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The Slammer: A Typical Day


The Slammer: A Typical Day


By Jimmy



Jayden woke up from sleeping to a smidgen of light creeping through the bared windows coating the floor in long rectangles the air soft with the tinged yellow glow. Still curled on his side, Jayden slowly rolls over but winces as his junk is rearranged underneath the bare sheet and blanket. The slightest movement makes him reach down to cup his genitals, wincing as he does so. He’s sore from last night and his sharp in take of air makes the mattress creak under him.  


Still inside, Jayden contemplates his captivity behind bars for a few more moments. The reality of the situation weighing heavy, but the clarity of the dawn brings him into focus and he realizes that he is not out of this nightmare, not yet. 


Across and above him everyone snores on, and Jayden slips out of bed noiseless and stands in his room bare chested and listening to the sounds around him. Jayden is control of nothing but himself and he drops to all fours and starts a steady and furious round of push-ups envisioning his day, and how to go about making it more manageable in the current circumstances as a cloud crosses the sky quickly stealing the light and casting him in semidarkness. 


Jayden continues to exercise, his sweat glistening to his skin and his breathing under steady control. This he can handle. 


It’s almost an hour later, the rain falls hard but the boys all sleep around him still and he leans against the window staring out into the steamy soup of a storm casting bucketful’s of rain pelting downward, the angry sky reflecting his current mood. 


One person is responsible for Jayden and his brother’s imprisonment in Bartlet Juvenile Hall and he plans on getting even with him, and soon. He knows that the plan was not just to put him here and out of the light, someone is here within these walls. He can almost smell him, Silas Dark is here and Jayden can feel it in his bones. 


Jayden’s jaw is locked tight, heart still hammering from his workout but his body tingles with energy and when the doors slide open at 6:30 am Jayden is first to exit to get his bearings of the place, and with one towel of his shoulder he walks to the bathroom ready to clean up and get ready for what the day will bring. 


The water is cold at first, and Jayden’s skin tingles when the water pelts down from above and he silently shivers and closes his eyes allowing the lukewarm water to warm him up as he stands with feet spread apart. Jayden breathes in the freshness of the soap as he washes his back, and chest the hint of flowers and his own sweat washing down the drain in small soap suds, like little ice caps sinking away beneath the water. 


He’s not alone in the shower, and he head nods as the guys come slowly filter in. Jayden ignores the impulse to cover his elongated cock and balls the instinct almost demands it of him but he wants them to see.  He’s a big boy, almost fifteen and ready to show anyone that comes at him that he is a fighter. Jayden is  covered in steam wafting around him as the water finally turns hot, and he almost misses his entrance behind a surly older eighteen year old. 


Silas Dark’s eyes find his in the steam and Jayden’s breathe hitches. When he blinks, he’s gone and Jayden tries not to panic. He’s here somewhere, and Jayden plans on finding him first in this game of hide-and-go seek. 


Hunching down, Jayden fades against the wall placing it solidly behind him and preventing a sneak attack from the back. Jayden surveys the room, the bodies moving almost in slow motion as the guys around him wash. 


He’s moving, quietly. 


Jayden’s footfalls barely splash, and if they do the water from the shower heads all around the room drown him out. Narrowing his eyes, Jayden fights the water droplets clinging to his dark black eyelashes as he creeps around the room until he spots Silas Dark again. 


Silas Dark too is creeping and casting his face towards hidden crannies and peering beyond bodies showering looking for Jayden but he is fails as Jayden pursues him. The hunter, turning into prey as this time Jayden gets the drop on him. 


Jayden comes in fast and hard slamming into Silas with a both fists hitting the center of his back and sending him sprawling towards the shower room floor where he lands with a splash. His towel drops, and is instantly soaked but Silas Dark does not seem to care as he tries to maneuver away and get to his feet but Jayden is on top of him now, his body slick and wet clings to Silas as he grabs him around the middle. 


“I got you now” Jayden says into his ear, and tightening his hold around Silas’s waist until the man grunts and gasps. He can’t take a breath and Jayden shoves him into the floor, and using his left hand to press Silas head into the heavily flowing drain full of water. It’s enough to cover Silas’s mouth and nose, but just barely. It’s enough to make him panic. 


Water splashes, and hands scrap against Jayden’s arms as he presses his knee firmly into Silas Darks back pinning him resolutely to the tile floor. Jayden’s wet sack giggles as he keeps Silas down, and Jayden smiles as they bounce from Darks constant thrashing. It’s barely fifteen seconds before Jayden eases up enough for him to catch a breath and turn over underneath him. 


Silas is coughing and trying to pull in air but Jayden is already sliding down to sit on his thighs.  Silas Dark did not come in naked, but wearing a jockstrap and Jayden fires his fist deep into the scrotal bulge nailing him, knuckles first. 


He gasps sitting up enraged and angry, but Silas is still coughing as Jayden twists his fist succeeding in rolling the big, hunky nuts up and into the pelvic wall and pressing deeper still. 


“You, tell Zagan Keller to stop sending you to do his dirty work,” Jayden jerks his fist up and back cocking his arm like a missile. Silas is too slow as Jayden shoots his whole arm forward leading with his fist and hits another squeal hung home run and pounds Silas Dark deep into the wet jockstrap pouch with a horrid crunch. 


Silas Dark’s eyes widen, he grunts and both hands grasp Jayden but he does so weakly, his fingers scrabbling to stop him. 


The showroom has noticed the fight, and they start to crowd around the pair. Excited whoops, and cheers are heard and Jayden ignores them all as he brings his other hand up and grabs Silas Dark by the throat.


“I’m Jayden Gomez, and I rule this place Dark. Remember my name, because this is my new kingdom,” Jayden yells making sure that he is heard over the water and head butts Silas in the cranium hard enough to send him back to the shower room floor with crack as their heads knock together. 


Gritting his teeth Jayden stands up and places one foot solidly on top of Silas Darks chest and poses, arms moving to show off his muscles as Jayden Gomez finishes the part of the bully. 


“Don’t you forget it.”


Jayden flexes, and is surprised at how hard he is. Jayden’s cock is standing up straight as an arrow up the middle and riding just below his belly button. The top is glistening and pre-cum curves over the tip runs down the full length of his hardon. Jayden tries not to freak out at so many people seeing him this way and steps off of Dark, only to brutally kick him between the legs before he leaves his toes smashing hard against Silas Darks bulge and he rears back up eyes misty and crossing as he gags and coughs, fighting not to be sick. 


Jayden Gomez grabs his towel, but does not cover himself as he heads to the exit. 


His brother is there mouth wide in the doorway, and fixed on his swinging hardened cock. Gino barely picks his eyes up to ask “Wow…what did you just…who are….fuuuck, bro!” Gino chuckles, clearly impressed and lost for words. 


Jayden winks and nut taps him on the way by. 


Gino was also in a similar state of undress and he grabs his balls, a soft moan coming from him as Jayden passes him coming out of the room. 


“Fuck man…good morning to you too!” Gino says.


Jayden can’t help but smile as winks at him before turning back into their room and closing the door. 


He did it. 


Jayden closes his eyes sighing in relief upon entry, and not noticing that Jake is gawking at him or more importantly Jorge sneaking up on him from the right. 


Jorge looks excited as he reaches out to grab Jayden’s outstretched erection, and his fingers just slide around the middle when Jayden swings a knee up and into Jorge’s stomach knocking the air from his lungs and dropping him on all fours coughing and spluttering. 




Cough, cough, cough. 




Jorge holds his middle, and chuckles a bit. 


Jorge is still in a state of undress. He wears the standard issued white boxers and nothing else. While Jayden is checking out Jorge, he can’t help but grin at the goofy look on his roommates face as he puffs out his cheeks and grabs his stomach bending over slightly and laughing. Still naked himself he comes up to Jorge placing him against the wall with his hands and staring at him until he gets eye contact.


“This is for hitting me in the nuts last night” Jayden says lifting up his knee and slamming it between Jorge’s thighs until the THUNK can be heard from both of them. The goofy shit-eating grin on Jorge’s face drops and he looks almost pitiful as his eyes go wide and he moans.


“Oh…dammit, man...! Those….my nuts!”


Jorge slides down the wall until he ends up slumped against the floor cradling his nutbag, and tenderly evaluating his bulge with both hands.


Jayden watches him, and the wincing as he inspects the damage done.


He’s still grinning legs spread out, when Jorge turns his head up “Bro…you got me good!” He laughs, but it ends with a low moan.


Feeling pretty good about himself after nailing Silas Dark and Jorge, he considers what to do about the rest of the day as he takes his towel burring his face within the folds of the surprisingly soft white towel and drying his short cropped hair, before draping it over his shoulders.


“Now listen” Jayden tells him pointing at Jorge on the floor. “No more nut busting, you hear? Otherwise I’m going to get rough with you.”


Jorge is still feeling his tender nuggets, but he shrugs. “Whatever you say man.” He reaches out with one hand for Jayden to pull him up. “Truce.”


Jayden grins, takes the outstretched hand and pulls him up to his feet. When Jorge is standing he smiles a bit weakly and says “After this.” He punts Jayden right in the boy bag and with no protection at all his nuts slap against his bony pelvis. His left nut slips free barely taking any of the strike, but poor righty gets the full frontal assault and scrunches up and into a blob at the base of his pelvis. The orb looking more flat then the original shape.


“Ugggggggggghhhhhhhhh!” grunts Jayden as he stumbles backwards, Jorge’s foot pulling free and stares down at his large right testicle which almost pulses in his sack as they swing freely. He looks up almost in surprise as his knees go weak and Jayden moans trying to stay on his feet.

The swift air gushing between his legs is what Jayden feels first as the blonde leg hairs tingle as a second, harder kick smacks his nuts.


“Since I didn’t drop you, I figure a second kick was needed.”


Jayden grabs onto Jorge’s foot between his legs as both nuts were struck but squirted out of the way. One hides pushed back and away high-tailing it between his legs while the other his big right testicle hovers on the top of the bride of Jorge’s foot swaying slightly.


“You…jerk!” Jayden manages to express before he stumbles away until he backs up into his bunkbeds and grabs a hold of the bunk above to steady himself while his other hand grasps his stinging nutsack. The double kick does a number on Jayden but Jorge is impressed as walks forward.


“Still up? You have nuts of steel, bro!”


“I’m not you’re…”


Jorge takes Jayden’s hand cupping his boyballs and presses it against the other leaving him vulnerable against the bunks. The light is fully up now, and the sun streaks into the room bathing Jayden in its fierce almost summery light. His shadow is spread behind him, and he almost has to squint to see the look on Jorge’s face as he interrupts Jayden “Yeah, I am. We are bro’s by proximity, and cause of intimacy.” Jorge grabs Jayden’s cock and jerks it a little. Jayden was still riding his high when he entered the room and did not fully go down in the scuffle with Jorge.


Teasing the head, Jorge jerks him a little faster getting close to Jayden’s face his eyes on Jayden as he wets his lips “Face it bro, we are stuck here together. And I am going to make the most out of having a younger bro.”


The knee comes up hard, and fast smashing up and knocking Jayden’s boyballs together as Jorge grins and jerks him faster.


“Uuuuuuuuuughhhhhhh!” Jayden moans, his legs forced wider apart and his erection trembles in Jorge’s fist as he pumps him quicker.


Jorge spits with a disgustingly loud ptooey. The wet glob hits Jayden’s head perfectly, and Jorge’s slicks him up from base to tip and adds another splash of phlegm just for Jayden’s darker purple crown. Jayden trembles, trying to push himself back and away but Jorge holds his wrists tighter.


“You are not leaving bro, not until you spunk.  Come on Jayden, you know how this is gonna end bro.”




A second knee comes up, faster than the last and Jayden’s eyes go wide and he feels it, his body giving in.


The change is noticed by Jorge who comes up to him and licks his neck, tasting Jayden and nibbling up to his ear. “Fuck yeah, Jayden…cum for me bro. Just like my little Aldo.”


“Aldo?” Jayden asks, barely putting it together as Jorge forces his thigh in and out of the small gap between his legs squishing his orbs with every upward lift of his knee. The strikes are coming quicker, each blow knocking Jayden’s resistance and causing him to fade as he grunts after every hit.


“Yeah man, he goes to Midtown. You meet him, Jayden? He’s a stinking little hottie. Always looking for some ass. He get yours?”




But Jorge is kissing him now on the mouth, his tongue darting within his own and Jayden can’t help it his cock grows harder, the full length of him on display as Jorge pumps him quicker, the pace increasing now with intensity as Jorge squeezes his head on each upwards twist of his fist. Jorge has settled into a steady rhythm as he jerks. The advantage of having Jayden pressed against the wall is that Jorge has total control over the means of stimulation and he uses that to his fullest advantage, as he masturbates him with wild abdomen.


Jorge could have done this for hours without tiring, but it’s clear that Jayden won’t last that long. Already his breathing is growing stronger, creating an audible counterpoint to his own sloppy hand thrusts. Jayden is tense and restless as his cock is being worked over and he no longer is capable of fighting and Jorge ends the kiss feeling the boyhood in his hand and already knowing what is about to happen.


“I’m…starting…it’s…you…” Jayden does not seem able to complete a complete thought. He’s so on the edge, but Jorge hears the intention and if anything speeds up the hand holding Jayden’s cock.


Nodding with encouragement, Jorge says “Fuck bro, let it rip!”


Jorge is jerking faster, constricting his fingers around and applying more pressure, as he manipulates the hard thick penis with voluptuous sensations. Jayden’s eyes roll shut; his breath coming quicker and he begins to pant, his body hostage to Jorge’s fist pumping him and the knee below bumping and thumping his nutbag. Jayden’s nuts are pulled up so tight in his scrotum that Jorge’s knee now hits both bare balls every time he brings it up. The squishy orbs feel tender, bloated, and squishy as he smashes the pair every few seconds driving Jayden wild.


Pumping still faster amd harder, Jorge’s fist turns into a blur as his hand goes up and down. The sensation in Jayden’s groin grows to a searing heat almost overwhelming, and the sensations almost too intense as Jayden cries out, a long winded cry of pleasure and pain as he grinds his hips now into and out of Jorge’s eager pumping fist. Jorge needs to press his body firmly against Jayden’s as he tries to fall down going limp as his thighs quiver, the muscles all over his body growing so taut it looks like he is flexing everywhere, as his stiff penis begins to fire hot sticky cum.


Jorge tries to time his knee to hit each time Jayden squirts, but he’s off so on the third knee as Jayden is busy cumming six, seven, eight hard shots pulse through his shaft Jorge leaves his knee buried to the hilt; digging in Jayden’s busy balls.


Jayden gasps and heaves as mind-melting pleasure and intense pain sensations threaten to overwhelm him. On the last gasp of his cum, Jayden jerks into Jorge’s fist as irregular choking sounds escape from between his lips and finally Jorge allows Jayden to fall but instead he stays upright on Jorge’s knee, nuts sandwiched between until Jorge gives him a casual push and he falls off slumping onto the mattress of his bottom bunk and curling into the fetal position still whimpering like a kicked puppy as his body is wracked with the after-pleasure of his recent orgasm.


Jorge grins over Jayden, toying with his own hard cock “Fuck you can take a lot, bro. Aldo never could take that many blows.  Weak nuts. Not you. You’ve been well trained. I’ll thank Gino at breakfast.”


Jayden says nothing as he buries his head in his pillow wondering how it all went wrong and so quickly. He was on top of the world, but Jorge screwed him over and now laying on his mattress again after being forced to cum while being busted Jayden Gomez tries to formulate how to come back from this. Jorge seems to be just as sadistic as Gino, and now he has to live with both of them.


Jayden is in trouble and he knows it.


“I’ll save you two eggs for breakfast, and naturally they will be scrambled!”


Jorge’s laughter follows him out of the room, and Jayden stays prone his fingers barely grazing his sore, and recently drained testicles his balls hot and throbbing. This is going to be a long stay at Bartlet Juvenile Hall.





To be continued…


Anonymous said...

Great story. I’m really enjoying this story arc.
Great to see Silas Black again although he didn’t get much chance to prove himself this time. It was quite unusual to see Jayden get his revenge in first! Our hero must be really mad to act this way.
Keep up the good work!

owen said...

wow jimmy great as ever. I like the fact that the ballbusting in this story is part of trying to dominate jayden. I think that jorge should go after gino's big plums wonder who'd come out with polverized nuts in that scenario. maybe gino and jorge gang up on jayden: just a few idea's i'd like you to think about. Gino deffernatly shouldn't be the owly gomez brother to get away with healthy balls. Though the sexy bb needs to continue with out a dout.
hope your well: owen.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Owen and Reg,

So happy that you guys liked the second part! The third one is out now!