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Cups: Fully Protected? Part 1 of 2 written by Jimmy and Y1ddo


Cups: Fully Protected?


By Jimmy and Y1ddo


Ballbusting Boys: The championship rematch: Bartlet vs. Midtown (part 2) - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

Ballbusting Boys: Rex gets his revenge - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy and Y1ddo) -previous encounter/history between Zach and Rex if you want to read up on their feud before starting this one. You do not need the history to enjoy this story, but it certainly adds to it.

 Warning: Includes ballbusting. Contains traces of forced semen. You have been warned.

On campus, Logan is sitting with Zach drinking a beer, reminiscing about how he put Chase into his place* (Man of the House: Chase or Logan).


“Chase really thought that he could beat me,” Logan shakes his head and takes another swig, sloshing back another full gulp from his beer bottle.


“Kids these days… That reminds me, you got schooled twice now by one of Chase’s friends…what’s his name…oh yeah, Rex!” Logan laughs merrily, thumping Zach on his back. “Man, imagine being beaten by the skinny fourteen-year-old time after time! Hahah!”


“Shut up,” Zach says, frustration coming to him. “I could have beaten him, but I felt bad. He caught me off guard…”


“You keep telling yourself that, you do lose most of the times you fight you know,” Logan points out rather smugly.


Grumbling, Zach quietly agrees. The 20-year-old jock delicately rearranges the huge bulge inside his jeans, remembering the torment his big boys went through last time he met the young swimmer.


“Hey… I got an idea buddy,” Logan puts an arm around Zach’s big shoulders, leaning in. “Why don’t you challenge little Rex again, but this time you’ll keep your big boys out of that brat’s reach. That way you will teach him a lesson!”


Perking up a bit, Zach frowns. “That’s not a half bad idea,” the frat boy agrees. The reminiscing about his loss makes Zach remember how much that sucked, and he crushes his beer can in his fist after he swallows the remainder “It’s about time I put ‘peanuts’ in his place.” 


Logan grins: “Okay,” and takes out his phone. The wrestler quickly starts texting, as Zach goes to get them both another round.


When Zach comes back, Logan is smiling. “I texted Chase. He was hanging out with the twins. Rex is totally game for it. Your challenge has been accepted.”


Zach gulps, remembering all the nut pain he experienced. He takes Logan’s phone and types in: “Rematch is with cups.”


Logan shrugs, laughs, and tells Zach: “Coward! You’ll probably destroy that young puny swimmer.”


A grin spreads across Zach’s face, as he answers: “That’s the plan, bro”.


Before he gets the chance to respond, Logan’s phone pings again. Rex has texted him directly. ‘If you can find one in the right size, sure…otherwise dinonuts, you are mine. And this time…it’s going to be a creamy finish.’


Logan reads Rex’s reply out loud, and the two share a laugh.


Then a puzzled expression crosses Zach face.


“Can Rex actually cum with what he’s got for plumbing?”


The two share a laugh again, and plan on meeting on Saturday. 


Logan tells Zach “After you put Rex in his place…I think I might challenge Max.”


“…Max? The twin?” Zach answer, puzzled.


“Yeah…he’s got a little bit of a crush on me, and I want to have a little fun with him.” Logan tells Zach.


Zach grins. “This is going to be good. Let’s wrestle at the same time. Maybe we can make them spunk together, they are twins after all.”


Logan laughs. “My opponent can cum. Yours might just get the shivers and shakes.”


Zach and Logan have another laugh, going back to hanging out each deep in thought of their soon to be victory over the twins Max and Rex. More beers are emptied, and Logan yawning curls up on the couch in Zach’s dorm room, passing out.



The next day, Zach comes noisily into his dorm room, waking Logan up. Logan is shirtless, only wearing his tight boxers. He blinks stupidly, as Zach informs him that they don’t carry his size. Online, or in stores.


“No one can fit my manly package in a sheet of plastic! So unfair!” The frat boy is obviously annoyed, but he still can’t hide his obvious pride in the sheer size of his valuable assets.


Logan, thinking quickly, gets an idea. “I know who we can go to get you one.”


“Who?” Zach asks interested.




“Fuck no, not that guy!”


“Your funeral then. Or…do you want me to text Rex back that you are backing out.”


Zach looks murderous. The hulking blonde storms around the room, before finally coming to stand in front of Logan.


“Tell that ball-crushing crazy techy to get his ass over here, and he better not be planning anything stupid!”


“Better plan, we invite him to my place, and Rex will be there. He can outfit both of you. That way…it’s fair.” Logan grins at the very idea, trying not to get too excited about it in front of Zach for fear that he might say no.


Zach runs his hands through his short, dirty blonde hair, thinking. “Yeah alright, let’s invite that tech nerd on Saturday then.”


Logan does, sending a text before he covers his head with a pillow. “Now let me get some sleep, I’m still hung over…” the teenage wrestler groans from beneath the pillow.


Logan is about to drift off when a punch hits him directly in his balls from above. Just the loud ‘smacking’ sound of his own nuts getting flattened, is enough to make the poor wrestler nauseous.


Leaping upright he grabs himself, groaning. “What…what was that for?” Logan complains. Feeling the steady pulse through his balls, he looks accusingly at Zach as the all too familiar pain spreads to his lower stomach.


Zach grins down at his hurting buddy. “I have a hookup coming over, and I need you out.”


“Fuck man…next time just tell me!” Logan starts to get dressed, still bending over. His head hurts along with his balls, as he carefully wobbles towards the door.


Zach smiles smugly at his hurting friend and smacks his buddy’s bubbly butt on the way out.


Logan turns around and gives him the middle finger before he heads out the door.



The big day is finally here, and Logan answers the door grinning at Zach and Vince.


Vince is carrying a suitcase and wears his white lab coat open, showing off his bare chest. Vince has a few small hairs just below his navel, but they tapper off quite quickly. Otherwise, his chest is smooth and clear. He’s wearing his tan cargo shorts quite low, and his glasses sits on top of his head.


“You do know that we aren’t filming today, right?” Logan asks him amused.


“Yeah, but it’s been forever since I starred in one of Alex’s productions. I wanted to, you know, get back into character,” Vince says smiling, stepping inside. “I already got Zach all measured up, and you said that Rex is tiny weenie. I think I got that covered too. This is going to be a blast!”


Vince is all smiles as he walks inside, but Jayden blocks his way.


“Who are you?”


Jayden, without any warning, kicks Vince as hard as he can between the legs.


Gasping, Vince drops his suitcase and falls to his knees.


Jayden’s foot is still lodged between his thighs, and the young teen smiles. “This is for those devices you made that were tried out on my boynuts.” * (Title to story I need to find)


Vince gulps, “Fuuck. Sorry about that.”


Jayden dislodges his foot, “You should be. And be nice to my friend today, or else…”


Jayden stomps the floor hard as he heads out to the next room, but not before he winks at Logan making him smile.


“You alright, Vince?” Logan asks the floored ‘doctor’.


“…not really.” Vince answers slowly, holding his balls tenderly.


Zach picks up his suitcase. “I’ll help you carry this. You did say that you missed this after all, though. Gino’s little brother was just helping you get back into character,” Zach chuckles.


“I…wish he didn’t. Give me a second.” Vince shuts his eyes, still cupping his balls. His lab coat falling around him on the floor, like a white flower petals after a summers end.


“See? You missed this fun. He’s only a fourteen-year-old, man up!” Zach says as he thumps Vince on the back, totally oblivious to the irony of his words.


Vince looks up at him. “Tell…Jayden, that’s his name? To kick your balls. Let’s see if he drops you too!”


“Nah… I already got my match today,” Zach shakes his head.


Rolling his brown eyes Vince stands up, his legs feeling sluggish. “Just…get me to the rest of the boys, and let’s get this started.”


It takes Vince a few minutes to set the scene. He uses standing curtains hanging from metal poles and foldout hospital beds to get his examinations on.


“Time to strip down boys,” Vince turns towards Zach. “Who’s your opponent, again?”


“That would be me,” Rex says confidently, as he steps forward.


Vince smiles as he looks at the two rivals in front of him. Zach towers over the young teenager, his bulging muscles are in stark contrast to the young swimmer’s skinny frame. But the most obvious contrast is the differing sizes of the bulges between their legs. While Zach is completely filling out the front of his blue jeans, with a distinct bulge highlighting the contents within, there is a modest bulge between Rex’s legs.


“What are we waiting for?” Vince says impatiently.


Zach wastes no time, and he quickly takes off his t-shirt and tosses it on the floor. The muscular jock winks at Vince, as he unbuttons his jeans and unceremoniously pulls them off. He is wearing a tight pair of white boxers, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. Zach’s sleeping anaconda is resting down the right leg of his underwear, while his big grapefruits are weighing down the front pouch, his lower hanging left nut threatening to slip out of the leg opening.


“Still sore?” Rex grins at his opponent’s bulging basket, reminiscing about the last time they faced each other.


Zach shifts uncomfortably and blushes.


“I’ve grown since last time, you know,” the young swimmer says, as he shows Zach his bony fingers. “Maybe I can fit both of your stupid ‘dinonuts’ inside my hand this time…” He closes his hand slowly, with a mischievous grin on his face.


Zach’s face is beet red, and he cups his vulnerable grapefruits protectively.


Vince watches the scene bemused, as Rex is taunting his much larger opponent.


“Don’t be shy big boy, show us your big nuts…” Rex chuckles.


Zach shakes his head worryingly: “No…”


“Quit messing around!” Logan says impatiently.


Rex gives Zach a final sly grin, before he starts undressing: “I’ll get back to you later, big balls…”


Vince seems a lot happier after he gets Zach and Rex in front of him in their underwear, and he steps right into character:


“Alright, a wrestling match between the two of you, each will be outfitted with a cup made by yours truly. This will be great! I have taken measurements, or close as could be over the phone…”


“I never gave you my measurements,” Rex protests, crossing his arms over his skinny chest. The auburn-haired boy shines his hazel eyes at Vince, and then back at Logan. “So how did he know?”


“Don’t worry, I filled in the details.” Logan explains. When this explanation does not seem to thrill Rex, he continues with: “I told him that your size is ‘tiny’.”


Rex’s face turns bright red. Behind him, holding his clothes is his brother Max, his twin. Max giggles and elbows Jayden. “Sounds about right. Extra small if you got one!” Max says.


Rex, wearing nothing but his underwear, looks ready to kill his brother. “I’ll get you back later, and this time I won’t hold anything back!”. The young swimmer then turns towards Logan, as he continues: “And you should watch your back as well, I know how to handle stupid jocks like you!”


Logan looks amusingly down at the young swimmer, feigning a worried expression.


“Easy there,” Chase says putting his hands on Rex’s shoulders. “Save it for the big doofus. You have to kick his ass again, third time if memory serves me.”


A smile appears on his face. “Yes, it will be. You better be prepared, Zach!” Rex says, his voice cracking.


Zach rolls his eyes, wondering why this sounded like such a good idea when he was drinking. But now…well, not such a hot idea after all.


“Hey Max,” Logan calls out walking over to the other twin, getting close up to him.


Max blushes. “Yeah?”


“To make this more interesting Zach and I were thinking, he faces your brother and I get to face you.”




“Him!” Chase says angrily.


“Yeah. Interested?” Logan ignores Chase completely, as he stares into Max’s eyes.


Max nods. “Sure, why not.”


“Cool. You know the stakes, right? First to cum.”


Max nods again. Mouth dry he says: “Sure, okay.” Max blushes, and it’s evident to all watching that the crush he has on Logan has never really gone away.


Logan grins and turns to Chase. “Yes?”


“Face me instead!”


Logan shrugs. “Not today.”


Chase balls his hands into fists, and Jayden comes to his side.


“Hey, it will be okay. You can face Logan another time.”


Chase is staring daggers at Logan, who smirks shrugging. “I have to get changed, enjoy the show…Chase.”


Jayden pauses thinking. “He’s doing this…on purpose. Why?”


Chase tries to get control of his anger as Max and Logan climb up on the additional hospital beds that Vince had to get from his car.


“I told Logan the other day, when he beat me, that next time I would get my friends to help me beat him…”


“Oh… that makes sense. I can see you saying that.”


Chase turns his anger on Jayden, who puts up his hands in surrender. “Chase, Logan is messing with you. He’s planning on putting Max and Rex in their places, showing you that he can take out all of your friends.”


“So what do I do?!” Chase says throwing his hands up in utter frustration, his blue eyes staring up at the ceiling.


“Well… if you were planning on revenge against Logan…what you should do, is plan for the unexpected.”


Chase turns to him interested now.


“Chase, Logan is planning on you bringing me, Adam or Max and Rex as back-up. Bring someone else, someone he won’t expect or see coming.”


Chase thinks, “I’ll have to think about that.”


“Good. Now you have to suffer through Logan kicking Max’s ass, but remember you are playing the long game. You aren’t afraid to lose a pawn in chess, you aren’t a checkers player. Got it?”


Chase nods. “He’s worth more than a pawn.”


Sighing Jayden settles up next to him. “Yeah I know Max is, he’s a bishop. But you can win without a bishop.”


Chase kisses him then, soft and tender and runs a hand through Jayden’s recently shaved head. “At least I have my queen.”


Jayden rolls his eyes, “Oh no way baby, I’m the king remember?”


Chase laughs and nuzzles his neck, kissing him before he bites the skin, leaving a mark.


Vince takes the stage. “Alright, we are finally ready.”


Jayden and Chase watches as the four boys on hospital beds, all dressed down to their underwear, get approached by Vince. Slowly he puts on his rubber latex gloves, eager to get started.


“Firstly, I trust that every one of you will bring your own singlet to the match? This way I’ll just have to take the measurements for your jock straps and cups” Vince smiles, looking at the four thinly clothed boys in front of him.


“I grew out of my singlet years ago… And I don’t use jocks, my big boys have a habit of slipping out, they are just too huge!” Zach answered with a slight grin, gently cupping his boxer-clad man bag.


“That doesn’t surprise me” Vince chuckles, as he approaches Zach’s hospital bed. The techy nerd’s eyes linger on the impressive contents of the frat boy’s underwear, and he notices that one meaty nut is slightly sticking out of the leg opening of the skimpy fabric.


Quickly, Vince scoops up the impressive meatball with his rubber gloved hand, giving it a gentle squeeze.


“I think I’ve got just the right solution for your rather ‘big’ inconvenience. I’ve created a new type of Lycra fabric, more stretchable than you could possibly imagine. It’s still in the demo phase, but I have produced just enough to create a pair of compression shorts. A whole new singlet would be a long shot though…” Vince finishes, letting go of Zach’s exposed testicle to the frat boy’s obvious relief.


Zach quickly stuffs his exposed meatball inside his underwear again, before looking up at nerdy tech guy beside him.


“No problem! This way young ‘peanuts’ over there at least gets to enjoy the sight of my stunning body, while I destroy him on the mats”. Confidently the frat boy flexes his muscular body, making his pecs dance from one side to the other.


Rex’s hands tighten at the remark. He manages to keep his temper though, deciding to save his aggression for later.


“Wonderful,” Vince smiles. “Now let’s start with the real work!”


His gloved hand wraps around the core of Zach’s masculinity through his underwear, and he brings down his other hand to fully embrace the ostrich eggs inside. “I’ve waited a long time for this,” Vince admits with a sly grin, as he roles the fat testicles between his fingers.


“Woah, what the fuck Vince? I already gave you my measurements, why’re you feeling up my junk?” Zach blurts out, a betrayed expression on his handsome face.


“I need to get a good feel of my costumers,” Vince answer matter-of-factly, while stretching Zach’s nut sack to its limit. “You want your babies to be properly protected, right?” he continues, giving the frat boy’s man bag a persuasive twist.


“Okay, okay, okay!” Zach almost shrieks, cross-eyed. “Just be careful please, remember my match!” he finishes pleadingly.


“That’s better” Vince answers satisfied, continuing to work over Zach’s massive assets. “I think we’re just about settled now. You’ll need a hell of a pouch at the front though, to fit these monsters in… not to mention the cup as well… And you’ll have to try and keep dry, my fabric seems to have some shrinking problems when in contact with water…”


“That should be no problem,” Zach answers confidently. “I’ve no plans of even breaking a sweat. Young ‘peanuts’ got lucky last time, but this time there’ll be no opening.”


“Speaking of ‘peanuts’,” Vince turns toward Rex in the hospital bed next to Zach. “This seems like an easy job, not many measurements required here I see…” he smiles teasingly down at the young swimmer.


Suddenly a hand shoots out from the hospital bed, as Rex’s fingers close around the mound between Vince’s own legs.


“I’d measure my words carefully if I were you…” the young swimmer says threateningly. “Or else,” he continues twisting his hand: “We’re not the only ones in need of a plastic piece of protection… And by the way, no touching!” Rex finishes, with a warning squeeze.


Vince gulps, and yips “Shiiiit!”


Rex’s smile widens, his amber eyes alight in mischief as he squeezes Vince’s balls harder. “Feels like you aren’t wearing any underwear Vincey. You want to get your nuts cracked, huh?”


Vince gulps, “No…I…ugh!”


Squeezing his fist one last time, Rex makes Vince gasp before letting go.


Everyone watches Vince bend over at the waist, holding onto his precious cargo in both hands. “Twice…in one day.”


“Twice?” Chase turns to stare at his boyfriend, who smugly smiles. “You were extra eager to get to the door. You got something against the guy?”


“You could say that,” Jayden explains with a slight smile.


Vince moans, and takes a few moments to fully collect himself. Rex watches him eagerly, one hand resting in-between his legs. He protectively pulls a bit at his small cock, as if he can make it grow by simply tugging the slightly bulbous end of his small sprout.


“To fully protect you, I have to see what you are packing.” Vince explains, still rubbing the soreness between his legs.


Rex, not sure if he buys it, shrugs as he gets harder after touching himself. “Fine, but watch the goods. These balls are lethal!”


Max snorts, and covers his mouth. He’s two gurneys away from Rex and he can’t help it.


“I’m going to kick your ass so hard after this!” Rex rages at his twin.


While Rex’s focus is on his brother and making rude hand gestures saying ‘Up yours!’, Vince moves in and tentatively moves his hands between the swimmer’s bare thighs grabbing his slight bulge that barely pokes out from between his legs. Vince feels the little stiffy for a quick moment, so tenuous and small, before he searches and locks onto the boy’s tight scrotum. The swimmer’s balls are small like marbles, maybe a bit bigger…or maybe not. Rex certainly has no extra space in his ball sack to roll around his tiny testicles.


“This should be easy to outfit,” Vince says unthinkingly.


Rex spins back, shouting: “I said no ‘touchy!’” and kicks his foot up with surprising quickness. His bare toes hits Vince’s balls in a perfect shot.


Vince squeezes Rex’s nuts unintentionally in response, as Rex’s battering ram toe kick rearranges the contents in his nutsack. He drops to his knees between Rex’s legs, staring at the boy above him sitting on the bed. The young swimmer is in echoing pain as well, as Vince still has his fingers wrapped around his balls and squeezes the kids tiny nuts.


“Get off!” Rex yells, kicking Vince again.


Vince does, and falls prone to the floor grabbing his balls and rolling around.


Rex rubs his balls, sighing as he touches himself. Vince didn’t really get too good of a chance to squeeze his nuts but they still ache a bit.


“I warned you,” Jayden says sitting on Vince’s chest, and knocking his hands away from his nuts as he reigns down punches from above, using his ballbag as punching bag instead.


The kid must be a boxer Vince thinks, as hit after hit slams into his twin targets. Jayden is merciless until Logan pulls him off saying “That’s enough, Jayden.”


Rex is smiling at Jayden, giving him a quiet ‘Thank you,’ which he mouths at him.


“Fine, but he’s done for the day,” Jayden answers reluctantly.


“Of that, that I am quite certain,” Logan chuckles as Vince curls into a ball, whimpering.


“Looks like I will take over for him,” Jayden grins, stepping forward. “May I Rex?” Jayden asks, not bothering with the rubber gloves.


“Sure, but to be professional you should dress the part, take his lab coat,” Rex suggests.


“Makes sense to me!” Jayden roughly starts pulling at the material, but Vince won’t budge from the ground.


“That one is messy, look at it!” Chase says. “Give me a second, I was a doctor a few Halloweens ago.”


Chase rushes upstairs, and before a minute pass he is back hanging Jayden a white lab coat which has been ironed. A nametag on the chest reads ‘Dr. Nutsqueeze’.


“A bit on the nose for you,” laughs Jayden.


Chase steps up to Jayden, helping to pull off his shirt and starring at Jayden’s pecs. “I like your chest better,” Chase says leaning in and kissing Jayden on his right nipple.


“Oh,” Jayden coos, as Chase moves over to the left licking just the tip as he slips on the coat over Jayden’s shoulders.


“That’s better, and way hotter.”


Jayden smiles shyly, and Chase yanks down his shorts leaving him in his white boxer briefs.


“You could not have planned to wear a better pair of underwear,” Chase says admiring him. “It will match perfectly,” Chase adds.


“He could have worn none, that also could have worked,” Rex says grinning widely.


The boys laugh and Jayden kicks his shorts away, only wearing his underwear and lab coat.


He approaches Rex smiling, “I’m sorry sir, Vince had…prior engagements. I’m the intern, you’ll have to put up with me.”


Rex smile widens. “Be thorough doctor, pretty please.”


Everyone laughs, and Jayden takes another step forward. “What do we have here?!” He pulls back the front or Rex’s underwear and peers inside, his face so close to Rex’s junk that he catches a whiff of him.


The laughter continues, but from Rex it’s a nervous chuckle expecting Jayden to say something mean. Jayden looks up at Rex his hand plunging inside the wide open trunks and feeling around, getting the full measure of Rex’s fully erect penis, and scrotum. Jayden squeezes Rex’s cock, paying extra attention as he announces: “We have a growing boy here, very healthy.” Jayden squeezes Rex’s cock again getting a reaction as he groans, his cock throbbing beneath his firm grip. “We don’t need a semen sample today, but come back later in the week and we can make that happen.”


Jayden winks, and two of his fingers slip beneath Rex’s erection fingering the small balls each digit poised on a teste as Jayden taps them gently. “Better watch out for these nuts, they are hard as rocks. You’re in trouble Zach,” Jayden says pulling his hand free. “They looks extra sturdy, and will not crack easily.”


Rex looks at him gratefully and says: “I’ll make sure to book my next appointment with you.”


“Please do, I need all the experience I can get.”


Jayden turns towards Zach: “Let’s get you investigated as well, big boy!”


Zach frowns at him, and shakes his head: “No way, kiddo…”


“I know all about your ‘investigations’, doc,” Zach continues, and reaches his hand towards the ‘doctors’ boxer-clad bulge. The muscular frat boy closes his fingers threateningly around Jayden’s heavy nut sack, and gives them a warning squeeze.


“Quite impressive, kid. Not as big as mine was at your age though…” Zach chuckles confidently, as he eases up the pressure on Jayden’s ‘boynuts’.


“Ugh, okay… okay! Just let go,” Jayden pleads.


Zach grins, as he let go of Jayden’s nuts. “I guess we’re even, kiddo.”


Jayden caresses his freshly squeezed oranges, with a slight grimace. “I’ll get you back so freaking good…” he thinks to himself, as he eyes the muscular frat boy laying confidently on the hospital bed beside him.


Stepping away, Jayden asks Logan and Max: “Are you two also getting cups?”


“I don’t need one,” Logan says.


“Me neither then,” Max agrees.


“Then a little investigation is necessary, just to make sure everything is in tip top shape for our competitors!”


Logan rolls his eyes, but Max jumps in: “Check me out next, doctor.”


Anyone looks at Max, and it’s obvious that he is already quite excited about the idea.


“Of course,” Jayden comes up to Max’s bed next.


Max unshyly pulls down his own underwear so that everyone can see exactly what he is packing.


“Am I a good, strong growing boy…in your professional opinion?” Max asks tilting his head to the side, his heartbeat picking up as his erection standing straight up and out points directly at Jayden. Max’s dick so much thicker, longer and more impressive than his twin, standing fully erect and trembling as it stares at Jayden.


Jayden gulps, “Let me find out.” Jayden feels a stirring in his loins, and tries to ignore it as he gets in close between Max’s thighs, the underwear pushes Max’s scrotum up, each plump nugget on either side of the throbbing strong boner. Jayden takes both hands, one to wrap around the end closest to Max’s root and feels the slight hairs so thin and scraggily, but they are there now. “You have hairs,” Jayden says quietly.


Max grins. “Yeah, they are new,” Max whispers back, his head tilting to his twin. “He does not know yet.”


“I won’t tell,” Jayden assures him, running his hand up and down Max’s cock a few times.


“Ahem, we don’t have all day,” Logan interrupts.


“Wait your turn please, the doctor has his hands full.”


Logan rolls his eyes, and looks at Chase to gage his reaction.


Chase has one hand down his shorts, and Logan rolls his eyes a second time in a row. “God, you guys are all so horny...”


“Yeah,” Chase says, his voice gruff. “How’s his nuts, Dr. Jayden?”


“Hmm, let me get a feel.”


Jayden reaches down scooping up both nuggets, one per hand. “You’ll need a good singlet pouch to protect these.”


“No pouch will protect them from me,” Logan says with a serious tone.


Max gulps, and Jayden gives his nuts a gentle, but reassuring squeeze. “I think you’ll be just fine.” Jayden places Max’s equipment back inside of his underwear and gives Max a firm squeeze targeting Max’s throbbing erection before he leaves.


“Will you need a semen sample from me later too?” Max asks.


Jayden pauses. “Of course, Max. Please come back soon.”


Walking over to Logan, Jayden can’t help his ‘it’s Christmas grin’ from appearing on his face.


“You must be Logan?”


Logan groans in annoyance. “Careful now doctor, I’m prone to wild mood changes. You’ve been warned.”


This gives Jayden pause, and he reaches down to touch his goods involuntarily.


“If you read my chart, I go low when I sense danger. No male doctor leaves unscathed. You sure you up for checking me out?” Logan asks, the danger evident in his remarks and his tone crystal clear.


Jayden takes a deep breath, before stepping closer. “As an intern I can also be rather unpredictable, I did what I had to do to get this far Logan…and let’s say some of the volunteers I explored in my learnings will always remember or both the marks I left behind.”


“OOOOOOooooooo,” the boys chant.


“I’m ready to proceed with the examination.”


Logan smiles. “Let’s see if that’s true. Step right up to the plate, slugger.”


Jayden moves in carefully, one hand covering his family jewels as he eyes Logan warily. Logan sits on the edge of the hospital bed looking smug, his bare feet gently swaying as Jayden approaches, his coy smile revealing nothing as Jayden gets closer.


Reaching out, his fingers tremble in the air, and Jayden licks his lips as he gets closer to the bulge in Logan’s underwear. Logan’s red shorts cover and contain his impressive set. Jayden can see the outline of his penis this close-up, and Logan can more than likely see his own if he were looking. Logan’s eyes are trained on Jayden, so blue like Chase’s but wild with intensity and speckled with a few jet black specks.


“Go on, what are you waiting for?” Logan encourages, and snatches Jayden’s wrist from the air yanking him against the bed with a bolt, his thighs hitting the mattress as Logan puts Jayden’s hand over his heart. His left pec is hard beneath his touch, and Logan’s smile increases. “Don’t back down now, Jayden.”


Jayden’s mouth goes dry as he lowers his hand, Logan’s hard nipple scraping his palm as he glides across it.


The hand slowly inches down each muscle group, and Jayden’s cock throbs painfully in his white boxer briefs straining to get in on the action. A cool sweat breaks out at Jayden’s temples as his fingers swim between the abdomen muscles, so pronounced and defined.


Logan’s smile grows as Jayden’s thumb flicks his belly button, and inches along to the waistband. The heat coming from Logan is almost too intense to endure.


“Almost to the good part.”


Jayden looks back up into Logan’s eyes, as his fingers fumble with the elastic band around his lower waist.


“Don’t get scared now when you touch me.”


“I’m not…”


“Shhh, your nose will grow, Pinocchio.”


Jayden’s eyes flash, and pushes his hand rest of the way feeling the dense forest of blonde pubes so very different than Max’s or his own as he finds what he has been waiting for.


Logan widens his legs as Jayden encircles the impressive girth and full length of his hanging pole, he’s flaccid but so much bigger than almost anyone he has ever touched…maybe even bigger than Gino.




“Yeah, that’s the usual reaction I get,” Logan smiles smugly. “I’ll be the next size down in the pouch category from Zach’s.”


“Still smaller!” Zach calls out.


Logan shrugs, completely unperturbed.


“Feel these,” Logan says taking Jayden’s other hand and putting it underneath his scrotum so that the full weight is felt in Jayden’s palm. Logan’s balls don’t fit in his hand, not surprisingly. However Jayden notices that his own scrotum might be the same size, if not pretty darn close. This makes Jayden smile, and Logan asks “What?”


“I think our balls are the same size,” Jayden says, all pretense of being the doctor long forgotten.


“Really? You are a growing boy…”


Logan reaches out towards Jayden, and the young teen widens his stance.


Grinning, Logan slides his hand down Jayden’s pole making him tremble and encompasses Jayden’s also impressive ‘boynuts’.


“Well, I’ll be damned…I think they are.”


Jayden and Logan share a smile as they fondle each other’s testicles.


“I’ll get you guys suited up now…I know everyone’s sizes.”


Logan grins “Good boy,” and gives Jayden a slight, but tenderhearted squeeze.


Jayden gasps lightly, and returns the favor. Logan only smiles back at him.


The two release at the same time, and Jayden shakes his head trying to get back into character as he hands out the singlets. He takes a while on the two cups and offers to help Zach and Rex put theirs on. Both decline, and Jayden can tell that they are mentally preparing for the match at hand.


Logan and Max do the same.


Everyone is dressed in their respective singlets, all except for Zach. Either his balls grew from the last time he owned a singlet, or they no longer carry a size that can house his mammoth genitalia. No one is quite certain.


Zach heads to the mats outside, followed by Rex. The two wrestlers are still fiddling with their cups, neither looking too happy with the fit. But after trying on a few extras, both admit that the ones Jayden picked out of the suitcase fits best.


Logan tells Zach from his corner: “This will be like taking candy from a baby.”


Zach grins back, standing tall in the center of the mat outside on the lawn. They aren’t too far from the pool, and the June sunlight is upon them early in the morning making Zach’s bare chest glisten in the light.


Rex on the other hand is dressed in a full singlet, the same one he used last time. The big change is that between his legs there is an actual bulge. Rex seems completely unused to this sensation, making him walk funny.


Max and Chase stand in a corner to back him up, while Jayden is in the middle again wearing just his underwear. It’s too hot for the lab coat, and Chase swears that he can’t find the referee shirt he wore last time.


“I’ll buy another one for next time, promise.”


Jayden rolls his eyes and tells the two combatants. “This match is different than before, it’s first to cum, only one round. Good luck boys!”


Blowing the whistle, that Jayden wears around his neck like a necklace Zach moves in. Rex has to stare up at his towering opponent, he’s just so tall in comparison.


“Well, we don’t know if Rex here can ejaculate Jayden… but I’m sure I can make him feel something… You need balls to do that.”


Rex’s face flushes, and his amber eyes narrow. “You’ll never get the chance to see what my balls can do!”


“Balls? Come on…we both know you only got M&M’s,” Zach teases. “I’m not even sure if they have descended yet. But I’ll find out soon enough!”


Zach makes the first move, moving in. Rex tries to move back in response, but Zach corners him at the end of the mat and grabs his singlet by the front, pulling him off the ground. Rex dangles in air, and he kicks forward with all his might.


His foot hits Zach’s cupped bulge with a loud ‘thud’, and Rex gasps as his bare foot is aching from where he hit the plastic.


Looking down at the bulge in his singlet, Zach grins as he barely felt anything from the low kick.  “This is going to be child’s play.”


Using both hands, Zach rips open Rex’s singlet at the top tearing the material straight down the middle to just below Rex’s small bulge with one huge rip.


Rex’s amber eyes go wide, as Zach swings him around until his back hits Zach’s chest. One hand is clutching the boy’s arms and chest to his body, while the other snakes down, the large hand completely covering Rex’s bulge.


“Shit!” curses Rex, as Zach grabs the bulge searching for the opening of the cup, seeking to remove it from play.


Max covers his face on the sidelines, and Chase puts a hand on his shoulders. “This is going to be bad,” Max says, fear in his voice for his brother.


“No!” Rex struggles, kicking wildly but nothing stops Zach from pulling out his cup and tossing it high into the air. The cup lands with a small splash in the center of the pool, as Zach drops Rex to the mat below.


Landing on his back, the air is taken from Rex as he shakes his head trying to clear his thoughts. Zach is suddenly sitting on his thighs, his knees trapping Rex’s legs. Quickly, one strong hand captures Rex’s wrists and pins them above his head. The young swimmer’s torso is bare, the shreds of the singlet fanning out like broken wings around him. Rex’s heart hammers in his chest and his jockstrap, the last piece of protection, glares ominously in the light of day.


Zach still has a free hand, and his finger crawls his way down the center of Rex’s chest. His thumb snakes its way underneath the waistband of the jockstrap, and Rex’s flaccid cocklet appears plastered to his skin showing the same coloring as the rest. Rex’s small ballsack completely on display appears like a walnut, but slightly darker in color. This is what Zach grabs onto, his thumb not sure which ball to squish first.


“Should I play eeny, meeny, miny, moe…? Or just crush both? Do you have a preference Rex?” Zach asks pressing his thumb against Rex’s left ball and trapping it against his pelvic bone.


Rex struggles, pulling his wrists, and trying to move his pinned thighs. He does not answer, so Zach decides both and closes his hand around the walnut sack, Rex’s marbles tucked inside as he squeezes.


A groan comes from deep with Rex and his amber eyes stare pleadingly up at Zach, as he crushes his hopes of another victory with a squish. Rex’s balls have nowhere to go, and his nuts are hammered from all sides by Zach’s three fingered squeeze. Rex pants, as fresh waves of pain rip through him and he forgets everything but the ball crushing pain coming from his loins.


“Ahhhhhh!” Rex hollers, his back arching up as his fingers and toes curl inwards. Zach squeezes harder, increasing his grip, and watches Rex writhe beneath him.


While Zach watches his opponent roll around, or what little he can, his eyes linger on Rex’s worm waiting for it to plump up and harden. It doesn’t.


Zach decides to switch tactics, as the win will be decided differently this time. He backs off with his nutclaw, and Rex starts breathing faster, his eyes twisting back from his skyward glance to see what Zach intends to do next.


“Wait, don’t!” Rex pleads.


Zach slaps Rex’s privates, hitting him straight on and catching both nuts and dick in one downward smack.


Rex clenches his teeth and moans in response.


Zach does not notice any movement from the boys cock so he tries a few more quick smacks, left and right and left again. Rex’s walnut sack swings left and right and wobbles back, his balls stinging in agony as Zach hits him again. Rex cries out and he squeezes his eyes shut.


Taking pity on him, Zach picks up the droopy penis. It’s redder from Zach’s forceful slaps but he wiggles it a bit in hand, and this stops Rex from moving as he moans.


“Keep that up,” Logan says from behind him. “Get him hard,” he encourages, wanting this match to end so his can begin.


Rex’s cock starts to plump up, and Zach ponders if he ever was this small. He knows that he didn’t always have this big of a cock or balls, but he can’t ever remember himself being this…well, unimpressive.




Rex’s face crinkles and scrunches up as Zach manhandles him, and his cock betrays him and gets harder. His tiny warrior is fully hard now and sticking straight up along his abs, pointing to his belly.


“Now we are ready, right? Remember, this ‘creaming’ shit was your own idea…” Zach muses his thumb, toying with Rex’s tip.


“Fuck me,” Rex grumbles.


Zach notices him no longer struggling, ‘The young kid must be giving up’ he thinks to himself. He’s able to jack Rex off with two fingers, using his other three to grab Rex’s tiny balls. They have almost doubled in size being worked over, and Zach decides to give them another warning squeeze.


“Not my balls…not again!” Rex pleads.


“This just isn’t your day kid, it’s mine to win!” Zach squeezes harder, the small balls bending beneath his strength. While he jacks Rex’s cock with his free fingers, the hardening tool grows hotter beneath his guidance.


Rex shakes his head, his body laying perfectly still. During Zach’s rough treatment Rex slowly worked his more dominant hand underneath the other, so that where Zach’s fingers bordered his wrists the fingers were placed where his dominant hand now rested.


“I didn’t even get to hit you in the balls once, that kick didn’t count…you felt…ugh…no pain!” Rex pleads before he moans. “Come on…give me one good shot. You know you’ll win anyways.”


“Not gonna happen…”


“Then at least let Logan fight my brother now. I want to cum when he does.”


“I don’t think you can cum…but sure, I can make sure of that. Hey Logan, Max! Rex and I want you two to wrestle now too. Rex needs the eye candy to blow his ‘massive load’.” Zach laughs at his own joke.




Zach looks down. “Remember who has your balls,” Zach says, squeezing Rex’s nuts hard.


Rex opens his mouth, letting out a silent scream as Zach increases his grip squeezing Rex harder and harder.


Across the other side of the mats, Logan looks over at Max. “Ready?”


“As I ever will be,” Max says, with no confidence at all.


“Good enough, come face me. I will give you the first hit.”


Max smiles at that and approaches Logan, ready to give him a good one.


“You mind?” Max asks the blond wrestler shyly, indicating that his opponent should spread his muscular legs.


Logan happily obliges by spreading his massive thighs, giving Max full access to the protruding mound inside Logans tight-fitting singlet.


“Three hits,” Max pleads, as he carefully wraps his hands around his opponent’s ample baby makers. “Or one full minute of squeezing” he adds, while increasing his pressure on Logan’s family jewels.


Logan winces at the sudden pressure on his babymakers, and he grabs onto his opponent’s smaller wrists. “Three hits,” the teenage wrestler allows, “But remember to tread carefully, I will get back to you later…” he threatens with a serious glare.


Reluctantly Max let go of his opponent’s impressive assets, not daring to look him in the eyes. Instead, he walks around the muscular wrestler, allowing him to get a full view of Logan’s incredible physique from behind.


The teenage wrestler’s singlet is clinging to his muscular back, and beneath Max takes in the view of his opponent’s bubbly butt. Just below, Max can clearly make out the outline of Logans twin nuggets hanging low inside his singlet pouch, his most prized possessions.


Max knows just what to do now. He gives his opponent no warning message as he launches his foot directly into the inviting target between Logan’s muscular legs. His kick gets cushioned by Logan’s surprisingly soft package, eliciting a loud wet ‘splat’ on contact.


Before Logan even gets the chance to register what’s happened, Max sends another thundering strike between his wide-spread legs. Logan’s nutsack swings wildly, hitting his muscular abs with another wet ‘splat’, before dropping back down low inside the pouch.


Finally, Logan’s nerve center registers the brutal assault on his sensitive reproductive organs, and he lets out a grunt as he haunches over at the knees. “Fuuuck … I forgot that I was facing the Roshambo champion,” he lets out hoarsely, nursing his big balls.


“You bet,” Max responds confidently, as he walks back in front of his hurting opponent. “And we’re not finished yet,” he adds gleefully.


Max grabs onto Logan’s short blonde hair and yanks him upwards, forcing him back to a standing position. “Maybe you should have gone for the squeezing instead,” he smiles up at Logan, with a glint of mirth in his eyes. “Now, I want to look you in the eyes for the next one…” the young twin smiles mischievously.


There is no humor to be seen on Logan’s face, as he reluctantly let go of his nutsack. “Go on then. Trust me, I’ve been through lots worse,” he stares coldly down at the young teen.


Max hesitates slightly, as he knows this one hit has got to count. With a determined expression, he steps back a couple of steps before making a running start towards his opponent.


Max’s bony kneecap rams full force into Logan’s heavy fruit basket, perfectly hitting the two twin targets dead on. The young teen leaves his knee between Logan’s muscular thighs, enjoying the feeling of the delicate orbs pressing against his bony knee.


“Dead on!” Max shouts triumphantly, and he chuckles at the sight of Logan’s surprised expression. The 18-year-olds face displays a mix of pain and disbelief, his mouth wide open without managing to make a sound.


Slowly, Max lowers his foot, allowing Logan to sink down to his knees. The reigning high school wrestling champion buries his hands between his legs, carefully inspecting the damage.


“You’re soo going down, punk…” Logan threatens his opponent hoarsely, before a fit of coughing hits him hard, forcing him to double over again.


“Bring it on, bitch!” Max answers confidently, bringing loud cheers from the onlooking crowd.



Over at the other side of the mats, Rex notices the wild cheers from his friends. He manages to turn his head towards the other combatants, and to his own disbelief he discovers that his twin brother is still standing tall while Logan is down on his knees.


This gives Rex a new sense of belief, but he knows that he’ll need to find a way to get himself out of his own predicament. Zach’s still got him by the balls, and his hands are still pinned down over his head.


Below his opponent’s washboard abs, Rex’s eyes linger on the huge oval bulge inside Zach’s white tight-fitting compression shorts. He still can’t comprehend how Zach managed to fit his gargantuan genitalia beneath the cup, but he did notice how awkward his opponent appeared to feel about the fitting.


“You were completely right… I couldn’t possibly stand a chance against someone like you in a fair fight…” Rex admits reluctantly, staring straight into his opponent’s blue eyes.


Rex’s sudden change of demeanor takes Zach by surprise, and he suddenly feels a bit of pity towards his smaller opponent, easing the pressure on his boynuts.


“Hey there, don’t feel bad about yourself buddy. You’re just a kid, and still growing,” Zach smiles comfortingly towards the young teenager. “And by the way, my huge muscles are too much to handle for most grown men, anyways…” Zach adds with a smug grin.


“I guess you’re right, your muscles are truly impressive!” Rex admits admiringly. “You mind if I cup a feel? I’ve never properly experienced such an amazing body…”


Zach is obviously flattered by his opponents complements, always enjoying when his impressive anatomy is in the limelight. “Feel free,” the 20-year-old jock urges smugly with a wink, letting go of Rex’s trapped hands.


The 20-year-old frat boy is still holding onto Rex’s modest package, but he has stopped squeezing the young swimmer’s fragile boynuts. Zach’s body is reminiscent of a Greek god, and the Adonis’ huge pectoral muscles are shimmering in the summer sun. “You’re so freaking huge!” Rex lets out adoringly towards his opponent.


“I hear that a lot,” Zach chuckles confidently. He flexes both arms showing of his impressive biceps, letting go of Rex’s boynuts in the process. “Don’t be shy,” he smirks down at the young swimmer.


Rex is relieved by the release of his young jewels, finally allowing him a break from his opponent’s total domination. Tentatively he reaches his arm out, feeling the rock-hard, bulging biceps of his opponent. “Feel these guns…” Zach smiles proudly.


The young swimmer’s hand slides further down, feeling his opponent’s barrel chest. Zach bounces his impressive pecs in response, and Rex circles his fingers around the jock’s coin-sized brown nipples. To Rex’s delight he notices a slight movement inside his opponent’s tight shorts, as he teasingly pinches his nipples.


“Looks like someone’s getting a bit excited…” Rex sniggers, fully aware of the lack of space inside his opponent’s plastic cup.


Zach blushes, and he yanks his opponent’s hands away from his sensitive nipples. “Careful now,” he answers threatening. The jock resists the urge to adjust his cup, not wanting to show his own discomfort.


“I know of something else that’s pretty big…” Rex continues teasingly, sliding his small fingers along Zach’s washboard abs, towards his navel. “I bet all your girls love the piece of meat you’re trying to hide down there. They’re probably waiting for you right now, ready for some prime meat action…”


Just the thought makes Zach horny. And to his own dismay, his anaconda starts to awaken as well. Zach’s plastic cup is already completely filled out, as it gets painfully pushed upwards by his growing member.


Zach quickly stands up, and he shamefully tries to cover his crotch.


Rex giggles at his embarrassed opponent’s obvious discomfort. Finally freed from his pinned position, he quickly jumps back on his feet. “You need a helping hand?” he asks slyly, as he reaches towards Zach’s ample bulge.


The muscular Adonis skips backwards in response, and Rex lets out another giggle. “That would have been too easy, anyways,” he chuckles to himself, confidently.


The sly remark pisses Zach of, and he throws himself towards his smaller opponent. Poor Rex is hit by a freight train, and he flies backwards landing awkwardly on his back. Confidently, the young Adonis strolls towards the young swimmer, who’s lying splayed out on the ground.


Zach towers over his fallen opponent, as he crosses his muscular arms over his chest. “No more tricks from you, or I will turn your peanuts into a mush of peanut butter…”


Rex just gulps in response, worried about his boynuts.


The sudden charge had however shifted the cup inside Zach’s white compression shorts, allowing his meaty left nut to drop out of its cover. Unbeknownst to the big Adonis, one of his big meatballs is now hanging vulnerably outside of the protective plastic piece, as he decides to go in for the kill.


As Zach quickly crouches down to pin his opponent, a piercing pain explodes between his legs. The muscle jock freezes mid-motion, overwhelmed by the unexpected agony emerging from his groin.


Beneath him, Rex braces himself for the impact. The young swimmer has already closed his eyes, praying for some sort of miracle to save him from his dominant opponent. When nothing happens however, he carefully dares to open his eyes again.


To Rex’s big surprise his muscular opponent stands frozen above him, looking straight through him. Zach’s mouth hangs open in a silent scream, his handsome face a mix of terror and bewilderment. Gazing further down, searching for the source of his opponent’s sudden agony, Rex finally discovers his saving grace.


Instead of the one massive oval bulge from before, Rex’s eyes now linger on two ample bulges between his opponent’s legs. The smaller sphere appears to be trapped between Zach’s muscular thigh and the huge oval cup, almost splitting the ample sphere in two.


Rex giggles mischievously at the realization that his opponent’s beefy testicle is ironically getting pierced by the piece of hard plastic meant to protect the vulnerable organ.


“It seems that something is trying to escape… that looks eh… quite uncomfortable,” the young brat sniggers. “Sure you don’t want a helping hand, big boy?” he smiles maliciously at the frozen giant above him.


His opponent’s taunting seems to snap poor Zach back to reality. Zach’s fingers, tentative and trembling, reaches down to pluck his dough ball, almost sliced in half by his own cup, free of the pressure.


Rex watches with glee as Zach seethes and curses under his breath as he touches himself. The color drains from his face as he lifts the cup away from his skewered ball, allowing it to plump back up larger than ever. The cup barely contained the contents of his pouch before and Zach has no idea how… at this point, to put the testicle back under the plastic protection.


He glances up, not really seeing Rex’s amber gaze fixated on his swelling manhood, but the glint of his smile as he strives forward catches Zach’s attention. Gulping, the muscular frat boy shakes his head.


“Stay back…Rex!” Blanking on the brat’s name again Zach just catches himself, as he takes a cautious step in retreat. His thumb is cradling his ball, trying to slip the heavy bloated jewel back inside of his cup. The nut hovers half-in and half-out before forcibly shooting between his fingers, making Zach wince and stop moving.


Waves of nausea course through Zach’s abdomen, and his blank white as a sheet face grows if anything even paler. Zach moans low “OOOoooooo fuuuck, my nuuuut!” as

he winces and drops to his knees.


Rex licks his lips as he gets right in close to his opponent. Taking Zach’s face in both hands, Rex revels the pain that he finds there, his grin so wide now that he shows all his teeth.


“I love taking you down,” Rex admits, his broad smile never leaving his face.


Rex twists his fingers into the back of Zach’s head, holding the short blond hair tight in his fists.


“Now Zach, I show you how you are going to lose.” Taking a big breath, Rex plunges Zach face first into his small bulge, making Zach take in his sweaty balls and inhale his boyhood scent. “My nuts are going to win out in this match, so take in the smell of my victory!”


Zach’s skull is pressed firmly against Rex’s groin, his nose bent up by Rex’s pointy nail and lips smothering upon Rex’s squishy dangly bits, and he can’t help but take in the aroma from Rex.


“Ugh!” he moans forcibly sucking in the scent, hearing the chuckles above as Rex’s voice cracks in his laughter. The move, while unconventional, puts Zach in his place as Rex shows his newfound dominance.


Unbeknownst to Rex, Zach takes the moment to work at his cup and finally secures his freed ball back into place. The cup trembles in the effort to contain him, and Zach feels like he is on a ticking clock trying to keep himself restrained beneath. Zach has to finish this match and soon, or else the cup strap might snap with the effort of keeping him restrained.


Rex is beyond amused as he rubs himself, feeling his bulge getting bloated almost digging into Zach’s left nostril. Biting his lips Rex rubs his groin along Zach’s nose feeling himself tingling while his erection strains his singlet, the small bulge pressing hard against Zach’s face. Using his hands holding Zach’s head, Rex starts to thrust himself against Zach’s face loving the small gasps coming from his opponent as he points his nail right against the college guy’s face. What stops him is when he manages to slam Zach’s face a bit higher and his cock slips between Zach’s lips, wetting his singlet as a wet hot tongue greets the end of his erection.


Rex gasps as Zach unwillingly slurps his whole shaft into his mouth, the soaking singlet clinging to his throbbing member. Rex’s amber eyes slowly close, a grin spreading on his face.


“Fuck Zach, suck me.”


Zach’s face is buried against his bare pubis, his balls resting just below Zach’s wide-open mouth while Rex tries to face fuck Zach with wild abandon. Rex grits his teeth feeling himself breathing harder, his heart slamming in his chest. He gasps as pre-cum seeps from his member, and he murmurs “Yeah, su…suck it!”


Zach can taste the saltiness of Rex’s organ hitting his tongue and the top of his mouth, and he lets out a cough.


Seething with disgust, and with his pride and joy now safely tucked away, Zach reaches up and grasps Rex’s tight scrotum. He knows the exact placement of each of his opponent’s balls, and he yanks down hard after capturing the tiny spuds. The move forces Rex’s schlong from his mouth, which pops out wet and dripping slapping his nose on the exit.


Rex moans out “No!” shoving Zach’s face right back against his groin. Zach does not expect the move, his handhold on Rex’s nuts slipping.


With his nuts freed, a clear desire is in the young swimmer’s amber fierce gaze, but also a look of slight panic. He powers a kick up between the fork in Zach’s legs, hoping to bring Zach back down with a nut crunching finish.


The hard plastic absorbs most of the blow, but Zach still feels his balls crunch a little inside the cup. He’s not fully protected, but the cup does enough damage control to reduce the hit, which would have been an Earth shattering one without the protection.


“Nice try, buddy. My turn...” Zach impressively manages to hide his own pain, as his usual self-confidence is finally restored. Zach stands up, his full height casting a shadow over Rex. The youngster’s head has to crane upwards, as he is now fully darkened by his larger opponent.


Rex gulps, the audible gurgle from his throat muscles gets a smile from Zach, and he lifts his own leg and kicks Rex right between his wide-open splayed legs.


The blow lifts Rex from the ground, his feet fully elevated as his body stiffens and is airlifted up, while his balls are trapped between his body and the ankle of Zach’s leg.


Gasping, Rex’s eyes widen in alarm. A wave of pure agony clenches him, and he screams out “Nooooooooo!”


“Ughhhhh…you got…hi…t….ugh, ugh, ugh!” Rex moans as he falls back to his feet, his legs trembling underneath him. The young swimmer looks as if he might be sick, as his cheeks puff out.


Zach laughs out as he moves in, grabbing Rex’s thin shoulders and hits him with a knee squishing both nuts and cock in one solid hit.


The quick blows send Rex to the mat on all fours, and his face screws up in pain. Clenching his teeth hard, he moans “Ugh…. ugh….ugh….oh, fucking fuck, fuck!”


Rolling his eyes, Zach kicks Rex in his abdomen so he lands onto his back arms fanning out in a failed effort to catch himself. Played out before him Zach lifts up Rex’s legs by the ankles and spreads them out wide, before placing the toe of his foot right on top of Rex’s small, rounded scrotum.


Rex twists his head, the movement making his sweaty hair stick to his forehead from the sweat.


“No!” Rex pleads. “I can’t…take another….please…don’t!”


Zach, showing no mercy, dips his toes down as if he’s carefully touching the edge of the water. He feels Rex’s small bulge squish as he squeezes his nuts, feeling the small orbs flattening from his pressing toes.


Rex squirms, grabbing uselessly at Zach’s ankle. He’s breathing hard and still gasping. Rex can’t believe how quickly the match has turned. He has no clue what is happening with his brother and Logan, all he knows is that his balls might turn into a pair of quarters. But his cock, his cock unbelievably is still hard, resting and throbbing above his devastated twin testes.


“Checkmate little guy…now can you cum? I guess we will find out, right buddy?” Zach laughs, but not meanly. At least Zach does not intend it that way. He jostles his foot, palpating his toes on Rex’s nuggets feeling them squish, and he raises his foot up a bit noticing the balls moving back into their intended forms before he crunches them down again.


Rex falls back against the ground, arms by his head. His nuts blaze with an intense rippling pain. His crotch radiates an ache so deep that he cannot fight any longer, but gurgles out small wordless gasps and grunts.


He does not notice as Zach lifts up his foot, adjusting a bit before he lowers himself between Rex’s thighs. Zach’s fingers slide down his opponent’s thighs, feeling the soft firm skin, searching for his manhood.


“I’ll make it easy on you now,” Zach says lowly, gripping Rex’s nail in one hand giving him a squeeze. “Remember this was your idea though, I really have no desire to do this,” he continues honestly.


Rex is still so hard, and the wet material makes a perfect lubricant as Zach tugs at the end of the bulbous head of Rex’s erection. Rex gasps and still says, although much more quietly now “Suck me...”


Zach shakes his head. “No way buddy, but I think this will still do.”


Zach begins a slow and steady jacking of Rex’s thingie, his foot resting on Rex’s nuts stomps down a bit, and Rex moans.


“My fucking nuts. Oh…oh… my god.”


“Should have bought a better cup…like mine.” Zach says, reaching back to tug at the hardened plastic. He’s so tight beneath the restricted material that he pulls it back a bit to give himself a bit of breathing room.


Moaning, Rex lifts his head. “My nuts man…god…let up!” The plead in his voice resonates with Zach and he does, moving his foot away.


Rex sighs in relief, but Zach takes his free hand and grabs the small mound, giving him a squeeze.


“I don’t even think your balls have dropped yet,” Zach says, rolling the balls knowingly in his hand. “Am I right?” he asks laughing.


Logan, not too far away, hears and laughs while wrestling with Max. The combined laughter makes Rex try to join in, but he’s a half-beat behind them too late.


“You sure do take your sweet time!” Zach says, laughing some more. “Maybe I’ll have to squeeze it out of you…” he chuckles, applying more pressure to Rex’s testicles.


Rex only moans, but again he defiantly suggests “Su… suck my cock!”


Zach shakes his head as he squeezes his fist a bit harder, and notices Rex’s intake of air as he intensifies his grip. The small balls are hard in his hand, bigger than marbles, but not as big as acorns. The size is somewhere in between and Zach wonders, not for the first time this afternoon, if Rex feels less pain because his nuts are so underdeveloped. He shrugs and squeezes again.


A gasp comes from Rex, and his cock seems to throb and pulse.


“I think you’ll be coming soon.”


“Thought…” Rex tries to say but he grits his teeth and has to take slow and steady breathes to get out the words. “Thought…you said I can’t cum!”


“That was before,” Zach starts to explain. “I tasted your salty spunk.” Zach puts out his tongue, gagging at the memory. “I think you can makes some dribbles.”


“Now finish up! I want to watch your brother lose next!”


“Ma…Max?” Rex asks, his throat thick, and he dry swallows. Rex can’t seem to put words together anymore, and Zach notices him getting closer.


Zach moves over the prone boy to stare into his eyes. “Show me what you got, little buddy. Make it sprinkle.”


Rex’s back arches and he grabs Zach’s waist, his eyes rolling backwards in his skull. Zach nods encouragingly, waiting for the match to finally end. Rex’s rigid nail pulses as Zach’s mean hand squishes and squashes his tender testes. Rex’s balls are so easily pliable and squishable, it almost feels too easy to Zach and he wonders how he could ever lose to Rex in the first place.

Zach’s blue eyes bore into Rex while he hovers above him. Rex, filled with desire opens his eyes, locking them with Zach. Rex’s mouth parts to moan again, but the sight of Zach’s large body hovering above him gives him one last thrilling hope.


He swings his knee, not straight-up but from the side, clipping Zach flawlessly at the side angle. Zach’s cup gives a nasty squelch as his balls and cock swing into his thigh. Rex’s knee poises in-between his opponent’s stretched out cup and the tender bulge beneath and moves into the opening, hitting Zach exactly where the goodies lay.


Zach’s mouth falls open in shock as Rex’s bony kneecap presses deep into his bulging scrotum, squishing the nuts inside the pouch of Zach’s cup. A smile plays on Rex’s face, but then Zach squeezes both fists around his own genitals in response.


Rex and Zach writher against each other, each in their own world of pain and scream.


Zach suddenly falls, landing on top of Rex. Rex feels all the air drain from him, as Zach’s big heavy body pins him down to the mat. He can barely breathe, and his pulsating erection is trapped against Zach’s abdomen, but thankfully he has released his handhold on his balls and the pair each take a moment to recover.


Zach feels his tender goods freed and loose; with the hard plastic cup uselessly suctioned to one thigh. His big bulge is resting on top of his opponent’s meager bulge.

Neither moves, both combatants hopelessly trying to maintain their bravado as their balls pulse with agonizing pain.



Nearby, Logan and Max are fully engaged and moving about. Max is tired, with his wavy hair now plastered to his forehead, breathing hard as he evades and ducks the blows that Logan swings at him, and dances away each time he moves in to grab at a limb or his trunk.


It’s clear to anyone watching that eventually Logan will grab something. But Logan also appears tired and moves rather sluggishly. The wrestling champion is obviously affected by the devastating attacks to his manhood, slowing him down. The two have been at this dance for a while, and it shows in the flush on their faces and the steadiness of their dripping sweat.


“I’m…going to get you.” Logan pants, after missing Max again.


Max only shakes his head, clutching at a stitch in his side. “No…way.”


Logan tries to smile, but it comes out more of a grimace. “Come then,” Logan says waving him over. “I’lll…” he huffs a few big deep breathes. “I’ll give you a free hit…if you come…closer.”


Thinking carefully Max asks, “Promise?”


For this Logan only nods, his chest heaving and shuddering as he puts his hands on his knees.



Max takes his word, and steps up to him, licking his lips and thinking quickly.




Max nods his head in agreement to his own words. “Okay, then.” Max steps forward, his deep breathing as loud as Logan’s. Max feels his breath hot and full on his skin, as his fingers grabs onto the pouch of Logan’s singlet.


“Only one hit.” Logan emphasizes, making sure that Max won’t forget.


‘I’ll only need the one,’ Max thinks as he rolls the impressive bulge in his fingers around. He cups Logan’s ample bulge by the ballsack, letting the quivering nuggets rest in his palm.


“Just one freebie.”


“Yeah just one,” Max agrees solemnly. “The rest…well, those I’ll earn.”


Logan raises one blonde eyebrow searching the twins face for his plan, but the only answer he find is Max’s fist swinging into his cupped balls. Max holds Logan’s balls in his cupped hand feeling his knuckles crashing into the soft, tender part of Logan, slamming him with all the might he could in one wild swinging jab.


Logan coughs once, and shudders. Before he can react, Max swings his fist back and cracks his knuckles again in the dead center of Logan’s family jewels feeling the orbs bulge between his fingers as he strikes them.


“Ugh!” Logan groans, grabbing Max’s forearms trying to peel him away from his most vulnerable assets.


“These hits are all mine!” Max emphasizes with a third punch so shockingly hard that Logan’s teeth clench upon impact, the blow rocking him to his core. Max’s knuckles dig in deep to Logan’s tender nuts, but his cupped hand holds fast, keeping Logan’s testicles from escaping.


“Four!” Max shouts jubilantly as another punch hits Logan.


Logan’s body bolts as the roller-coaster ride of Max’s punches swing into his privates. Logan gasps at each strike unable to pull free, but as Max raises his arm for another blow Logan stops struggling and punts his foot up catching Max in between the fork in his legs.


The nutkick is satisfying. Logan takes great pleasure in rearranging the contents of Max’s singlet pouch as he hits him with the hard blow, and Max squeezes Logan’s balls for a moment before he releases him and bends over at the waist grabbing himself protectively, amber eyes crossed.


Doing more or less of the same, Logan bends over but his knees snap together and he falls further landing on all fours.


The quick-fire blows and the final squeeze cripple the 18-year-old wrestler, and Logan trembles now on the mat.


“Damn… you hit hard.”


Max can’t breathe. Max’s balls, which for some reason or other keep growing every other day, are so sensitive and achy and he can’t manage to keep them from getting knocked around either by his brother or one of his swim-teammates. Max holds his privates feeling stupid, his groin pulses and he gasps as he rolls his balls between his fingers.


“Ugghhhhh,” Max sobs, his nuts pulsing.


Logan looks up, “Got you good?”


Max again says nothing, as he’s trying to steady his breathing. He hit Logan with many blows…he could win this, but he must push himself now or lose his advantage. Standing up, Max lurches forward rather ungracefully and bumps into Logan. Max grabs Logan by the back of the head, forcing Logan’s head up to look at him.


Max rears back his leg, taking careful aim at the big bulge dangling between Logan’s legs so invitingly. Ready to strike Max launches his foot forwards with Logan still watching.


Just as Max’s foot is about to connect Logan’s arm juts up. He hammers an uppercut between Max’s thighs hitting his bulge smartly, ending Max’s chance at a superb kick which lands rather lamely against Logan’s right thigh.


Logan grins now, feeling Max’s grip loosen on his hair as Logan’s ropey bicep crushes Max’s nuts against his taint.


“No!” Max shouts. His voice dying in his throat, along with his sperm count, as his body is forced airborne. To add insult to injury, Max’s toes scrap the floor of the mat as his whole body rests against Logan’s muscles that clench his nuts between the pit of his elbow. Max slides down Logan’s arm to rest in the crease there.


Max seethes in despair, and grabs Logan’s shoulder for balance as he slips off and crashes hard to the mat, lying next to his adversary gasping and spent.


“Oh god.”


Max moves to protect his goods from further abuse but he should have known better, should have been quicker. Logan moves in putting Max in a schoolboy pin, one leg draped over his thighs holding him in place, while the other leg is tucked underneath his back keeping his arms firmly against the mat. Max has never been in a queerer position; his hips are thrusted upwards and both legs and arms are trapped beneath Logan’s heavy thighs. He can barely move, and to his horror both of Logan’s arms are free. Logan moves them to his abdomen and does three quick punches, each one sinking further into his tight abs.


Max tries to clench his stomach to prevent the abdominal strikes from making their mark, but again he is too slow and understands why the captain got to his position on the team: he’s a fearsome predator. Logan’s sights rest a bit lower now, as he moves to pillage the mound between the fork in his thighs.


The bulge is thrusted upwards, leaving Max highly exposed and vulnerable. He gulps as Logan traces one finger along the outside of his scrotum, not touching but close enough that Max’s nuts quiver in his ballsack.


“What are you…going to do?”


Logan looks up then not answering him, but fixes Jayden and Chase with his gaze.


“I can’t tell you how many boys have asked me that, I only ever laugh. I let them find out the usual way, Max. But I’m in a giving mood today…you tell me how you want me to end it. How would you like me to make you cum?”


Logan’s voice soft as velvet makes Max stir in his grasp, still unable to escape. He licks his lips and looks over at his two friends and asks them: “What…what would you want?”


The question catches Jayden off guard and Chase as well, but he recovers quickly. “Surprise him, Logan. That’s for the best.”


“He should know,” Logan says pulling Max’s attention back to him. “I got him before as well.”


Max gulps. “Okay. Then do it.”


The challenge makes Logan grin as he looks Max up and down, careful and wary of his tight swimmer’s body, the swoop of his loins and the pronounced V. Logan reaches up cautiously to stroke the curve of Max’s limp penis ending with a delicate touch at the tip, fingering the slight slit entrance around the head of his cock.


Trembling Max coos, almost inaudibly and looks over at his brother squished flat underneath Zach. He’s not sure if Rex had lost, or Zach, or if the match is even over. His gaze drifts back to Logan. He breathes out a little faster as Logan reaches lower grabbing at his sack, but not to squeeze it but to gently rub the outside with tender fingers. The move unnerves him a bit, but his cock responds starting to thicken.


‘He’s teasing me,’ Max thinks, as one lazy finger of his strokes the taint just below his balls.


Max fumbles uncoordinatedly like a trapped bug in a web, and all that his struggling get him is a sly smile from Logan.  The wrestling coach and captain fixes him with his blue eyes, as he pinches one ball and then the other.


“Ah. Ah!” Max says ready to say more, to feel more pain…but Logan only teases him further by squeezing his cock head.


Max jumps, or as much as he can as restrained as he is.


“What are you waiting for?” Max blurts out, exasperated and confused.


Logan grins and one hand goes underneath the strap on his singlet and finds a nipple, the nub is seized in between his thumb and forefinger and given one quick, sharp squeeze.


Gasping Max’s heart flutters, as Logan only rubs at the tip of dime sized pink nipple and teasingly tickles the bottom of his ballsack.


Max stretches underneath Logan, and feels his cock rising quickly now, the ache deep in his loins as Logan’s thumb brushes the sensitive tip.




Beyond the boy Chase and Jayden share a look, then look down at their laps not surprised to see the excitement growing between them.


Logan grins moving closer to Max as if to kiss him but moves to his ear instead at the last moment, but not before he blows hot air all over his parted lips of his mouth. Whispering with exasperated breathy breathes Logan asks Max “Are you fully hard yet?” After the question, Logan squeezes Max’s right nipple.


Max’s breath catches in his throat, but he nods once, the barest of movement.


“I ask you again, how do you want it? I won’t ask a third time.”


Max can barely think, Logan is playing with his nipple again, the thumb nail tracing the outside. His other hand continually rubs and fondles his nutsack which makes his balls rise, close to his engorged cock strumming for attention.




Max tilts and arches his back, his voice hoarse and ragged finally answers as Logan grabs his balls gently holding them in one fist, ready and poised to execute Max’s deepest, secret desire.


Clearing his throat, Max croaks out: “Your choice. You… choose for me.”


Logan smiles then, his lips curling at the corners as he speaks. “That’s what they all say.”


Max’s heart stops for one moment and then, a switch seems to be turned in Logan. He moves to the final stage and grits his teeth, hot air breathing into Max’s earlobe. “Get ready for the ride of your life…”


“Ugghh,” Max moans, his body electric and trembling.


Logan laughs sitting up and prepares himself for making Max scream.


Just at the same moment, the wrestling champion hears a scream from the other side of the wrestling mats…

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

I don't know if others agree, but I really appreciate that you keep thing at least somewhat realistic in how the pain feels from taking all these hits to the nuts. A problem I've had with a lot of ballbusting stories over the years is how the nausea, coughing, and even puking gets skipped over, when that's what makes being kicked in the balls such a uniquely painful experience in the first place

Everyone has their preferences and that's fine obviously, I've just personally never been into the stories where a guy can take 50 kicks and move on like nothing happened

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for writing in, and giving your perspective. It sometimes depends on the guy too, some laugh it off, while others nurse their wounded boys for almost an hour. It can also depend on the severity of the hit, and a persons pain tollerance.

I try my best when it comes to making (at least that part as realistic as possible).

Thanks for writing in man!


Anonymous said...

I cannot express how much I love this story, I'll write a longer comment later when I re-read the story properly, but for now, I'm just going to express my initial thoughts with a simple...


-Anon 1

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anon 1,

I am so happy that you are liking the story so far, it concludes this Friday. We had to cut it in half it was over sixty pages. Y1ddo and I have been working on this since the summer I believe so its nice that its finally coming out!

Hope you like reading it a second time around as well!



Anonymous said...

The Dr. Jayden scene was really cute, really do hope the twins do make it to their appointments (and I'd love to see Zach being one of his patients too)

Don said...

I love being the whose balls get busted

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

I did respond to you on the 30th, but clearly my post did not go through. What an interesting idea! A Dr. Jayden episode. Could be a lot of fun. I will see what I can do. I am not sure how to get Zach to do that...if you have a hook for that to work, please share!



Dear Don,

I am happy that you enjoyed the story! If you did not know it has a second part as well. And it gets even hotter in that one!