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The Bitter Family Rivalry: My Pokemon Cards! written by Jimmy


The Bitter Family Rivalry: My Pokémon Card!


by Jimmy



The doorbell overhead clings as Gino enters the shop. He plans on getting his brother Jayden a present, a thank you for helping him out with studying when he looks up and narrows his eyes at Shiv. Shiv is giving Gino Gomez a dirty look, as if he is the dirt on the bottom of his shoe.

Marco Gomez works at an automatic shop on one end of town, and Shiv’s father works at the other. The two main automatic shops have a deep grudge against the other for stealing customers. One time Marco Gomez and Shiv’s Dad Wu came to blows. Ever since neither family has been kind to the other.

Gino grates his teeth, but steels himself determined to still get that packet of Pokémon playing cards for his brother, Jayden but they are right next to where Shiv is standing.

Gino walks straight up to him, Shiv is blocking the shelf.

 “You’re in my way,” Gino points out. “Move.”

Just coming from wrestling practice, Gino is wearing his red singlet and sneakers. It’s almost summer, so he didn’t bother with a shirt. Gino knows that he looks good, so he does not usually bother anyways.

Shiv says “I was here first you idiot. You are in my way. Get lost”

“I need one of these.” Gino elbows past him, shoving him aside and knocks his nads accidentally with his fist in the process.

Gino smirks to himself, his back is turned but he felt Shiv’s testicles squish as his knuckles brushed against them.

“OOooops! You should have moved," Gino says chuckling.

Gino looks over the cards and grabs a gold pack, he thinks the shiny ones are the ones that Jayden would like best.


Shiv yells “Aaaahhhh! Watch where are you going idiot…”

“That will teach you,” Gino laughs turning away and heading to cash out.

Shiv’s eyes narrow in on the gold pack of cards in Gino’s hand and quickly steps forward and snatches them from Gino.

“Oooohhhh I'll be taking these.”

Shiv grins at Gino.


Gino spins holding out his hands and glaring at him.

“Those are mine.” His eyes are stony as Gino fixes Shiv with a look.

“Oooohhhh really? They are mine now tiny.” Shiv laughs at Gino. “Hahahahahaha!”

Shiv is taller than Gino, by at least a foot so Shiv raises his hand holding the cards so Gino can't reach them laughing.

Gino raises one eyebrow “Guess you got me.”

He turns as if to leave but swings back around and kicks Shiv right between the legs. Shiv’s tight pants leave nothing to the imagination and he feels victorious as he smashes his sneaker deep between Shiv’s thighs and snatches the Pokémon cards out of his hands as he bends down a look of shock on his face

“You should not mess with me, I don’t fight fair.”

Shiv’s eyes popped open wide as Gino's sneakers hit him squarely. Shiv bends down holds his poor crotch and grinds his teeth suffering in pain.

“Aaaaaaauuuhhhhhhh fuck,” Shiv curses Gino under his breath “Youuu jee…rk


Gino smirks, hands crossing his chest enjoying the show.

“Serves you right,” Gino mocks giving him one long last look as he spins on his heel and heads over to cash out.

“Have to be going, Shiv. Can’t hang around like you all day.”

Shiv looks at Gino mocking at him, while he is bent down holding his crotch in pain with one hand.

But as soon as Gino turns around to leave after paying. Shiv comes up to him from behind, an annoying look on Gino’s face after he flirts with the girl at the register punches Gino in his balls from behind. The solid punch goes right under Gino’s butt, skating along the inseam of his singlet at his knuckles do all the damage Gino hard and true.

Shiv yells at Gino “Pay backs a bitch!”

The girl at the cash register covers her mouth, but a smile plays on her lips “Oh no!” she gasps.

The blow was almost an uppercut, and Shiv considered doing one but changed his mind at the last moment. The straight punch felt right to Shiv, especially nailing the sensitive backs of Gino’s testicles.

Gino stops dead, as Shiv’s fist collides with his nutsack shoving his balls out and up so that each meaty ball slaps against his pubic bone. He did not wear any underwear, laundry day is tomorrow and his singlet offers little if any protection.

Gino’s legs lock together and he gasps, the blow was direct and unexpected hitting him in the weakest parts of his nuts. Gino drops the cards and stumbles forward a step, losing the foot stuck between his legs as he grabs a shelf with both hands to stop himself from falling down.

“My…baaawwls!” Gino half yells, as his brown eyes cross. He thinks he might be sick.

Shiv laugh at Gino from behind.

“That's what you get if you try to mess with me Gino!”

Shiv laugh through his own pain. He is still holding his own crotch.

“Hahahahahahahhahhaha ouch aaaaahhhhhh hahahahahaha!”

Shiv gets up he is feeling better now.

Gino thinks about sinking to his knees as the gold Pokémon packet gleams, shining slightly to his right.

“Owww…you….my….fucked-me…” Gino moans, his fingers white knuckled as he clings to the shelf to stay upright.

Shiv picks up the card and bend down to Gino's level so that he stares into Gino’s dark brown eyes and says “These are mine now.”

“You…will… ugghhhh regret doing that…in a second…” Gino warns him as he closes his eyes trying to simmer the pain between his thighs.

Shiv shakes his head leaving Gino whimpering and says “I doubt that.”

“No…! Don’t you…dare!” Gino moans from his prone position on the floor.

Shiv laughs as he leaves the store.

Gino tries to catch his breath, the people in the store stare at him and a few giggle between their hands on their mouths. The girl at the cash register asks “You alright?”

Ignoring the onlookers Gino stumbles a bit to his feet, and then again after his first few steps. The blow was harsh. Gino sees the direction that Shiv has taken and goes after him. The doorbell clangs angrily as Gino stumbles from the shop and sees Shiv retreating form.

“Get back here!” Gino demands trying to catch up to him.

He’s moving slowly, but determinedly one hand checks on his boys and grimaces feeling the swelling already starting to develop.

As he grabs Shiv’s shoulders and spins him around and grabs his shirt in both hands pulling the taller boy closer to him. He plants his feet shoulder length apart and growls out “Give me those cards, they are for my brother Jayden.”

Shiv laughs at Gino

“Hahahahahahahabaha! Sooooooo what? They used to be, but they are mine now.”

Gino’s muscles start to strain as he lifts Shiv off of his feet yanking him higher into the air.

Shiv put the card in his pocket.

Already tightness of Shiv’s white pants expose to Gino the exact card shape and location through his thin pants.

“You are going down!”

Gino shakes him above and spots a grassy spot on his left where he can wrestle the cards from him.

“I am going to kick your ass,” Gino says threateningly.

Shiv glances as Gino lowers him a bit as Gino's tries to bring him to eye level but cannot.

“Hahahahahahaha shorty, like you can't even reach my ass! You might need a ladder.” Shiv says mockingly, as he continues to laugh his head off at his own joke.

Gino raises one eyebrow, before he tosses Shiv to the ground and comes around shoving him onto his back so that he is prone before him.

“The bigger they are…” Gino taunts before stomping on his bulge.

“Those pants are not going to be white for long!” Gino taunts, as his foot presses deep into Shiv’s bulge.

His cold brown eyes stare into Shiv’s face as he smooshes his balls under his foot. And grabs Shiv’s red sweatshirt yanking it up so that his upper torso is half stuck inside as he foot does all the talking for him.

Shiv grunts in pain as Gino stomps his balls. Then the pain seems to get to Shiv and he calls out “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh fuck ouch uuuuffffff! You little shit……ahhhhhhh!” Shiv yells cursing at Gino.”

“Those cards are for my kid brother! You dickwad. Now you pay!”

Shiv gasps “These are my new white tight pants…… Stoooopppp ahhhhhh!” Shiv voice is trembling under Gino's foot crushing stomp to his balls.

Gino drags his foot along Shiv’s crotch before he brings it all the way back and kicks him as hard as he can.


Gino’s teeth clatter upon impact as his toes hit Shiv directly pounding his testicles into his pelvic bone.

Gino tosses the boys upper body back to the grassy ground before he bends down legs having to spread wide to get that close to his adversary and digs around in his pocket until he finds the Pokémon gold pack luckily they are intact.

“No one messes with the Gomez family” Gino states.

“No one.”

Shiv struggles to pull his sweat shirt down so he can get rid of Gino’s foot crushing his balls but as soon as he does so Gino’s foot cracks hard in Shiv’s balls hitting him so hard that he stops breathing for a moment.

Standing up Gino looks down at Shiv in disgust.

“Maybe I should continue to teach you a lesson.”

Shiv’s eyes cross and holds his both balls with both hands as tightly as he dares. A single tear drop rolls down from his right eye.

Gino picks up both of Shiv’s ankles spreading his legs far apart. Shiv crossed his legs while laying down and Gino easily widens the gap.

Shiv;s eyes widened as Gino exposes his groin.

“No no no no!” Shiv screams trying to stop what is about to occur.

“This is one of my finishers in wrestling. I sometimes do this to my bro too, but I won’t give you any mercy. You don’t deserve any!”

Gino drops his knee down landing with his knee bone directly on top of Shiv’s bulge splattering his balls against his taint.

“That should finish you!”

Gino rubs his knee a few times, rolling the bone along Shiv’s packed in bulge and hearing the squish of his testicles as he rolls over Shiv’s nuts mercilessly.

Gino stands back up as he stares down at the destruction he has wrought.

“Got you.”

Shiv is screams in righteous agony as Gino’s knee works him over and squishing his bulge in his tight white pants.

His eyes wide open and cheeks puff-up and his hands now tightly clutching his balls in his pants, moving underneath the fabric.

Moments later, Shiv rolls down on his belly, holding his balls protectively. Shiv’s thoughts are blurry and his balls are swollen to the touch. The pain is unidentifiable so much so, can barely move from the pain.

Shiv curses Gino, his lips tickled by the green shoots of grass against his mouth.

His voice is trembles but Shiv manages to say “You will regret this… I'll make sure of it.” His moment of clarity leaves and he bellows now “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!”

“Adios amigo,” Gino says waving over one shoulder before he comes back in and kicks Shiv between his legs on his stomach one last time feeling Shiv’s body tremble as his foot nails him once more. The parting blow, even with Shiv’s cupped hands is the perfect ending to Gino.

“Now you’re finished.”

Gino turns to go, and give Jayden his present whistling a tune as he leaves.

Shiv screws in pain and his butt moves up off the ground in air, while Shiv’s head stays firmly on ground

Bent over, ass up holding his balls Shiv screams “Aaaaahhhhhh fuck you bitch. I'll get you back fuck aaaahhhhhh for this!”

Shiv stays in that position for a while until his vision and thoughts are clear. He slowly stands up and starts walking. Even walking hurts his balls but he slowly bit-by-bit over the next hour makes it back home. He uses an ice pack, and the coolness helps some to relieve the built-up agony.

Shiv thinks only of getting even with the eldest Gomez brother. ‘I will get that mother fucker back no matter what!”

The icepack shifts and the slight movement causes Shiv to curse “Aaaaaarrrgggggg fuck!”

Shiv lifts the ice pack and notices the dirty shoe marks on his white pants, the grass stains on his knees and holds his bulge. “Aaaaaaaarrrrggggghhhhh,” Shiv grunts.

‘I'll get you back Gino, just you wait.’


Meanwhile…at the Gomez home.

Jayden is ecstatic as he receives his gift give his brother. Jayden hugs him fiercely and feels the sweat on his chest asks “Did you work out after you ended practice?”

Gino grins “A bit.”

Ruffling Jayden’s buzzed head he smiles at his younger brother and heads out for a shower proud of how the day has ended.






owen brear said...

very hot as always. jimmy very well done. perhaps you could do a follow up where he gets his revenge on gino?

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Owen Brear,

I will absolutely consider it! Shiv's a cool character, and his interactions with Gino were a lot of fun to write. And you know that I am a sucker for a good revenge story.

Thanks for writing in!