tries in vain not to moan, and stay quiet and take the pain from between his legs but not even a full minute passes, before he gasps and he grunts his mouth opening in horror as his balls churn and get squished in Rex’s crushing fists.

“Ugh, ugh, ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Junior groans as Rex works over his boynuts. Junior is out of tricks to escape, and Rex knows it as well as he squeezes Junior’s balls.

Rex pulls Junior’s balls forward, so that the ball cords strain and he leans in conspiratorially and whispers to Junior. “So you have two choices…I squeeze your balls like this,” and Rex clamps his fingers down harder, and sharper making Junior wince and squeal. “Until you finally give up. Or…” and Rex flicks one thumb in between resting it on the sleeping coiled dragon poking at the center. “I get you to give up in a splashy way.”

Junior gulps, his cobalt pleading eyes glancing up as he strains again to get free.

“Now tell me…how do you want to lose?” Rex asks, stopping his ball crushing squeezes and gently cradles Juniors trapped balls. Meanwhile his thumb rubs the undersized of Junior’s penis feeling along the rigged outlined head until he presses Junior’s starting to swell member at the tip pinning the boy’s tip to his abdomen.

“Pick…or I will.”

Junior hardly breathes, and he twists in his binds, still refusing to give…he won’t do that. Junior’s cobalt eyes narrow, and he has a moment to finally think without Rex assaulting his gonads and he shuffles his feet a plan forming in his mind as Rex awaits his decision toying with his starting to stiffen member and he smiles and spits directly in Rex’s amber eyes.

“Ugh!” Rex scoffs twisting away, giving Junior his back as both hand spring to his face whipping furiously at his eyes. Junior sees an opening and kicks his right foot forward planting his instep deep in between Rex’s spread-out thighs.

Just as Rex gets the last of Junior’s wad of spit off his face, a forceful toe kick hit’s the bottom of his sac so hard that his feet leave the mat. He drops back down, stunned as Junior’s foot catches his balls again and he bends at the waist gasping clutching his balls.

Junior rears back both legs and boots Rex in the ass, sending him rolling end over end out of the ring making all the boy’s laugh.

Junior knowing that he has the time tries to get untied, as Rex curls yet again into the fetal position outside of the ring damming himself and how stupid he was. ‘I will have to gag and tie his feet down too!’ he thinks as he holds his aching privates. ‘Fuck…he got me again!’

No matter how Junior yanks and pulls, he can’t get out of the ropes. Junior’s upper body stains and sweats, his arm’s itching and twisting to get freed but nothing gives and he hangs uselessly.

“Shit,” Junior spats seeing Rex take all the time that he needs to climb onto all fours, and then to standing a few minutes later.

By the time that Rex enters the ring, he is fully over Junior’s latest strikes and moves carefully over to Junior, making sure to stay out of kicking range for the moment. Junior eyes him warily, his cobalt eyes clear and focused on the approaching opponent. Junior licks his lips and taunts, “Come on Rex, I’m stuck you have the upper hand. What are you waiting on? Don’t be a coward.”

The last word seems to hit its mark and Rex’s amber eyes narrow and he rushes forward in a sprint.

Junior kicks up at the last moment but Rex ready for it catches the incoming blow. Junior swing with the other, but Rex catches that one two and Junior strains against the ropes. Rex grins knowing that he has won this, and feels the victory as he launches his own kick. Juniors bulge hangs lower than his ass, which hangs in the air and he can do nothing to stop the blow as Rex’s foot hits home.

The crowded swimmers groan as one as Junior’s balls flatten against his pelvis. Junior moans, and he stares straight down at his bulge as Rex removes his foot and kicks again and again. He stamps an indent in his boy bulge until his hanging upper body is useless, unmoving and his head lolling to one side and groaning.

Rex drops Junior’s legs and they hit the mat floor, and curl in. Junior no longer fights but awaits the inevitable. Rex rushes forward grabs Junior’s shoulders and plows a thunderous knee that hits Junior’s boy balls so hard he sees stars.

Junior gasps, his body straining one last time, his chest pushes forward and he collapse back his body sinking in agony as he moans out a soft…”Fuck you, Rex.”

Rex grins, “You don’t know when to quit.”

Rex reaches forward and instead of grabbing the twin targets grabs the coiled Krueger dragon instead. “If I can’t make you submit by pain, you leave me with only one other choice.”

Junior gulps and shakes his head.

Rex swirls his fingers around Junior’s plump coiled cockhead feeling the outline against the tight singlet covering the crown and starts to do slow semicircles around the boy’s flaccid member.

Junior moans long and low, and bites his bottom lip. The moan is not one of pain, but of desire and Rex, along with all the gathered boy’s hears the subtle difference in tone. Rex smile widens, “So this is how you wanted to give up all along. Got something to show us?” Rex asks tauntingly as his hand starts to pick-up speed. “Can you spunk, yet?” Rex asks or are you still dry as a bone.

Sucking his cheeks, Junior groans, his hips flexing which makes Rex’s smile grow.

“I guess we will all find out together then,” Rex says and quickens his pace feeling the plump organ start to grow and stiffen.

Rex can’t believe how big Junior is getting and he is not even fully hard yet. Rex presses his side against Junior’s and leans down to the younger opponents ear, his lips touching the lobe as he asks “How big does it get?”

“I…” Junior starts to say but moans out loud, and low and thrusts up into Rex’s fist and Rex can feel that Junior is unable to utter a sound.

“No matter, there will be time for that…later.”

Caleb leans forward in his seat, he is completely hard watching Rex own his younger brother and he is touching himself and he too wants to know, “How big are you bro?”

Gino leans down “If that was my brother, I would want to be the first to find out. I wouldn’t let some punk figure it out for me. I know Jayden’s digits, and as his big brother you should know Junior’s…first.”

Caleb twists in his seat and stares at Gino, his eyes wide.

“But…they are in a match!”


Caleb says nothing his hand still rubbing his pecker, as Gino leans in further “What are you going to do about it, big brother?”

Caleb gulps and he flicks his gaze back to his brother and stops masturbating long enough to really think and consider, ‘What should I do?’

On the mat, Rex drops down to his knees and he licks his lips feeling Junior’s hard outline from tip to sternum, and grabs the balls at the bottom of the sac. Junior arches his hips, gasping and Rex notices that by the engorged tip of Junior’s cockhead in dry. Not a drop is by the hardened tip.

“Dry as a bone,” Rex says. “Well let’s see if I can taste anything and he leans in and sticks out his tongue, his free hand reaching up to grab Junior’s waist but misses and grabs the middle rope. Junior twisted his body at the last possible moment and Rex feels a shift in the ropes above him. Rex looks up just as Junior pulls his right arm free which clocks him in the temple just as his tongue touches the spandex taut bulge cockhead. Junior’s erection is hard and hot, but Rex tastes no spunk as Junior’s knuckled punch sends him careening to the mat floor.

Junior twists and yanks his other arm free and he flies in the air torpedoing down at Rex landing hard in his middle slamming him into the mat.

All the air leaves Rex’s lungs and coughs violently, as Junior backhands him across the face sending his head reeling back to the mat.

Rex groans as Junior’s hand finds and locates Rex’s walnut bulge and he squeals as Junior’s nutclaw locates, and seizes his bulge crushing his tiny peanuts.

“You are so dead,” Junior growls twisting his hand and dragging Rex to standing, who hops up and down on his toes as Junior stretches his ball cords straight up.

Rex sees how hard Junior is between the legs and says, “You’re all wet, or are you just happy to see me?”

Completely inflamed, Junior grabs Rex’s neck with his free hand and powers him above his head tossing Rex onto his shoulders in a back breaking rack. Rex is bending at an odd angle as he keeps him hoisted above one hand firmly around the walnut sack, crushing his fruity pebbles, the other wrapped around his neck. Junior presses his shoulders up into Rex’s spine and Rex facing the lights above gasps. His arms and legs dangle as Junior parades him around the ring utterly embarrassing him and crushing his balls at the same time.

“Your M&M peanuts are going to be peanut butter,” mocks Junior, his mind echoing back to all the times his older cousin made the joke about his own balls as he and his brother Caleb ballbusted the shit out of his nards.

“God, please…not again!” Rex groans his balls screaming in his walnut sack, like in a vice squishing his testicles as his back arches in pain.

“Took too long to make that decision,” says Gino conspiratorially, “But if I was you, I would find out and do it soon. After all I got to be Jayden’s first to make him spunk…don’t you want to be your brothers? When he can spunk anyways.”

Caleb gulps unsure.

“Think about it little guy,” Gino says dropping his arm over Caleb’s shoulders. “Unless you want me to face him when he wins and tell you all about.”

Caleb’s erection pulses between his fingers and Gino looks down at it and sees the wet tip and the darkening shadow on the singlet bulge. “In any case, looks like you can.”

Caleb nods, rubbing faster.

“You going to…?” Gino asks but their attention is pulled back into the ring.

Rex is a mess on Junior’s shoulders, groaning and moaning whining about “My baaaals! Oh my balls! Please aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”

Rex is red in the face and Junior’s is gleeful as he closed fist shakes and squeezes Rex’s nuts feeling the tiny orbs squish in Rex’s ballsack.

“I could do this all day!” Junior laughs.

That’s when Rex finally spouts, “I give up. Stop it, please, mercy for my nuts”

“Say it louder!” taunts Junior twisting his hand and Rex’s bulge with it.

Rex whines and says again clearing his throat and in a slightly higher pitch, “You win, I give up! Mercy!”

Smirking Junior bring Rex over to the corner of the ring facing the small crowded group of boys. Junior switches his hands to Rex’s waist and with and almighty shove takes Rex into the air and drops him crotch first on the center turnbuckle.

Rex’s mouth drops open and he grabs the pad and screams silently, as Junior smacks his back.

“You’ll never know how big I am buddy…just know that I will always be bigger than you,” and Junior reaches around and grabs his penis roughly and says. “Yeah I was about five or six years old when mine was that big.”

Rex goes red in the face as Junior lets him go and climbs out of the ring victory.

Caleb’s erection wilts seeing his brother win, and Gino looks down at him: “Tough luck there little guy,” and stand up pointing at Chase and Bill.

“Guess we know who is next up.”

Bill sighs and stretches as Chase gets up all excitedly.

In the ring, Max is helping his brother down whispering in his ear “It’s okay, everyone loses sometime.”

“Ready Bill?” Chase asks with a grin.

Bill nods solemnly, and as the two head to the ring to face just as Max half carries/drags Rex off wincing back to his seat.

“Wait!” Gino says loudly as Chase and Bill climb to their feet in the ring.

“Where’s Jayden?”

Everyone pauses glancing around and that’s when a grunt is heard behind the curtain, and Jayden comes barreling out arms locked with Ben.

“We’ve got company!” Jayden says in a growl locked in combat with Ben.

Gino is on his feet first and on his way over to help but Jayden snarls, “No way. He’s spying on my friends, and clearly he wants a piece of me. I’m going to give it to him!”

Ben grins, “Make way boys! The main event is here. I don’t know why you are all fighting to face this guy; but I’ll show you if you should be competing to face anyone it should be me and my indestructible balls!”

Jayden laughs “Now where have I heard that one before? Oh yea, some guy called himself Devil boy. He also lost to me.”

“Well, I won’t.”

“We will see about that!” Jayden fires as the two tumble into the ring rolling until Jayden sits on Ben’s chest.

“But let’s settle this the old fashioned way, you think you have the toughest nuts in the room?”

“I know I do!” Ben declares.

“Prove it, let each of my friends kick you in the nuts. I bet you go down on kick number three!”

Ben thinks for barely a second, “I know that I can take each and every one of their baby kicks! You won’t be able to.”

“Only one way to find out. And if you can, then you get to face me…otherwise I get to beat the crap out of your bollocks. We got a deal?”

Jayden’s chestnut eyes stare deep into Ben’s. Jayden is grinning from ear to ear and Ben cannot say no to any bet least of all one that one that will prove that he has the toughest nuts in the room.

Ben underneath Jayden pushes a hand out, forcing Jayden up. Arm stretching Jayden takes Ben’s hand bringing him to standing.

“You’ve got a bet!”

“Line ‘em boys, Ben wants to see what you’ve got!”

To be continued: King of the Ring Interlude: Are Ben’s nuts tough enough?








Anonymous said...

The matches in this series are picking up intensity. Both guys got some good moves in. And the light bondage theme was a good addition. Nice work, Jimmy!

Junior is tough and competitive just like Logan, but it’s interesting that he’s kind of a heel rather than a nice guy. Sets him up for some good rivalries.

Lol for my boy Gino giving a pep talk to his fellow older bro to get him to cheat. Some guys just can’t resist being bad…

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

Agreed! Junior does take a turn on the dark side, these types of fighting bring out an edgier version of him and he really wants to win.

Gino loves being the bad boy, and if he can convince others to become bad boys...well...he has no problem doing that! Someday he will eventually convince someone to be his understudy. Maybe it will be Caleb.



Antony said...

Great part, so much hot moments. It's probably my favorite so far along with Max VS Caleb one.
Maybe I'm crazy but it seems like I can see some parallels between Gino/Jayden and Caleb/Junior relationship. I hope that they'll be similar enough to include some handcuffs at certain moment too))

Also Jimmy please tell me that Junior will be fighting Gino at some point :3

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Antony,

Super happy to hear that you are liking the series!

Since Junior won his match and will be in the second tier there is a great chance for him to face Gino.

I really enjoyed your insight into the Gino & Jayden/ Caleb & Junior similarities that could be a really interesting part to go into for a future story!

Hope you like Friday's story!