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Your humble servant (Darnell meets Xander)

Special thanks to Darnell for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves spanking and ballbusting!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Xander (click for pictures)

Darnell let out a deep sigh and rang the bell of the luxurious mansion. His gaze wandered from the neatly garden to the impressive European cars that were parked in the driveway.

Darnell ran his hand through his dark hair and put a smile on his face. He was 21 years old, tall and handsome, a college basketball player with dark skin and brown hair.

To raise money the team had held an auction, raising money by selling off the athletes’ services to the highest bidder. They had made more money than they had expected, and today was the day that the guys had to work for it.

Most of Darnell’s team mates knew what their bidders expected them to do: clean their car, build a shed in the garden, drive them around, walk the dogs, whatever. Frankly, it was obvious that most of the bidders just wanted to show off the reasonably famous basketball players to their friends. The weirdest task seemed to be a bidder who wanted the team captain to take their daughter on a date, making it very clear that a subsequent deflowering of the spoiled 19 year old brat would be rewarded with a generous tip.

Darnell looked at his watch. It was a few minutes past nine. Unlike most of his friends, he had no idea what he was expected to do. He had just been told to be at the Vanderberg residence at nine and not to park his car in the driveway.

Darnell reached into his pocket and produced his phone. He was just about to dial when the door opened.

A young man with blond hair, wearing white shorts and a tight white tank top, eyed him for a moment.

“You are late”, he said, his eyes resting on Darnell’s crotch where his meaty 8 inch dich was outlined in the fabric of his basketball shorts. He looked Darnell in the eyes and licked his lips.

“I’m sorry”, Darnell said, putting on his best smile and trying not to be too freaked out by the blond’s shameless ogling of his body. “You told me to park in the street, and I didn’t realize your driveway is, like, half a mile---”

“Shut up”, the young man interrupted him.

Darnell blinked. “I--- Okay. Sorry.” He cleared his throat. “I’m Darnell. You are Alexander, right?”

“I’m not”, was the stern reply. “My name’s Shorty. And you are to refer to Mr. Vanderberg as Mr. Vanderberg or as sir. Got that?”

Without waiting for an answer, the blond young man turned on his heels and strutted down the corridor.

Darnell inhaled deeply. “Seven hours”, he mumbled to himself. “It’s just seven hours.”

He followed Shorty down the corridor.

“Xander-Darling!” Shorty yelled. “He is here!”

A split-second later, the Alexander Vanderberg came into the corridor, eyeing Darnell just like Shorty had done just a moment ago.

Xander was 23 years old, stinking rich and very proud of it, even though it was his father’s fortune that funded his luxurious, lavish life. He was dressed in white, his custom-made pants sitting tight and flattering his legs, the fabric of his designer shirt laced with threads of silver. His hair was blond with platinum highlights.

Like Shorty, Xander’s gaze lingered on the very impressive mound in Darnell’s basketball shorts. But when he looked up, Xander’s eyes were not filled with lust but with disdain.

“You are late”, Xander said.

Darnell put on a brave face. “I’m sorry, Mr. Vanderberg, sir, it won’t happen again.”

“Of course it won’t”, Xander said with a smirk. “You won’t be back tomorrow.”

Shorty snickered.

Darnell chuckled. “That’s true.”

Xander raised his eyebrows and looked at Darnell expectantly.

“Sir”, Darnell added quickly. “That’s true, sir.”

Xander scoffed. “Of course it is”, he said, rolling his eyes. “Now, let’s not waste any more time. I’ll have a few friends over for lunch.” He turned to Shorty and nodded his head, prompting the blond boy to hurry down the corridor and disappear through one of the doors.

“Follow me”, Xander said to Darnell.

“Of course, sir”, Darnell replied and followed Xander up the stairs to a luxurious bedroom with an adjacent dressing room the size of a small warehouse, filled from top to bottom with the finest clothes that Darnell had ever seen.

Xander walked into the dressing room and picked a fancy necklace from a showcase. He stood in front of the mirror and looked at Darnell. “What are you waiting for, idiot? You are here to help me!”

Darnell inhaled deeply. “Of course, sir”, he mumbled, swallowing his pride.

It took a little while until Darnell had figured out how the clasp worked as Xander watched him through the mirror.

After his successful bid for Darnell at the auction, Xander had employed a private eye to do some research about Darnell’s love life. It hadn’t taken long for him to find out that Darnell was a closet bisexual. Xander had seen his browser history, and he knew what turned Darnell on.

When Darnell had finally figured out the mechanics of the clasp, he put the necklace around Xander’s neck, and Xander made sure to back up so that his butt was touching the big bulge in Darnell’s basketball shorts.

Darnell swallowed hard but tried to remain focused as he tried to finish his task before his dick was at full mast.

Unfortunately, his dick was quicker than his hands, and his fat boner was poking Xander’s butt as if he was trying to impale him.

Xander pretended not to notice until he was sure that Darnell’s dick was hard as a rock.

“Here you go”, Darnell mumbled finally, after closing the necklace’s clasp. “I mean, here you go, sir.”

Now it was time for Xander to “notice” Darnell’s erection.

“You fucking pervert!” he exclaimed, doing his best impression of a seriously indignant victim of sexual misconduct. “Is that your dick?!” He whirled around, wide-eyed and shocked, obviously disgusted by Darnell’s unforgiveable transgression.

“I--- It--- I--- Wh--- I--- “ Darnell stuttered, his hands in front of his crotch, trying to cover his massive boner that was tenting his shorts.

Xander grabbed his hands and pulled them away, exposing Darnell’s huge, hard dick. “You fucking pervert!” he repeated, emphasizing his outrage with a quick, hard knee between Darnell’s thighs.

His flimsy shorts offered no protection whatsoever, and Xander’s knee connected perfectly with the two precious plums that were hanging low in Darnell’s sack, churning with cum as his dick was pointing to the sky.

Darnell’s stuttering transformed into a strained groan as the pain washed through his body. His eyes lost focus and his face turned into a pitiful mask of pain. He sank to his knees, looking up to Xander with a mournful, accusatory, miserable expression on his face. Theere was guilt in his eyes because of his indecent behavior, there was shame, there was horniness, and there was plain pain.

Xander loved it.

He relished Darnell’s misery, smirking at him as he sank to his knees.

Before Darnell’s knees made contact with the hand-woven designer carpet, Xander brought his foot back and kicked Darnell in the nuts with all the force he could muster. “Pervert!”

“Ughghgh!” Darnell let out a grunt as he dropped to the ground, his hands reaching for his crotch to nurse his battered balls.

He curled up in a ball, coughing and retching, every fiber of his body filled with unbearable pain.

“God, you’re pathetic”, Xander spat.

His words were still ringing in Darnell’s ears when he felt Xander fumble with his neck.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Darnell moaned, reaching for his neck and discovering that Xander had put a leather collar around it.

“Language!” Xander yelled, yanking on the leash that was connected to the collar, making Darnell grunt in pain.

“Would you please tell me what you are doing, sir?” Darnell moaned.

“I think you need a bit of training”, Xander said with a mean smile. “Now get on all fours like a good little dog.”

Darnell let out a groan. His nuts were hurting, his dick was still rock hard, and he had no idea what he had gotten himself into.

“Don’t make me wait”, Xander smiled icily, one hand holding the leash, the other one holding a small apparatus. “You are wearing a shock collar, you know, and don’t for a minute think that I have any qualms about using it to teach you some manners.”

As if to prove his point, Xander pressed a button on his remote control, sending a minor wave of shock through Darnell’s body.

It was enough to make Darnell scream in pain as every muscle in his body contracted.

Darnell’s reaction made Xander laugh out loud.

“Oh god”, Darnell groaned as the pain subsided. He got on all fours, eager not to receive another jolt of electricity.

“Now bark”, Xander said with a cold smile.

Darnell cleared his throat and looked up at Xander.

Xander raised his hand that was holding the remote control. “Bark. I’ll not tell you again.”

“Woof woof.” Darnell looked miserable, and his barking didn’t sound very convincing.


“Woof Woof!”


“WOOF WOOF WOOF!!! Ooooooooughoughough!” Darnell’s barks turned into a strangled howl as Xander pressed the button again, laughing heartily at Darnell’s shocked, pained expression.

“Awesome!” Xander laughed as Darnell squirmed in pain. “Now wiggle your tail!”

Darnell groaned, his head spinning, his face contorted in agony. “Please, sir, please don’t---” He was silenced by a push on the button that sent a shock wave through his body and made him scream in pain.

Xander chuckled and walked around him, following up the jolt of electricity with a solid kick to the nuts from behind that made Darnell howl in agony.

“Come on, wiggle your tail and bark!” Xander said with a cruel laugh, yanking on the leash as Darnell tried his best to fulfill his wishes.

His face contorted in pain, Darnell started barking and wiggling his butt.

“Good boy”, Xander chuckled and patted Darnell’s head. “Such a good boy.”

Darnell looked up at him, his eyes filled with rage.

Xander laughed and held up the remote control. “You better behave or I’ll shock the shit out of you…” He winked at Darnell and left the room. “Get up, you lazy bastard. You have some work to do.”

After this episode, Darnell thought the day couldn’t get worse.

Xander proved him wrong.

Unlike the rest of the personnel – an all-male group of opportunistic sycophants that included a cook, a butler, a maid, a masseur and personal fitness trainer, two gardeners and several people whose duties Darnell wasn’t able to identify – Darnell wasn’t wearing a uniform. Instead, Xander made him strip down to his underwear and his shock collar.

It was an exercise in pure humiliation, and the rest of the staff made a point of groping the conspicuous bulge in Darnell’s underwear and fondling his ass now and then, jeering and laughing at Darnell’s discomfort and the huge boner that refused to go away.

Xander encouraged his staff, initiating a painful and hilarious game of ring toss in the garden before his friends arrived, with Darnell’s hard dick serving as the target. Naturally, Xander won – his servants wouldn’t dare defeat him – and he celebrated by hitting Darnell in the nuts and making him strip naked and jerk his big, fat dick. Just before he reached orgasm, Xander activated the shock collar, viciously aborting Darnell’s climax and locking him up in chastity.

After Darnell had finished mopping the floor and doing the laundry, cleaning the windows and scrubbing the toilets, Xander’s guests arrived.

Half a dozen guys, all of them just as smug and obnoxious as Xander, took great pleasure in humiliating Darnell as he served them their drinks.

The remote control for the shock collar was passed around, everybody got a turn, and the guys laughed heartily at Darnell’s hilarious reaction.

When Xander told them about Darnell’s huge cock and his inappropriate behavior in the dressing room, his friends didn’t believe him at first.

“When I tell you”, Xander said, rolling his eyes, leaning back on the chaise longue in the parlor. “He grew rock hard when he helped me put on my necklace.”

Darnell looked like he wished the ground would open and swallow him up. He was standing in the middle of the room, holding a tray with several cocktail glasses, bare naked, his muscular body on full display, his dick locked in a transparent chastity cage, a shock collar around his neck, a leash hanging down from it.

“That little thing?” one of Xander’s friends chuckled.

“It’s not so small when it’s free”, Xander said with a smirk, getting up and kneeling in front of Darnell, reaching for his dick. “Don’t move!”

Darnell bit his lower lip, his hands cramping around the tray’s handles, his body frozen, as Xander fumbled with his chastity cage.

He unlocked his cock and jerked it a couple of times until it was rock hard, accompanied by the laughter and cheers of his friends.

Darnell gritted his teeth, trying to contain his anger.

“See?” Xander laughed once Darnell’s meaty dick was at full mast.

His friends roared with laughter at Darnell’s obvious discomfort while Xander was jerking his dick, bringing him very close to the edge before letting go and leaving Darnell brathing heavily, his dick twitching, a drop of precum oozing out of it.

Xander scooped it up with his finger before bringing it up to Darnell’s mouth.

Darnell stared at Xander’s finger, a mix of utter disgust and unsatisfied lust in his eyes.

“Taste it”, Xander said with a cruel grin as his friends laughed and cheered. “You must be hungry…”

When Darnell shook his head, Xander shrugged his shoulders and nodded at his buddy who was holding the remote control.

A quick press on the button sent a shockwave of electricity though Darnell’s body, making him scream in agony and collapse on the floor, dropping the tray and the cocktails to the ground.

Xander sucked Darnell’s prejizz from his finger and rolled his eyes. “Clean up that fucking mess and get out of my sight”, he said matter-of-factly, kicking Darnell in the ribs as he was writhing on the ground.

“Yes, sir”, Darnell croaked.

The day seemed to last forever.

Xander made sure to keep Darnell locked in chastity, freeing his dick just a couple of times to stroke his dick, only to stop short of letting him cum, and promptly locking him up again.

At 5:30, with half an hour left, Xander’s friends were gone, and Xander gave Darnell his final task of the day.

“I bet you’d love to drive this baby, huh?” Xander chuckled as he stood in front of his cars, putting his hand on the hood of a red vintage Porsche 911 Convertible. “Well, tough luck. Today you’re just going to wash it. And you’ll love it, right?”

Darnell gritted his teeth. “Yes, sir.”

Xander looked at him and chuckled. “Very good. You know what I like most about you?”

Darnell stared at him. “What is it, sir?”

“Your obedience”, Xander grinned.

“Thank you, sir”, Darnell said.

“Though, maybe there’s something I like even better”, Xander said with a cruel smile. With that, he brought his foot back and kicked Darnell in the nuts hard and swiftly while pressing the button on the remote control at the same time, making Darnell scream from the top of his lungs as he collapsed on the ground.

Xander laughed. “You wanna know what that is?”

“Yes, sir, please tell me”, Darnell croaked, writhing in pain.

Xander put his foot on Darnell’s ass and chuckled. “That you are so fucking weak. I mean, I can bring you down with one foot, can’t I.”

Darnell groaned.

“How’s that, Big Butt Bastard?” Xander chuckled. “Now wash that fucking car, and don’t miss a spot or I’ll kick your big fucking butt!”

Darnell was barely able to contain himself, but it was less than half an hour until this nightmare was over, so he did as Xander demanded and kept his mouth shut.

Finally, when he was done, Xander unlocked the chastity cage and took of the shock collar. “You’ve been a good boy”, he said with a sneer. “It’s so hard to find good help.” He reached inside his pocket and produced a one dollar bill. “I know I already paid for you but I feel generous today. Now can I get a ‘thank you, sir’?” He smirked at Darnell as he threw the dollar bill to the ground.

It landed right in front of Darnell’s feet.

Darnell didn’t look down.

“Don’t be rude”, Xander said with a cruel smile. “Or I’ll have to kick you in the fucking nuts again…”

Before he had a chance to do so, Darnell took a step forward and brought his knee up, crunching Xander’s nuts and ramming them into his body.

Xander’s eyes bulged and his jaw dropped as he let out a wheezing groan.

“The time is up”, Darnell said, holding Xander up by his shoulders. “But I think I’ll stay another hour or so. Thank you for your hospitality.” His eyes narrowed. “Sir.”

With that, Darnell kneed Xander in the nuts again, making him fold like a deck chair as he cried out in pain.

Without the shook collar and the chastity cage, the aura of invincibility that had surrounded Xander was gone. Now he was just a spoiled brat who was no match for the taller, fitter, more athletic and more muscular Darnell.

In addition to that, Darnell was angry, very angry.

With Xander doubled over and groaning in pain, Darnell grabbed him and sat on the hood of his Porsche, putting Xander over his knee and pulling down his pants, exposing his pale butt.

He brought his palm down hard on the blond brat’s ass, giving him the spanking of a lifetime. After a couple of dozen hard slaps, Xander’s butt was anything but pale. It was beet red, virtually glowing, and the rich kid was reduced to a sobbing, crying mess.

Again and again and again Darnell slapped Xander’s ass, making the hapless young man scream in pain as he was spanked like an impertinent kid in a Charles Dickens novel.

“Stop it! Stop it!” Xander cried, tears streaming down his face. “I swear, you’ll be sorry for this!”
“I don’t think so”, Darnell said, smacking Xander’s ass as hard as he could. “I don’t fucking think so.”

“Help! Help!” Xander was kicking and screaming, crying and wailing as Darnell spanked his sore butt in the driveway, in broad daylight, in front of Xander’s own house. Darnell expected somebody to come to Xander’s aid, one of the sturdy gardeners maybe, the cook or the butler, the maid or the masseur, anybody.

But apart from some conspicuous movements of the curtains in the mansion’s windows he didn’t see anything that indicated that Xander’s cries for help would be answered.
After almost ten minutes of relentless spanking, Xander’s ass was beet red and his voice was hoarse and throaty from screaming and crying. Darnell looked up to see Shorty in one of the windows, feverishly jerking his dick as he watched Xander get humiliated.

Xander was wet with sweat, his designer clothes clinging to his body, his face contorted in pain.

“I think you need a shower, sir”, Darnell said with a mean grin before shoving Xander to the ground.

After a full day of constant teasing and repeated edging it took only a couple of casual strokes on his rock hard dick to open the floodgates.

A fountain of jizz rained down on Xander, covering his hair and his face, his clothes and his red, sore butt in Darnell’s potent love juice.

Spurt after creamy spurt of salty spunk came out of Darnell’s dick, completely covering the wrecked rich brat in a thick layer of jizz.

Xander was gasping for breath as he was showered in cum.

Inside the mansion, Shorty painted the windows with his spunk while his master was covered in Darnell’s stud sauce.

Without a word, Darnell went inside and put on his clothes. When he came back, Xander was where he had left him, crying and sobbing and covered in cum.

“You said you felt generous today, right?” Darnell said, picking up Xander’s pocket and taking a couple of hundred dollar bills.

“Thank you very much, sir”, he said with a smirk as Xander looked up at him, Darnell’s cum slowly drying on his face.

Xander opened his mouth to say something but Darnell silenced him with a swift kick in the nuts that made the blond young man cough and gag and double over in pain.

Darnell put the money in his pocket and chuckled. “It has been a pleasure, Mr. Vanderberg.”



Anonymous said...

Ha! Nice to see Xander paying for his actions in more ways than one at the end! Services him right. Great story! Darnell sounds hot!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this Alex! It's pretty much the same way I imagined it. I love the ten minutes of spanking.


Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Darnell! I'm glad that the story met your exections! I had a great time writing it! :-))