Friday, June 9, 2023

"I Want It Back!" written by Reg and Jimmy


                         “I Want It Back!”


By Reg and Jimmy



Sam Hell, aka the Devil-boy comes into the living room where Bill Brady lies shirtless. The small teen is slumped in front of the television to shelter from the afternoon sun but he’s barely looking at the screen and perks up when Sam sits down. 


Bill looks him up and down and gulps, “Oh wow…No shirt today?” his left eyebrows rises slowly like the morning sun just peeking up from the Earth. Sam Hell casts a striking figure at the best of times, with his fiendish red eyes inset into his stony, chiseled face but now, with his muscular barrel-chest exposed his appearance is simply jaw-dropping. Bill feels a sudden hot flush, thrilled to have such a formidable power-house on his side. Sam Hell is the perfect step-brother…with benefits!


Sam Hell shrugs nonchalantly “You too I see…well it is hot today” Sam’s red eyes roam over towards Bill as he lays on the couch, arms spread as one shoulder lays across the top, rather sleepily and Sam’s eyes alight from within. 


But it is the cute bulge in Bill’s shorts that really gets Sam Hells attention as his big toe snakes and slithers down Bills ankle, and along the inner thigh. Bill’s breathing changes and he looks at Sam, and the desire there drives his big toe further along until he’s inside the slight hole in his shorts and pressing his toes against Bill’s groin. 


Sighing Bill smiles softly and lets out a quivering breath he didn’t realize that he was holding and his eyes glaze over as desire takes over. The erection in his shorts poking up like a fresh bean sprout shooting for the first time, and in fact it’s rather similar in size. Bill gasps as Sam’s toes wrap around his nail toying with the tip until he wet’s his underwear with his first drops of pre-cum. 


Bill is about to lay his head back, when a loud clatter by the porch makes him look out the window. It’s Jayden Gomez, on his paper route. Jayden’s got his satchel over one shoulder as he pumps his legs, arm arching as he tosses papers overhead. He’s shirtless and his glistening young wrestler-muscles look utterly sublime. Bill curses jealously under his breath and pushes Sam Hells foot away with a scowl on his young face.


“That bastard! Stealing my paper route and rubbing it in my face.”


Bill frowns, crossing his arms over his barely developing chest. Bill is quite slim for a swimmer and his pecs are only just starting to show their shape above his taut skinny-pack abs. 


Sam Hell is surprised by Bill’s refusal, Bill is always in the mood and his erection still tenting his shorts says so. Most people would think that Bill’s shorts just crinkle that way, but Sam knows better. 


“What’s bothering you, Bill? What are you talking about?”


Bill pulls his gaze away from the window as Jayden passes, he’s standing on his petals and the big bulge between his legs makes Bill even madder than before. 


“It’s him!” Bill points with an indignant look. “He…he took it from me.”


Sam Hell follows Bills eyes to the window but all he sees is a flash of a tanned skin, and he frowns trying to place the torso. 




“Jayden, it’s—.”


But Sam Hell is fuming already, standing and clenching his fists barely able to control his rage. 


“The Gomez boy, he stole your job?!”


The fire has been lit in Sam Hell, and the inferno in his blazing red eyes search for him out the window knowing that he has gone. 


“Yeah and he beat me up AGAIN!” Bill huffs miserably. “He kept kicking and squeezing my…my poor balls…then he stole that satchel that I was using and just left me there crying.”


Bill sniffs miserably, deciding to spare Sam a few unnecessary details…

(1) This all happened two weeks ago

(2)  It was Bill that instigated the fight

(3) The satchel belonged to Jayden and was a gift from his mother.


“How dare he?!!! And your balls… are they OK now?” Sam’s rage softens as he peers with genuine concern into the smaller boy’s fallen gaze. Bill just shrugs weakly but inside he’s rather pleased by Sam’s angry reaction to his sob story.


“They’re still a bit sore…it’s so unfair, Sam!” Bill grumbles touching the little bulge in his shorts “Why does Jayden always go for my poor balls? I know I’m smaller and…weaker than him down there but he doesn’t have to torment me…and now he swaggers down our street just to rub my face in the dirt!”


“Not for long” Sam huffs pounding his fist into his palm.


The thought of his nemesis, Jayden Gomez getting away with such a cowardly attack on Bill, HIS Bill is not going to stand unpunished. 


"Get up, Bill! You know his paper route, right? Where does it end?”


Bill leaps right up, and says excitedly “I know the place…and there is a perfect place to jump Jayden. Right next to the Newspaper office, there is a disused alley that leads to an old loading dock.”


That’s the same place that Bill ballbusted Jayden a few weeks back, and stole his brown leather satchel.




Sam Hell strides determinedly to the door, Bill at his heels.


“Be back later, Mr. Brady!” Sam yells over his shoulder.


“Bye Dad!” Bill yells.


“Have fun boys, and don’t get into any trouble,” Mr. Brady yells out to his sons.


The boys smile deviously at one another.


“We won’t!” The two respond synchronically laughing as the heavy wooden door closes behind them, the lock clicking softly into place.


The pair fly down the street on their bikes.


The wind rips through Sam Hell’s hair and he feels lighter than air as he speeds down the gravel streets. The day is quietening down, and the night is approaching, it’s the Devil-boy’s favorite time to play.


Bill is keeping pace beside him, and he points to the turn.


“There, pull off to the side.”


Sam does so but almost reluctantly, the wind feels so cool on this blistery hot day. Stashing the bikes behind the ally, the two squat down to wait playing rock, paper, scissor’s shoot to pass the time.


They don’t have long to wait. Moments later Jayden props his bike next to the newspaper shop and hooks the empty satchel over the handlebars before entering the shop.


“See you next week!” Jayden calls over his shoulder as he leaves the shop and heads back towards his bike parked just across the ally. He has his week’s wages, which he tucks carefully into his bag. Sam Hell decided to wait until after Jayden was paid in case the manager spotted him parking his bike and was wondering what took him so long.


Still bare chested, Jayden Gomez shadow falls across the gap of the ally traveling almost the full length and as Sam Hell prepares to strike, Jayden freezes for a moment and turns back looking over his shoulder and cupping a hand to cover the bright dying sunlight of the sky.


Sam Hell stays still and quiet, the devil knows how to wait for his moment.


Jayden quietly purses his lips, clicking his tongue and turns back to his bike with a shrug.


Lifting one leg, Jayden is preparing to mount the bike when a bag drops over his head and Sam Hell pulls Jayden against his chest feeling him struggle.


“I’ve got you, Gomez. No use struggling,” Sam Hell growls pulling him down the ally. Jayden grips at Sam Hell’s hands trying to pull back the mighty paws as his sneakers squeak and scrape the pavement trying to find their purchase. He doesn’t. Sam Hell does not stop pulling until they are out of sight then he shoves Jayden away from him and he stumbles, almost colliding with a rusty metal trash cart before tripping and falling blindly, lucky to land on an old discarded mattress someone ditched in the ally. Sam Hell grins excitedly as he pulls off his shirt and flexes his powerful chest, this is the perfect spot to lay a smack down.


Sam considers thrusting his heel into the exposed bulge in Jayden’s shorts to put the brat out of commission early but somehow he resists the temptation. He only really wants to force an apology out of the hot-shot wrestler and to see the terror and regret on Jayden’s face. Sam stands looming over his victim as he watches Jayden rip the bag off his head, breathing hard, his chest reddening at the top and sweat trickling his face from the exertion of his newspaper route and the brief struggle in the alley.


“Sam?” Jayden gasps. “What?...What are you…huh?”


Unseen behind him Bill creeps along the edge of the mattress and cracks his knuckles.


“He’s not alone, Jayden. I’m here too.”


Jayden spins his head to face the new threat and things begin to click in place for him.


“Bill!! You jumped me…why?…You’re not still after my paper route?” Jayden is slightly dumbfounded, but he gives his head a shake. “Seriously?”


“Yeah and to get you back for beating me up!” Bill yells aggressively.


“You started that!” Jayden corrects him angrily “Just like you are starting this, Bill. Seems like you have a habit of getting your facts wrong and for instigating trouble.”


Climbing onto the mattress Sam Hell prowls forward, his eyes never leaving Jayden’s. His demonic red eyes stare down threateningly as he reaches down to grab the boy by the throat.


“Shut up Gomez! You’re going to apolog....huh?”


In a flash Jayden rolls between his legs in a ball coming out the other side, showing off his agility and when Sam Hell spins around to confront him again Jayden is already standing ready for him. Jayden takes careful aim and kicks up with his sneaker nailing Sam Hell full force between his wide open thighs. The sneaker gets right into the small crevice with devastating accuracy hammering Sam Hell’s balls against his pelvic wall. The CRACK of the blow echoes off the alley’s brick walls and Jayden retracts his foot as he pumps up his small chest “Gotcha, Devilboy,” Jayden cheekily says, using his nickname like a weapon “Oooh right in the coins!” he teasingly points out grabbing himself with a smile.


“Huuuuggghhhh” Sam Hell heaves, doubling over and grabbing himself between the legs while Jayden watches on with a satisfied grin. He doesn’t feel the slightest remorse for inflicting such testicular trauma on the loathsome Devil-boy, if anything it’s fun making a mockery of Sam Hell’s claim to have invincible balls. Usually Jayden holds back with his nut-shots but against a vicious brute like Sam Hell, he’s prepared to unleash every ball-breaking weapon in his arsenal.


“Gomez…” Sam Hell groans but before Jayden can follow-up, Bill streaks towards him yelling.


“You will pay for that!”


Bill charges forward and throws a mighty punch aimed at Jayden’s face but the bigger teen knocks it aside, as one might swat an annoying bee causing Bill to spin in a circle. He comes to a full stop, dizzy, his eyes blinking unfocused.


Jayden takes the moment and tilts his head as comes in close, so near that Bill can smell him as Jayden lifts a leg up and pounds his knee in between his former boyfriend’s thin legs.


Gasping Bill drops to his knees clutching his tiny nuts, with a hard grimace on his face as he falls further onto the mattress and rolls off.


“He…ugh….oh….not again! Baaaaalls!” Bill coughs out, his body shaking as he rolls into a ball.


“Sam!” Bill yells… “He…my nuuuuts!”


Jayden smirks.


“You’ll never learn, Bill. Will you?”


The fire in Sam Hell’s eyes rages, and he rushes forward “How DARE you!”


Jayden has time only to look up, as Sam Hell pounces on him. Jayden’s arms are trapped by his sides as Sam Hell grabs him in a gorilla-like bear hug. Launching backwards Sam Hell slams Jayden onto his back, knocking the wind out of him.


“Ugggh!” Jayden gasps, his eyes widening as Sam Hell leaps at him. Jayden barely rolls further back into the ally along the mattress as Sam Hell’s heel sinks deeply into the mattress exactly where his head was moment before.


Jayden is on all fours as Sam Hell gets to him kicking him in the side and knocking him flat onto his back again. A grunt is ripped out of Jayden as he stares up at the fading blue sky, breathing hard.


“No one touches Bill” Sam Hell hollers as he drops a leg down on top of Jayden’s belly pinning him to the mattress. Sam Hell’s foot sinks into his abdomen, his muscles barely able to withstand the foot planted into his belly button shoving him downwards and driving the air from his lungs.


“Huuuughh” Jayden grunts deeply, grabbing Sam Hell’s leg and trying to throw him off, but Sam Hell leans into it his teeth bared and menacing.


“You’re going nowhere, Gomez, unless I will it.”


“Fuck you!” Jayden gasps, squirming helplessly then he bites his lip thoughtfully and glances off to the side “OK you got me, Sam. Fuck! Well at least I made Bill puke!!!”

“No!….NOOOO !” Sam roars, his eyes burning as his head swivels then he blinks in confusion, expecting to see Bill vomiting in the corner but instead his boy is bravely getting back to his feet. Bill winces slightly but manages to give Sam a brave thumbs-up and the devil-boy freezes and gulps. His huge hulking frame shudders knowing he’s fallen right into Jayden’s trap and he can only grit his teeth and wait for the inevitable.

“Got you again, dumbass !!!” Jayden yells as he thrusts his foot straight up between Sam’s tree-trunk thighs.


Sam stands quivering, staring blankly in horror while Bill curses loudly, his hand slowly rotating to give Sam the ominous thumbs-down. But the Devil-Boy doesn’t need to be reminded of his doom as pain explodes between his legs and his hunky frame is suddenly thrust upwards a full foot off the ground by the brutal heel that has just crushed his testicles.

Bill can only watch in horror as his muscle-bound hero drops heavily on his wide spread legs clutching his tortured testicles. Sam’s head turns upwards to scream silently at the sky, his tortured face illuminated by the last shaft of sunlight that pierces the dark alley and Bill cringes as he watches the invincible Devilboy stagger backwards crashing noisily into the metal trash cart sending a group of startled rats scurrying out into the street.

“Not my fucking coins…ugh…not again!” Sam croaks quietly to himself, stamping his foot in frustration. One hand grasps onto a protruding rusty handle as his powerful frame keels over nursing his throbbing gonads as he snarls bravely, desperate to avoid the shame of dropping to his knees after just two ball strikes kicks. Fuck! How can this little brat kick so fucking hard?… a kick like that could rupture a man’s balls… he gulps at the thought as he fondles his throbbing balls…but I am not made like other men!!! Sam growls angrily as he rearranges his mangled genitals. His sturdy nuts hurt like hell but still feel fiendishly potent under his touch and he grits his teeth determined to conquer his pain.

“Is that all you got, runt?” Sam’s voice sounds husky and strained as his strong hands reluctantly release his throbbing balls to clench into hard fists by his sides. “No man can defeat a Devil!”

 His glowing red eyes pierce the darkening ally way as he raises his determined face only to see Jayden is bouncing on his feet just a few feet in front of him, his hands splayed by his side in a ready wrestling pose.

“Sure you want to fight me again, Devil-douche? Remember how I trashed your little coins last time?” Jayden grins cheekily as he taunts the tough bully “Come on, we both know you’re a bit weak between the legs, Sammy.”

“Bullshit, my coins are tough as hell!” Sam huffs angrily “I’ve beaten you before, Gomez! Your puny boy-balls are no match for my devil coins and no one calls me Sammy and gets away with it!”

“That’s right!” Bill’s shrill voice echoes in the tight space “You show him, Sam!”

Sam’s wild haymaker sends Jayden ducking and skipping instinctively backwards, his feet dancing deftly away, his sharp eyes glancing around, constantly assessing his environment. He skips over a clumsy leg sweep and replies instantly with a brutal body punch that pierces Sam’s solid abs and earns a pained grunt. Then he glides away again, briefly checking Bill’s location before returning his attention to the main threat, deftly weaving aside to avoid a powerful kick. Sam Hell is clearly still suffering between the legs, his movements clumsier than usual and he grimaces with every jolt to his aching balls. When Jayden ducks under his next punch Sam’s free hand rushes down just in time to shield his wounded stones from a vicious ball-jab.

“What are you scared of, Sam?” Jayden laughs meanly at Sam’s skittishness “I thought they were invincible.”

Despite the mocking tone, Jayden is seriously impressed that Sam can fight at all…his vertical heel-strike would have left most men puking their guts out but Sam Hell is one tough cookie! Jayden can’t help feeling a touch of respect for his resilient opponent but he still plans to humiliate him totally in front of Bill. Jayden is confident that his own speed and dexterity will win the day especially now that Sam is burdened by a pair of throbbing plums and it doesn’t take too long to create the opening he needs.


A lightning-fast high heel catches Sam right on the chin, rattling his teeth and knocking the big hunk off balance and Jayden is quick to exploit the opportunity as he rushes forward to smash a full-force knee between Sam Hell’s thunder-thighs.


Bill shrieks in despair as the sickening sound of Sam’s testicles being turned into cat-food echoes through the dark alley followed by a roar of pain as Sam’s mighty torso convulses, folding over Jayden’s knee, his shocked face gaping in agony back at Bill over Jayden’s shoulder.  

“Ugh!… my…fucking…coins!” Sam gasps, coughing and spluttering in protest trying to extract the knee from his groin but Jayden just rears back and brutally pounds his trapped balls again.


“Your coins can take it, Sam! Get him back!” Bill urges in panic, rushing forward to intervene but Jayden swings around so Sam’s doubled-up body is now blocking his path. “Do something Sam or…Jayden’s going to beat me up next!” Bill shrieks.

The sheer terror in Bills voice seems to strike a nerve in Sam’s brain. Ignoring the ruin of his own testes he thrusts a vengeful hand into Jayden’s shorts and grabs the heavy dangling gonads that he so despises.

Jayden freezes, alarm bells firing off in his brain as he feels Sam Hell’s meaty paws snap around grasping his bare balls, Sam’s strong fingers snap, squeeze and pinch his smooth teenage scrotum. Jayden’s eyes widen, the dark saucers stare glumly down as he feels like a fly trapped and cornered in a spiders web. As Sam’s rough fingers dig around his scrotum, Jayden can feel his precious teenage balls being twisted this way and that as the bully meanly makes sure that Jayden is aware of his predicament before he locks on his notorious ball-breaking nut claw.

“No!” Jayden barks defiantly, as he thrusts both hands into his shorts trying to extricate Sam Hell’s nut claw, but it’s far too late. Jayden feels Sam’s fingers plunge deep into his scrotum at odd angles making the mound of teenage meat bulge agonizingly around the penetrating deadly claws and Jayden can only cry out.

“Uggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!” as Sam Hell applies his favorite torture move.

“You’re mine now, Jayden.” Sam Hell rasps in his ear as his free arm swings around his neck and he pulls the struggling boy up tight against his sweating chest. The two combatants slip and slide against each other and Sam Hell holds him tight as his nutclaw works over Jayden’s boy-nuts, breaking down his defenses and laying into the squirming brat.

“Yes, Sam! Now you got him!” Bill whoops, punching the air as he comes in close to Jayden struggling against Sam Hell and punches him meanly in his belly that slightly sticks out as Jayden struggles for freedom.

“Give Chase my regards, dickhead!” Bill’s bony fist hits Jayden Gomez hard in the gut again, and Bill delights watching his knuckles blasting up against Jayden’s abdomen which he could not even prepare for the blow. Bill smirks, his eyes lighting up as he hits Jayden again, this time right in his belly button.

Jayden Gomez can no longer make words, only grunts and groans as Sam Hell squeezes his pride and joy while Bill warms up his abs.

“Yes, little one…make him regret what he did to you!” Sam Hell growls as his fingers squish and squash Jayden’s nuts. Hell delights as his full hands warp Jayden’s overgrown testicles, but his favorite parts are the sharp intake of breathes, the wincing, and the jolts of his nemesis writing within his arms. Sam Hell is in full control now and Bill is not doing too badly either as he works away at Jayden’s abs with his small fists. Seeing the boy capitalize against his adversary and that mean vengeful grin spreading over Bill’s face, Sam Hell sees a mirror of himself and this of all things gives him real pride. Bill is under his wing now, and Sam Hell wonders if the Devilboy’s apprentice needs a nickname of his own.

Jayden Gomez is losing ground, and quickly. He needs to pull out of this fast or else, he’s lost. Using the last of his reserves he swings his head backwards crashing his skull up and into Sam’s chin slamming his jaws shut and cutting off his laughter. The arms around him begin to loosen, and as Bill winds up for another punch Jayden kicks forward grabbing onto both of Sam’s upper arms and double kicks Bill in the stomach making him fall forward. Jayden is still pulling on top of Sam Hell’s shoulder and the two foster brothers collide face first nailing each other in a deafening head-butt.


“Arghhh!” Sam Hell howls clutching his temple.

“Ughhhhhhh!” Bill groans weakly, his dazed eyes staring blankly as his pink tongue lolls from his sweet boyish mouth as all three of them collapse in a pile on the mattress.

Jayden’s young muscles strain, determined to capitalize but he finds himself pressed against the floor by Sam’s muscular writhing body with the additional weight of Bill sprawled on top. His situation is only improved slightly as Bill tumbles off to the side, barely conscious and nursing his throbbing head.

Sam Hell is clearly still dazed and Jayden, breathing hard spreads his hands into a press up position and powers upwards with all his might trying to shrug the heavy older teen off of him. He’s partially successful but falls backwards winded and breathing hard. Jayden was already tired at the start of this fight and his lack of energy shows as he pauses to catch his breath still trapped by Sam’s considerably bulk slumped over his lower torso.

“Get off me!” Jayden demands grunting.

Bill is moaning nearby him, and as Jayden looks forcibly up at the sky again he contemplates how he got here and how often he gets into fights. Jayden seems to get jumped or attacked quite a bit and it’s starting to get old. Jayden’s eyes narrow as he peers around to evaluate Sam’s hunky frame slumped above him and then he sees an opportunity as the gap widens between the devil-boy’s powerful writhing thighs. Jayden’s fingers thrust forward deep into Sam Hell’s shorts and quickly find their target. It’s over now, Devilboy! he thinks meanly as his strong fingers grab a full handful of Sam Hell’s treasures.

“Well what have we here, Sam?” Jayden snarls angrily.

“Huh?” Sam’s eyes bulge as he peers down to see the youngster’s arm delving deep into his shorts “Damn you Gomez! Grrrrr! Get off my coins!!!

“They don’t feel like coins to me,” Jayden smirks taking his time to fondle the tough teen’s beloved danglers. The warm dangling orbs feel rather boyish in size compared to what Jayden’s used to,  especially compared to Gino’s ripe manly plums or even Chase’s juicy damsons but to Sam’s credit they do feel surprisingly solid and Jayden shudders excitedly at the challenge of cracking Sam’s sturdy orbs. “You know Sam, for such a big, macho thug you’re not very impressive where it really counts, are you? Especially compared to a real man…like me.

Jayden rarely brags about his impressive gonads, especially since his older boyfriend Chase is so hyper-sensitive about how his “big balls” stack up in comparison. However when it comes to the despicable devilboy, Jayden feels no qualms about humiliating his rival.

“Bullshit!” Sam growls angrily “My…devil coins are far mightier than your…ugh… puny boy-balls! I’m not weak like other men!”

“Mightier? Yeah right!” Jayden laughs meanly as he squishes the contents in one hand then pulls the firm testes down to the end of his ballsack and makes a fist “Look! They’re just a rather average pair of balls, Sam,” he adds meanly. “But if you want ‘coins,’ I can help flatten them out for you.”

Jayden hits Sam’s balls bunched at the end of his sack with a mighty swing of his fist punching him solidly in his scrunched up, and tightly packed sack. Sam’s nuts have nowhere to go as Jayden’s knuckles rack down the middle hearing the squelch as his hammering fist connects again brutally.

“Huuuuughhh!.... oh you BITCH!!!” Sam exhales sharply as his body jolts upright, then he grimaces reaching down to seize Jayden’s fist while his other hand tries to console his throbbing balls which are still bunched together in a tight bulge above Jayden’s painful grip on nutsack. He shakes his head with an angry grunt, his powerful pecs flexing involuntarily and manages to gasp through gritted teeth. “Is that all you got, boy?”

“Yeah! You can take it, Sam!” a shrill voice calls out earnestly. Bill has crawled a few feet away to tend to his throbbing temple and looks up blinking as he tries to reassure his compromised hero “Your devil-coins are invincible, right?”

“Fuck yea…AAHHHHH!” the stubborn growl turns into a roar of anguish as Jayden yanks on Sam’s trapped bollocks then adds a vicious nut-twist stretching his ball and vocal chords to their limit like an inept piano tuner.

“Oh I’ve got plenty more, tough guy?” Jayden hisses untwisting the hunks strangled testicles, offering the briefest respite for Sam to submit but clearly in no mood to show any real mercy to his despised nemesis.

“Fuck you!!! Ugh! You’ll fucking regret this Gomez!” the muscular bully snarls gazing down at his throbbing nuts then shudders, turning suddenly pale as he sees the youngster hand slowly rotate into another vicious corkscrew this time in the opposite direction. “Don’t you DARE Gomez! No, no, no….Ugh!!!…SHIT! Oooooh…fucking baaaAAAALLLSSS!”

Bill can only watch aghast as his mighty hero bellows in pain, pounding his fist uselessly into the concrete, his mighty muscles rippling as he writhes and flails, unable to cope with such clinical destruction of his rugged genitals.

“Sam! No!” Bill gasps in horror, gazing in empathy at his stepbrother’s mangled gonads that look about ready to burst under Jayden’s emasculating grip. He can hardly believe those are the same manly orbs that Bill loves to squeeze whenever he and Sam lie naked in bed together. Sam is always willing to showcase his incredible pain tolerance and only Bill’s tightest squeeze can make Sam’s jawline clench and his lips tighten into that sexy warrior snarl…God, it makes Bill cream his pants every fucking time!....So how the hell is Jayden managing right now to conquer those same unbreakable orbs?

Drowned out by Sam’s screams, Bill dashes forward and pounds his bony fist into Jayden’s hefty boy bulge.

“Ooof! Son of a bi…ugh! My boynuts!” Jayden groans and turns angrily “Fuck off Bill! Leave right now or your puny balls are next!”

“You can’t tell me what to do, anymore!” Bill puffs up his little chest proudly as he slams another cowardly punch into the young wrestler’s bulge.

“Aaahh! Damn you, Bill! My balls!” Jayden snarls, trying to breathe through the sharp pain. In his anger he squeezes even harder on Sam Hell’s plums making the big stud holler in pain.

Bill doesn’t pack the heaviest of punches but he knows Jayden’s chunky meatballs must be weakening from the accumulated blows. His despised ex-boyfriend will be out of commission very soon if he can just land a few more punches into those fat hens-eggs that are visibly bulging in his silky shorts.

Taking careful Bill throws his full weight into his next punch, and Jayden manages to twist his pelvis at the last moment. Bill’s fist crashes into it his bony hip and he curses under his breath “Fuck!” as he gives his hand a good shake.

Jayden smirks as he squeezes Sam Hell’s nutsack even harder.

Sam growls, his fiery eyes hazing over with in a thick layer of intense pain. The two slippery balls between Sam Hells thighs squish and squash in Jayden’s tight fist as he mashes the two nads together. Jayden can already feel their sturdy shells weakening under his intense grip so now he engages his thumbs to attack the very epicenter of Sam Hell’s manhood. With a determined scowl Jayden thrusts his thumbs brutally into the Devilboy’s trapped testicles, feeling the defiant orbs distorting as the shield-wall starts to crumble under the overwhelming pressure.

Sam Hell can only grasp weakly at Jayden wrist, his other hands clutching his stomach as the stabbing pain shoots up into his guts. He wants to scream out his submission but somehow his futile defiance prevails.

“I…will…kill you, Go…mez!” the Devilboy gasps angrily as he writhes in pain then his gaze turns down to his crotch as he whimpers to himself “My fucking coins! Uuuuurhhhhhrggggghhh!”

“Leave Sam, alone! Hold on, I’ll save you!”

Bill tries to shove Jayden away but is unable to break the death-grip on Sam’s gonads. Jayden has the bit between his teeth now and is not letting go now. He’s like a shark making its kill and his jaws are already locked onto his prey, his fingers clamping down like teeth to drain the life from his victim.

With a final determined growl Jayden finishes off his opponent, his thumbs skewering the tough teenager’s man-eggs, penetrating past the fractured shell then plunging inside to make mince-meat of the fragile sperm making organs within and Sam Hell screams. An animalistic roar that reverberates from the alley walls, escalating into a deafening crescendo as Jayden destroys Sam Hell’s impressively strong testicles. Even the mightiest warriors can fall and the Devil-boy’s fiendish red eyes broaden suddenly then quickly fade as Jayden clinically destroys him with one devastating move.

Consumed by rage, Bill leaps behind Jayden and wraps a thin arm around his neck pulling him into a choking headlock and Jayden barely has time to react, taking a big gasping breath knowing what’s coming and it’s just as well as Bill yanks him back against his tight frame cutting off Jayden’s air flow.

Jayden falls back, pulling the Devilboy along by his nuts, his thumbs still buried inside mashing the ruined demon-makers but Sam Hell is clearly out of commission and Jayden now has to deal with Bill.

Jayden desperately needs air, his face is flushing bright red as Bill tightens the hold restricting his airflow so Jayden drops Sam Hells coins and tries to extract Bill’s arm from his neck.

“I got you now, Jayden.” Bill grunts with effort, keeping his thin arm wedged into Jayden’s neck denying him the sweet taste of the evening air as the light above loses its power slowly sinking behind the ridges of the tall walls and casting the three boys in semidarkness. Bill has Jayden where he wants him now and the bigger teen struggles, wildly kicking his feet, as he struggles to slide a finger or two between his neck and Bill’s arm. Bill is not holding back though, furious at Jayden for wrecking his plans and using those dirty tactics to hurt his magnificent step-brother. Most of all though, Bill is determined to make sure the Brady boys triumph today and Jayden Gomez will learn to fear their name!

Jayden squirms unable to make a sound, as Bill chokes him. He’s starting to fade, and Jayden can feel a darkness creeping in around the edges of his vision that has nothing to do with the disappearance of the bright ball of fire causing him to sweat this summer evening. He’s jerking wildly in complete vain to get free, the hopelessness overwhelming Jayden as he feels his strength falling away and Bill only pulls him more tightly in his unending squeezing embrace.

“Nighty, night Jayden,” Bill smirks as Jayden stops struggling, his strong young arms falling limply to his sides.

Bill freezes, slowly releasing the pressure. Jayden’s body finally gets some air, but he’s no longer conscious. Bill did it!!!

He looks down at Jayden as he drops him to the filthy mattress, watching his chest rise and fall and Jayden’s head turned slightly to the side eyes closed. In sleep, Jayden reminds Bill for a brief moment of the two together but then he hears Sam Hell whimpering miserably

“Fuck! My coins…he broke my fucking coins…I’m done for!”

Bill scrambles past Jayden, kicking him in the side for good measure as he passes him on the way by.

“Sam, I’m here!” Bill squats down next Sam, putting one hand on the rock solid muscled shoulder of his idol. Bill’s tender touch and the heart-felt empathy has a curious effect on Sam Hell, breaking down his natural barriers and for the first time he feels open to share his pain.

“Bill” croaks Sam, shifting slightly as he grasps at his tender testes, the pulsing of his balls throbs between his fingers forces his red eyes to roll back in his skull. He breathes deep, compelling and clearing his horse throat to work. “They hurts so bad…oh fuck, he…he crushed them…my fucking coins! The…cheating…evil brat…ooooughhhh!”

“No Sam! You didn’t submit to him, you can fight back,” Bill whispers fervently, his voice reassuring as he bends down, hugging his trembling fallen warrior from behind. Bill tucks his head against the crook in Sam’s neck whispering “You are still indestructible, you are unbeatable, and you are my hero Sam Hell. Nothing can, and no-one will ever defeat you, ever!” Bill’s heart slams against Sam’s back and he feels it coming, and knows that he is going to say the words. The phrase that he has been building inside of him for a long time.

Bill clears his throat, his voice suddenly weak and unsure as he wets his lips. His throat is dry but Bill pushes himself to say “And I…love you, Sam.” Bill tucks his face against, Sam’s neck breathing him in and kisses the space between his collarbone and his neck. The kiss is sweet, and gentle but rather fleeting.

Bill desperately wanting to stay in that wonderful embrace, to wait for Sam Hell’s response but he needs to make sure Jayden is no longer a threat. He rises reluctantly to his feet and as he pivots on his heels all kindness drains from his face as his blue eyes narrow into slits, like icicles as Bill locks onto his prey and boldly strides forward.

Jayden moans barely conscious on the ground, his fingers twitching as Bill approaches him.

Determinedly Bill seizes the moment and drops to his knees between Jayden’s thighs pushing them further apart and straining with the effort. Jayden’s body is limp, but Bill shoves his way closer feeling the heat wafting up from between Jayden’s spread-eagle vulnerable position. Bill can make out within the pouch the two hefty globes resting at the bottom of Jayden’s over-stuffed ball-sack.

Anger flares from deep within Bill as he grabs the fat scrotum by the neck, slightly tugging it up and away from Jayden’s limp and motionless body. Jayden does not stir, his breathing is steady as Bill pushes the two orbs until they bulge out, taut and straining while he lines up his other hand, fingers straight lined up with the fat orbs. Pursing his lips Bill eyes Jayden’s sleeping form as he swings a karate chop directly down the middle of both testicles trying to spit the manly orbs in half.

Jayden’s body jolts forward, but he slumps back down with only a pained frown creasing his brows before the honey colored skin slackens.

With a satisfied grin, Bill strikes again this time a heel thrust of his hand, while the other holds Jayden’s big testicles still. Another rippling shockwave courses through Jayden, causing the sleeping boy to moans and grumble before falling back into sleep.

With a shrug, Bill considers how best to put Jayden out of commission for good and a mean idea comes into his mind. Bill rolls Jayden’s fat nuts right next to his cockhead so that the three vulnerable targets are neatly aligned before him then balls his hand into a tight fist.

“Time for the one, two, three knockout punch Jayden.” Bill smirks at his choice of words then looks over his shoulder telling Sam, “His balls aren’t nearly as tough as yours Sam, and now I’m going to prove it, once and for all! I’m about to bring hellfire down on his sorry ass!”

With that, Bill lines up his bony fist and sends it crashing down aiming first for the middle target and scoring a sickening hit, mashing the crown of Jayden’s rubbery cock into the hard floor. CRUNCH! With a fearful yelp, the young wrestler wakes suddenly jerking bolt upright, his innocent brown eyes staring blankly in pain and confusion, his waking brain taking a while to get his bearings…he sees Bill, fist raised, aiming down between his legs…Fuck my cock hurts! Pain is surging up from between his legs and somehow he already know what Bill is targeting next Not my boy-balls!!! But it’s too late now.

THUD! Bills bony knuckles strike home nailing the center of Jayden’s fat left nut, flattening the fragile orb until the soft flesh is bulging obscenely either side of his fist threatening to burst through the skin.

“My BOY-NUUUUUUUT!!!” Jayden roars out right in Bills face his hands dropping down to clutch the boy’s wrist, his strong body writhing in pain as he tries to extract the fist that is still buried in his precious nut, almost splitting his precious young testicle in half.

“See Jayden! Your weak boy-balls are no match for the Devil-Coins!” Bill yells leaning forward to press all his weight onto his ball crushing fist, then his eyes light up with delight as he spies Jayden’s right gonad flopping exposed and defenseless. With a mean grin he raises his other fist and hammers it right into the soft target.

“Grrrrrrrrr!!!” Jayden groans in agony, veins and sinews popping out from his young muscles as he writhes helplessly, seizing Bill by the wrists, trying to spare his tortured testicles from the bony knuckles that are crushing his manhood.

“Never put all your eggs in one basket, Jayden!” Bill smirks gleefully at his mean little joke, thrilled to be finally dominating his ex-boyfriend instead of hiding in his shadow. In truth Jayden is everything that Bill has always wanted to be…popular, athletic, well-hung and so effortlessly attractive…so it is quite a thrill for Bill to turn Jayden’s magnificent testicles into a worthless pile of mush! Bill raises his head laughing like a maniac as he leans forward trying to emasculate the young wrestling captain.

“Aaaaiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!” Jayden shrieks as pain overloads his senses, alarm bells ringing so loudly in his brain that he is barely aware of the sound and sight of Bill, laughing like a jackal just inches from his face. His own scream of pain is deafening, almost drowning out the voice of reason urging him to do something to save his manhood. Gritting his teeth Jayden manages to control a few muscles in his right arm, closing his hand into a tight fist then slamming it forward.

Bills laughter is instantly snuffed out as a fist plunges deep and upwards into his navel making light work of the defined young abs he is so proud of. The heavy fist buries itself so deep into his slender guts it almost rattles Bill’s spine and the smaller boy is thrown backwards folded in half skidding on his butt before keeling over to his side gasping and groaning.

For the first time a serene calm fills the dark alley, interrupted only by the muffled coughs and groans from the three suffering boys and the occasional muttering of discontent…”Ow, my guts…hurts so bad”… and “Gomez! Ugh my coins…my fucking coins!”… and “Dammit not my boy-balls again, oh no and I’m meeting Chase later.”

Bill is the first to get to his feet, still bent over and rubbing his battered skinny-pack of abs. He seems to have lost all enthusiasm for the fight but a mean grin crosses his face as he sees his former boyfriend cross legged in the corner, moaning sadly with both hands buried inside his shorts.

“How are your boy-balls, Jayden? Not so proud of them now, huh?” Bill sneers down maliciously. “Serves you right for dumping me…and for strutting around like a hot-shot thinking you’re better than me!”

Bills eyes glisten with indignation as he berates his former lover, puffing his little chest up proudly as he steps boldly closer with a fearless expression but clearly cautious not to get within Jayden’s range.

“Anyway I don’t need a loser like you! I’ve got an invincible warrior on my side now.” Bill brags proudly “The Devil-Boy is more of a man than you will ever be, Gomez!” pointing to Sam Hell, slack jawed and slumped against the alley wall.

Jayden looks up frowning, annoyed at being scolded by a brat like Bill and frustrated that he can’t do much about it.

 “Sam Hell?….so he’s your new superhero now?” Jayden scoffs derisively still nursing his gonads and glances across at the stricken bully “You mean that red-eyed freak over there? Crying in shame because I broke his worthless little coins again…invincible my ass! Face facts Bill, he’s just a stupid weak-balled thug!”

Anger rises in Jayden’s voice, directing all his pent-up rage at Bill for instigating this cowardly attack. His cruel mockery of Sam Hell may be totally unjustified, but Jayden knows Bill too well and wants to provoke him into making a rash move.

“Bullshit!” Bill yells back clutching his fists, wanting to hurt Jayden some more but terrified of getting caught in the wrestlers clutches again so he turns around and yells “Get up Sam and finish him off!”

The devil-boy is still clutching himself and writhing in distress but at the sound of Bills voice his eyes open a crack, the two red slits just able to discern Bill standing over Jayden. “Bill? Oooooh fuck, my coins!... let’s ugh!...let’s just go home.”

“No Sam! You agreed!” Bill scowls and stamps his foot like a petulant child “If you don’t want to help me, I’ll do this alone.”

“Bill I can’t…please don’t!” Sam croaks up urgently then his face falls as Bill turns, stubbornly disobeying him and Sam can only watch aghast as his brave, foolish boyfriend launches himself on top of the young wrestling captain “Bill careful! Oh for fuck’s sake!”

“Ahhhhhh!” Bill yells leaping with faith as he slams into Jayden, burying an elbow into Jayden’s back and knocking him down sprawling into the mattress. Bill saw the move in a wrestling show and always wanted to try it. Jayden is thrown breathless across the dirty mattress, with Bill on top still wedged between his shoulder blades and nailing his useless spread arms away from his torso pinning him down.

Triumphant Bill moves his legs to trap Jayden’s lower half down, as he grins impishly at the fallen warrior splayed before him like swatted bird flung from the sky. Feeling his oats, Bill sits up in triumph “I’m gonna make you my bitch, Jayden!”

A groan comes from below, and Bill’s heartbeat picks up as he starts working over Jayden’s lower back, reigning down the blows with his quick white-knuckled fists. Each strike re-steals the breath from his former boyfriend and Bill delights in Jayden’s failure at being unable to stop him.

Unsatisfied, and unappeased Bill sits back knowing full well that the only thrill to this game is getting back to pounding on Jayden’s most vulnerable boynuts and his desire to get his fingers back on the dense orbs is overpowering. Reaching backwards Bill plunges a hand deep between the crack of Jayden’s ass searching for the hidden treasures beneath Jayden’s frames and he comes into contact with them almost instantly. Bill knows Jayden’s balls so well, and how they hang deep in his nutsack. Jayden is slick with sweat and the heavy orbs give off a heat that makes Bill’s mouth salivate, the drooling puddling around his tongue. Swallowing hard, Bill smiles as his fingers tickle the bottom of Jayden’s testicles. The heavy orbs react in pulling up closer to Jayden’s taint, clearly afraid but this only makes Bill want to crush the retreating gonads even more.

“Bill” Jayden spits, his lips tasting the rankness of the dirt filled mattress. “Get off, me!” but it comes out as “Geth off, me!” as his tongue brushes up against the used fabric.

“I don’t think so, Jayden you have not learned your lesson…yet.” Bill’s fingers itch to squeeze, but again Bill forces himself not too as he reaches further inside Jayden’s privates and find the slithered outline of Jayden’s coiled, and docile sleeping serpent. He brushes the head gently as if telling it to ‘Wake up, now.’ Jayden stops breathing and curses under his breath as Bill’s fingers trail along the length down to base and giving that a casuistry squeeze.

Jayden breathes in as Bill gropes him and tries to push himself up, his arm muscles roaring with flared anger as he pushes all the way up into a strong plank, his body trembling all over trying to support Bill’s weight.

“Wow,” Bill says, clearly impressed with the show of raw strength but the angle only gives him better access to Jayden’s nether region and gives Jayden’s noddle a quick pump. “It’s like I am blowing you back up!” Bill observes as fondles Jayden’s succulent and plump goodies, bringing his other hand around to double fist Jayden and to attempt to lengthen the mighty rod.

“Careful…you wouldn’t want to land on this!” Bill describes as he jacks away at Jayden’s cock.

Jayden’s eyes narrow and gives his back a mighty shake, like a wet dog in a quick back-and-forth swing that launches Bill on the third jerk. Bill lands and rolls to the edge of the mattress as Jayden breathes a sigh of relief, and tucks his cock back down in his underwear but the head crests the lip of his tight briefs and gives a swell of jubilation as Jayden merely grazes it and he oozes out a splash of pre-cum wetting his stomach as he glowers at Bill eyes turned to slits.

“Run!” Sam Hell commands, his voice full of fear and raged as he tries to stand but his damned fucked coins bring him back down, he feels sick to his stomach and he tries not to drop his lunch on the floor of the ally way.

“No, Sam!” Bill boasts boldly getting into a fighting stance, and raising up his fists. “I am taking my route back, along with giving Jayden…the bully what he deserves!”

“I’m the bully?!” Jayden says, exasperated. ‘What world does Bill live in?’ he thinks.

“Yes, you are!” Bill rushes him as he’s surprised Jayden who mystifyingly looks at Sam Hell for an explanation as to what Bill is on about. Jayden can’t fathom how Bill could paint himself as a victim, and him as the villain. And it takes him by complete surprise as Bill lands before him skidding on his knees and drawing back his arm eyes locked on Jayden’s ample and undefended goods in his shorts.

Jayden gulps and puts up his hands as if to surrender, as if that would give him some ounce of protection. It does not. Bill’s fist clobbers him, hard. Knuckles first slamming into both testicles in a perfect hit. Jayden’s balls slap his ass cheeks but he’s already fallen and not even sure how he got to the mat again as pain shoots through his abdomen and the sources of which appear stuck in his throat as he tries and fails to suck in a much needed head clearing breath.


“More like instant pudding cups smashed against a wall, Jayden,” Bill merrily chirps, practically skipping around him joy filling his middle as he gloats over Jayden’s devastation.

Bill loves the feeling of cracking Jayden’s nuts, and he holds nothing back as smiles down at the foe.

Staring down at Jayden face down on the mattress like this, half curling up and groaning about the state of his boyballs instantly brings him back to when Gino strung Jayden up and invited him and the other swim team members to get a shot at busting his balls. Gino was so convincing, and manipulating bringing Bill and his friends to bust Jayden, but Gino had other ideas as busted load after load out of both Chase and himself. Jayden is just like Gino, Bill decides then and there manipulative and cunning. Bill has to finish him, so that Jayden and everyone else who ever messes with him will know…that he is not a push-over. Bill Brady is…

“Hey I thought of a name for myself, Sam.”

“What?” Sam croaks rubbing at his sore scrotum.

“From now on, I am…Beastboy!”

Bill swings his foot up and into Jayden’s legs spotting the small outline between Jayden’s fingers of one of his big eggs. His sneaker plunges in, sending another shockwave through his lower half as Bill clips his left nut on the bottom and smacking it so hard into the right one that Jayden sees stars and his vision goes hazy as he rolls onto the dirty ally floor. Dirt, and mud cover his arms sticking to the light sheen of sweat but Jayden barely notices as he lets out a piercing scream. His voice echoes back to him, and hits him all over again as pain, nerve ending, and sharp white bursts so hot in his cupped hands that he thinks he might cry as he feels the area around him darken as Bill squats over him telling Jayden “Suck it, bitch!” Bill drops his small ballsack onto Jayden’s forehead. The tiny robin eggs dangle and plop so softly that Jayden barely feels it but the must of Bill’s crotch hits his nostrils and he moans in both disgust and his endless misery.

“Beast-mode has been activated sucker, and the beastboy strikes again!” Bill stands up now flicking his thin dick like a helicopter around in a circle as he peers down at Jayden making a frowny face. “I’ve finally beaten you Jayden…now give me that paper route or else I will make you suck it!”

To be concluded


Anonymous said...

Jimmy, It was so much fun writing this with you. I really liked the method we used this time…each writing a few pages then handing over the reigns. It was fun how we each pulled the storyline in different directions but it still reads cohesively.
Hope your readers enjoy and i look forward to Part 2 being published.

Anonymous said...

In this story, the highest degree of injustice. Probably, it should be so if we want to hit the balls to each other. I believed Jayden would stand up, but that's not the end of the story. The author used new situations of attacking balls. Thank you! I hope Google translated my thoughts correctly)

Anonymous said...

This story is very hot!
Guys, I'm an adult who likes kicking in the balls. If you like ballbusting, then write me an email . I wouldn't mind giving you a photo or video of me hurting my balls.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Reg,

This really was a great story to write with you, and it was so easy to do so! The story flowed so well, and I can already see that everyone on the blog is happy to see your return to writing! Our readers are loving it!



Hi Anonymous,

Yes, this is not the end of the story! Don't count Jayden out, and the translations came through. I hope that you like the next one!



H Anonymous,

Glad that you liked it!


Anonymous said...

Jayden digging his thumbs deep into Sam Hell's coins, cracking that "invincible" shell and skewering his balls was definetely the HOTTEST part of the story, fucking hell, Jayden is brutal, hopefully the "beast boy" gets the same treatment though I highly doubt it with how battle damage Jayden's own boy nuts are and how little damage Bill had during the whole match, or who knows maybe Jayden will be up for the challenge, can't wait for part 2!

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Bill is just jealous he never got to do it with Jayden, also, I'd love to read a story between Bill and Sam alone, they may be evil, but their dynamic is cute as hell

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you liked that part. I love it when cocky tough guys get reminded of their own weakness. Reg

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else feel a teeny bit sorry for poor Sam Hell here? He only wanted to defend Bill and make Jayden apologise for a perceived "injustice"....and Jayden goes straight for his nads with a full force kick followed by a brutal heel stomp.
We can't really blame Jayden for getting his revenge in early but it's a bit harsh on our lovable / demonic villain.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

Yeah, for me it was so satisfying to write Jayden dominating Sam Hell. The pair has quite the history, and Jayden getting his chance again to put Sam in his place feels good to write. I hope that you like part 2, it's out now!



Dear Anonymous,

A story about Bill and Sam Hell alone? I can see what I can do!



Dear Reg,

I'm sorry that no one feels bad for Sam, he certainly did put his devil coins on the line, but I am assuming that no one feels bad for him at all because they are invinsible after all. What harm could possibly be done to them?
; )


Anonymous said...

Surely the worst thing about having invincible constantly having to prove it! Or at least try

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

That has been one of the harder parts for Sam Hell. Those invincible devil coins of his always seem to get tested...

You would think that he would learn from this, but he certainly has not!